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Player: @Tesahli
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Kayla Fairchild
Known Aliases: Nightchild, Blue
Gender: Female
Species: Human Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Base of Operations: United States
Relatives: None known
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Glowing yellow, no pupils
Hair: Silver
Complexion: Deep Blue
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Long prehensile tail, elven shaped ears
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 10
Citizenship: American
Occupation: None
Education: Home schooled
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Telekinesis, Teleportation, low level Telepathy
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Daughter of two metahuman criminals, Kayla was originally set to follow her parents path into crime, coming along on their sprees from the age of 15. For 6 years she was a metahuman criminal, wanted by PRIMUS primarily for Super-powered assault and robbery (though not murder). She lived a selfish but sheltered life not knowing much outside of the safety of her parent's groups, causing her to become self-assured and reckless. After a while, she began to want to prove her abilities on her own, setting her sights high, she attacked the Champions on her own: and failed miserably. Thrown in Stronghold prison, she was left there by her parents who wanted to teach her a lesson for trying to break free from them. Instead, she had a change of heart, feeling abandoned and out of her environment. Let out after 4 years for good behavior, she is trying to make an honest effort to change and become a hero, but old habits die hard.

Character Notes


Kayla takes heavily after her father, not tending to take things seriously and constantly cracking jokes. She's extremely arrogant and a little too self-confident at times that her powers will make her the superior combatant, causing her to be reckless in combat. This often ends up being one of her greatest weaknesses, as more strategically superior and skilled opponents take advantage of her power-confidence to exploit weak spots and catch her off-guard. Unfortunately, though recklessly brave at times, if she feels she's lost control of the situation she can often snap and break down, going into panic mode.


Kayla grow up a bit of a spoiled child and was deeply immersed in video games, movies, and toys. Because of this, she has a taste for more expensive fashion with a geeky/punk bent and has a vast pop culture knowledge. She generally wears casual but upscale clothes preferring mini-skirts, hoodies, and designer t-shirts, and rarely wears any sort of practical combat gear or super hero costumes.


  • Telekinesis: Her main power, Kayla can form psionic constructs that have form and shape as well as use raw telekinesis to move and lift objects with her mind. She's skilled at moving large objects, up to the size of trucks and shipping crates, but has a lot of difficulty with gripping smaller objects and accurately moving and targeting an object she's picked up.
  • Teleportation: Kaylacan teleport short-distances, at about 50 yards at a time. She can only teleport in straight lines however, and though she can teleport through solid objects, if she can't see where she's going, she'll refuse to do the teleport for fear of ending up inside an object. She can't teleport without taking anything touching her with her. The more she teleports, the more that teleports with her, and the longer the teleport, the more exhausting it is for her.
  • Telepathy: Kayla is barely considered telepathic, but can sometimes pick up scraps of thoughts and emotions from people, sometimes able to read the minds of those who are especially weak minded or are trying to open their thoughts to her. However, her mother helped implant extremely strong psionic defenses in her mind, which makes her extremely hard to read or mind-control.
  • Regeneration: Kayla has an extremely minor healing factor inherited from her father, her recovery time from wounds is only a bit faster than a normal human's, but she can recover fully from most wounds that would leave a normal person scarred or with a limp. Additionally, this extends her potentially lifespan more than a human's.


  • Arrogance: Kayla is extremely reckless and arrogant about her abilities, tending to think her powers will always give her the edge over every combatant. This often gets her into trouble as skilled and strategic opponents ambush her or draw her into traps.
  • Average Constitution: Despite her powers, Kayla is similar to a normal human in terms of durability, she can be injured the same as any normal person.


  • Swordplay: One of Kayla's favorite psionic constructs is a single blade, a remnant of playing too many fantasy games. Her constant use of this has taught her some level of swordplay, though she's not nearly on the level of someone who's formally trained.


  • Telekinesis Training Items (Improvised): A large cheap women's bracelet and 3 golf balls. If she's feeling up to it, she uses them to train her telekinesis precision, trying to get the balls through the hoop using her mental abilities.




Real Name: Ezekial 'Zeke' Cane
Alias: The Jersey Devil
Species: Human Mutant
Powers: Mid-level healing factor, enhanced strength/speed/agility

A metahuman with dark blue skin, white hair, and a prehensile tail, the Jersey Devil was born in 1941 but still looks like he's in his mid 20s due to a slowed aging process, making him one of the oldest mutants active. However, his history is mostly unknown.

As a Criminal, Jersey Devil's motivation is based around what he finds amusing, a trickster psychological profile, he takes nothing seriously. His crimes focus around robbery and pranks, though he never murders and rarely hurts people, mostly because he doesn't find it very amusing.

