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The Empath
Psirus 3.1.jpg
"How does that make you feel?"
Player: @blackvisionary
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Jimar Domino
Psirus, Jim, Mr Domino, Jimar
March 6th, 1986
Detroit, MI
American Citizen
Ann Harbor, MI
Delta HQ.
Civil Mediator, Delta Member.
Legal Status
Marital Status
In a relationship
· Known Relatives ·
James Domino (father), Marilyn Domino (mother), Cecilia Domino (sister) and James T. Domino II (brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5ft 5in
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Meta Power Regulators on the sides of his head.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Empathy and Telempathy. Flight.
· Equipment ·
Meta Power Regulators (M.P.R.'s)
· Other Abilities ·
As a Civil Mediator, Psirus is skilled at working to resolve tense situations.

Jimar Domino is a human mutant who has the primary mutant ability to understand, replicate and manipulate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others. He first recognized his mutant ability Being the only mutant in his family, he kept his abilities a secret from them and did his best to lead a "normal" life. He sought out support groups as his ability to control his growing empathic powers was waning, causing him to randomly project and receive emotions from people around him. For a period of time he was unsuccessful and was growing increasingly worried as he was experiencing great pain from the overwhelming strength of emotions from people around him. Thankfully, he stumbled upon a Mutant Support group based in Millennium City, who were able to help him by putting him in touch with other mutants with the gift of empathy. However after a sudden and violent attack by an anti-mutant group, the support group was forced to disband for safety and Jimar was once again alone. He soon came into contact with Mentella who had recently set up The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals. During his time at the academy, Jimar had not only learned to use and expand his abilities but he had also received additional help to control his abilities. After he graduated, Jimar took on the codename 'Psirus' and lead a group of superheroes called Shadow X through a range of difficult encounters. Psirus is now a member of Delta and readily makes use of his empathic abilities to help out where he can.


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Jimar Domino was born into a middle class family in Detroit and was surrounded by his loving and caring relatives just as any child deserves, unfortunately for him, his childhood took a dramatic turn for the worse as in 1992 at the very young age of 7, Jimar was one of the many who witnessed the horror that was the Battle of Detroit and one of the few who survived where so many lost their lives, heroes and civilians alike. In the surrounding chaos and horrible din of crumbling buildings, colossal explosions and Jimar lost sight of his family as they quickly bolted past a toppling building. His mother cried out as a large section of the building plummeted to the ground below blocking the view between him and his family. As the dust settled, he heard his mothers muffled screams and focused in on a much nearer much more pain filled groan; he looked around and soon found a construction worker who had fallen horribly.

He panicked as he slowly approached the man almost feeling the same amount of pain and despair that the man felt. All he knew was that he wanted the pain to stop and a ripple of barely visible energy seemed to rip forth from him and forced itself to cocoon the construction worker, slowly soothing him, unknowingly absorbing the man's pain as his own before somehow managing to wile it away. It wasn't long before a superhero came along, lifting the debris, high over his head whilst another swooped in and retrieved the placated construction worker and the slightly confused Jimar.

As time went on, Jimar learned through research and his own thoughts that he had somehow developed the ability to read and communicate with other people's minds via emotions. He kept this a secret from his family out of fear of being treated differently for being a "mutant". However as time went on and he got older his powers became incredibly unstable; during his teenage years he was unable to fully contain his ability, constantly projecting his own emotions and receiving those of others at random times. His sensitivity to emotions only served to magnify how fully he experienced every emotion he received, as a result he sought out assistance from a mutant support group. For a while they were able to assist him, calming him down and putting him with other mutants who had a similar suit of gift. Unfortunately the group was attacked by Anti-Mutant Crusaders, who had somehow found out about the group and burnt the group venue down, even going as far as attacking the members. The group disbanded soon thereafter and each went their separate ways, Jimar was left traumatized with a fractured wrist. The attack had reaffirmed his fear of persecution because of his mutation and this fear coupled with the mental and physical trauma further damaged the fragile control he had managed to gain, once again throwing his powers back into the uncontrollable and random ability it once was.

