Mogul vs. Remnants Pt. VI: Fury vs. Arman and Lucius

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Chapter 64 (Remnant 3)

"Tactical, and concealing. Fits your style." Chance complimented me.

I said nothing, as I looked at my reflection. I was wearing a long trench coat that concealed my body, my messy white hair, slightly covering my eyes the same way Decen's did, only longer. I had worried of the day... where I would look into the mirror and be greeted by the orange eyed monster. But now, it was reassurance. Reassurance that Deacon would never return.

He could never return.

I needed to be strong, for Meena.

Our mission was simple. Take down the civilization, and clear out its defenders. Allow the Halakite transporter to extract the resources from the planet core. We had fifty minutes to defend the excavator. After that, extraction would be waiting.

A Halakite screeched, from within our space pod. It was time.

The doors opened, and our troops jumped from the pod, and flew downwards. A rain of Halakites descending from the heavens, as the planet's defenders took action, their glowing blue bodies flying up to meet us. The sounds of the defender's slaughters filled the skies.

It was inevitable.

"Shall we descend? Fury?" Chance asked me. I nodded, as we both jumped out of the pod and landed on the ground before the defenders. Five of them confronted us. I narrowed my eyes, and noticed they were dressed differently from the troopers that engaged our soldiers.

The squadron spoke in unison. "We are the defenders of this world. The Cobalt Five. We are here to put an end to your tyranny. Return to your planet, at once, or be brought down in the name of justice!"

Chance scoffed, and took out his gun-blade.

"I'll fight these guys."

"No." I responded, looking at one of the defenders.

"There is no need to expend your ammunition. From the way they position themselves..." I pointed to the one in the center. "That is the leader. Defeating him will break their morale."

The captain grinned. "You wish to fight me? Villain? It shall be done. For justice will always overcome darkness." The captain began to power up, glowing bright blue, as the winds in his vicinity swirled in response to his power.

Chance leapt back, and ordered the Halakites to continue fighting off the troopers. The other four members of the Cobalt squad backed off as the captain continued powering up, his eyes glowing blue.

"Last chance, boy. Will you heed my warnings? Or do you choose annihilation?"

I held out my hand, a gesture to bring it.

The captain bashed his fists together. "Your funeral, villain!"

The captain rushed forward, and launched a punch in my direction. I leaned back, summoning the fires of Diablos as I levitated into the air, and intercepted the punch with two flaming tendrils from my back.

The captain's eyes momentarily widened. "Impressive strength, villain. But you are no match, for the blinding light of just-"

His speech was cut short, as I summoned a third tendril that went straight into his chest, impaling him, and throwing him into the air. The captain coughed a shower of blood as his teammates yelled his name in concern.


They tried to assist him, but Chance intercepted them, drawing both his gun blade and his assault rifle.

"One on one. If you idiots join him, I'll have to consider this a two on five. And trust me... you don't want that."

My tendril slammed the captain into the ground with a massive BOOM. The captain struggled to his feet, attempting to heal the massive hole in his chest by sending light particles at it, but to no avail.

The captain heaved, struggling to catch his breath, but was able to speak.

"You got me good... kid. But I will not give up. For I am defender of this world. I live to serve." He began to cough. There was no point healing this type of wound. The fires of Diablos that emanated from my tendrils had completely charred and burnt the tissue around his wound, keeping him from regenerating.

"This fight is decided." I replied, and held out my hand, as it became shrouded with flames, growing until it became a giant flaming blade.

I zipped forward, eyeing the captain's midsection.

Angelbreaker Slash.

The defender was launched backwards, and slid, until sliding to a stop. His face, emotionless and empty.

"Captain!" The squad yelled, in devastation.

The squad turned to me, their faces were full of rage. For a group of so called defenders of the world, they were not very heroic. I watched as they charged me with blinding speed, but I already held out my hand, and blasted them all to ashes with a powerful burst of flame.

"Nice one, Fury. These so called 'heroes of Falaria' were no match for you." Chance complimented.

I looked up at the skies, as more of the planet's defenders tried to aid in attempting to fend off the Halakites. It was time to return to the ship. I grabbed Chance with a tendril, as we flew back to the spacecraft.

"Contract complete." I said, as I watched the planet collapse from having its natural resources depleted.

Chapter 65 (Remnant 3)

"I have a new assignment for you, Fury." Malakai said.

I knelt before him, awaiting his orders.

Malakai spread his hands, and the locust swarm manifested a city. I recognized it immediately, but I didn't let it show on my face.

"Within this city, is a mercenary company known as The Organization. I want you to annihilate the entire company, and bring back this artifact."

Malakai zoomed in on an object.

"The Fulcrum. It shall aid in the preparation of our warfare."

"It shall be done." I responded. Unfortunately, my voice did not conceal my thoughts, because Malakai sensed it.

"Discord laces your voice, Fury."

"There is no discord. I will complete my task."

Malakai got up from his throne and walked up to me. "Fury of the Halakites. Remember why you serve me. To protect Meena. Our acquisition of the fulcrum will enable us to develop our weaponry. Everything you are doing is ensuring her survival."

I got up, and left the throne room, where Chance was waiting for me. I updated him on our mission details.

"Gonna bust up The Organization, huh? Isn't that a treat? You'll be doing Meena a favor, considering she basically got fired from ther-"

I grabbed Chance by the throat and slammed him into the wall. He began to retch as I squeezed.

"You will not speak of Meena that way. Remember your place, Chance. You are my slave. Nothing more. It is a matter of mercy that you are still alive, after everything you have done to her."

Chance grabbed my hand, and tried to reach for his guns, but I began to heat my hand up, as his eyes widened.

"Master Deacon... I..."

"Deacon is DEAD." I growled, increasing the intensity of my flames. Chance screamed in agony.

"Please... Master Fury. I apologize. Please let me go. I... can't breath..."

I let go, as Chance fell on the ground, clutching his throat, coughing and retching.

I regarded him with no remorse. "Clean yourself up. We leave in thirty minutes. Every minute you are late, will be a bone broken."

Chance said nothing, as he struggled to catch his breath.

Chapter 65 (Remnant 3)

I opened the door to one of the holding cells. Meena instantly rushed out and punched me. I stood still, as Meena's fist landed me square in the face. My head reeled back as I stumbled.

"Meena." I muttered. She glared at me, her eyes full of rage.

"Deacon... what have you done." She said.

I wiped my face, my broken nose instantly regenerating. "My mission. I killed the Cobalt Five, as they interfered with Malakai's extraction."

Meena breathed heavily. She raised her hand, and began punching me over and over again. If I could feel pain, it would have been heartbreak.

"Why aren't you feeling pain. Get hurt! GET HURT!" Meena screamed at me. I grabbed her wrists. She was provided with a new set of clothes, her hair, everything, was washed and cleaned. It was my personal request, which Malakai granted for me. She looked so beautiful. Part of me wanted to take her and escape from this place. But I knew this would never happen now.

"Meena, why are you attacking me?"

"You killed them. You KILLED them! Don't you see the gravity of what you've done?!"

I looked at her. "We are killers. Didn't you say so yourself? There is no place for morals. You are all that matters to me. I will kill anyone that threatens your wellbeing."

Meena's eyes widened, as she stepped back. "I don't WANT your protection. I don't NEED it. You think killing them is going to make me love you? You think throwing away who you are is going to make me accept you?"

I said nothing, as I stroked her hair. Meena slapped my hand away.

"Deacon... I know you're still in there. But right now. This... this Fury that's taken you over. That's not the man I love."

I clenched my fist, which burst into flames, illuminating my face in the dark hallway, giving me a sinister appearance.

"Deacon is no more. All that matters is you are alive and safe. I will keep it that way, even if you hate me, even if you are disgusted with what I have become. I don't care. Because you are safe."

I turned around, as the door began to close. Meena rushed out, but was held back by an energy barrier.

"All those years, you protected me as Deacon. Now it is my turn. To protect you as Fury. I will become a hero. Your hero."

The Organization was still the same as when Meena and I left it. Hundreds upon hundreds of layers of security. The Halakites were waiting, from the space pod hovering over the base.

The lead Halakite gave the signal, and we all descended, breaking through the windows of the roof and descending down the spiral levels.

Several of our troops blasted through the energy barriers that kept intruders from accessing the lower levels, where the fulcrum was. Numerous mercenaries and killers began to engage the Halakites as Chance and I descended.

I landed on the ground, alongside Chance, and were greeted by two children. The Merkel Duo. I remembered them. Children who were biologically engineered to never age. To possess superhuman strength and reflexes in a small body, making them extremely lethal.

One of the twins stared at me.

"Sister... his face. The white haired one. He is familiar."

The other twin tilted her head. "Yes. He was the one. The one who did not kill. The one. Yes."

Chance raised his eyebrow. "You two remember me?"

The twins stared at him. "The one. The one who came second. Second to the first."

Chance instantly grabbed his assault rifle and began firing at the twins, who dodged the bullets with remarkable agility. They swept in, knives in hand, but Chance dodged, taking out his gun-blade, and shooting them both down.

The lifeless bodies of the Merkel Duo hit the floor.

We continued descending, killing, and dispatching anyone that was in our way. None of these people peaked my interest, except one.

"Deacon... is that you?" A large 7 foot man emerged from behind several doors. He wielded a giant scythe. I recognized him immediately.

The board member. Who beat me to near death for trying to defend Meena after she refused to kill the target. I knew him. I could never forget that day. Back then, it served as a memory, a gentle one, of when I professed my love to Meena, and she, admitting her love for me.

