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Player: @RavenForce
Your problem is painfully're not me..
Character Build
Class Focus: Telepath
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Mentella Summerstone
Known Aliases: Mentella, Psireen, The Psychic Assassin, Head Mistress, Dr. Mentella Summerstone
Gender: Female
Species: Xenian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Zuuth, Xen-2
Base of Operations: The Summerstone Mansion
Relatives: ForceGirl, Techna Ology
Age: 24 (Based on appearance)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 150 Ibs
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Slim / mildly athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 10 (as a superhero)
Citizenship: Xenian
Occupation: Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, Head of The Summerstone Academy.
Education: BSc Psychology, Counselling Psychology MD, PhD's in Forensic and Clinical Psychology. Multiple off world academic achievements.
Marital Status: None of your business.
Known Powers and Abilities
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral Form (see Powers Section for specifics). Trained in hand to hand defensive and offensive arts. Psychoportation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Divider and a skin tight suit comprised of an unknown material.
ReldinBox Template

Mentella once was known as The Psychic Assassin (Psireen) and acted as a super villain for the criminal mentalist organization that is PSI. Fortunately she was able to turn her life around and is now involved in positively using her psychic powers. Her real name is known only to a select few. Her shady past with PSI combined with the sudden and swift change to heroics has left her unnaturally cold hearted towards most people. She spent most of her life on her home planet with other mentalists and as a result, when she arrived on Earth, she sought out a similar organization and was drawn into PSI. Mentella spent a vast majority of her life on Earth known as Psireen. She was one of the highest ranking members in PSI and was their best assassin and was the strongest telepath in PSI, second only to none. Since leaving PSI, Mentella engages in hero work and operates on the right side of the law. However given her shady past connections with PSI, her methods, actions and attitude at times can seem questionable but invariably Mentella acts with the goal of justice in mind and makes sure she accomplishes it. She is the eldest of three sisters known mostly through their second name, the Summerstones. She is the founder of a chain of Academies which help super powered individuals to hone their abilities.


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Both Mentella and Ed'ran (Psion The Psinister) were friends from childhood and attended the same institutes of education. Their years of close friendship soon became a romantic partnership, only strengthened by their respective mental powers. As they grew up their bond continued to grow till the point they were literally inseparable, this closeness, only enhanced by their psychic bond.

They soon attended the Earth equivalent of a university in another capital city away from their family and friends in Zuuth and quickly advanced on into their final year before graduating. Months before Ed'ran was to make a commitment to Mentella, their entire world was thrown into confusion and panic. An invasion force from Sentai-La, a race of vicious bloodthirsty cannibals whom the Xenian Empire had subjugated over a million years earlier before relinquishing Xenian control over their planet when the Xenian Empire was ordered to cease conquest by the High Consul. The invading forces attacked the planet's major cities during a global peace celebration. The attack came as a complete shock to the inhabitants of Xen-2 and dozens lost their lives in the initial assault before word reached the High Consul, who swiftly mobilized an aggressive response.

Mentella and Ed'ran were two of the many young Xenians who actually fought back against the invading forces of Sentai-La. Alongside some classmates, the mentalist pair made their way to a military stronghold awaiting assigning to evacuation pods which were set to send their people to sister planets within The Galactic Alliance that the Xenians had founded where they could seek refuge until the invading force had been contained and repelled.

The evacuation pod was set to the relatively far planet of Cendryth which they were assigned to, however, an unfortunate and powerful cosmic storm forced the pod off course significantly, sending both Xenians hurtling uncontrollably towards a wormhole. Through sheer cosmic coincidence, it ejected them from their own galaxy and directly into the Milky Way galaxy. Attempting to determine the best course of action, the onboard AI set a new course for the closest star system to its location which happened to be the Solar System containing planet Earth. Arriving on Earth in January 1993, roughly 28 years after the failed Qularr invasion in May 1965, Mentella and Ed'ran crash-landed on Earth, seeking refuge from her homeworld after it had been brutally attacked by an immense invading force from Sentai-La. They sought out any signs of psychics or mentalists who they could associate themselves with and later that year came into contact with Sebastian Poe, Psimon and Medusa who were in the early days of PSI, as well as meeting Menton later on.