After years of battling the depressive feelings associated with being unable to control his empathic abilities, in order to save himself and others, Jimar had all but shut himself away from the rest of the world. At the age of 23, Jimar was contacted by another empathic mutant who he remembered from the support group years ago. They caught up and he explained his situation to her and she put him in contact with a new academy which seemed as if it could cater to his unique situation as a person with super human abilities. He followed up the information he was given and contacted the founder, Dr. Mentella Summerstone. She assured him that she would be capable of bringing out the very best in her students, Jimar included. He prepared himself and promptly accepted the invitation to begin his student life at the Summerstone Academy.

Jimar firmly believes that this was the one thing that saved him as a person. Under the tutelage of his mentor Mentella, Jimar learned to focus and hone his empathic abilities as well as discover a few dormant abilities such as the ability to use communicative telepathy and generate a personal psionic barrier for physical defense. The early childhood trauma and later life traumas mixed in with his sensitivity when it came to emotions and his abilities had shattered a large portion of his control over his primary ability. Beyond resetting his mutant ability, which would have been a lengthy and fairly invasive procedure, both Jimar and Mentella agreed to find another way to deal with his predicament. In conjunction with UNTIL Scientists and The Summerstone Sisterhood's resources, a Meta Power Regulator device was developed with specific focus on controlling the emotional sensitivity that Jimar naturally had, allowing him to "tune out" emotions when necessary.

Jimar was one of the first 100 students to be taught at The Summerstone Academy. After his graduation Jimar took on the alias 'Psirus' and went on to form his own team for a brief period of time, namely Shadow X.

Joining Delta

By 2014, Psirus had left his former group Shadow X and had frequently come into contact with Sarge, Cavalier and a few other Delta members, during his time as a solo hero. As he continued working alongside them, he realized how much he missed being apart of a team and asked to join the group. Delta considered his application, noting that he was not only a graduate from The Summerstone Academy but also had been apart of a super team beforehand, he was accepted into the group initially on a trial basis but within a few weeks he was a full member. Psirus has found his place in the group settling in quite well and enjoys working with them.

Powers and Abilities

Psirus is a human mutant whose mutation granted him the gift of Empathy and as he later discovered a few other talents.


Psirus' strongest ability is his primary mutation which is allows him to fully interpret and replicate moods, emotions and temperaments of others, without having to read body language or apparent symptoms such as crying, smiling, frowning etc. Psirus, unlike most other empaths, does not require physical contact in order to understand the emotions of those around him or of a specific target. The years spent at The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals allowed him to focus his abilities and he has managed to master his empathic abilities whilst uncovering new applications for them. Psirus has learnt to extend his Empathy in the following ways.

  • Emotion Manipulation
  • Empathic Inundation
  • Emotion Negation
  • Emotion Induction
  • Emotion Amplification
  • Empathic Creation
  • Inner Empath
  • Telempathy

Psirus can use empathic waves to inundate foes with a wide range of emotions, leaving them heavily disorientated or frightened.

Emotion Manipulation

With this ability he can manipulate the emotions of an individual, causing them feel a certain emotion by exuding subtle and sometimes overt and forceful empathic waves at his targets. This covers a wide range of emotions and can when pushed, stretch to perceptions and he can induce varying levels of pain with his empathic abilities. Psirus can also use this variation of his empathic powers to induce a range of emotions within his allies and enemies. Psirus learnt to employ his emotional manipulation to utilize empathic healing. This skill allows him to infuse his allies with feelings of serenity as well as absorbing the pain from an injury from them for himself. Whilst this does not directly heal the physical wound, it can encourage the natural regenerative abilities that his target may possess. With focused effort, Psirus's empathic healing is capable of healing emotional scars.