But now... that memory was rotten. Because now... all that came to mind was this man. The one who proved to me just how weak and worthless Deacon Chow really was.

"Outta the way, Mister Chow. Or I will have to kill you too. I know you don't have what it takes to stand here before me."

Those were his exact words.

"Chance." Chance looked at me.

"Beyond this level, is the fulcrum. Take the artifact. I will meet you at the ship."

"But Fury-"

I shot him a glare. Chance quickly zipped it, and ran to the doors. The man instantly closed the distance... but so did I.

He sneered. "So... Mister Chow. You changed up your look. You think playing dress up is going to change things? You're still the same weakling I brutalized those years ago. Don't test me."

The board member swung his scythe, as it caught me in my side. He slashed again, catching me in the shoulder, and again, cutting my knee. I fell to the ground.

"Weak." The man said, swinging.


"After all these years, you still don't have what it takes to stand here before me."

The man brought the scythe back, to finish me off, but the moment he swung down, I caught it with my hand. The blade cutting deep, as blood gushed out of the wound, and leaking down my arm. The board member stared at me.

"This... this doesn't hurt you?"

I looked up at him. "It never did." I replied, as I superheated my hand and ripped the scythe out of his grip, skinning his hands. The man screamed and fell back in pain.

I threw the scythe, which was melted into a pool of liquid onto the ground. I knelt down in front of the man.

"Strike me." I hissed.

The man glanced at me, his teeth clenched in pain. "What?"

"Hit me." I replied.

His eyes widened. "What... what the hell are you... you're insane!"

"HIT ME." I roared, picking him up with one hand, lifting him into the air. My orange eyes a pure murderous rage.

"HIT ME. PUNCH ME. SMASH THAT FIST INTO MY FACE." I growled. The man began to cower.

"You're... YOU'RE CRAZY!" He screamed at me, and began punching me in the face. Over and over again, as I took it with no pain. He began punching my side, but I took the damage glaring at him viciously.

The man kept swinging until he gassed out, doubling over and catching his breath.

I repositioned myself, blood splattered all over my face, staining my white hair. I grinned crazily. Laughing like a maniac. The man began to back away from me, in fear.

"No... what... what the hell happened to you Deacon."

"Strike me..." I muttered, walking up to him.

"No... please. Let me go. The past is in the past. We can work together to fix this Mister Chow."

"Hit me..." I muttered, smiling crazily at the man.

"Stop... stay away from me! You monster!" He held out his hand, but realized I had backed him into a corner.

My entire body caught flame, my skull illuminating from under my skin, my white hair and trench coat flailing wildly with he flames.

"Deacon... please..." The man pleaded, as I held out my hand.

"Deacon is no more. My name... is Fury. Burn, in my presence." I continued to heat up, illuminating the room with a blinding light.

Dante's Touch. I hissed, reducing him to ashes.

Chance appeared from behind the door.

"Remind me to never piss you off again." He commented, looking at the burnt ashes of The Organization's board member.

I grabbed Chance with a tendril and blasted a massive beam of flame from the palm of my hand, making way to return to the ship. While flying I looked back at the building.

"Goodbye." I whispered, as I opened my hand, blasting a massive torrent of flame at the entire building, destroying it.

Chapter 66 (Remnant 9)

I was breathing heavily. I swung at him with everything I had. I went full spike clad and everything. I bombarded him with all the spikes my body could generate, all the power Decen could give me.

And it did nothing. I watched as Mogul broke through the walls of spikes, gleaming down at me with the same dark sinister eyes from those years ago. From when I first encountered him. Black electricity, that far eclipsed the red electricity from my spikes.

DISAPPOINTING. HOW DISAPPOINTING Mogul's voice shook me to the core, as he knelt down and grabbed my face. Crushing it as I screamed in agony.

Everything became dark, when I suddenly woke up, jolting awake.

I was in a cold sweat. It was still dark from the village. We were supposed to clear out the seeds and destroy the plant that was causing the village to be invaded by soul beasts the following day. But I had too much trouble sleeping. Because the moment I closed my eyes, I thought about him.

"Trouble sleeping?"

I looked to my side on the bed. Sophie was smiling at me, and put her hand on my face. I had apparently woken her up.

"Sorry. I woke you up. You should go back to sleep, I'm fine."

"You dreamt about him again, didn't you? Of Mogul?"

I sat up, as Sophie repositioned herself, resting her head on my chest. I couldn't tell her that I was literally pissing my pants thinking about my final fight against Mogul. I was like her protector. I had to be strong for her, someone she could hide behind, to feel safe. But every time I told myself I was going to defeat Mogul, it felt like I was just lying to myself.

There was no beating Mogul.

I was going to die.

And it terrified me.

"Luke." Sophia said.

I ran my hand through her hair. I couldn't fail. I couldn't lose to Mogul. I couldn't fail Sophia.

"I'm fine." I replied.

Sophia was silent. "I know you're having nightmares. I know what it's like."

"Sophie... I-"

She shifted on the bed, and looked up at me with those piercing blue eyes. "It's okay to be afraid, Lucius. It doesn't make you weaker."

I wanted to keep it down, but the more I thought about it, and the more I thought about my time spent with Sophia, the more I wanted to let everything out. To tell her I was freaking terrified and shitting bricks. For some reason, she was the only person in my life who could do that to me.

"I'm supposed to protect you. But... I'm just... I want to become stronger, but the more I train the more I feel like I'm just lying to myself. I can't beat him. I can't keep you safe. I'm sorry."

Sophia leaned in and brought me into her arms, as tears began to leak out of my eyes.

"No. It's okay to cry, Luke. I won't judge you any less. Strong or not, I will always see you as the man who cared for me and brought me out of my life of slavery."

How could someone so kind exist? It was like I was blessed with a gift that I didn't deserve.

"You were under so much pressure. All this time. Let's face this, together. Okay?" She whispered, as I literally broke down in her embrace.

Chapter 67 (Remnant 3)

"No... please. I know who you are... don't kill me. DON'T KILL ME!" The proxy pleaded. Chance facepalmed.

"Guess you got a fanboy there, Deacon."

I regarded the man. He was of average height, 5 foot 10. His hair was well combed, which complimented his three piece suit. He was the proxy for the mayor of Kanali. We were tasked to watch over the proxy, since we had extracted him from a bombing that was intended to wipe out 90% of the congress, forcing the mayor to hand over their military research to the Halakites.

"The ruthless killer. The man with no feelings, no heart. The wrath of the Halakites. Fury, the Champion of Malakai." The proxy ran up to me, but I formed a flaming barrier, forcing him back.

He was getting on my nerves. For a protection target, he spoke too much. Chance initially wanted to cut his tongue, but I advised against it, since the point was to keep him from harm's way. But that didn't stop him from beating the shit out of the proxy for not knowing who he was.

"Cuff him." I told Chance. He did not waste any time, immediately slamming the proxy against the wall and binding him with a collar as well as handcuffs.

Chance glared at the proxy and kneed him in the midsection.

"Bitch. Don't ever call me 'Meena's Partner' ever again." He muttered, walking away, leaving the proxy sobbing.

I approached the man and sat him down. I kneeled in front of him. The man looked at me, taking deep breaths and calming himself down.

I noticed a trinket, hanging from his coat. I reached out, and he instinctively pulled back. I glared at him.

"I... I'm sorry, Fury. This trinket means a lot to me."

"How so?" I asked.

I took the trinket and opened it. Inside was the proxy, a woman, and a little girl.

The man looked at the trinket, in sorrow, but also managed a weak smile. "My wife, Gloria, and my little girl, Violet."

I hesitated. This man had a family. I suddenly clutched my head in pain. Memories filling my mind. The times I told Meena not to kill, that the people she was assassinating had families.

This was wrong. These people had families to look after. They were just doing their job. I shouldn't be... be...

I tore at my scalp, growling and yelling at the ceiling. The man scurried back, falling on the ground.

"Get... get out of my head.... Deacon!" I roared, bursting into flame. The flames dissipated, as I stared at the ceiling, breathing hard.

Chance ran into the room. "Fury, you good?"

I regained my composure, and glanced at the trinket. He had a wife. A daughter. Was there a way... to escape all this? To take Meena and run away... to make her my wife. To have a kid with her...

I clenched my fist, burning the trinket up, to the man's horror.

"NO!" He screamed, but I shut him up instantly, slamming my fist against his head, knocking him to the ground as he sobbed at the bits and pieces of his trinket.

I knelt down facing him.

"Your family is dead. They were dead the moment you chose to take this job. Remember that. You're the reason. You're the cause for all their pain." I growled, as I stormed out of the room.

We returned to the ship, only to receive shocking news.

"Master Fury... the cell."

My eyes widened, as I rushed to the holding cells. The ones that contained Meena. I ran and ripped the door open... no one was inside.

"Meena has escaped... Fury... I am so sorry." The Halakite told me, but I wasn't having it. I opened my hand, and blasted a burst of flame at the guard. His headless corpse fell onto the ground.

Meena. You left me. Why did you leave. Why did you leave me.

I clutched the doorframe, breathing heavily, unable to stand.

Chance put his hand on my shoulder. "We'll find her, Fury, we'll-"

I shot him a deadly glare. "Notify Malakai."

"But Fury, Lord Malakai is in a confer-"

"NOTIFY HIM NOW!" I screamed. Chance scurried out of the hallway to the throne room.

I clutched my hand in a fist, sweat pouring from my head and face, the flames on my fist becoming a sinister black and orange.