Realizing the need to fit in, Mentella and Ed'ran assumed new codenames for themselves as they joined PSI. Ed'ran called himself 'Psycher' and Mentella dubbed herself 'Psireen'. The five of them quickly increased PSI's influence in Millennium City and across the US, sharpening each other’s mental abilities in the process as well as venturing on endeavours with the unbridled use of their vast mental powers. Her enjoyment of such activities and recruiting and seduction of members and other powerful villainous figures, caused a speck of darkness to grow within her. Left unattended and without guidance from her own people, she quickly became devoid of natural affection for other beings aside from the allies, turning her into a brutal and callous killer. Whilst in PSI she was dubbed 'The Psychic Assassin' by the criminal underworld and gave PSI a stronger place within the criminal underworld. Psycher, Psireen’s partner at the time, had sensed a psychic disturbance in Chicago and sent fellow PSI member Trace to Chicago with the task of finding the source of the disturbance. Before he could set out, the source of the disturbance seemed to be moving from city to city until Trace sensed her in Millennium City. Once he located it, he discovered it was a young woman called Stacy Turner. Trace convinced Stacy to hone her powers in a safe location where doctors could help her learn how to use her powers safely and where no one would be able to hurt her. Although initially difficult, Psireen and Stacy shared a connection. Psireen used Stacy's past and her psychic power to help hone her abilities alongside Dr Poe. Stacy met with Psimon for the first time and felt an incredibly strong connection and love for him. After months of intense training, Stacy's telekinetic powers flourished as she learned from Dr Poe, Psireen, Psycher and Psimon. Early on in 1994, she transformed herself into Mind Slayer, a powerful and feared telekinetic assassin. Mind Slayer's loyalty to Psimon was unparalleled, whilst her friendship with both Psycher and Psireen was ever-present.

Psireen became aware of the affair between Psimon and Medusa as well as their plan to take over PSI, although disgusted at Medusa's actions she did not say anything as Poe's constant caution was a source of irritation. With Dr Poe's days somewhat numbered, Psireen distanced herself from Dr Sebastian Poe. She watched and even assisted when Medusa and Psimon covertly asked for backing and support to carry out their plan. It came to a head in 1995, when the Justice Squadron, with the subtle help from Medusa and Psimon, located the PSI headquarters in Maryland and Dr Sebastian Poe and his loyal field agents were captured and he was sentenced to twenty years in Stronghold. With subtle telepathic manipulations as well as planted evidence, Poe's claims that Medusa, Psimon, Psycher, Mind Slayer and Psireen were still out there along with remnants of PSI, was not believed, and the authorities believed they had triumphed.

As Psireen outside PSI with a PSI Agent

With Dr Sebastian Poe in Stronghold and PSI under new leadership, its ranks suddenly swelled with fresh new talent due to Medusa's recruitment campaign and use of the Psi serum. Psireen became the number one trainer for high-level mentalists who joined the organization such as Soulfire, Gossamer, Deuce and Torment.

Medusa had always privately feared Psireen's psychic potential and the fact that she was from a seemingly incredibly advanced alien race but had tolerated her presence due to their recent rise to power within PSI and the fact that Psycher seemed to also be attached to Psireen. In time, Medusa convinced several powerful PSI mentalists, including Inquisitor to place an unconscious psychic barrier in her mind to attempt to prevent her from accessing her a larger range of her mentalist ability. The attempt to restrain her ability was sensed by Psireen and she retaliated, killing three of the defective PSI mentalists, almost killing Inquisitor and placing Medusa in a coma for several months. After deciding to wipe the event from the minds of everyone involved, Psireen's relationship with PSI changed somewhat as she became more suspicious of PSI. Nevertheless, a short five years serving with PSI Psireen was promoted to a higher ranking position along with Psycher and was second only to Psimon, which was not to Medusa's liking. Her psychic power and her telepathic reach were so powerful Psimon desperately struggled to keep her from leaving PSI, often attempting to steer her away from the likes of Menton, who seemed to take an interest in the alien couple.

