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Silver medal T.png
The Indestructible
Peace Bringer
"I'll end war by force!"
Player: @Preventerice2
Super Group
The Order of Justice
· Other Affiliations ·
PRIMUS, Order of Justice, UNTIL, SABER, UNITY,
Real Name
Theodore "Theo" Atlas
Peace Bringer
September 11th
Detroit, Michigan.
U.S. Citizen
Millenium City
UNTIL Headquarters or Sky Carrier Wilson.
Captain of UNTIL's Project Snake Charmer
Legal Status
Marital Status
Dating Steel Star
· Known Relatives ·
  • Grand mother: Chloe Atlas; Deceased.
  • Father: Thomas Atlas; Alive.
  • Mother: Mary Atlas; Alive.
Physical Traits
Gene Enhanced Technopathic Super Soldier
Apparent Age
180 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tall, Athletic build, Friendly, Strong jaw line, very formal,
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
  • Peaked human abilities.
  • Techopathic Abilities.
· Equipment ·
  • Peace Bringer Mark 01
  • Peace Bringer mark 02
  • Sky Carrier Wilson
  • Peace Maker Drones
  • Standard UNTIL military equipment
  • Cybernetic left eye implant
· Other Abilities ·
  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Peaked physical training and mental training
  • Guru of technology
  • Military training
  • Expert tactician
  • Photographic memory
  • Formidable Hacker


Theodore Atlas was born into a home that didn't want him. Blessed with genius level intellect at an early age, Schools wanted him to succeed while his parents didn't care nor did they truly try to let Theo succeed. But his grand mother wanted him to achieve great things. Thus taking the last of her retirement money to pay for Theo's schooling against his parent's wishing. He was able to attend Ravenswood Academy. For many years he spent his time there being bullied and shunned for his intellect. On his final year of school fast approaching, He finally made up what his life would be after school. To...Commit suicide.

Theodore Atlas when he was in high school.

His mind was made up and he didn't want to be apart of this world anymore. But Then, He met a man named "Andrew Jackson" who went by the name "AJ". He had a thing for granting people nick names. Thus calling Theodore "Theo", For the first time. Theo then met AJ's Twin Brother. James Jackson who went by "JJ". AJ hung out with Theo and told him about his life desire. To join UNTIL and to make a difference. Theo made note of this. Over the course of their friendship, AJ treated Theo like a person for the first time. Making Theo feel...Like he was wanted.

AJ waiting for Theo.

One faithful day Theo and AJ were walking to AJ's house from the Ren Center of Millennium City to the Westside district. It was on this day, Theo heard gun fire that was practically on top of them. AJ and Theo then spotted a gang war. The New Purple Gang versus the Cobra Lords. They tried to leave and run up a half pipe in hopes of escaping but AJ then shoved Theo off the pipe. AJ then soon fell to the ground, Taking a shot to the chest and one to the head as Theo was shot in the left eye and shoulder. Both boys falling to the ground as Theo struggled to move. But he was only able to lay there. Pleading for his friend, AJ to get up and help him. But AJ wouldn't respond. Theo then passed out cause of his wounds getting the better of him. Waking up three days later, His left eye was completely gone and so was AJ.

Theo remembering his lost friend.

Months flew by like years for Theo. Wandering around without AJ was hard for him. Theo became close with JJ who turned to selling drugs and Sophia, A foreign exchange student from Australia who was in love with JJ. They worked together to convince JJ to stop selling drugs. It was then Theo decided to change his life plan. AJ sacrificed his life plan to save Theo from his. Theo no longer wanted to commit suicide. He then pushed forward to join UNTIL instead. Like AJ would've wanted. After high school Theo went on to take classes at MCU to prepare him for UNTIL. There, He met Ari Richards. She was a shy and timid girl but quickly grew comfortable being around Theo. They belonged to the same science class. Theo was working on developing a cybernetic augmented left eye and Ari ended up helping him. Presenting it to the class as a project. Theo finally found happiness again through Ari.

Theo waiting with Ari for her dad to pick her up.

College was closing for Theo's second year as Ari and Theo teamed up once again. This time they made ADA to assist Theo at UNTIL when Ari couldn't be around. As they completed this farewell gift. Theo gave Ari a star pendant necklace. Themed after her father's company, Patriot CORP. Which housed an interface for ADA if she ever needed ADA while Theo wasn't around. Theo and Ari finally parted but Theo kept his new best friend in his mind. Upon arrival at UNTIL he was placed into the marine corps first for training. He went thought boot camp and survival training to work on his aptitude to become a better soldier. Two years and a tour later, He finally joins UNTIL around the time Mechanon attacked. Theo working on his Solar Reactor for a clean and reusable energy source gave him an idea. Calling on Ari, Sophia, And JJ, once more. They put their minds together to come up with two power armors and two shape shifting suits. UNTIL didn't want to back Theo's work of making an analog power armor and thus gave him no funding. Ari then spoke with her father at Patriot CORP. for help. Thus her father striking a deal with Theo.