"Meena... why did you run from me. How can you hurt me like this..." I growled. I walked into the room and flung everything around. Ripped open the cabinets, flipping the bed. I glared at my reflection. My wild unkempt white hair, spread outwards, revealing my crazed expression. My orange eyes, trailing with fire.

I stayed because I saw light inside one of The Organization's greatest and most brutal mercenaries. I stayed for you, not for your skills and abilities.

I clutched my head, as tears streamed from my eyes against my will, a flood of emotion overwhelming me.

"This... it was never supposed to happen like this..." I muttered, closing my eyes.

I thought back to my first kiss with Meena. How she had genuinely smiled. Not a sarcastic one. Not a crazed one. But a genuine smile of happiness.

I wanted her to smile for me... one last time.

Chapter 68 (Remnant 1)

Lucius, Sophia, and I ventured into the depths of the caverns where the seeds had originated.

"If we pinpoint the source, we will be able to eliminate it, and hopefully the seeds can stop being generated." Sophia explained.

"Smells like dragon's ass." Lucius grumbled.

"Is a little bit of odor too much for my mighty Lucius?" Sophia joked.

Lucius scowled. "Never said it affected me in any way."

We descended deeper, until we reached it. A massive bulb, lined with thorns, filled with the seeds that had driven the soul beasts insane.

Sophia inspected the plant. "It has grown to incredible proportions, much larger than the size Nalah had descri-"

Suddenly, the bulb expanded, revealing a giant eye. Sophia yelped, and Lucius stepped in front of her, taking the spray of toxin that melted his shirt.

Lucius turned to me. "Do it Arman!"

I closed my eyes, summoning the storms of Koios, Loz-Q humming with power, as I launched an arc of frost, freezing the plant in place. Lucius ran forward, clenching his right fist as the veins around his blackened forearm began to glow a fierce red. Lucius yelled as he launched a devastating uppercut, which unearthed the entire plant from the ground. Roots and all. The plant flew up the caverns, destroying the rocks around it and launched into the air.

Sophia grabbed Lucius and summoned her wind magic, lifting both herself and Lucius into the air, chasing after the monster. I brought Loz-Q to the ground, as the sword lifted me in the air, and I also gave chase.

Lucius, Sophia and I battled the plant, as its roots grew into legs. The seeds all around the village gathering and adding to its size. Eventually, the plant had grown so big, that it towered over the entire village. The villagers screamed, attempting to run, but the very aura of the plant monster had attracted numerous soul beasts, as they began approaching the walls of the village, growling.

We needed to do something about the soul beasts.

I held Loz-Q into the air, summoning the winds of Koios, freezing the soul beasts in place.

"Good call, Arman." Lucius said, as he swung Pariah as hard as he could into the plant monster, but dozens of sharp vines shot his way, and Lucius was forced to block and dodge. Sophia was not having any better luck, as she flew around the plant, firing blasts of fire at it.

"I can't put it down!" She shouted.

This was bad. Sophia, although her magic had variety was not akin to her. In other words, calling these spells costed her mana. Despite being higher than the average mage, it was not infinite, and judging from the way Sophia's attacks were decreasing in intensity, it was obvious she was getting depleted.

There was a way to beat this monster. If I could impale it with Loz-Q, maybe the ice from the blade could freeze the monster in place. But I couldn't do that without risking the people from being killed off by the soul beasts. Not to mention the numerous vines that it was producing. The villagers came first. I summoned the Blessing of Pollux, my body surging with energy, as I zipped around the battlefield with Loz-Q, slaying all the soul beasts in the area within seconds.

I turned to Sophia and Lucius. "The soul beasts have been dealt with. We need to figure out how to-"

Suddenly, my feet flared in pain. I looked down, and realized the vines had wrapped around my legs. I tried to yank them out, but the vines began injected me with a chemical. I felt weakened. Weaker and weaker. I dropped Loz-Q, the blade impaling the ground with ice.

Lucius was not having any better luck, as the vines began to surround him.

"Dammit!" He growled, slashing with Pariah left and right, but one vine smashed him square in the chest, sending him into the ground. Lucius got to his feet, and held up his fist, spikes manifesting and sprouting all over his arm, but suddenly, Sophia shouted at him.

"No, Luke! The spikes will hurt the villagers!"

Lucius hesitated, and suddenly, he became held down by numerous vines, which injected him with the same chemicals that brought me down. He hit the ground, face first, glaring at the plant.

"You stupid... garden weed...." He muttered.

I tried to move, but the more I summoned Pollux's blessing, the more the vines drained me, the plant growing in size.

Both Lucius and I were down. The only one left, was Sophia.

Lucius shouted at her. "Sophie!"

Sophia continued to dodge, but her magic finally depleted. A vine hit her square in the face, as the elf flew from the sky, landing on the ground. Her wand fell out of her hand and skidding away.

Lucius struggled to get up. "Dammit!!" He yelled. "Sophie! Run! Get out of here! Call Kyrael and the Inquisition!"

Sophia stared at the giant plant towering over her. Then looked at Lucius and I. She shook her head, getting to her feet. She was bruised and bleeding, and it looked like she had dislocated her shoulder from the fall. Sophia winced in pain as she faced the monster, her face petrified.

Chapter 69 (Remnant 9)

"Sophia!!" I yelled at her. She needed to get out of there, but she stood her ground. I couldn't tell if it was out of fear or bravery. But either way, she needed to act.

I tried to escape my restraints, but it was too much. I couldn't get out. The more I tried to resist, the more the vines sapped me of my strength, feeding the monster. I calmed myself down.

"Sophia..." I said. Sophie stood still, as the plant loomed over her, several vines readied to strike.

Sophia continued standing there, when suddenly one of the villagers... a little kid, screamed her name.


Sophie's eyes widened, she turned to the villagers, who were huddled inside the smashed remains of their town.

"YOU CAN DO IT!" He screamed. More villagers began chanting her name, encouraging her. The plant became confused, unable to figure out which to kill first.

Sophia took a deep breath, looking around, suddenly, her gaze fixated on Loz-Q, which was still embedded in the ground. She sprinted to the the sword, and the plant roared, running after her. Sophia was out of magic, meaning she was relying purely on physical strength and fumes. But she managed to pry out Loz-Q, but not before another vine smacked her in the side, sending her flying into a wooden house.

"NO!" I roared, closing my eyes. More and more spike clad bursted from my body, as the spikes pierced right through the vines. I couldn't let this end this way. Sophie... I couldn't watch this plant kill her. No damn way.

I yelled, and ripped the vines out of my body, and ran to her as fast as I could, red lightning arcing from my body.

Sophie turned around, Loz-Q in hand, about to be impaled by a bunch of vines, but not before I rushed in front of her, shielding her from the strikes.

I clenched my teeth, taking the hits as Sophie looked at me in shock.

"Go... Sophie! Finish it!"

"FINISH IT!!" The villagers shouted. Sophie gave me a determined smile, as I held out my arms to serve as a boost. Sophie stepped on them and jumped up, yelling as she charged the plant, impaling it with Loz-Q.

Immediately, ice began to form all around the plant, as it thrashed maniacally, throwing Sophia into the air. I quickly ran after her and caught her, as the plant screeched, the vines freezing and breaking off. The seeds all around dissipating, and the soul beasts that had been attracted slowly began to leave the village.

The plant made one final screech, before falling onto the ground into a heap of ice shards.

It was over. And the villagers cheered, running up to Sophia and lifting her on their shoulders.

"Sophia! Sophia Sophia!" They chanted.

Sophie looked at me with a big smile on her face, as I smiled back, in pride. I turned to Arman, who had managed to escape from the frozen vines, and helped him to his feet.

Arman smirked, looking at Sophie.

"Look, Lucius." He said.

I propped him up as he leaned on my shoulder. "She did it."

I watched as Sophie was crowded by the villagers, who praised her for saving their village. She looked at us, and wanted to say something, but I shook my head. This was her win. She deserved it. For everything she had been through. Her kindness and compassion, and now her heroism. Were finally recognized.

It was time for us to leave the village, and continue on our journey. My shirt had melted off, so I needed to get a new one. But it was fine.

The little kid from the plant monster fight pushed his way through the crowd. "Sophia!!" He squeaked, running up to her.

"Oh?" Sophie turned around, and the kid ran up to her, hugging her waist.

"Please don't go." He whimpered.

Sophie smiled and knelt down. "I need to help the other villages too, little one." The kid shook his head. "But... you're our hero."

Sophia put her hand on his head, and patted it. "No, I'm just here to help your village. Your mommy and daddy, who work so hard to take care of you, and the people who tend to the crops, to your health, and to the village. They are the true heroes. They help keep you happy."

I suddenly remembered the farmer from back then. Who told Sophie to get lost. He hated adventurers, believing they were blessed with fame and money, and that he had to burden his life from his mundane job.

Sophie took it to heart, but was never spiteful. Instead, she saw something positive out of it.

The kid looked down, and Sophie reached into her satchel, pulling out a piece of yarn. She wiggled her fingers, and the yarn wrapped around, taking bits of rock from the ground, and smoothing it out into a...

"A yo-yo!" The kid exclaimed.

Sophie put the toy in his hand. "Your old one broke, no? From the soul beasts? Now you can have a new one. To remember me by!"

The kid played with it, and laughed. "Thank you Sophia." He said, wiping his eyes.

Sophie hugged him, as he pulled away, walking back to his parents. Sophie went to join Arman and I at the exit of the village.

"Sophia?" She turned around.

"Will I see you again?"