Attitude Towards Nightchild
Zeke was a distant father, only staying for as long as it was amusing. He was around for much of her childhood, but as she grew into a spoiled pre-teen, he disappeared more and more to find something more interesting to do. Though distant, Kayla maintains a friendly relationship with her father when they do meet, their personalities being too similar to cause clashes. Zeke could hardly care whether she's a criminal or a law-bringer as long as she's fun.



Real Name: Regina Fairchild
Alias: The Matron
Species: Human Mutant
Powers: Powerful Telepath specializing in mind-control, Shapeshifter, and mid-range teleporter

Born a mutation, by the time Regina's power manifested, she was already spoiled and self-centered growing up in a wealthy New York family. She started experimenting with her powers, slowly dominating the minds of her household, starting with the family pets, before moving to the servants, before slowly swaying than dominating her family. By the time she was 14, she had controlled an entire city block, which attracted the notice of New York City's superhero squads. She only managed to escape through the intervention of a local psionic criminal group, who had long been aware of her increasing psychic powers and brought her in to their organization. She quickly became an asset to the organization with stealth operations, mind controlling guards to rob banks and corporations of money. In the 1980s she met and fell in love with The Jersey Devil, and eloped with him, giving birth to Kayla soon after.

As a criminal, the Matron's modus operandi is based around mind control and deception, rarely getting involved personally. She prefers instead to create "puppets" which she controls remotely to do the dirty work for her.

Attitude Towards Nightchild
Regina was the one who primarily raised and taught Nightchild, both in basic schooling and how to use her powers, she took Kayla's change of heart most personally, as only someone who thinks the world revolves around her can. She immediately assumed that they were trying to turn her child against her as a way of getting back at her. Since then, she's spent most of her time devising schemes to bring Kayla back to her side. These confrontations sometimes skirt on violent, but it's clear that Regina still cares for her child, in her own way.

Personal History

Early Years


Born in the 80s, Kayla grew up getting most everything she wanted. Her father being increasingly absent as she grew, she was primarily raised by her mother, who taught her that if she wanted something, she need only take it for herself. Taught by her mother at home, she was an extremely intelligent girl who picked up school subjects far faster than a normal student would, but didn't have much patience for it. Her mother also taught her how to use her abilities which came into use when she entered her teen years, being the "muscle" of their criminal mother/daughter team, her mother handling the subtle infiltration and information gathering with their heists, while Kayla handled the smash and grab part: knocking down walls and taking out guards with her telekinesis. The team was extremely successful, and they never were caught, though they were thwarted by local heroes a number of times.


In her early 20s now, Kayla felt like she could step out on her own and prove her power to her mother. In a reckless attempt to do so, she set her sights extremely high: The Champions of Millennium City. In July of 2004, she attacked their headquarters alone, expecting to overpower them with their telekinetic abilities, instead she was easily overcome by the superior teamwork and tactics of the team, and was barely considered a blip in their conquests. She was captured and sentenced to 10 years in prison for armed robbery.



Taken to Stronghold prison due to her ability to teleport and tear down walls with telekinesis, she was kept in power-dampeners in all times, and threatened with hot sleep if she misbehaved. The wardens feared that her parents might retaliate, but were surprised to find when nothing had happened: Regina decided that it was a fitting punishment to let her rot in the prison for a bit before making any sort of attempt to try and break her out (an effort she wasn't sure if she could do anyways). Abandoned by her mother and given a harsh shock of reality from her thrashing from the Champions, Kayla began to take to the rehabilitation and therapy. On her 4th year review, she was approved for Parole on the condition that she work under the direct and total command of PRIMUS for one year.


Out in the world and on parole now, Kayla worked with PRIMUS for the full year, learning to put her abilities to good use. She felt overwhelmed at times, but was given helpful training by the PRIMUS command, until she felt confident in her abilities and direction. Her focus due to her lower power and skill levels became more street level issues like gang warfare and minor paramilitaries.


Off of Parole, she was approached by a mysterious man named Mr. Blank who invited her into a group of heroes who dealt with problems at the street level. She decided to accept the invitation, finding herself at a meeting of like-minded heroes in the founding of a group called "The Moonlighters". Feeling that this might be the right step for her career, or at least the kind of thing she typically sees superheroes doing on TV, she's stuck with them and helped out where she can.

Villain's Convention

Her first mission with the Moonlighters took place investigating a so-called "Villain's Convention". One team infiltrated the building in disguises, while another waited outside for the order to strike, Nightchild operated in the second team for fear that she might be recognized otherwise. It all went well at first, but the team's unfamiliarity with each other became clear very quickly, they found themselves split up and pinned down by gun fire. With little more than faith in her abilities, Blank managed to convince an extremely panicked Nightchild to try a long distance teleport. Amazingly, she managed to teleport the team back to the Moonlighter's hide out safe and sound. She, however, collapsed immediately out of the teleport, going into severe seizures and was only calmed down due to the team's medic managing to recover some time later to find the team bickering amongst themselves. Clearly the Moonlighters were going to have a ways to go.