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Player: Mordykus
Mordy portrait.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: The Demon Of Black Metal
Gender: male
Species: half-demon
Ethnicity: Eurasian
Place of Birth: France, Pandemonium
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Torii (brother)
Age: N/A
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: green
Hair: black, with white strands
Complexion: pale to white
Physical Build: slender
Physical Features: horns
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: French
Occupation: none
Education: N/A
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
hellectrokinesis, flight, teleportation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Ring of Mephisto
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Since his first appearance as a member of Paragon Dawn, Mordykus has become one of the main faces of the group. He's among its most powerful members thanks to his mastery of hellectrokinesis, even though most of his original power was lost after being bound to his current human host. Despite his intimidating nature and persona, the rest of Paragon Dawn members trust him enough to come to him for help and advices whenever needed. He's also one of the three members of the Unholy Trinity of Metal, in charge of the heavy metal shows on the popular station Dawn Radio, where he shows his love for its most extreme subgenres on a weekly basis.


The demon known as Mordykus used to live in one of the many towers of the Pandemonium Fortress, as a member of the 666 Legions of Hell. Unlike most of his peers, who prefer to use hellfire for combat, he spent years (centuries?) training with hellectricity, a more chaotic form of infernal energy. He didn't have much to do though, as the legions were still gathering for the day of Armageddon.
The day finally came when he was finally summoned to Earth, but not the way it was planned. His name was used by a newly formed black metal band who used lyrics taken from an old occultist book to summon him during a concert. Bursting out of nothing into the world of men, the essence of Mordykus had to quickly jump to the nearest human body or vanish from this plane. After severely injuring a number of people in the crowd as he phased through them, he finally found a receptacle and proceeded to possess it. The ritual was only partially completed though, resulting in an uncomplete possession, and both Mordykus and the human host had to share the same body. One of the consequences was that Mordykus lost a good part of his powers.
It took some time before the host and the demon came to an agreement and shared their single shell for the benefit of both. From there, they began to train again and expand their abilities with hellectrokinesis, until they got powerful enough to join the ranks of the supergroup Paragon Dawn.


While the coexistence between the former human soul and the demon essence wasn't easy at start, both understood that there was no way to change it back. They learnt to think alike and the being is now almost considered a single entity, using the moniker "Mordykus" to talk about himself. Thanks to his demonic abilities, Mordykus can switch from a human-like appearance to a more hellish figure and vice versa.
In his human form, Mordykus tends to wear typical metalhead or goth outfits, with a lot of black leather and spikes. As a demon in combat mode, his horns appear, and his hellectric powers manifest around him with sparks of reddish lightning.
Mordykus is often seen as a cynical loner, who doesn't care much about others. However, he's also a trusted friend to many and would rarely push away people in need of his skills. That might be not out of compassion or selflessness, but rather to show everyone else that he can do better than them.


  • Hellectrokinesis : Hellectricity looks like regular electricity, except that it's usually orange/reddish instead of blue, and it damages the soul as well as the body, like Hellfire. Mordykus has mastered his abilities to become a medium-to-long range powerful blaster, able to tear his foes from afar before they even reach him. His most recognizable attack is a highly destructive beam, simply referred to as "Gigabolt".
  • Flight : as a demon, Mordykus can easily fly. His true demonic form has wings, but he doesn't need them to take off the ground in the realm of humanity. It is assumed that the wings help in Hell, where the atmospheric conditions make regular flight dangerous and chaotic.
  • Helleportation : channeling his powers, Mordykus can briefly travel a short distance.
  • Regeneration : since his defensive abilities are quite sub-par compared to his kin, Mordykus had to enhance his regeneration rate. It helps him withstand some injuries when a fight drags on, but he still needs some time to recover.
  • Shapeshifting : used mostly to switch from human form to demonic form. Mordykus hasn't shown any ability to shapeshift into something completely different than his core appearance, which most likely indicates that he cannot do it at all.
  • Ring Of Mephisto : a fancy name for an artifact. This ring comes with several triggered spells that compliment Mordykus powers. He can use the ring to repel enemies with a powerful hellstorm sheath, protect himself from heavy damage with an absorbing shadow protection field, grow in size (only out of combat) or summon a lesser imp in the form of a demonic jetfighter.