Sophie smiled and put her hand up. "Maybe! If I come back, we can play together!"

The kid nodded, as the villagers waved us goodbye. As we stepped out of the village, onto our next adventure.

Chapter 70 (Remnant 3)

"Did you hear, about Malakai's Champion?" A subordinate whispered in the shadows.

"The Fury?" Another one whispered.

I walked across the underground to pick up a piece of gear that had been custom made for me. A mask, that would protect me from foreign particles, should they bypass my fiery aura. The whispering continued.

"It's told, that he was the one who killed Lord Kallas."

"He was the one who killed The Executioner?!" Another gasped.

"It's also told that he willingly accepted the Transformer procedure. He is a true monster."

I approached the blacksmith, who greeted me with a grim nod.

"Fury, I have completed the job you requested." He placed a black mask on the table. It possessed one hole on the left for my eye, and it was lined with dots, detents along the sides, like a hockey mask.

I took the mask and used my other hand to pull the hair back, putting the mask on. My bangs fell back onto my face.

"You kind of look like Jason. You know, from the movie?"


"Yeah, like a Black Jason. Or a Fire Jason."


The mask did more than protect me from aerosols. The one eye helped me concentrate better. With only one eye exposed, it showed I no longer needed the other. I no longer needed my other half. My weak and useless Deacon half.

Putting on this mask made me feel... pure. And free.

I entered the throne room, and knelt before Malakai.

"Fury. You have gained fame, amongst the cosmos. As my Champion, and the Reaper of the Halakites."

I said nothing, awaiting his commands.

"Chance had notified me... of Meena's escape. Our subordinates have informed me of a stolen space pod. It is a shame, and has also impacted me."

I stared at the ground.

"As such, we are in luck. Because I have a new assignment for you and your troops." I looked up. Malakai smiled evilly, opening his hands, and creating a massive hologram out of the locust swarm. I recognized this place.

A Fortress. Green grasslands. Nature, and magical.

"Our next target... shall be Corinth itself."

Meena had most likely fled back to Corinth, with her allies at the Inquisition. I inspected my hand, the leather fingerless glove glistening in the light of the spacecraft. I never took them off. They were a gift from Kyrael.

I didn't hate her. She tried to help me become stronger. She was kind to me, and patient. I didn't hate Merrow or Michael either, for they were kind to me, and helped me to grow strong.

But Lucius.

Lucius hated me. He forced me to do things I didn't want, and treated me harshly. I was weak, so pathetic, that I did nothing about it. I forced myself to believe he loved me as a brother, but he only saw me as a means to save Remnant 1. I was just a means to an end. And not once had he ever apologized for his mistreatment of me.

I glared at Earth, as our spaceship began to approach its atmosphere.

I clenched my fist, which burst into black and orange flame. Demonfire. Beyond that of the conventional Darkfire used by the Underworld. For Diablos was a king.

I scowled at the rock formations that began to gain form as we slowly descended.

Diablos was a king to the hell spawn.

I will be a king to the Remnants.

They will see my power. Lucius will see my power.

I will become number one of the Remnants. And they will fear my strength.

Chapter 71 (Remnant 9)


The shopkeeper turned around, putting his hands on the table.

"What can I do for you, lad?"

"I'm here to buy some armor, for my companion."

Sophia peeked from behind me and waved at the merchant. The merchant looked overjoyed.

"Sophia of the Elven! It's a pleasure! What can I do for you, miss?"

"Hi! I was just wondering if you have any wares. I think I am ready for some new gear."

I stood there awkwardly. It felt weird, having Sophia being the one recognized and doing all the talking. I was the leader of the party, after all.

Arman clutched his head. I ran up to him, turning around. Sophia was still chatting with the merchant. I took Arman to the corner of the public square, between two buildings in an alleyway.

"Arman, you good?"

Arman closed his eyes tightly. "I sense something. My reflexes, it has evolved. I sense danger."


Arman stopped clutching his temple, opening his eyes. He was sweating. "It's coming. I can't tell where they're coming from or who they are. They're on their way here. Not now, but they're on their way. We need to be prepared."

"We can do this, Arman. With you and Sophie next to me, we can take on anything."

Arman smiled. "Optimism? From the Brickhouse?"

"Did you want me to beat you up instead, I could arrange that."

"Luke!" Sophia shouted at me. She had new armor on, a metallic pleated skirt, armored boots. Her fur coat had additional chainmail around her arms. Around her back was a staff, for magic. On her belt was a grimoire. The Burgundy, silver, and black complimented her face and her black flowing hair. Her bangs complimenting her eyes.

Sophie frowned. "What's wrong?"

I realized I was staring like an idiot. I closed my mouth, and walked up to her.

"You look... amazing." I said, causing her to blush.

Arman walked up to us. "Indeed. The Elven Maiden of Corinth. Did you know that is what they call you? You're a hero!"

Sophie laughed. "All I did was help the villagers. I hope my actions restored some kindness to the elven."

"They will. Your actions definitely have not gone unnoticed." I smiled.

AND NEITHER HAVE YOURS, NINTH. I suddenly clutched my head. Sophie's eyes widened, running up to me in concern and grabbing my shoulders.

"Luke? Are you alright? What's wrong?"

The face. His face. His eyes, pierced my vision. It blipped in and out. The plaza and Mogul's face, like a computer glitch.


I gasped, turning around. Everybody was frozen.

Footsteps boomed from within the corner of the alley. I was unable to move, petrified in fear.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch

I held my breath, as the footsteps stopped.

BRICKHOUSE. Mogul's voice boomed from behind me. I swung around, with Pariah in hand, but there was no one.

NINTH. Mogul's voice appeared again. This time I could make out the black streak. He moved so fast, it was almost impossible to keep up.


I watched as Mogul materialized in front of me, smiling evilly. Pariah fell on the ground as I looked up at the tower Prime Aspect. I couldn't do anything, as the Corruption surrounded me.

"Lucius!" Sophie shouted at me, grabbing my shoulders and wrapping me in an embrace. I was jolted back into reality. Several bystanders looked at me weirdly, and continued on their way.

I gasped, catching my breath. "I'm... I'm okay. I'm fine." I stroked Sophie's hair.

"You scared me to death." She muttered. "Was it Mogul?"

I took a deep breath. "A vision. He's haunting me."

Arman knelt down next to me. "He's targeting you. He probably knows you will lead us."

I got to my feet, as Sophie and Arman stared at me. "Look, we just have to keep moving forward. One fight at a time. Let's work on spreading awareness for the elves first."

We continued walking by the plaza, filling our supplies. Everywhere we went, Sophia was recognized. Some ran up to her with flowers, which she graciously accepted. Some even went out of their way to make her presents.

By the time we reached the restaurant, Sophie was carrying an entire bouquet of flowers and chocolates from the townsfolk.

"Sophie." I said.

"Yes, Luke?"

"Let me carry all that."

Sophie watched as I carried everything. We entered the restaurant, and instantly, she was recognized. We were given a table, and the storekeeper gave her a bunch of discounts. Sophie looked embarrassed. "Oh, you shouldn't have."

"No. Consider it an act of gratitude, for saving our people from the Deatheaters. Without your help, we never would have rebuilt this plaza."

I ate my plates in silence next to Arman, as Sophie continued being visited by fans. Was I jealous? Mad? No.

I remembered the day I brought Sophie into a restaurant. She didn't even touch her food because she didn't know what to think of my kindness. I remembered how she told me she never visited a restaurant before.

And here we are, with Sophie being accepted and loved by the people of Corinth. The Maiden of the Elves. I smiled, a small tear running down the side of my face.

I smiled because I knew that once I was gone, she would be happy. She would have people who loved her and cared for her, in my place.

I could finally give my life to battle Mogul, alongside my brothers.

With no regrets.

Chapter 72 (Remnant 3)

The Halakites rained down in full force, taking down the Inquisition Garrison unit with the element of surprise. Chance stood by my side, with a pair of Halakin vision binoculars.

"Don't see her, Master."

"Look harder." I growled.

Chance pursed his lips. "How sure are you that Meena would return back to this place?"

I clenched my fist. "She has to be. She must be."

The Halakite chief turned to us.

"We will wait for the troops to weaken the defenses of the Fortress. Then you two will-"

I didn't wait. I ran forward and jumped out of the space pod.

"Fury! Wait!" The chief shouted after me, but it was too late. I soared downwards, and propelled myself with streams of Demonfire from my hands, jettisoning into the castle, and crashing through the pillars, landing on the ground before several guards. They all stared at me, as I glared upwards, my one exposed eye full of malice.

"Where..." I hissed.

"Where is Meena Kennedy!" I roared.

The guards aimed their crossbows at me, but a large tendril erupted from my back, covered in flaming spikes, as it slammed into all eight guards, knocking them out. I got to my feet, walking down the hall as the prisoners begged me to escape.

I ripped the door open, as I climbed the steps from the slammers. The sounds of my footsteps echoing into the main hall. I knew the guards could here me, and I didn't care. They will know, the wrath of Fury. If they are smart, they will tell me where my beloved is.

I pushed on the door. It did not budge. They barricaded it. I put my hand against it, the sheer heat of my hand setting the door ablaze, reducing it into cinders. The steel melting and pooling into the ground. I could hear the restraints melting as well as I ripped the door open.

I stepped through, and was greeted by a legion of guards. Crossbows, wands, swords, spears, javelins. All aimed at me.

Standing at the center, was Kyrael Prima herself, her daggers drawn. By her side, was Merrow and Michael.

Kyrael held up her hand, and looked at me.