Peace Bringer and the Sky Carrier Wilson.

To make a suit themed after his company and give it to Ari. Base it on his designs and let him make it the new face of his company. Theo couldn't refuse. They got to work and made The Peace Bringer armor, The Steel Star armor, The Atom Weaver suit, and the Particle Fly suit, They took the fight to Mechanon and proved to be a threat to even the perfect mechanical being. Thus forcing Mechanon to retreat into outer space. UNTIL then placed Peace Bringer, Atom Weaver, and Particle Fly, into Project Snake Charmer. They would be stationed aboard the Sky Carrier Wilson and become Valor Team as Theo lead the team with his new promotion to Warrant Officer first grade. Thus bringing the new face of UNTIL as The Indestructible Peace Bringer. Piloted by Theodore Atlas who quickly became well known for his efforts. The public loved him as he continued his efforts. Years later, He designed a new experimental serum. Based after Mechanon tech in case Theo ever had to fight him again.

UNTIL soldiers on the Sky Carrier Wilson celebrate another victory thanks to Peace Bringer.

This Serum was known as the Mechanox Serum. Made by JJ, Sophia, and Theo, It increased Theo's response time and altering his appearance. Making him more muscular as well as placing him in his physical peak. He was even able to show he had some Technopathic abilities much in the way Mechanon has shown to do as well. This forced Theo to design a new suit based on data obtained from the Steel Star. The Peace Bringer mark 02. Designed in every way to be the superior. He could now even link additional drone armors to help him in combat known as the Peace Maker drones. What comes next for Theo? Has yet to be told.

Theo walks the Sky Carrier Wilson in his new captain's uniform.


  • A.D.A.(Autonomous Digital Assistant): An on board artificial intelligence (AI) that assists Theo in his early warning systems and suits basic functions. She also helps control and manage the Peace Maker drones to lighten the load for Theo. She was made by Theo Atlas and Ari Richards.

  • Cybernetic eye implant: A left eye implant designed by both Ari Richards and Theo Atlas. This started as a school project and a means to help Theo further. But this ended up becoming an imnportant feature for his powered armor. He was able to add additional cameras to the suit as the suit would plug directly into his nervous system through his left eye. Granting him easier control of his suit as well as 360' degree vision. His eye can also monitor heart beats as a great lie detector while out of his suit as well as assist in calculations and have housing for his AI if he needs to speak to her.


  • Peace Bringer Mark 01: PBX-01-0815 Mark 01 Peace Bringer was the suit that was designed by Atom Weaver, Particle Fly, Steel Star, and Peace Bringer himself. It's weapons and armaments are exactly as the Mark 02 but not the same systems. It lacks the upgraded systems and firmware. As Theo will mention this. The joints made the suit stiff and the frame was heavy to move. The feet caused wind drag thus reducing it's top acceleration during flight. Patriot Corp. designs equipment for PRIMUS thus when they made the Peace Bringer armor, They painted it in PRIMUS colors and not UNTIL's. This unit was scrapped when facing off against VIPER soldiers along side SABER as Theo blew up the armor.