As a result of a meeting with other higher ranking PSI members and Medusa herself, they saw it fit for her to be side-lined in case she became too powerful and took over PSI. In 2002, Psimon gave Psireen and Psycher a task to infiltrate an early days VIPER programme called Project Awakening which was developing in Canada. Accepting the task, they remained for a year amassing the multitude of psychic soldiers that VIPER was turning out and placing them under their control, assimilating the new psychics and sending them over to PSI.

Unknown to Psireen who trusted Psimon, PSI was taking a different approach to things and the leadership for PSI was changing. Medusa used her raw sexuality and psionic powers to manipulate Psimon (and thereby Mind Slayer) into directing PSI towards a different route by using the Psi Serum and different recruiting methods to recover from the losses sustained a few years back when Sebastian Poe and a sizeable number of operatives were captured. Together they worked to manipulate the Champions and even left clues for VIPER which lead to the capture several key undercover operatives within VIPER and several PSI operatives who were on good terms with Psireen. Soon thereafter, they tipped off a team-up between members of the Justice Squadron and the Champions was put in together to subdue Psireen in Canada in May 2003.

Psireen's time in Canada was drawing to a close and everything seemed to be going well. Her base of operations, an abandoned VIPER base, was invaded by Steelhead and UNTIL forces, backed up by the Champions and the Justice Squadron, due to an "anonymous" tip-off. Quickly discerning it was Medusa who betrayed her out of petty jealousy, Psireen became enraged. She launched a full-scale psychic retaliation against the opposing forces, determined to make her way back to Millennium City and kill Medusa. Easily withering and disabling the Steelhead and UNTIL squadrons who attacked her, she then focused her attentions on the Champions, after forcing Ironclad, Kinetic and Sapphire under her control as well as the few members from the Justice Squadron who accompanied them. She turned her attention to Witchcraft and Defender, whose strong-willed determination required minor effort on her part. Before she could focus on their minds, Defender and Witchcraft burst through the doors of the abandoned VIPER base and offered Psireen a chance to surrender. Psycher and Psireen flew into action and the four of them fought until Psireen managed to bypass Witchcraft's mental wards, forcing her to curse Defender's power armour rendering his combat systems unusable. Whilst Psycher kept Defender down, Psireen tore through Witchcraft's mind and was pulled into the mindscape's astral plane. Witchcraft sensed that Psireen was misguided and sensed some level of good in her and tried to convince her to leave PSI and focus her time in something a lot more worthwhile and rewarding.

Psireen, after listening to what Witchcraft had to say, removed herself from the mindscape's astral plane and knocked Defender and Witchcraft out and escaped Canada with Psycher, somewhat unsure and guilt-ridden about her life so far. Psireen considered what this all meant for her and Psycher's relationship and figured she would have to speak to him. Psireen returned to Millennium City several months later with a plan for revenge in mind as she became aware of the mounting power of Kevin Poe and his Purple Gang and their intention to directly oppose PSI. Knowing that Medusa and Psimon held PSI as their greatest accomplishment, Psireen knew this was exactly where she needed to hit them. Keeping this information to herself as well as the knowledge that Medusa had attempted to have her sidelined, Psireen rejoined PSI and continued on as if the operation had been cut short unexpectedly and she had escaped with Psycher. However, the betrayal by Medusa and Psimon did not go unnoticed, and Psireen and Psycher distanced themselves from them, choosing to remain separate from them.