"Intruder, why have you come and invaded our Fortress?"

I regarded Kyrael, then at Merrow and Michael. They didn't recognize me. How could they? They still saw me as Deacon.

Merrow narrowed her eyes, and momentarily looked shocked, then began to ponder.

I walked to the center, and everybody aimed their weapons, readying them, to attack.

"Where is Meena Kennedy." I repeated.

Kyrael raised an eyebrow. "She isn't here. She is with you, is she not? The Halakites who have invaded our country."

I clenched my fist, setting it ablaze. Merrow's face paled.

"No... you're..." She muttered.

I lowered my head, glaring at everyone, my voice dangerously low.

"Is this... some kind of sick joke?"

The legion became unsteady. Michael's eyes widened. "Please don't tell me... you are who I think you are."

I began to breathe heavily, struggling to catch air, as I became overwhelmed in emotion. My body began to glow with the flames of Diablos. My voice becoming more and more unhinged.

"Meena Kennedy. Prisoner 672. Escaped from the spacecraft, had stolen spaced 5B14KLC. She came here. To seek shelter. I am here to take her back."

Kyrael ordered everybody to put down their weapons. "Deacon... is that you?"

I lifted my hand, shaking from emotion, and ripped the mask off my face, putting it into my trench coat.

"I shall ask you one last time. Bring me my beloved Meena. Or you will all..."

I tilted my head, my eyes trailing with Demonfire. The black and orange flames shrouding my body, emitting wave after wave of darkness.


The leader of the guards yelled, throwing his lance. "Kill him! Kill that monster now!"

Everybody followed suit, firing and launching everything they had at me. I stood, taking it all. I felt nothing. Nothing... but heartbreak, and devastation. That my beloved Meena. My precious, deadly, gunslinging beauty had abandoned me. Had intentionally tricked me. Left me all alone.

"STOP! Stop hurting him!" Merrow screamed, trying to stop everybody from shooting and launching their weapons at my body. She summoned Hydropower and tried to disarm them without hurting them.

"Cease fire! Cease!" Kyrael shouted, and the guards momentarily stopped.

Blood gushed from my uncountable wounds, as my right leg buckled. I stared at the blood on the ground, the blood that splattered the walls and the legion of guards who assaulted me. They played me. No. They were hiding Meena.

"You... you lie. Kyrael."

Kyrael stared at me. "Deacon... Kallas broke you. But if you come with us, we can help you. We can bring you back."

Merrow's eyes leaked with tears. "Deacon, please. Don't do this. We can find Meena together, okay?"

"More lies." I stared at the ground, my fists clenched, power and emotion overflowing from my body. My tears dropped onto the ground, mixing with the blood.

"No more lies. If you won't give me my Meena, I will have to take her back myself."

I looked up, as the legion of guards stared at me. I struggled to my feet, the numerous lances and javelins protruding from my body, feeding my rage. My wrath. For it was everlasting. A raging fire. Burning forever.

My voice became darker, more sinister, as I let everything loose.


I spoke, my voice doubled. Deacon and Fury. Speaking as one.

My body exploded in flames, my blood that sprayed all over the ground and the walls of the main hall igniting with flame and explosions. Of Diablos.

I fell to one knee. The Infernal Ledgerdemain, although extremely effective, took a lot out of me, due to its self destructive nature. But the entire legion of Guards was wiped out. The only two people standing, was Kyrael and Merrow.

I breathed heavily, gnashing my teeth. "Kyrael... Merrow... do not stand in my way. I shall retrieve my beloved. At whatever cost."

Kyrael looked at me sadly. Merrow stepped forward.

"Deacon... please. Stop. I don't want to hurt you. Meena wouldn't want this either."

I got to my feet, my body still smoking from the attack. "What does Meena know... she kept that weak side of me for so long. She hated Deacon. She knew that Deacon was useless in this world, but kept him around."

Merrow continued walking forward to me, but Kyrael stopped her.

"Merrow, Deacon is too dangerous. Don't."

Dangerous? I asked, my voice doubling once more. The rage and hatred inside me igniting.

Kyrael looked at me, and drew her daggers, one ice, the other flame.

"On guard, Merrow. This man is no longer Deacon. We need to protect the Inquisition."

Kyrael turned to one of the guards who managed to survive my Ledgerdemain. "Run, notify and send a messenger to Arman and Lucius. They are the only ones who stand a chance against Deacon. Merrow and I will hold him off."

I tilted my head, lazily, eyeing them both. Hold me off... I clenched my fists, as my body superheated, four tendrils of Demonfire, bladed at the ends, erupted from my back.

Merrow gasped, her voice trembling. "Decen's tendrils.... oh god..."

Kyrael put her hand on Merrow's shoulder. "We must fight him. We need to save Deacon... from whatever has taken him over. We need to bring our Deacon back to us."

No. I said, as the black and orange flames intensified, the left side of my face turning into a skull.

Deacon is no more. Only Fury. I hissed.

The two girls charged me, as I fought them both head on.

Chapter 73 (Remnant 9)

Fifteen minutes earlier

Sophia waved the townsfolk goodbye, as we left the restaurant. I carried all of her gifts, as Arman, Sophia, and I returned back to the Fortress to report back to Kyrael.

Sophie was so happy, smiling and greeting the townsfolk who welcomed her. Arman walked next to me.

"I am proud of you, brother."

I shouldered the gifts, as I continued walking. "What for?"

Arman put his hands into his pockets. "Sophia lived a life of pain, and you mended her heart. Then you allowed her to gain recognition for her kind actions. She may be loved by the people of Corinth, but you should know that her love for you will never be surpassed."

I smirked. "Maybe I got that from you. Being all compassionate and all."

Arman chuckled. "And I got it from Priest Maxima Pollux."

I sighed. "Must have been nice to have a father figure."

We continued walking, two brothers, traveling down the plaza, enjoying their time together. "Pollux and Kaius. They were amazing father figures to me. But at the end of the day, the bond between you and I extends beyond brotherly love. We are related by blood."

Sophia twirled around and looked at me, a big smile on her face. She ran up to me and took my hand, as we continued on our way.

"Come on, Luke! The portal isn't too far away! You can finally put all those things down."

Suddenly, Arman stopped in his tracks. We turned around. "Arman?" I asked.

Arman's eyes went wide, and looked into the sky. "What... beings from the skies... the Silver Legion?"

I put the gifts in the corner and realized what he had sensed. The sky had turned purple... a familiar purple.

I narrowed my eyes, and noticed specs... no.

"Halakites. You're shittin me." I muttered.

Sophia walked next to me. "Halakites?"

"Alien species. They're back to invade Corinth!"

The space pods, numerous of them smashed onto the ground of the town. Numerous townsfolk screamed, running away, as the Halakites emerged from the pods.

Arman and I drew our swords, while Sophie drew her staff and an additional blade, which emanated with electricity.

I aimed Pariah at the Halakites, as they recognized me.

"The Brickhouse. You killed the brother. The Third Brother. We shall not forgive you."

Arman looked at me. "How do you know these beings?"

I glared at the Halakites, the veins on my right arm glowing red. "They invaded before. I guess they decided one time wasn't enough." I braced myself, and launched forward, smashing Pariah against the head of the alien, ending him instantly. I turned to the other Halakites and began dispatching them too, with Arman and Sophie's help.

A scream erupted from the corner of my eye. A Halakite had cornered a family, and Sophie instantly waved her staff, a torrent of wind sending him away. Arman glowed silver, the Blessing of Pollux augmenting his speed, as he zipped to the location of the Halakite and swiped down with Loz-Q, killing it.

Sophie ran up to the family. "Run, to the evacuation site! We will hold off the invaders!"

Arman, Sophia and I continued defending the town from the invaders, rescuing civilians and holding them off, when suddenly, a messenger came from the portal.

"Lucius, Arman! We need you back at the castle!"

I turned around. "Kind of busy here. Merrow and Big Mike are still in the castle right?"

The man looked at me with a terrified expression. "No, Lord Lucius. You don't understand... Merrow and Kyrael are holding him back with everything they have, but they're losing. They're not going to hold out much longer. Please, you need to come. We can't last-"

I put Pariah back into my sheathe, grabbing his shoulders. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. Who is him?"

The man stared at me and Arman, delivering a line that shook me to my core.

"Your brother. Deacon Chow. He has returned, and he is leading the attack."

I let go slowly, in complete absolute shock.

"Deacon..." I muttered, stumbling back. No... Deacon. How could I have forgotten. I... I forgot my own brother. I was so busy trying to help Sophie... I spent so long so much time with her. I was happy. I was so happy I had forgotten Deacon was still in Kallas' hands.

And now... we were too late.

Arman walked up to me, putting his hand on my shoulder. "Deacon... he is the third, you mentioned."


"Lucius. Let's go. We need to confront him. We need to protect the people."

Sophia ran up to me and held my hand. "Luke? Hey. Look at me. Lucius."

My eyes watered as I fell to my knees. Sophie put her hands on my face, her calm eyes calming me down.

"Luke. I know it hurts. But you need to go. What matters is now. Go and stop Deacon. I can hold off the invaders, but you need to go stop your brother. Only you and Arman can."

I put my hand on hers. "I... I don't..."

Sophie glared at me, her face becoming serious. "Luke. Get up. You are a warrior. The child of Decen. A Remnant of War. Protect the people."

Suddenly, she brought my face inwards, as she kissed me. I felt a surge of warmth in my body, as it revitalized and woke me up.

She pulled away. "Protect me, Luke." She whispered.

