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  | name = Paladin
  | name = Paladin
  | player = @Superduperman2011
  | player = @Superduperman2011
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  | caption = 'The Modern Day Knight'
  | caption = 'The Modern Day Knight'
  | realname = Dylan Jeremiah Taylor
  | realname = Dylan Jeremiah Taylor

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Player: @Superduperman2011
'The Modern Day Knight'
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dylan Jeremiah Taylor
Known Aliases: Paladin
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian, American
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Mobile, The Keep
Relatives: Jerimiah Taylor (Father), Catherine Taylor (Mother), Rachel Taylor (Sister), Jacob Taylor (Brother)
Age: 27
Height: 6'5"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: Stubble, Short hair
Fame: Template:MaekadaFameVery Recognizable
Alignment: Template:MaekadaHero
Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Standard US Citizenship
Occupation: Professional Crime fighter, Inventor, Founder and CEO of Camelot Industries
Education: Has a masters degree in business
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • A.V.A.L.O.N. Battle Armor
  • Steed flying vehicle
  • The Keep
  • Merlin
  • Many devices

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
   Psionics Template:MaekadaAttributeSlim0  
   Telepathy Template:MaekadaAttributeSlim0    Willpower
   Sorcery Template:MaekadaAttributeSlim0    Tech.
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Background and Origin

Early Years

Dylan Taylor was born in Detroit, to a working class family. He wasn't a popular kid, he had three friends, no more no less. When he was young he loved Arthurian Mythology, the stories of knights, dragons, wizards, it fascinated him. He excelled at computing and engineering, when he finally got out of his rough neighborhood, he rushed to get a job, and a way to stay in the 'nicer' part of Detroit. He began working part-time at Harmon Industries, while studying business at college. He left the company and started his own. His business was failing, he needed a plan. An alien ship crash landed on earth, on his company property, so... before PRIMUS or UNTIL could quarantine it, he salvaged it... finding a glowing crystal, he named it a Fusion Crystal. His company now employed the strange energy these Crystals emitted. His company began skyrocketing, he had a leg up on the entire weapons market. He had alien technology, nobody could make weapons like Dylan's own 'Camelot Industries.' A call back to his love for Arthurian Mythology from his younger years. He began growing arrogant, a womanizer, and very self centered. He sold his technology, to the highest bidder, UNTIL, VIPER, PRIMUS, etc. You gave him enough capital he couldn't care less what you did.

The Modern Day Knight

don't need to describe the events of the Battle of Detroit, people died, it was the worst tragedy the world has seen. Dylan was... bothered yes, but nobody in his family died, he payed for any medical bills from injuries, he lost a few warehouses, it wasn't a setback. He was on track to becoming irredeemable, and maybe worse. He hadn't a care in the world, he was a ruthless business man. He held a charity event every year, but it was mainly to keep PR looking good, and to seem he was a selfless philanthropist. Dylan Taylor was doing a charity event like usual, greeting guests, taking donations, food, etc. when VIPER burst in. They began slaughtering the guests, and to add insult to injury, they used Camelot Industries technology to kill them. They left, taking weapons, and the donations. This was the turning point for our hero, he began thinking, staying in his apartment for days, he thought it over, and over, and over again. He began construction of a new invention: The A.V.A.L.O.N. battle armor, an A.I. companion known as Merlin, and a base inside of a mountain called 'The Keep'. He was entered into the world of heroics as Paladin! His suit used a singular Fusion Crystal to power it. His demeanor changed, he became a modern day knight. His suit could fly, project force fields and waves of energy.

Skills and Attributes


Skill 1 - Paladin is a ruthless Business Man, although he's lightened up a little, he has an understanding of the world of business.

Skill 2 - He is one of the best engineers in the world, you make him build something, he's going to build it to perfection and beyond.

Skill 3 - He's also a master of computing, able to create an advanced AI with access to all global Camelot Industries research, in a matter of days.


Attribute 1 - Paladin has a massive intellect, preferring when without an armor to solve it with his mind.

Gear and Equipment


Armor - Paladin's armory is extensive, with many a suit to help him in battle, his suits have different purposes such as, radiation defense, aquatic adventures, mystical protections, deep space exploration, etc. They can all fly, project blasts, waves, protective bubbles, and containment fields of energy.

Vehicle - He designed a flying vehicle, to look like a horse, when his suit's flight was acting up. He calls it the 'Steed.'



When he was still a selfish playboy, he had many... nowadays, he's too committed to his quest for justice to care about love, or starting a family or legacy. He has a bit of an obsession


Paladin has a few allies, he calls his closest allies, the round table. Such as:

  • Duratok Gorehowl. He calls him the Orc as a code name, although he is an alien warrior. He is very hungry for battle, but Paladin makes sure he doesn't step to far out of line.

  • Merlin. Merlin is the AI companion of Paladin, with access to all his suits, systems, weapons, and all the knowledge it can access. It's a target for many super villains to get their hands on.


Paladins greatest enemy was the mad successor Michael Mordred. Paladin took on an intern, and when he was injured in combat, they became the new Paladin, but was brutal, gritty, merciless, and was a drastic change from the true Paladin. When Paladin recovered, it ensued combat between Mordred and Paladin, Paladin lost the latest armor he created, and his latest ally and Mordred gained a new name Mordred the Black, The Dark Paladin. Another enemy is the tragic tale of the Man Griffin. He worked at Camelot industries, and was mutated into the one third eagle, one third lion and one third human creature he is today. More monster then man, he rampaged against Paladin and Camelot Industries, and still is devoted to his personal gain and destruction.

General Perception

Paladin is perceived mostly positively. Camelot Industries caught some flack for the Man-Griffin fiasco, Paladin recently (During the tenth anniversary of Champions Online. Woo!) was knighted by the Queen of England, becoming Sir Paladin. Sir is just a title to Paladin, and although gracious for it, he sees it as: Because he got a title, or he succeeded, doesn't mean he can just cease his quest for justice.

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