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Ocelot is one of @AlexOfSpades characters. The information displayed below is partially confidential - it's not public knowledge and not accessible to civilians, but any hero in good terms with UNTIL/Primus has access to these. In other words, if you're not a civilian you can use this info IC.

Player: @AlexOfSpades
"Let's Rock!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Close Combat
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science (Inventions)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unit 61
Known Aliases: Sayuri Takeda
Gender: Female
Species: Cyborg
Ethnicity: Japanese
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: None
Age: 5
Height: 5'3" (1,60m)
Weight: ~200 pounds (95kg)
Eyes: Glowing lime-green
Hair: Blonde with black streaks
Complexion: Fair skin
Physical Build: Skinny
Physical Features: Ridges on her joints where carbon fiber plating is visible.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Crimefighter
Education: Major in Robotics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Plasmablades, Superhuman reflexes, Flying (w/ boots), augmented perception
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Several sets of power armors, plasma-manipulating bionic hands, augmented eyes, jet-powered boots, tissue-regenerating nanobots, Grav-bike armed with energy weapons
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Unit 61, codename "Ocelot" is one of SIN's Battlesister Project, Generation 5, classifying her as a cyborg being. She is known for her brutal combat prowess when wielding the twin plasma blades she creates with her mechanical hands. She's currently employed by the company that designed her, the Sankyo Institute Nanotechnology.

She was "born" in a lab tank five years ago and spent two years of training inside the Institute's training academy, together with her battlesisters Honeybee, Antares and Chameleon. On her third year, she was deployed to field test missions, working on several secret operations across the globe. Besides her SIN experience, she is also a former UTC Cage-Fight Superstar, known worldwide for her several victories on the arena. Additionally, she has worked before with the Blood-Oathed Honor Bound supergroup as a freelancer, and majored in Robotic Engineering in the Red Academy.

She currently lives in the Nisus space-station, orbiting the Earth from a distance.

Public Knowledge about Ocelot

(Also known as, "What to know about her during RP")

Since she is only (technically) five years old, she never had much social interaction. She tries her best to be friendly and outgoing, but sometimes ends up being a little awkward. She is very interested in technology overall, and power-armor users or robots will surely catch her attention.

She is a little popular since she used to be a UTC Hero Games fighter and claimed a Bronze Belt herself - Hero Games afficionados will probably remember her.

For the telepathic types, she has no mind protection of any type. However, her synthethic brain, connected to all the circuits, emits very different brainwaves, sometimes encrypted into binary data. Only very, very powerful telepaths are able to read her thoughts perfectly - most people will hear garbled thoughts and static.

For mages and mystics, she also has no magical protection of any kind - SIN never invested in "superstitions", being a skeptical company focused mostly on tech and genetics. Eventhough she was never born, she has a little soul that "smells like plastic" as described by a magical being once.

SIN was never really big outside of Japan, so usually only people into the gun-for-hire scene will recognize the name.

Lastly, for vampires, her blood (due to all the nanobots and synthethic fluids) tastes horrible. As described by a New Shadows once, "So much work to go through that thick skin and guess what, her vitae tastes like car oil."

Technical Specs

She is technically a cyborg, mixing organic tissues with cybernetic parts seamlessly. However, these organic parts are not natural - they were crafted in laboratory through bioprinting and genetic engineering. All her tissues were designed by hand by a team of BioMed scientists. The cybernetic parts are connected to her nervous system, allowing her robotic parts completely "controllable" by her brain. This perfect combination of synthethic organs and mechanical limbs grants her a superhuman performance in all tasks.

Below is a list of her cybernetic and genetic enhancements:


EXCD-12 Synthethic Brain: Her brain was genetically modified to connect seamlessly to all her robotic functions, combining neurons to circuits. It is also equipped with a multi-core quantum processor, increasing her intelligence and aiding tactical planning.

SIN "Eyefinite" Tactical Optics: Her eyes are heavily modified, with several cutting-edge technologies to aid her performance. Among its features, there are bioluminescent cells inside the retina together with metarhodopsin XII saturating the rod photoreceptors, effectively allowing her to see perfectly in the dark. Image-scaling and pattern recognition are also possible through multiplexing the optic nerves with polyacetylene wires, granting her the ability to zoom on individuals and receive tactical information about them - from name and superpowers to heartbeat rate and weakness.

NEKO-14 Multipurpose Antenna: A pair of mechanical antennas are visible on the top of her head, connecting her brain to the SIN Infolink and Sattelite Network, granting her internet access, sight from sattelite cameras worldwide and global communication with her sisters. They are disguised like a pair of cat ears, and they have small hard-disks inside them to storage extra data. They are detachable, so that she can remove them during undercover missions or to even use one of them as a memory stick/wifi external modem.

Bone and Subdermal Tissues

Parabellum Synthethic Skeleton: Her bones are made of carbon fiber, five times stronger than steel and two-thirds more lightweight.

DragonScale Dermal Plating: Her synthethic skin is divided into layers - the top layer being a soft silicone alloy and the lower layers are reinforced with monomolecular plates in the epithelial membranes. This grants her complete ballistic protection and radiation shielding, effectively making her bulletproof but keeping her skin soft to the touch.

Arms and Legs

Plasma-Field Constructor Gauntlets: A SIN prototype, the PFC Gauntlet is a mechanical hand composed of ceramite, carbon fiber and graphene, granting it high insulation and superconductivity. It's able to ionize and overheat air ahead of the palm of the hand and around the fingers, creating balls of plasma. The plasma can be shaped by the user at will (the gauntlets are connected to the nervous system through electrodes) although it can't be manipulated from anything more than short range (the plasma can't be shaped after it left the ionization field). Ocelot uses two of these as her hands, and uses them to generate supercharged swords of plasma as hot as the surface of the sun.

SIN-Standard J14 Series Limbs: Both arms and legs have their muscular strength and resilience increased several-fold, through mechanical rotors accelerating calcium-ion-concentrates into the sarcoplasmic reticulum and ionic polymeric gel myofibrils. This grants Ocelot and her battlesisters the ability to run faster than a car, jump several times their own height and strength enough to break through steel with a punch.


Citoregen Module Type IV: Several glands inside her torso secrete programmable polymerase that injects proteins inside injured cells, allowing wounds to heal as time passes. These do not work on her mechanical parts, and if they are damaged, they must be replaced.

Izanagi-class Superheart: Her heart does not simply circulate blood, but a steady concentration of mechanochemical power cells, smart phagocytes and liposomes containing prefab diamondoid machine parts, keeping her mechanical functions always at full performance while feeding oxygen and nutrients to her organic tissues.

NEKO-14 Gravity-Center Stabilizer: A detachable mechanical tail that connects to her lower back, filled with mechanical rotors to allow free movement. This grants Ocelot a certain degree of balance, helping her with the more acrobatic movements. When not receiving any direct nervous input from her spine, the tail moves based on mood patterns. The tail is also detachable in case of undercover operations and comes with several color designs and layouts.

Additional Info: Power Armors and Vehicles

Ocelot owns several sets of power-armors, some designed by SIN, some of her own design. They have, naturally, extensive ceramite and kevlar plating to offer basic ballistic protection, and additionally a pair of Helium-3 nuclear fusion-powered jet boots that grant her unlimited flight. They also possess a visor with a Heads-Up-Display that shows combat and GPS tracking info, and all of them have a teleporter transponder, meaning they can teleport from their storage in Ocelot's facility straight to her body almost instantaneously.

She also owns a Grav-Bike Fire Ant model, modded to the brim with hi-tech weaponry. This flying bike allows her extremely fast transport and can, just like her armor, teleport to her right on the field.