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Player: Sivera
Basic Data
Class Focus: Support
R & D: Mysticism
Level: 40
Occupation: Ritualist
Personal Data
Real Name: Kimberly Ambersax
Known Aliases: Kim, Nightinwail
Identity: Public
Species: Wraith (Banshee)
Age: 300
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: None
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type: None
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Salisbury, England
Birthdate: 05/29, 1712
Nationality: British
Current Residence: Family Crypt
Religion/Faith: Nimothian
Sexual Orientation: None
Marital Status: Taken
Known Languages
English, German, Nimothian Tongue
Known Relatives
Veronica Brimstone (Adoptive Mother)
Known Powers
Screams, Ritualism, Necromancy
Training / Abilities
Ethereal, Angry Soul, Banshee's Wail, Herald of the Spider Totem, Crowned with Fury, Dry Humor, The Meme Scheme
Ritualistic Chalice


Being on undead sides of things, Kimberly features her very own set of oddities and behaviours. Being distant to the living nature she once held, she is a perfect null-zone of emotions the majority of times, sarcastic and does never hold back a comment that comes to her mind and her alienated views and ways of thinking make it hard to see reason in her doing and talking on some occasions. While lightly bewildered to casual human nature, she has a very social attitude and manages despite her lack of expression to partake in daily social life.

Due to her nature making it hard to guess her state of mind, reactions can be unforseen and very suprising, and accompanied by oddities like sudden loss of interest, a comment that is not related to the topic or an outburst of approval or disapproval. Calm and mild mannered, she tries to keep such oddities at a minimum, nonetheless, which she manages sometimes well or not so well, depending entirely on the topic, surrounding, or person given.

While she prefers not to dawdle with the affairs of living kin, she can sometimes simply just not keep her mouth shut, and does not hesitate to give her personal views and beliefs on topics despite not being asked, as well as she seems to take some form of strange delight to uproot foreign opinions and beliefs with sarcastic and sometimes even satiric performances with which she parodies them, if they feature a certain extreme, like being foolishly casual or cliche-dripping. Most of times, nonetheless, she makes use of her superior ability just not to care.

Of Friends, Schemes and Combat

Ghosts are not exactly known to be big in making friends, or having the ability to get them easily. It takes a while until Kimberly deems someone a friend, with only a few exceptions, but towards those whom manage to make it to her inner circle, she is very protective and selfless, and always tries to help with utmost ability. Some certain individuals may even manage to conjour forth emotion out of the void that is her being.

Featuring superior cognitive abilities, Kimberly prefers mind over matter, which applies not only to her nature of a ghost. She likes to scheme, plan and intrigue, although latter are usually limited to very complex jokes or humorous setups aimed to entertain people. They may evolve and get a whole new attitude under some circumstances, like battle, immediate danger or strife. She is a tactician and able to make up plans in a hurry, which makes her very valuable not only for her powers, but also for her tactical cunning and superior judgement.


Kimberly is a ghost, as such ethereal, but can choose to become corporeal which allows her basic interaction with her surroundings, but does not allow advanced interactions like physical fighting. Her skin is white and silken, usually paired with various clothes in a noir shading. A faint, purple light gleams in her eyes, composed of glowing dots that roam seemingly empty sockets, and black lines trail down her body. She's not as skinny as one would imagine an Undead being, and has a very healthy stature, alongside a light hourglass figure.

Her hair behaves like a light breeze would catch it all the time and she features a soft, light echoing voice which heralds her ghostly nature, though it's tune may vary, depending on her mood. She usually wears a couple of brass ornaments, usually with a spider theme, and seems to, in some of her forms, feature parts of chiton armor, mostly composed around shoulders and arms. When performing magic, she uses a variety of ritualistic items which help her magics. Most common are a ritualistic chalice with a necrotic theme, a brassen staff with a spider theme, and a ritualistic dagger.

Abilities and Feats

Nightinwail features an array of abilities and features, partly of her origin, partly of certain events that took place. These will be elaborated here:

Ethereal - Being a ghost comes with benefits - Like being ethereal. Kimberly can move through most obstacles, unless they are magical and do not allow ghosts to trespass. This also allows her to shape her body, thus taking various appearance and sizes. It also makes her immune to physical threats, although the magical rule still applies. There are weapons suited to deal with ghosts. She also does not need to eat, drink or sleep.

Angry Soul - Due to an unsettling rage she has to suppress, Kim is bare any emotion. It takes special circumstances to get emotions out of her, and not all of them are positive.