  • Peace Bringer Mark 02: PBX-02-0917 Mark 02 Peace Bringer. The perfected version of the Mark 01. It was made in mind to work along with Theo's new technopoathic abilities along with improvements to mobility and firepower that were lacking in the mark 01. The mark 02 is equipped with the following:
    • Armor Plating: The armor of the Peace Bringer powered armor is Tungsten steel alloy with a questionite coating to reduce incoming beam attacks. The weight of this armor makes the suit able to reach mach 1 at start off to mach 3 at top speed. Something the Mark 01 suit couldn't do.
    • Solar Reactor: A solar reactor is a man made white dwarf star that has been shrunken down due beta particles from Atom Weaver. Able to shrink down the star and use it for powering the suit of compressed solar particles.
    • Twin drive system: This model is equipped with two solar reactors versus one. This means that the systems energy potential is four times that of the original thanks to the synchronization of the two reactors.
    • BOSS mode: BOSS mode is short for "Buster Overdrive Strategic Systems" mode. It boosts the performance of the machine by over 100%. It's main focus is speed and increasing energy efficiency. But it also increases ADA's performance on targeting and locking on to multiple targets and at a faster rate. Increasing the amount of people that can be locked on from ten to twenty five. This mode originally only had five minutes of function time and then the suit would power down for two and a half minutes. But thanks to the twin drive system. The suit no longer powers down and the performance of the suit has been increased thanks to the power output of the twin drive system. increasing the potential of the suit to 300%. This can cause the suit to reach speeds of mach 3 starting out to mach 4.
    • ADA targeting system: ADA is plugged into the system via Theo's left eye being plugged into the powered armor. Not only does this grant Theo 360' degree vision thanks to the various camera's lining his helm. It also grants ADA assisting in a multi lock on function for the Peace Bringer. ADA also helps in boosting the sensor range and helps to warn Theo of incoming fire. She also helps with flight plans and working his phone. As well as accessing the internet using UNTIL satellites!
    • Armaments: The following armaments have been installed: 2x Beam Gatling guns; Wrist mounted. 2x Sniper cannons; wrist mounted. 1x sonic minigun: a minigun that can load various ammo including arc rounds to weaken shields and weaken robotics. there is a built in sonic cannon around the barrel of the minigun that can disrupt people non lethally at high frequencies; shoulder mounted. 1x 10 salvo bunker buster; shoulder mounted. 18x micro missile containers that each hold 30 missiles; back mounted. 2x Beam Blades; Mounted above knuckles. 2 sonic beam repulsors: Hand beam blasters that around them can emit a high frequency pitch to send people at close range flying backwards. The beams used from his hand repulsors are solar infused thanks to the solar reactor.; Hand mounted. Particle Emitters: These particle emitters are able to make hex linked shields around the Peace Bringer armor or as a wall in front of them. They can make a wall that blocks incoming damage while allowing outgoing damage through.; wrist mounted. 24x flares; hip mounted 12x napalm carpet bombs; hip mounted. Enhanced Particle Emitter (EPE) Wall: Two drones placed inside the backpack can emit a hex linked beam wall in front of the Peace Bringer armor. They can reduce incoming damage and increase outgoing damage going out. The drones have rechargeable solar cells that recharge when docked aboard the PB power armor.; back mounted. 1x Chest Beam Cannon; Chest mounted. 1x Sonic pulse emitter; Chest mounted.


  • Peace Maker Drone: The Peace Maker drone is a mass production model of the Peace Bringer armor. This drone can fit one person inside of it as well as be auto piloted by Ada or by Theo by the use of his technopathic powers. It's weight is heavier than that of the Peace Bringer mark 02 for it's added armor given it's lack of energy weapons. It's only defense comes in from the Enhanced Particle Emitter (EPE) walls they have stored in their backpack. It's functions are:
    • Solar Battery Cells: Unlike the Peace bringer armors. It would be too cost effective to mass produce the Solar Reactors. So, They have Solar Battery Cells that can be recharged when under direct sunlight.
    • Armoring: The Peace Maker drones are made up of a Tungsten steel alloy. No questionite coating was added due to cost.
    • ADA Targeting system: Same as the one aboard the Peace Bringer Mark 02.
    • BOSS mode: Same as the Peace Bringer's BOSS mode in every way. But given the size of the solar battery? It can only sustain BOSS mode for one minute. After that the power is reduced to zero and the suit goes into recharge mode. Where the EPE walls are released and take in solar radiation to charge it.
    • Armaments: 2x miniguns; Back mounted 18x micro missile pods. Holds 50 missiles in each pod.; back mounted. 2x bunker buster launchers 8 missiles stored in each launcher; wrist mounted. 2x beam gatling guns. E clip fed.; Wrist mounted. 2x hand repulsors.; hand mounted. 2x grenade launchers.; Shoulder mounted. 24x flares; hip mounted. 20x napalm carpet bombs; hip mounted. 2x heat blades; mounted above knuckles. 1x EPE wall. 1x Sonic pulse emitter.; Chest mounted.

    Technopathic Abilities: Theo has displayed being able to manipulate tech with his mind. This ranges from being able to reconstruct his power armor and repairing it by thought, Controlling several PM drones by thought. To being able to manage data by thought alone. Like reading his phone by hovering his hand over it and accessing the internet in his head.

    Peaked human conditioning: Thanks to the Mechanox serum, Theo's body has changed to where he's now received peaked mental and physical health. This includes Reflexes, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Senses, Regeneration, and Endurance,


    Steel Star: Ari Richards was my first close friend since AJ. She's been there for me since we first met to now. I helped her overcome being shy and she debuted as Steel Star for the first time with pride. We finally decided to take our friendship to the next level and started dating. Something I can't regret doing as she's been there for me every step of the way.


    Mechanon: Mechanon was the first reason I made the Peace Bringer powered armor. It's sole purpose is to wipe out all organic life in belief we are inferior. When I first approached Project Clockwork regarding my research on the Peace Bringer powered armor they felt it wasn't enough to combat the threat. But when we were able to push them back? They quickly saw that Peace bringer could be an aid to fighting Mechanon and other threats.