Empathic Inundation

Psirus is able to overwhelm his opponents with unwanted feelings and emotions that have been lying in their unconscious. He also has the ability to force others to experience all their deepest fears at once. If he wishes, Psirus can temporarily instill new emotions within a person to cause significant confusion, although this is risky. This barrage of emotion can cause targets to feel intense mental pain and cause despondency, leaving them susceptible to mental attack from himself and his allies and in some cases longer term pain. With focused effort Psirus can render opponents unconscious or at full force, comatose. Psirus employs this skill in combat by focusing his attentions on problematic targets with the view to incapacitate or harm them when he is on the offensive.

Emotion Negation

Psirus is capable of fully negating his own emotions. He mainly uses it in order to allow him to focus despite the influx of emotions he may be receiving in a high stress environment. He can use this ability to suppress or negate emotions of others, allowing them to ignore emotional distractions and/or feeling from affecting their thinking-processes. Psirus has been trained to apply this ability offensively as well, this is particularly effective against opponents whose abilities may have strong ties to their emotions, by forcing enemies to feel less intensely, Psirus can have a significant impact on the effect of a targets abilities and through focused effort Psirus can even temporarily render an opponent powerless.

Emotion Induction

With this ability Psirus can cause his opponents to feel intense feelings of pain, hope, fear or even love to the point of loyalty if he pushes himself. However, for this ability to work the targets must be able to display these emotions consciously. Psirus has used this ability in the past to sway the loyalty of several VIPER Agents, three Black Talon pilots as well as other minions belonging to several different villainous organizations.

Emotion Amplification

If necessary Psirus can tap into the emotional streams that he can sense emanating from people around him and amplify certain emotions to produce a variety of effects. He can amplify emotions present in a person, to confuse or disorient them. Psirus can also use this ability positively by subtly increasing feelings of hope when facing difficult situations, bolstering their resolve and desire to do better, this however is mostly a passive effect and Psirus does not need to constantly project this, however under stressful situations Psirus is able to consciously focus his bolstering efforts.

Empathic Creation

Psirus can launch empathic energy bolts at his opponents, stunning them and leaving emotional scars.

Empathic Blasts & Projectiles

Psirus, to an extent, is capable of manifesting his own emotional energy into bolts and blasts of energy. This can be used as an alternate means to attack an opponent by creating empathic creatures which assault targets with emotional energy or firing blasts of emotional energy. Psirus can also use this ability to generate empathic echoes to assault foes. The creatures attack their foes with empathic energy, leaving superficial emotional scars and can degrade the fighting capability of an enemy.
Psirus can generate full body energy shields comprised of emotional energy for a period of time, protecting him from harm.

Empathic Shields

Psirus can also utilize his Meta Power Regulators in order to generate enough emotional energy to form an empathic energy shield, protecting him from physical damage for a short period of time. Due to the incredible strain maintaining such a shield can place on his M.P.R's as well as his own mind, Psirus has been trained to channel the mental strain into emotional energy to fuel the shield, however if the incoming damage is greater than he anticipates the shield could shatter or explode. Through focused effort, Psirus can project empathic shields around others, these shields can protect against incoming damage and can withstand both physical and mental assault.


This ability stemmed from his primary mutation. It surfaced during his mentoring period with Mentella, it allows him to harness his empathic abilities in order to communicate and read the minds of other people via emotions. When using this ability, Psirus can not only sense and read the emotions of others but he can also send his own emotions to others. He can use this to communicate with one another emotionally and can send "emotional echoes" to another mind. By using this skill alone, he is capable of sending images which are attached to a particular emotion he or his target may be sending between themselves. An example of this would be of Psirus sensing the emotion of happiness from a friend and an echo of them laughing would be reflected back to him. He can use this ability to share his own feelings with others but cannot project his thoughts with this ability. Psirus can also pinpoint empathic signatures within his local area and identify those of specific people nearby. Psirus is an incredibly sensitive receiver of telepathic communication, whilst he is not telepathic, he is skilled at receiving and communicating with telepaths if and when they contact him.

Psirus' telempathic ability allows him, to a degree, to use psychic energy to heal physical wounds in addition to his ability to heal emotional wounds via his Empathy. This ability is somewhat limited as Psirus cannot fully regenerate severe injuries but can effectively reverse the damage done by medium to light wounds.

