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A glowing vial of Psykiss.
Item Data
Known Aliases: Psycho Shot, Pink Eye.
Item Type: Illegal Drug
Creator: Dr. Yumi Nakata
Creation Date: Early 2005
Known Owners: Uncommon. Used by villainous mentalists, people desiring mental powers.
Item Speciality: Technological
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Enhances mental abilities.

A fairly uncommon drug initially developed by Dr. Yumi Nakata to help people recover from mental trauma, especially that caused by supernatural phenomena. It was quickly realized that the drug could enhance existing psionic abilities or even give those without abilities minor telepathy. The formula was stolen by a unscrupulous lab tech and started showing up on the streets for a short period of time. After this initial surge, the instances of this drug became rare and it's odd to find it used outside of criminal mentalists.

Main Uses

PsyKiss is mostly used by mentalists desiring a quick boost in their powers. The drug is often introduced into the bloodstream through the use of an auto-injector or epipen though it's been found in eyedrop form. Overall effectiveness of psionic abilities is increased while under the effect of the drug and users tend to be able to focus more power without becoming tired or strained.

Other Applications

Though never perfected, PsyKiss has shown promising results in treating patients suffering from severe mental trauma. Regular use seems to restore normal brain function and showed a lot of promise in treating people damaged by psionic abilities.

Side Effects

PsyKiss is only slightly addictive, but more so to people that don't have full psionic potential. The abilities it grants tend to give the users a feeling of power and control. Use in psionically active individuals can cause physical weakness, blindness and restlessness if they push too hard while under its effects. Prolonged use can make these effects permanent and lead to loss of control. The blindnees caused by this drug is marked physically by a pink film forming over the eyes, which gives it one of it's street names.

RP Hooks