Several years went by as PSI continued on amassing wealth and power as well as members with the public front of Mind Inc which was doing well with Edward Cummings as the face of the organization. In September 2005, a PSI raid on the Millennium City offices of the Institute For Human Advancement had netted the group files on several superhuman registration bills the IHA intended to bring before Congress over the next year. These bills would greatly increase the level of restrictions placed on non-registered metahumans, as well as drastically increasing the criminal penalties for using metahuman powers in the commission of a crime. With the information she had covertly gained from Lancer's mind, it took only a slight telepathic nudge to make Lancer reach the conclusion that this world was reaching the same fate her own parallel world had reached. Psireen continued to apply pressure until Lancer came to the conclusion that the core leadership within PSI needed to change to prevent a larger disaster. As Lancer and her team of PSI rebels loyal to her attacked the core PSI leadership team (Psimon, Medusa, Mind Slayer, Trace & Edward Cummings), Psireen and Psycher pulled away, subtly supporting both sides as Psireen's plan continued to unfold. The first tear in PSI was complete. The second tear in PSI happened almost a few days after the internal conflict erupted as Psireen's mental nudge to the recently psionic Kevin Poe caused him to attack PSI from the outside with his Purple Gang (equipped with anti-psi shields from Talos, powerful enough to provide some basic resistance against a standard PSI operative). The battle spread out into the city affecting most of it as senior operatives were given subtle mental nudges by Psycher and Psireen to switch between Lancer's team and Psimon's team increasing the chaos whilst also fighting off Purple Gang assailants. Psireen revelled in the chaos, keeping herself and Psycher both external to the three-sided conflict, but also stepping in to manipulate outcomes until Medusa was alone.

When Medusa was alone in one of the upper floors within the Mind Inc building, Psireen revealed her deception to Medusa and confronted her and the two clashed, Psireen almost killed Medusa in astral combat but held back as she wanted the woman to suffer. She instead sliced through Medusa's neural network, one of the more humiliating side effects causing her hair to fall out; making her completely bald. This was the ultimate humiliation for Medusa as she deeply valued her long hair. When the dust settled, Lancer and those loyal to her escaped after arranging for the disgrace of several congressmen on IHA’s payroll, and then disappeared, several senior operatives within PSI including Inquisitor and Trace were dead, Mind Slayer was on the run with a group of PSI agents and Psimon was minutes away from being captured. Psireen broadcast Medusa's psychic humiliation to not only Medusa's partner Psimon but also to Mind Slayer and the PSI operatives who were still alive. With Medusa disgraced and comatose, Psireen and Psycher stepped out of PSI, leaving it and their codenames behind as the Champions and Ravenswood Academy students swooped in to try and contain the situation. Although PSI had been disbanded and dismantled for good, Psireen and Psycher managed to escape the grim situation.

Making use of her telepathic powers, Mentella Summerstone (formerly Psireen) settled down for a while and got her affairs in order, utilizing her interpersonal skills and her psychic abilities to forge an identity for herself, for the time being, expertly erasing a connection between herself and her previous codename 'Psireen'. As the last parts of her plan to start over fell into place she decided to see what Earth had to offer despite being a comparatively primitive alien society. She enrolled as a psychology student and studied several different courses to receive her BSc, MD & PhDs in both Clinical and Forensic Psychology, her knowledge of the human mind as well as her advanced level of thinking allowed her to obtain her qualifications in record time, qualifying as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Unfortunately, her desire to start over was not shared by Ed'ran (formerly Psycher) who wished to continue down a path of super-villainy, shortly after they left PSI, Ed'ran and Mentella parted ways, rarely keeping in touch.

Over time, Mentella found herself encountering an increasing number of situations where she used psychic abilities to assist civilians in opposing or surviving superhuman threats. She was soon approached by Sapphire and asked if she wanted to join the Champions. Viewing this as an opportunity to rejoin the world as a heroine, she accepted the offer and later that year she became an honorary member of The Champions.

