Muse (Tyrija Morn)

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Player: @Gunryo
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 37
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Tyrija Morn
Known Aliases: None
Species: Non-specific Humanoid
Ethnicity: Caucasoid
Age: 28
Height: about 5'6"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Colorless
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Alsantairian
Occupation: Alsantairian Reconnaissance Agent
Place of Birth: Alsantair, Norway
Base of Operations: Alsantair, Norway
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Expert-level Telepathy, Intermediate-level Telekinesis, Flight
Known Abilities
Intermediate-level Gunslinging, Associate Master of Alsantairian Martial Arts
Two rarely-used sidearms (for use against psionic-resistant enemies)

Office secretary by day, Champion by night, Muse walks among the everyday people of Earth posing as one of them. Second-in-Command of the Alsantair Task Force assigned to Millenium City, Muse saw fit to join the ranks of the city's elite and fight crime alongside them, though always keeping a vigilant eye on her true duties. Alongside Prometheus, Odin, and Spiritus Mundi, she vanguards her Sector the way her people always have -- Guardians among Guardians.



Muse was born Tyrija Morn, daughter of Jitsai and Sarlia Morn, in the Alsantair Abbey in Norway. An only child of two high-ranking sentinels, Tyrija's childhood was wanting for little and, were she a normal Earth child, she would likely have become a spoiled brat by age 6. The Alsantairians, however, breed different sorts of hedonists; where a rich child in mainland Earth society may have been spoiled with new ponies, Tyrija was spoiled with new books and works of art, allowing her to ever-expand her mind.

All children born within Alsantair are trained to perform some role within the eternal mission of the Great Society, but a select few are screened from the bunch to have been born with a natural affinity for something greater than the others -- a superpower, in human terms. Once identified, that child's remaining life is dedicated to cultivating that talent. Tyrija was one such child.

A cerebral child, it wasn't long before her teachers began to notice the signs -- classmates who were unable to resist her commands, an incredible gift for quick response, even seemingly-prophetic dreaming. Telepaths being rare (and exclusive to females in Alsantair), Tyrija was apprenticed to one of three existing telepaths, by the name of Vera Liotas. With the other two present, the three telepaths of Alsantair were known as "The Sisters Fate."

Due to the rarity of telepaths appearing, Tyrija became famous among her people almost overnight. Due to her jovial nature and peer-bestowed title as an "inspiration," her mentor began affectionately calling her "Muse," and the name stuck.


At age 12, like most Alsantairian children, Muse was inducted into the Alsantair Academy where she was trained in the basic skills common to the society's agents: modern warfare tactics and munitions, integrated martial arts, social and political theory, etcetera. Anything and everything one could conceivably need to blend into the world of "common Earth-dwellers."

Different students excel at different things, of course, and Muse was no exception; where she was not particularly strong in sciences, she was very capable in areas where her powers could complement her passively (see: Powers).

It was in the Academy Specialty classes that she met the other gifted children who would someday become Avatars like herself, some of which would become lifetime friends and teammates: one such friend was Prometheus, a pyro by trade, but with a rising gift for precognition. His precognition was by no means powerful but, being male, the existence of even a little telepathic capability was unprecedented. It was this that caused them to become quick friends; there is a level of experience to being a telepath that can never quite be understood except by other telepaths. It was also this rare trait that caused them to compete for top of the class. Alas, Prometheus would always come out ahead.


Delphi, the most powerful of The Sisters Fate, had a premonition that Muse would somehow be involved in the destruction of all three Sisters. Calling a secret meeting of the Sisters, Delphi convinced Pallas and Cassandra (Vera Liotas) to join forces and remove the up-and-coming Muse from existence.

The night of their attack, Muse foresaw their coming in her sleep and, unknown even to herself, telepathically alerted all of those in their vicinity. Awakened and driven by Muse's subconscious suggestion, the forces of the Alsantair Academy rose against the Sisters Fate and a horrific battle ensued. In the end, several were killed, but the Cassandra, already having second thoughts since their arrival, turned on the Sisters and tried to fend them off herself. They quickly overpowered and she fell lifeless to the ground, her mind completely shattered.

Delphi and Pallas survived three seconds longer before dropping lifeless to the ground next to her. Nobody is positive what happened, but the rumor is that the sleeping Muse, seeing her mentor slain before her, lashed out from the dream world and obliterated their minds. Muse has no recollection of the event at all.


Odin cloud-surfing
Upon graduation, the cadets of the Alsantair Academy were given their field assignments. As part of a partnership with the Champions Team, Alsantair sent a team of nine of their most prodigious young super-powered agents to be trained as superheroes in the ranks of Millennium City's finest. Their purpose: to defend the weak from the front line while providing intel on the situation to the authorities back home.

Though they typically operate in the same area, the members of Team Sleipnir (as they have been titled) rarely collaborate. The Champions know who they are, but the security of Alsantair's secrecy is such that those agents who walk among the "common" Earth-dwellers are to avoid any and all public association in order to avoid suspicion. From time to time, however, they have been known to partner up against a large threat.