Mortal Man

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Mortal Man
Player: @Mortal_Man
Class Focus: Mortal Skills
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Magic
Personal Data
Real Name: Secret ID
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: Appears 40, actually 98
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Champion of Mankind
Place of Birth: United States
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Sorcery, Martial Arts, and Advanced Science
Known Abilities
High mental, physical, and spiritual acuity and training
Force Field belt, medical kit, variety of hallucinogens, luger


Origin: Mortal Man’s parents were missionaries, killed by rebels in foreign lands. Saved from the wreckage, he was shut down for days until a shaman took him on a spirit journey where he found his soul, his totem, and decided what he would be. As God existed to scourge man and make sure he was righteous, he decided to do the same for the Gods.

After years of self training in the occult, martial arts, and the sciences, Mortal Man began to viciously attack cults to dark gods. Real superheroes arrived after the first year of his career and he began to work with them, feeling they needed a more tactical mind to help them. He closed out the Golden Age fighting nazis in WWII before disappearing into the spirit world.

When Mortal Man returned, he was no older than when he had left, but his aura was altered to those who could sense it- darker, denser, and somehow changed. He picked up the good fight almost immediately, ready to aid the heroes around him in a changed world.


Mortal Man is almost never without his skull mask, but his dress varies depending on task. Mortal Man can often be seen wearing a leather coat and blue jeans, with leather gloves to protect his fists. During times when intensive shamanism is called for, Mortal Man strips down and applies hallucinogenic body paints, wears a shaman's headress, iron fittings upon a leather skirt, all of which he claims are useful tools for 'altering his perceptions'. When big threats arrive, he puts on a duraweave spandex outfit with extra forcefield generators in the shoulders and a special visor that allows him to more accurately manipulate said forcefield.


Mortal Man tends to switch between moments of quiet contemplation, engaged intellectualism, and righteous fury. Some would call him driven, and others would call him obsessed- he works vigilantly and seems to have little secret identity to speak of. He supports intellectualism, morality, heroism, and hope over cynicism, faith, ignorance, and nihilism. His hatred towards the divine often gives him a knee jerk reaction towards priests, gods, and magic entities, but he tries to judge beings on their individual merits first.


In his formative years, Mortal Man absorbed knowledge voraciously in search of anything that would give him an edge in his conflict. Skills he developed include:

Martial Disciplines: Mortal Man is proficient with a wide variety of weapons as well as unarmed combat. While not reaching the deadly edge achieved by many of the most talented 'super' martial artists, he is capable of defeating lesser foes with simple hand to hand maneuvers, and on occasion has shown himself capable of pressure point strikes, joint locks, and chi augmentation.

Mysticism: Mortal Man's path towards magical development was a long, hard road. Though capable of certain advanced techniques like astral projection and warding with little training, the super sorcery he often witnessed eluded him. To augment his abilities, he was willing to undergo extreme initiations of endurance, pain, patience, and risk- putting hooks in his flesh, hallucinogens in his food, fasting for days, meditating in total darkness for weeks, and ultimately questing in the spirit world for years. The transformation of Mortal Man's spirit through these trials has made his soul like unto a thing of iron, capable of feats often reserved for true denizens of the realms.

Science: Mortal Man is an accomplished scientist, but often more of a problem solver than innovator. A little behind the curve, he has proven adept at finding solutions for most scientific problems he comes across. His favored areas of study are physics and biology. His one invention of note is his force field belt, something he put together after his first encounter with a 'true' super villain.

Equipment: Mortal Man usually keeps a lot of pockets and pouches handy for a dizzying variety of tools both shamanic and technological.


Mortal Man is a long standing member of the New Dawn Society.