Banshee's Wail - When socializing, Kim dampens her voice so it does not become a disturbance amidst discourse. When she does not, though, her normal talking is enough to cause ridiculous amounts of pain to everyone within earshot range, while a scream can result in paralysis, unconsciousness or even instant death, although latter is rare to happen.

Herald of the Spider Totem - Kim is dedicated to the Spider Totem, one of the Animal Totems of the Unliving, and features a few spider themed powers. Moreso, insectoid beings take a certain comfort in their presence - even if they are no spiders.

Crowned with Fury - Arisen from beyond the grave to administer revenge to those who caused her death, Kimberly is haunted by a constant fury and thirst for retribution. In order to suppress it, she needs to unleash it every now and then. In this unleashed state, her power increases drastically, and she becomes a savage predator that will scream anything to pieces that catches her attention.

Dry Humor - Ghosts love it dry and dusty, and Kim would make a desert envious. A dry humor is a nice thing to have.

The Meme Scheme - As part of her social nature, Kim often associates certain things with memes and employs them as tool of social interaction, which gives her some degree of comedy value, which earned her the title "Memeshee".

Friends and Allies

Veronica Brimstone(Vivi) - Veronica is Kim's adoptive mother, person of trust, and perhaps the only person that ever managed to be seen by Kimberly as real family, like a real bond of blood would be existent. They prefer the company of one another and often engage in a frenzy of joking and goofing demeanor. Kimberly officially addresses Veronica as her mother, and shares a very deep and tight relationship with her, very much resembling a real daughter-mother relationship.

Elanyeh - Elanyeh is a guardian deity of the dead and Kimberly's Hearthkeeper. The two of them are engaged in a relationship, and by banshee terms, married to one another, as Elanyeh holds the Banshee's Heart - literally. Despite her being, she will tend to be a little lovey-dovey in the goddess' presence, and is highly protective towards her.

Heillder - Heillder is a Pain Demon and, put in short, an individual which Kim deems the one that understands her most. Despite the two goofing around a lot and featuring very different kinds of humor, the two work well with one another and form a comedy duo to behold, as Kim's dry humor oh so often delivers the setups for Heillder to follow up with often embarrassing, but nonetheless entertaining punchlines. Only known by few, he is the one Kim seeks out for advice when she needs any.

Natasha Roy(Divael) - Natasha is Kim's superior and founder of the Aegis Association, the social group Kim is part of. They have a very friendly and tight bond relationship, often talking about the great Arcane and Cupcakes. Occasionally, Kimberly calls her "Natrat", which may be a hint towards something. In public, they often can be seen either exchanging knowledge, or just fooling around with each other.

Slick - Slick is, on some accounts, Kimberly's older brother, but oh so often takes the position of the younger one, depending the circumstances. She is always concerned about his well being, and enjoys his company as well as their talking, be it centered on high and emotional topics, or simple chitty-chatting. While they also like to be playful with one another, he is the only one Kim does not make any jokes of.

Jimmy Needles - Jimmy is, for Kim, not only a friend that's comfortable to hang around with, but also a person of trust which she can attend to whenever needed. For most parts, she appreciates his easy and joking demeanor, which she often accompanies with her own version of humor, and often results in rhymes that seem odd to bystanders. Nonetheless, he is a valued friend of hers, and she will rush to his aid in an instant.

Kim's Quotes

"Some people should wear diapers on their heads to compensate for the extreme amount of shit their brains provide."

"We come to live in an age where the basic intelligence of a hero can be compared to a meatloaf. And I deem that as an offense towards the meatloaf."

"We are Kim. Resistance is futile."

"Bosoms! Unite!"

"Me Ghosta."

Public Notes

Barley, that's her nickname, is honestly a pretty fun ghost...a. Although, I should ask her to scream my eardrums off, someday. She's a really good person... undead.... ghost... Banshee! There! Ermyeah. So, I guess that what I'd add is how well she works as an house banshee. She's also pretty good at cooking too! That's a good note in my book. -Heillder

Weird how things work, heh. I think Kim worries about me more than I worry about her... so it must be quite a bit. Kim's a tough nut to crack: she's a woman of many secrets, but also one of an open heart. One to take pride in her passions and use her skills to brighten the days of the ones around her. She's awesome, in short. I ghosta. -Slick

"{She gets a softer expression and smirks lightly} Kim, the daughter I never thought I'd have. Life - and unlife - has a way of giving you things in the most unexpected ways sometimes, doesn't it? {Facial expression gets stern} Fuck with her. I dare you." - Veronica Vivi Brimstone

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