My eyes widened, and I got to my feet. Sophia looked at me with pride.

"Don't die on me, Sophie. I'm going with Arman, and I'll be coming back for you."

Sophie nodded. "Good luck."

Arman also nodded at me. "Let us go. Let us save our brother from himself."

I looked at the portal with determination. Deacon. I won't fail you again. I'm going to bring you back, and now is my chance. I walked through the portal.

Chapter 74 (Remnant 1)

"Lady Rivenlight!" I cried out, as I rushed forward to tend to her.

Merrow coughed as she looked at me, giving me a warm smile.

"Hey... Arman." She muttered.

"Hang in there, Lady Rivenlight. The medics will be here soon."

Lucius ran up to Kyrael, but he was intercepted by a white haired man with a black trench coat, and a black hockey mask. His one eye that was not concealed glowed a murderous orange. The orange was all too familiar.

"Diablos." I whispered.

The man looked Lucius up and down. "Pathetic." He hissed. Lucius put his hand on Pariah, and slowly backed to Kyrael.

"Deacon... do you recognize me?" Lucius said, cautiously.

"Do I recognize the man... who put me through misery. Who mistreated me. Who never once apologized to me." Deacon muttered.

Lucius' eyes widened. "Deacon... I... I'm so sor-"

"Deacon is DEAD." The Remnant growled, pushing Lucius. The sheer strength of Deacon managed to launch Lucius into a pillar, destroying it.

Merrow grabbed onto my wrist, her eyes pleading.

"Arman... you need to bring Deacon back. I... He's too strong. His tendrils. His flames. His... his face and his rage. It's so similar to him."

I held her hand. "Lady Rivenlight, it's going to be okay. I will bring Deacon back to us. I give you my word."

I stood up, putting distance between Merrow and Deacon. I drew Loz-Q.

"Deacon Chow." I announced. Deacon turned to me, his eye full of malice.

"Remnant 1." He replied, shaking his left hand, which burst into flames, manifesting a blade. "Lucius Cassidy chose you over me."

"Deacon... listen to me. We are brothers. It is not a matter of who is more important. We want you to come home, be healed, be-"

Deacon began to laugh. Maniacally. "Deacon is no more. I am Fury. This silly delusion you hold... about wanting to be home and be healed. It means nothing to me. Your wellbeing means nothing to me."

Fury tilted his head, as the flames arced all the way up his arm, giving him flaming spikes at the shoulder. His left eye trailing with flames. "I only came here to get my beloved Meena. And to dispose of that trash over there." He glanced at Lucius, who was still frozen in shock, no doubt guilt.

I leveled Loz-Q. "Fury, I wish no ill intentions on you. Please, let us not fight."

Fury's eye narrowed, as he brought his blade back. Within the span of half a second, he had already closed the distance. I looked down, as Fury had already prepared an attack.

Angelbreaker Slash

He said, as he cut right into my midsection, my body feeling like it was being heated up to absurd temperatures. The force of the slash sent me through several buildings as I smashed through wall after wall of the Fortress. Fury opened his hands and gave chase.

Fury tried to cut me again, but Combat Intuition already fired, allowing me to quickly assess his fighting style. Hard and rough. Fully aggressive. No consideration for defense, almost as if he did not care about being injured.

I dodged, and slipped past launching a slash with Loz-Q. Fury suddenly summoned four flaming tendrils that intercepted the blade, generating immense heat. I struggled to keep the clash, but with four tendrils against two arms, the struggle was very one sided. I began to feel my feet crack through the concrete, as Fury eyed me with.... well. Fury.

"Lucius chose you over me. Let's see why that is." He spat, as his body began to glow, becoming stronger. I felt myself crash through the building and land on the ground.

Fury began to levitate into the air, his eye glowing even brighter. He held out his hands, and millions of particles of flame manifested next to him. Fury eyed me, and brought his hands together.

Infernal Gatling

The particles shot at my direction, countless blasts of flames coming my way. I dodged a majority of them with my reflexes, but several managed to get to me, as I fell to the ground, injured.

Fury shot forward, and I tried to intercept him, but Fury twisted, his tendrils knocking Loz-Q out of my hand, as the Remnant grabbed me by the face and smashed me into a stone wall. I coughed out blood, as he began to heat up his hand. My skull and my head, burning, scalding.

"Raaaar Gaaah!!" I yelled in agony.

I grabbed his wrist, and began to power up with the Blessing of Pollux. Fury looked at me with surprise as I roared, elbowing his face, and swooping low, with renewed speed, summoning Loz-Q in my hand and slashing at his midsection.

Fury stumbled back, coughing out blood right through his mask. Fury clutched his midsection, glaring at me.

"I... I will become number one! THE GREATEST REMNANT!" Fury roared, as his tendrils grew in size, manifesting spikes all over. He began slamming them at me over and over as I zipped around with Pollux's blessing, using the walls around me for foot support, and bouncing around the Fortress with immense speed. Each time I got past him was another slash on his body.

"I shall not fall..." Fury growled, curling inwards, as his body began to glow with heat once more. The area of effect was too much for me, as I lost my footing and landed on the ground. The heat generated from him was too much. Fury's entire body became shrouded with a demonic black and orange flame. His left arm, transformed into a giant blade, his white hair, dancing with the flames. His voice changed, doubled in number.

For I swore to my beloved. To protect her at all costs. I shall become strong. I shall become number one. I will do anything for you, Meena. Even if I must become a monster. Fury jumped into air and launched at me with speed even faster than before. I couldn't even have enough time to react before his arm blade sliced at my face. I started to regenerate, but not before Fury waved his arm, and two flaming tendrils impaled themselves into my body, flinging me into the air and smashing into the ceiling.

I fell to the ground, struggling to stay conscious from the pain. The damage he had inflicted on me, it burnt and scalded my body. Although I was regenerating, it was at a reduced pace. I watched as a ring began to glow, melting, as Fury levitated through the ceiling, a storm of flames destroying the roof and exposing us to the outside. Numerous Garrison guards stared at us from the outside.

I leveled Loz-Q. I had no choice. Fury... no. Deacon was out of control. My brother was broken from his torture with The Executioner. I couldn't solve this with words.

"Fury... I wish it didn't have to come to this. I apologize, brother." I said, as I sliced my tattoo, my body bursting with the Fires of War alongside my Blessing of Pollux, flames arcing up my left arm, as the Blessing boosted Loz-Q on my right, the storms of Koios approaching Fury's fiery tendrils and blade in size.

Fury's eyes widened in rage.

Arman Wan. I will destroy you. For interfering with Lucius' end. Once I destroy the Firstborn, I will destroy the Ninth. And become the greatest Remnant. I will prove to Meena that I deserve to be loved.

I clenched my teeth, the energies of both the Fires of War and the Blessing of Pollux augmenting my body so much that I had trouble trying to keep still.

"Deacon... is that what you really want? To kill your own family?"

Family? I have none. All I had was Meena... and she.... Deacon's voice broke, a tear leaked from his eye. "She left me..."

Fury shook his head, taking off his mask, revealing a face so similar to mine. No. Deacon wishes to. I wish to... ENOUGH. Fury stomped on the ground, and his blade became absorbed into his body, manifesting a fifth spiked tendril. His tentacles grew in size, becoming sharper and much deadlier.

I readied Loz-Q, and summoned the storms as it jettisoned me towards him. Fury roared in rage, as he shot forward, propelled by the fires of Diablos.

The two of us yelled our battlecries as we clashed. Sword against Tendrils.

We were stalemated, as I struggled to keep my side of the clash. Fury's one eye was threatening, and off-putting. His white hair, dancing wildly with our clash. The Fires of War and the Blessing of Pollux greatly amplified the winter storms from Loz-Q, but they were being countered by Fury's immense flames. When I fought Diablos, I struggled, but utilizing the max power of both boosts, I was able to easily defeat him.

Fury, was on another level.

I shall embrace my nature... Fury's flames became more sinister, as his skin on the left side of his face began chipping away.

My eyes widened.

For the world has so forsaken me... Fury's entire left side of his face began to heat up, the skin melting and charring away, revealing a black skull. His mask completely disintegrated, revealing a face so similar to mine and Lucius'

I began to lose the clash. This was really bad. He was overpowering both of my boosts at maximum power!

I shall watch the world...

My arms started to buckle, giving way, as Fury drove me through the entire floor of the Fortress, his flames reducing the entire building into cinders. Kyrael took Merrow and a petrified Lucius back. I looked at Lucius.

"It's going to be..."

BURN Fury growled, his body glowing bright as a star. The explosion nearly knocked me off my feet, when suddenly, Fury's one human eye looked at me in surprise.

Lucius, you traitorous slime. You support the Firstborn over me once more?!

Lucius had intercepted the blast, by joining me in the clash with Pariah. He glared at Deacon.

"No... Deacon. I'm not supporting nobody. I'm here to bring you back. Back from all the pain and torture Kallas and I put you through. I know saying sorry isn't going to be enough. The only chance I got is to make you see that I truly loved you!"

Lucius' arm began to glow red, as the Spike Clad covered his entire right hand side, his roar becoming a primal growl. I continued the clash, maxing out both of my boosts, as the clash from the three of us shook the entire country.

Chapter 75 (Remnant 9)

I fell to the ground, face first. Fury slammed his foot onto the top of my head as I yelled in pain. His foot burning with the flames of Diablos.

"You mean to tell me while I was getting tortured by the Executioner, my powers awakened..."

Fury dug deeper with his foot, as I felt my face sinking deeper into the ground.