Once Psirus finds a safe spot, he can focus hard enough to separate his physical body from his empathic self.
"Inner Empath" Psirus can move at heightened speeds and allows him to covertly scope out his surroundings before or during a mission.

Inner Empath

Through training and practice, Psirus soon learnt to extend his empathic powers to allow his 'inner empath' to traverse the physical world. This 'inner empath' is a manifestation of his empathic abilities and his consciousness. When in this form, Psirus is somewhat difficult to perceive and has heightened resistance to physical impacts and is able to pass through most materials. When in different or new locations he can sense emotional imprints in different locations and re-experience those emotions as if they were happening in that moment. He can also see the emotional echoes(images/residual ghosts) still there. This is due to high levels of concentrated emotional energy. Whilst in his 'inner empath' form, his physical body is vulnerable, so Psirus does not use this ability unless it is necessary. Whilst there is not a specific time limit on how long he can be separated from his physical body, Psirus can start to feel weak after being away from his body for too long.


Psirus' Meta Power Regulators.

Meta Power Regulator

During the time that he was under Mentella’s tutelage, she would suppress his emotional sensitivity, in order to avoid the bombardment of emotions. However after sometime it became apparent that after his graduation he would need something to regulate his sensitivity as he had lost the ability to do so from an early age. Mentella offered to create psychic barriers within his mind but Psirus wanted to be able to regulate his abilities on his own.
Psirus' Meta Power Regulators, project an anti-gravity field allowing him to fly.

Understanding his desire, Mentella put in a request for a device to be built which would assist his efforts to control his emotional sensitivity. This special device was developed by a team of UNTIL Scientists, Dr. Su Summerstone (Founder of ForceTech Ind.), the Meta Power Regulator or M.P.R. as it has been dubbed; regulates his emotional sensitivity.

Psirus wears the M.P.R's on the sides of his head and must tune or "switch" to a certain setting on the regulators in order to fight effectively using his empathic energy and to regulate how many emotions he is able to perceive at any given time, as well as his range. The device contains an empathic focusing crystal which aids with focusing his emotional energy constructs, fine tuning them for the desired effect.

The device also projects an anti-gravity field around the user which allows Psirus to fly whenever he wants.

Psirus' M.P.R's are specifically locked to his empathic signature, meaning that whilst they can be removed physically no other empath can utilize them.


  • If Psirus is in a particularly crowded area without wearing his M.P.R, he can quickly become overwhelmed by the tsunami wave of emotions hitting him from all sides and may find it difficult to remain cognizant of his surroundings.
  • Psirus is able to influence emotions to a certain degree, however if the emotion is too strong this can cause emotional backlash.
  • Without his Power Regulator Psirus' emotional sensitivity has a two hundred foot radius. This can be harmful to him, as over exposure to many different emotions can cause him to project these emotions and can at times cause severe emotional backlash.
  • If an opponent is incapable of feeling emotion (Apathy user or a robot) or utilizes a psychic shield they will remain totally immune to his abilities.
  • Psirus’ physical body is vulnerable to attack when in his inner empathy form. If he experiences an overwhelming amount of emotion whilst in this form, he will suffer and may, in extreme cases be forced back to his physical body.
  • As a highly sensitive empath, Psirus must do his best to keep his emotions in check to avoid accidental projection and to maintain focus in combat.
  • Psirus' empathic ability afford him the ability to heal emotional scars within the mind of an ally, however this does not equal the ability to remove deeper mental scars or mental illness of any kind.
  • Psirus' ability to heal physical wounds is not as powerful as his ability to remove emotional scars, so he will not be able to fully heal severe physical wounds.


  • Psirus works as a civil mediator when he isn't on duty. His experience as a Civil Mediator affords him the ability to calm down tense situations. Combined with his empathic powers, it is a skill which is particularly useful when tense situations arise involving civilians and incredibly hostile criminals.
  • Psirus was taught how to construct his own mental defenses and he can use them to protect him against psychic attack.
  • Psirus is not overly fond of lightning or storms.