  • Combat Pragmatist : well aware of his glass-cannon combat style, Mordykus is smart enough to not give his enemies any chance to best him in a fight. It was made quite clear during his Dawnmination run.
  • Dark Is Not Evil : despite looking like the unlikely hybrid of an Annihilator Bot and a Takofanes cultist, Mordykus isn't a villain nor an antihero. Some still think that he hides his true motives, though, including his fellow Paragon Dawn allies.
  • Evil Twin : Zealot, his counterpart from Multifaria. A regular human empowered by the ichor of a Nephilim, serving Shadow Destroyer as both a propaganda agent and an enforcer.
  • Fluffy The Terrible : Mordykus is, in fact, not a very intimidating name. But he rather uses that to deceive his enemies than reveal his real name, since knowing a demon's real name gives power over him.
  • Glass Cannon : definitely not a tank, which is a problem when he gets the attention of too many foes.
  • Popularity Power : how he won Dawnmination, since the results came from votes.
  • Power Trio : with Thunderstruck and Urlik as the Unholy Trinity of Paragon Dawn/Dawn Radio.
  • Red Baron : The Demon Of Black Metal and numerous variations of this.
  • Rock Me, Asmodeus! : he's not the one playing the music, but he's broadcasting it, and he's half-demon, so... ?
  • Skeletons In The Coat Closet : for a time, Mordykus used Destroid technology as a combat suit, quite like Zealot did before him. He then changed some pieces to include skulls on the shoulders, knees, and headpiece.


  • The demon Mordykus is probably several centuries old, if not more. The human host is between 35-40 years old.
  • It isn't clear which Lord of Hell Mordykus follows, because of different classifications made over centuries. Theories suggested names such as Satan, Belial, Mephisto, Belphegor or Lucifer himself.
  • While he's seen as half-demon, it's more appropriate to consider him as a human possessed by a demon. The main difference is that this possession, while not wanted in the first place, evolved to become something quite like a symbiotic bound.
  • His human host's brother is also a superhero. Under the name Torii, he fights crime in a cybernetic samurai suit.
  • Mordykus has briefly visited Paragon City after the major crisis that lead to the city's desertion.
  • At least two different versions of Mordykus exist in other universes : Mord'Ykus, a tiefling warlock, is an adventurer in the world of Faerûn ; the other is Admiral Mordykus, a Starfleet Command officer.
  • Even as a self-proclaimed loner, Mordykus doesn't mind teamwork against more dangerous foes. He teamed up regularly with Shortbus, Kazzeltok, Alto MK-7 v2 and other members of Paragon Dawn.
  • He's the first Dawnmination champion after defeating Beatboxer, Starfield, Old Man Bobb, and A Pimp Named Squishy in the finals.
  • Alan (from the Defenders of the Galaxy) said several times that Mordykus is his favorite DJ on Dawn Radio.
  • Mordykus joined Paragon Dawn and Dawn Radio in 2017. His show is broadcasted every Thursday from 3pm to 6pm EST. He sometimes goes overtime to fill in for Thunderstruck, and also likes to do impromptu shows where he plays different musical genres, such as electronic music, goth rock, or video games and anime soundtracks.
  • His favorite metal band is The Vision Bleak ; the one he hates the most is Avenged Sevenfold, to the point that it's banned from his shows. Manowar also got banned after they screwed their fans over during Hellfest Open Air Festival 2019.
  • His favorite movie is Battle Royale, with Takeshi Kitano. His favorite actor is Clint Eastwood.
  • His favorite anime is Saint Seiya (Knights Of The Zodiac). His Paragon Dawn battlesuit is actually inspired by Phoenix Ikki.
  • His favorite superhero is Batman, though he also is quite partial to Eric Draven/The Crow and Ghost Rider. His favorite supervillain is Dr Doom.
  • Musical themes : Emperor - Inno A Satana ; Dawn Radio "summoning" theme : Ghost - Year Zero