"You were busy playing 'hero'. All the while you neglected me."

My heart wrenched. "No... of course not. I kept thinking about you. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I needed to find a way to free Arman, so I can save-"

Fury picked me up by the head with his tendril, lifting me off of the ground.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Arman rising into the air with the storms of Loz-Q, flying to us, only for Fury to knock him away with another tendril. Fury glared at me.

"You... Lucius, are a hypocrite. Claiming to be a hero. Neglecting your brother and going on adventures with your other. Now you lie. To convince yourself that what you did was just."

Fury flung me as I slammed through a large array of trees.

I smashed into a stone formation, as I landed onto the ground. Deacon's torture awakened something inside of him. He was too strong. Even with Arman's help, we were completely outmatched. I looked up, and saw Fury's sinister silhouette approaching me. Walking to me menacingly. A dark trench coat and a figure, shrouded in demonic black and orange flames. Two tendrils spiked at the ends, and a massive blade similar to Pariah lining his left arm. All pure flame. All pure malice.

I got to my feet, summoning my spikes, and smashing Pariah on the ground, sending the wave to Fury. An orange line appeared across the spikes, as they instantly disintegrated. Fury glaring at me with his half human half skull face.

"Do you remember, what you said." He muttered, as the tendrils came my way. I deflected them off of Pariah, and zipped in, slashing it at Fury, only for it to be deflected.

"You told me that I was your elder brother, and that I didn't act the part." He spat.

Two more tendrils manifested and impaled me, one through my sword arm, the other through my left leg. I growled in pain as he lifted me into the air and slammed me into the ground.

Fury tilted his head, his eye glowing with hatred. "I guess it's time for me to teach you a little lesson on respect. Little brother"

Fury leapt into the air, dragging me with his tendrils through several mountains, smashing me through the rock by the face.

"Lucius!" Arman shouted, pursuing us, running at top speed with his superhuman strength across the mountain, and launching arc after arc of frost from Loz-Q at Fury. The arcs did nothing, as Fury instantly deflected them with one of his tendrils as if they were nothing.

Fury glanced at Arman. "You will wait your turn, Firstborn."

Arman glared at Fury, summoning his two boosts once more, and blasted forward, closing the distance instantly. Fury's eyes widened as he flung me into the air. As I fell, I watched as Fury sent a barrage of tendril slams at Arman, who dodged them with incredible speed. The two clashing, tendrils against blade.

I landed on the ground. I needed to bring Deacon back. I concentrated, summoning my Spike Clad once more, covering my right side. My eyes opened, as I felt red electricity of Decen's power surging through me as I shot forward, assisting Arman on a two blade - four tendril exchange.

Arman, Deacon, and I continued exchanging blows all across the mesa at immense speeds. The three of us clashed once more. Arman and I gritted our teeth, as Fury looked at us maniacally.

"You two are outmatched. Don't delay the inevitable. Just as Diablos was a king to his hellspawn, so shall I. To YOU."

Another tendril erupted from his back, and uppercutted me into the air. I watched as Arman got distracted, and a tendril wrapped around him, superheating and causing Arman to yell in pain.

"STOP!" I shouted, but Fury closed the distance, until we were face to face.

"Not until I see you dead at my feet." He hissed, as he reeled his fist back, which glowed a brighter orange than before. My eyes widened as he delivered his punch.

Angelbreaker Smash.

I could feel my insides unravel, as the sheer force of the punch launched me right through the forest. I slammed into the side wall of the remains of the Fortress, causing numerous cracks. I was so deep into the wall that I lay suspended, watching as Fury leapt into the air, and landed onto the ground in front of me, still holding Arman.

Fury looked unimpressed. I imagined... a more challenging fight. From both of you.

Arman struggled to breathe, as the flames suffocated him. I was unable to move, he had broken my bones. I couldn't tell which ones were broken, but just the act of moving made my body flare up in pain. Unlike Arman, my regeneration only happened when I was unconscious and my body was in a relaxed state.

"Deek..." I mumbled, as Deacon stepped closer to me, and slapped my face.

How does it feel, to know you are just a mere speck in my eyes? You boast of your strength, your toughness. Yet here you are. Rightfully so, my bitch.

I clenched my fists. He was right. I was nothing to him. I was nothing to anyone.

But still.

I looked up, red electricity sparking from my body as my vision turned red with rage. I was starting to lose control, because I was once again reminded of how helpless I was. At the end of the day, when the world needed me the most, I wasn't up to the challenge. I never was. This needed to change. I needed to change.

Fury smiled, crazily. Yes, Lucius Brickhouse Cassidy. Let it all go. I want to see it. I want this fight to be great. So I can show to everyone that I am number one. For your efforts are fruitless. Your power is...


I could feel something inside break, as I snapped.

Chapter 76 (Remnant 3)

Darkness, rage, a feral animal.

When I was still Deacon, I remembered what Michael had described Lucius as. A warrior fueled by a thirst for strength. A thirst for battle. Rage fueled the beast inside him, and the beast was reawakened, as the Spike Clad covered his entire right arm, massive spikes protruding from his shoulders and back, as his eyes glowed red with rage.

Lucius' mouth began to foam, as he snarled at me.

Yes. Let it go. I want to see it. The animal who neglected me. I laughed. Come, and face me.

The entire ground began to shake, as Lucius' feral berserker rage filled the air with red electrical discharge, the spike clad continued to arc the rest of his body. His right claw, becoming bigger, sharper, deadlier. His teeth becoming fangs, and a horn protruded from the right side of his head. Spikes began to line his left hand, and his boots became cladded with the material.

"GRRRRRRRAARRRRRR!!!!" Lucius growled at me, and grabbed Pariah, slashing at me. I leapt back, but the slash created a massive wave of spikes. I threw Arman to the side as I spun around, slashing at them with my bladed tendrils. The spikes disintegrated, but another row of them emerged from the destroyed ones, piercing me in a hundred places as my eyes widened. I coughed out blood as Lucius grabbed me by the face and slammed me into numerous buildings in the Fortress.

Lucius roared as he lifted his fist, covered in spikes, and began slamming it into my face. Over and over again. The sounds of the strikes filling the air.


By the fifth punch, I intercepted it with my tendrils, and kicked him into the air. I stomped on the ground, and launched my tendrils his way, but Lucius slashed with Pariah with immense force, neutralizing them.

I was already there, having closed and opened the distance, materializing behind him. Lucius turned around, glaring at me, but it was too late.

Know your place, trash. I muttered, as my tendrils came together as one giant construct of flame.


I smashed Lucius into the ground with the massive club, the shockwave generating a massive inferno of Demonfire across the entire Fortress and a fifty mile radius. But the moment I was about to relish in my victory, the club began to be lifted, as Lucius took it with both hands, growling and snarling as he lifted it off of his body. I landed on the ground.

Not bad. A berserker like you held out this long against me. But it's over. This final blow will show just how far apart we truly are. I said, as I held out my hand.

Lucius's red glowing eyes widened, as a massive blade of flame sprouted from his chest. A flaming lance, that impaled right through him, while he was completely wide open to my Vulcan's Hammer.

It ends, here. I declared, as Lucius's spiked clad disintegrated, his red eyes reverted back into its magenta.

"Deacon... I'm... sorry..." He muttered, as he lost consciousness, falling face first into the ground.

He apologizes. He apologized only now. When I had him cornered like the animal he was. It was truly disgusting.

There is no room for forgiveness, in a half hearted apology. I sneered, as I walked up to him, my hand manifesting a blade. I was going to finish him. To kill him. He caused so much pain to me. He treated me like nothing. And now, I will also give him the same treatment. To throw him away from my life, by eliminating him. Right here. Right now.

I brought my hand back, when suddenly, a voice appeared behind me.


I spun around. Merrow ran up to me, and wrapped her arms around me, sobbing.

"Don't... please. He's your brother. I already lost Decen. I don't want to lose you two as well.... please..."

"Merrow..." I muttered.

Merrow Rivenlight. The Guardian of Paladin Decen. My progenitor. Merrow did nothing wrong, she loved me, for I was the son of her master. But Lucius... My head flared with pain.

"Who... what am I..."

What was I doing? Was I killing Lucius... why was I killing Lucius? Killing everyone?

"Deacon." Merrow looked at me, touching my face, and smiled. An expression that I hadn't received in such a long time since Meena. But she was not Meena. This wasn't the romantic love that Meena gave me so long ago.

This was familial.

"Deacon... I don't care how much killing and darkness you have walked and done. Fury or Deacon. Strong or weak. Tough or pathetic. It doesn't matter. You're still a Remnant. You're still Decen's Remnant. You're still my family. I love you either way."

My flames dissipated, my eyes in shock.



"What is happening..." I muttered. The headaches worsened, as I stumbled back. My words made no sense. Conflicted.

"Embrace me... reject him... burn... protect... take the world... save..." I growled, as I stumbled around, clutching my head.

I am Fury. I am Deacon. I am rage. I am love. I am... I am...

"Deacon?" Merrow stepped forward. I held my hand in front of her.

"Stay away!" I roared, the flames of Diablos exiting my body as a defense mechanism, burning Merrow. Despite that, she kept walking forward, soldiering through it all.

"I will not. I will bring our Deacon back from the darkness. All that pain that Kallas and everybody put you through. I'm not here to get rid of that. But I am here to help you live through it. To walk by your side as you learn to move past it."

"NO!" I yelled, as the burns began to appear on Merrow's body, her face contorted in pain, yet she still walked through it, and grabbed the collars of my coat.