  • "Tell me, how does that make you feel?"
  • "I have a bad feeling about this..."
  • "Oh my."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Definitely his father's son..." ~ Psirus, on Warlocke.

Known Threats


Both on solo ventures and in teams, Psirus has fought against some of VIPER's toughest members including:

  • Draconis
  • Freon

On the 18th of July 2014, Psirus received reports of a heavy VIPER assault in progress at a museum and several heroes had already been hospitalized from attempting to halt the assault. Despite this, Psirus was determined to try and stop the attack. He contacted several other Delta members and informed them of the situation and flew to the museum to meet them. Joule, Savage, Vitality and Sarge were able to answer the call and together they fought through the hoards of VIPER soldiers, helping to rescue trapped civilians along the way. Unfortunately they were too late as VIPER managed to escape with a specific collection of stone artifacts. Once he had regained consciousness, the museum curator shakily informed them of the old legends surrounding the stone artifacts and their ability to further empower a demi-god known only as "Tuwi-shande". The army of VIPER troops seem to have vanished into thin air and were not found anywhere within the local area.

With no immediate leads or thoughts on where they could have gone, Delta assisted with the clean up efforts. Two hours later, Sarge received word from UNTIL that an incredible amount of VIPER activity had been observed in the past couple of weeks at the VIPER complex on a small island off the coast of Africa and had reached an all time high in the past fifteen hours, with the latest reports indicating more troops had arrived in the past couple of hours. Linking the rise in VIPER activity to the theft of the artifacts, Delta left for the UNTIL outpost in order to try and recover the artifacts.

The VIPER complex was teeming with VIPER soldiers as well as larger agents who called themselves "Serpent Mages". After hours of fighting, they were able to recover the artifacts but had incurred the wrath of the demi-god, "Tuwi-shande" who they knew as Viperia. The battle between the Delta members and Viperia was incredibly difficult and threatened to cause the ancient temple they had found themselves in to collapse. Eventually Viperia was defeated, unfortunately it was later revealed that this Viperia was merely a decoy, a clone.

As to why and how exactly VIPER could clone Viperia and for what end, was still a mystery. However Psirus was pleased that they were able to recover the artifacts, handing them over to UNTIL in the hopes of keeping them out of VIPER's hands. The Viperia clone was transported to a secure location where she could be locked away in a state of the art Hot Sleep chamber.

King Ace
"Your fancy powers can't 'urt me, I can't feel a thing! Ahahaha!"

Psirus has come up against a new super villain who seems determined to cause him as much trouble as possible. A human mutant who calls himself 'King Ace' exhibits high levels of super human strength and based on the description and memories from Psirus, seems to be immune or at least highly resistant to Psirus' mutant abilities. He soon discovered that this was due to his mutant ability of Apathy. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, Delta assured Psirus that with their assistance he would be more than capable of dealing with King Ace.

Upon further research of the nature of King Ace, they discovered he was quite well known in the criminal underworld for his readiness to accept special assassination tasks for corrupt government organizations as well as villainous organizations, such as ARGENT or DEMON. Despite his reputation for being relatively efficient albeit somewhat unorthodox, he had not been employed by PSI or VIPER.

Psirus contacted Mentella in the hopes of finding out a little bit more about King Ace and why he seemed to enjoy tormenting Psirus. Mentella spoke to several of her informants in both PSI and VIPER and was made aware of the clear reason why he was never employed. The reason, much to her and Psirus' shock, was that King Ace has a strong fixation with psychics, as a result of this he enjoys killing psychics and gains some sort of sexual gratification from fighting or being around psychics. This fact alone serves as enough of a reason why neither organization have accepted or requested his services.

Despite his physical appearance King Ace does not have any links to The Black Aces gang, though it is highly possible at one stage he was a member. King Ace is a mob boss and employs ex-military men and ARGENT soldiers who act as his minions. His most recent contracting was by DEMON with regard to taking down Psirus. Psirus, with the help of a few of his Delta team mates, defeated King Ace late last year, hopefully never to be seen again.

He is currently held within The Stronghold Facility known as The Guardhouse.

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