    Snake eyes.png
    VIPER: Probably the number one enemy of the world and myself. VIPER has tried it's hand time and time again at global domination. My team and I have been there to stop them every step of the way and will continue to do so. It's our mission to destroy VIPER and stop their ascension.

    Ghost Shot: Ghost Shot, The man who started all of this. He killed AJ. He took my left eye. Former UNTIL operative who was murdered years before I was born and then brought back by an evil ritual to serve as VIPER's number one assassin. I've searched for this man and will continue to do so until he's no longer here. This undead marksman took too much from me. I work along side his son in the Order of Justice. He goes by the name "Zero".

    War Monger: Arthur Drake, A former VIPER grunt. His team was wiped out by both Peace Bringer and Steel Star on a joint op. He then swore vengeance by dipping his team leaders cloak in his teams combined blood and swore to kill Peace Bringer and Steel Star. By scanning both suits he was able to forge his own suit which he then titled "War Monger". The suit is a combination of both the Peace Bringer and Steel star with his own unique touches to it. He is right now leading his own personal unit of VIPER soldiers against UNTIL as he's creating new and stronger tech for VIPER.

    Warlord: Warlord is a powered armor villain who operates from his flying fortress. He believed himself to be an unstoppable force until he came face to face with the Peace Bringer powered armor. The fight took to the streets of down town near Harmon Labs. Even down to the lower levels of Harmon Labs. Once I finally cornered him and forced him to fight me one on one? He realized his mech wasn't able to stand against Peace Bringer.


    UNTIL: After the death of AJ. Theo went on to pursue AJ's life plan and becoming a faithful soldier for UNTIL. He still holds rank inside the faction today as he's apart of Project Snake Charmer and leading Valor Team.

    S.A.B.E.R.: While the Order of Justice was disbanded. Theo joined SABER in hopes to learn more about the people that used to be apart of the Order. He found out that SABER kept a lot of the core beliefs from the Order still alive inside SABER. They were a group that aimed to train young heroes in a black ops missions to keep them out of the sights of the major villains as they developed.

    The Order of Justice: Theo finally joined the Order of Justice after Theo went to speak to the Tribunal of United Nations on bringing the Order back. Which they agreed to do but not apart of UNTIL. Soon after Theo then joined to become a member for the group. He quickly climbed their ranks as he showed his skill as a tactical planner and leader. Proving to be even a formidable team mate when in a pinch.

    Liath Music.png
    Two Steps From Hell
    Liath Music.png
    Feel Invincible
    Liath Music.png
    Two Steps From Hell
    Liath Music.png
    Liath Music.png
    Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Soundtrack
    Trans-am Raiser
    Liath Music.png
    Liath Music.png
    Man with a Mission
    Liath Music.png
    Aldnoah.Zero Soundtrack


    • Theo's eyes were green but one of the side effects of the Mechanox serum was that it changed the color of his iris into a light blue.
    • His first crush in high school was on Sophia who is now the hero "Particle Fly" but she admitted she was in love with JJ aka "Atom Weaver".
    • Theo is the first person in his family since the civil war to join military service.
    • Theo is a fan boy of Defender. It's no mistake that the Peace Bringer mark 02 has some fashion similarities to Defender's Helmet.
    • Theo made his first debut as Peace Bringer along side UNTIL on a VIPER nest raid. He was shot at because a rookie UNTIL private mistook the Peace Bringer Mark 01 as a VIPER powered armor.
    • When Steel Star and Peace Bringer were first introduced after the Mechanon incident, People assumed they were dating.
    • Peace bringer has become a symbol of UNTIL to the point that people see him as a redeemer for UNTIL. Growing in popularity with the masses. He's even showed up for events in the armor to sign autographs.
    • Theo has been deployed in various different locations. He once was teleported to Multifaria and once to Qliphoth. He still prefers Earth.
    • VIPER prophets foretold that Theodore Atlas would become a great enemy for VIPER. Though Theo was planning to kill himself. Them trying to kill him turned him into their great enemy. Irony.
    • Peace Bringer received the name "Indestructible" when he took an orbital weapon straight on and came out the wreckage, Still standing.
    • Though now dating Ari Richards, Theo actually lost his virginity to Iris, A Earth Nymph. Because "They were curious if they mated the same way" Classy Theo.

    Comments Here: "I've only known Theo a few months, but I can honestly say he's like a brother to me, both on and off the field. His willingness to put down his own life for that of another is a perfect example of the type of guy we need on the streets, I just hope he isn't able to fulfill that wish so soon." | Tracer
    "Where to start? Um... Theo has been a great friend, sometimes I consider him to be one of my best friends. Ever since our first team up, I knew that it would of gone well. He has shown me many virtues that a hero requires and even though I'm younger than him, we're still great friends. No matter the danger, I know I can always count on Theo to be there for a friend in need." | Omni-Star


    [More to come]