"I'll save you, Deacon. No matter what. Even if you burn me, I won't stop."

I could feel something clawing its way through me. Something... someone, ripping himself out of my chest. I wasn't... so sure who I was anymore.

"What is... what is happening to me..." I growled. "I don't..."

Merrow wrapped me in a hug as tightly as I could, as the flames continued spreading, burning and scalding her.

"Come back to me... Deacon Chow."

I yelled as everything went black.

Chapter 77 (Remnant 9)

My eyes fluttered open.

I was in the infirmary, the sounds of construction echoing in the background as sunlight blinded me. I sat up, disturbing someone who had fallen asleep at my bedside. Sophia woke up, and wiped her eyes, then suddenly becoming surprised.

"Luke! By the makers I thought you would never wake up!"

Sophia grabbed me and put her arms around my neck, burying her face into my neck and sobbing uncontrollably.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm here now. Don't cry."

I stroked her hair as she continued to cry... which was the complete opposite of what I told her. She had all her gear on, armor, staff, sword, grimoire. White fur lined her collar from her armor, and was stained with blood from the Halakites. She fought so hard, judging from the way she didn't even talk about defending the townsfolk, she had probably successfully fended off the Halakites and saved the town.

Yet despite all that, all the praise and all her heroic deeds. At the end of the day, her first concern was me.

Sophie sniffled, as she rested her head against my chest.

"I thought I was going to lose you. The doctors said you regenerated almost instantly the moment they brought you in, but you didn't wake up." She muttered.

"How long was I out?"

Sophie repositioned herself, resting her chin as she looked at me with her large piercing blue eyes. "Luke, you've been out for three weeks."

"Three weeks?!" I probably looked alarmed, because Sophie managed a slight laugh.

"Arman was bedridden for a few days, but his regeneration kicked in, it was dulled from Deacon's flames. But the moment the burns healed, he regenerated quickly. He's off with Lyra and Kaius now. Merrow got burned really bad, but after a few days, the medics got her back and running. She's off with Michael to follow another lead on a Remnant."

Deacon... I treated him like shit. I didn't even go out of my way to apologize or make up, because I thought it would be lame, and a "wimp" thing to do. I was exactly what he called me. Disgusting. And to top it all off, I left him to be tortured by Kallas for over a year. He was right. I was playing a hero, instead of focusing on getting him back. I went to find Lyra to save Arman so I could find Deacon, but... after that, I didn't even bother to try. I spent my time with Sophie trying to help out the villages and towns of Corinth, spreading awareness. I was so focused on that...

That I forgot about my own brother.

And now it was too late.

"I'm sorry about your brother, Luke."

Sophia helped me sit up from my bed. "I failed him. I should have just apologized right there and then. But I... I thought it was lame. I was an idiot."

Sophia sat next to me, parting my hair to one side, her face concerned.

"Deacon is in a special holding cell. The mages created an extremely powerful dampening straitjacket to limit his flames. He's been silent ever since he was imprisoned. But he's alive."

I closed my eyes. "How... how are the others doing."

Sophie looked out the window. "Many were saved, evacuated successfully. Lots were injured at the Fortress and Castle, but they've recovered."

I sighed, as Sophie got to her feet. She looked amazing. Her armor was complemented with soul beast fur hide at the waist, which ran down her thighs. I never really had a thing for girls with skirts, but Sophia rocked it. Her plate body was upgraded to a bronze breastplate which covered her upper half, decorated with arcane lines. Chainmail lined her arms to her elbows. Her black and grey hair had grown out, which tumbled down her shoulders, the bangs had grown out as well.

Seeing her like this. So strong, so powerful, so beautiful. It made me proud. It seemed like almost yesterday that she was the frail elf girl who was beaten and abused by Clyde the Retard.


I realized I was caught up in staring at her, and quickly cleared my throat.

"Sophie, help me up."

Sophie helped me to my feet, as I leaned heavily on her. I felt bad burdening her like this, but it felt like my legs were starting to work after years of being bedridden. I limped out of the infirmary, as we looked onward at the construction of a recovering Fortress. The people at work trying to get their lives back to normal, numerous engineers and workers trying to rebuild the castle and all the buildings. One of the workers saluted Sophie, as she nodded at him.

"Sophie, were you helping these people rebuild?"

"Of course. I was the one who organized it."

I stared at her. Sophie frowned. "What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

I shook my head. "No... but, how? Why?"

Sophia laughed. "What do you mean why? I did it because I knew if it was you, you wouldn't have hesitated to take the initiative. It's the right thing to do."

I got hit by a twinge of guilt. Sophie saw me as someone who was compassionate and kind. But I was neither or those things. If I was... Deacon would not have been behind bars.

Despite everything I was feeling, there was still one thing I had to do. Something I had forgotten when Arman had returned.


"Yes, Luke?"

"I want to visit someone. I'll lead the way."

Chapter 78 (Remnant 9)

"Ninth." The seer smiled at me. Her house was in ruins, but then again. It was always in ruins.

"Hey granny." I said. The seer smiled at Sophia, who helped me sit down in front of her.

"Your journey has continued. I suppose you finally understand, why things have happened the way they have." The seer took out a device. It was the tracker that I had used to find Lyra. It was dead.

"I do." I replied. I now knew why it had to be now, that she would help me find Lyra. The quest allowed me to find Sophia, saved her from her life as a slave. Who helped me out of my path of hatred and darkness that I was so obviously spiraling down before the quest. The stupid battery, allowing me to open up to Sophie, and our relationship strengthening.

Everything that the seer had done, it was for a purpose. She knew it. And let it play out, despite everything I had told her.

The seer put her hand on mine. "Remnant of Decen, because you decided to walk the path of destiny, you have found a companion who loves you."

Suddenly, someone appeared at the entrance of the tiny hut. A worker, who gestured Sophie over.

"Lady Sophia, we need your help with the funnels."

Sophie turned to me. "I have to help them, I'll be back, Luke. I promise."

I waved her goodbye as she ran off to help the workers.

The seer's smile melted. That wasn't good.

"So I suppose opening her up to a life of heroism was intended?" The seer asked me.

I closed my eyes. "Yes. Do you mind if I close the door?"

"Go on, Ninth."

I got up and closed the door, making sure no sound went through. I locked it. I sat back on the table in front of the seer.

The seer regarded me with sympathy. "Your fate is sealed. Despite gaining a love, you know she will have to live with your death."

A tear ran down my cheek. "Fate is a bitch." I grumbled.

The seer laughed. "Indeed."

I leaned forward. "You mentioned that at the end of it all, you wanted me to come back here. What was it that you wanted me to see?"

The seer pulled out an orb, imbuing it with power.

"Touch it. Receive the vision, on the next step to your journey."

I touched the orb, and suddenly, my vision changed.

A young little boy. He looked like me, when I was still a kid. He looked like he was five or six. Holding his hand, was a guy who looked around Arman's age. Maybe slightly younger, but he definitely looked older than me. He looked fit, and he had a bunch of guns strapped to him like an army soldier. An assault rifle and a sniper rifle on his back, and a Desert Eagle on his belt. He was wielding another gun with his other hand that looked super futuristic, cyan light lining the sides.

The little boy stumbled on a rock, and the guy scowled.

"John, keep moving. If you don't we're dead meat."

"Sorry, Ben." John whimpered.

Ben turned around, and began shooting at what appeared to be armored alien angels with the futuristic looking pistol. They had their weapons ready, and began throwing javelins at the two, but the guy shot them all down. His marksmanship was ridiculous. It was probably even better than Meena's. And that was saying a lot.

John slipped through the cracks, as Ben took out another pistol, and it transformed into the same futuristic one he was holding, he began shooting at the angels with crazy speed, bombarding them with cyan energy blasts.

"Ben! Come on! The other Remnants are in here!"

Ben slipped through the cracks, to be greeted with three kids, who sat in a circle. They looked like they were in a trance.

I let go, and gasped, in a cold sweat.

The seer looked at me. "Benjamin Fong and Jonathan Ko. Those are their names. I suppose you know what they are."

I stared at the orb. "Remnants. They're my brothers. Where can I find them?"

The seer put the orb away. "I cannot tell you. For it is not up to me to know. I just serve as a messenger to fate. I cannot change or manipulate it to my will."

Benjamin Fong and Jonathan Ko. Ben was older than me, meaning he was definitely an older brother. John looked tiny... like he was the younger one.

"The older one, is the second of Decen. The younger one, is the youngest of your kind. The Fifteenth."

"So Remnant 2 and Remnant 15." I confirmed.

The seer looked at the ball, that was returned to its cabinet. "You shall lead them, but I will warn you, that the older Remnants do not take lightly to being under the wing of another. You of all people know that, being a child of War."

I smirked. "Pride does run in the family."

The seer regarded me. "You shall lead them all. But know this. The Fifteenth must live."

"What do you mean?"

The seer stood up. "The Fifteenth must live. For when the battle ends, your final stand, he shall continue what you started. In a new life. He shall grow up to become one of the most feared and powerful warriors. The most powerful of your kind."

I stared at her. "You mean the whimpering brat?"

The seer laughed. "He shall become the biggest and strongest. But in time, he will live a life where he will no longer know about his origins. He will not remember any of you. So cherish your time with him. Every meaningful moment you have with him, shall become a defining moment for when he lives his next life."

Jonathan Ko, huh. I'll find you kid. I'll find you and your brothers. We have a purpose, and I will make sure you live. For us. For everyone.

You will become our living legacy. For when we pass.