Wanting to start her new chapter as honestly as she could, Mentella divulged her past to The Champions when becoming ASPRA registered. Once the initial shock passed and a review period, she was treated with extreme caution due to her former reputation as Psireen and for a long time was incapable of making friends or allies within the Champions apart from with Sapphire and Witchcraft. Her seemingly cold-hearted personality and reputation coupled with a nasty temper were enough for the majority of people and heroes to treat her with caution. After a year with the Champions and working hard to improve her reputation, she decided to strike out on her own and left The Champions in favour of utilizing her educational skills as well as her immensely powerful psychic powers. She formed a sisterhood mainly made up of other extra-terrestrials, mainly survivors from her home planet who one way or another found their way to Earth. In acknowledgement of her family name, The Summerstone Sisterhood was founded.

Joined by her two sisters Techna Ology and ForceGirl The Summerstone Sisterhood continued to grow and gain members from a number of different and diverse backgrounds. Mentella is a well-known superheroine within the global superhuman community and has good relationships with a wide range of superhumans from around the world. She has often been referred to as a prime example of 'a supervillain becoming a superhero'.

The 2009 Stronghold breakout by Menton and a whole host of villains caught Mentella's attention, as the list of escaped villains began to circulate among the superhero community. Of particular interest to her were Valak The World Ravager, Menton, Psimon and Medusa. With Psimon and Medusa back alongside Mind Slayer, Mentella is aware that a new PSI has risen from the ashes of the old organization. This time PSI seems to be amassing members, information and power for some unknown end...

Post-Champion Days

She expanded her Sisterhood and forwarded a new and largely successful Academy for New Champions in Millennium City. Taking on a more personal name she became to be known as Miss Summerstone, acting as the resident telepath for Millennium City's Academy for New Champions; her main role was supervision of the Academy and its members, regularly keeping a check on everyone. She was used in the field for recruiting new agents and assessing their mental states. Mentella is doubled as a teacher who helps students to control their powers and a Guidance Councilor.

After a year at the Academy, she utilized her off-world resources to forge a new institution in the spirit of the one she currently worked at, namely The Summerstone Academy. After the building work had been completed, she tracked down her sisters who had since arrived on Earth and together they fitted the Academy with state of the art technology, in order to make it a safe environment for teaching and guidance. Years after the initial opening and she and The Summerstone Sisterhood Members now teach at the Academy. The site of The Summerstone Academy has been changed to an undisclosed location.

Unlike her days as Psireen she is nowhere near as unrestrained with her power use, she has taken almost a back seat and uses her abilities (mainly) to weaken and immobilize foes rather than tearing their psyche's apart. It should be noted that she is no less powerful than she was, she simply changed her tactics. She is considered by Menton to be an extremely powerful and dangerous mentalist, surpassing his own power by a significant amount.

Mentella's shady past with PSI has left her a rather cold hearted person and usually devoid of any emotion. This personality trait surfaces towards those who she does not know or feels poses a threat to her allies. As one of the most powerful telepaths the Champions have ever come across, her loyalty to a team and the value of her powers make her a profound asset. Due to the nature of her personality, she does not respect many people, it can take years even to gain a small amount of her respect. Just like other Summerstones, she is fiercely protective of her sisterhood and will go to great lengths to assist where she can. Her past reputation today still precedes her; she remains rather distant and cold towards those who she does not consider good company.

New Identity

With the change from her PSI days, she not only left behind those whom she had become fairly acquainted with, but also changed a number of things. Namely her public identity, her image (in terms of costume) and combat tactics.

  • Identity
  • Costumes
  • Combat Tactics

Casual Costume
Mentalist Costume


Upon leaving PSI in 2004, she took a few years away from the super powered scene and then re-entered the world of heroics. The desire to forge a new identity for herself was strong and served as a symbol of her 'turning over a new leaf'. As a result, a change in identity was required. Shortly after joining the Champions as a temporary addition, she registered with ASPRA as Mentella.

Her change in identity had a positive impact on her reception by heroes with whom she encountered. This change in identity was without a shadow of a doubt, a step towards fully integrating herself into the world of heroes.

Despite the name change, a few heroes still saw her as Psireen for around four months after her official identity change, which of course presented its own problems, such as reluctance to work alongside her, trust issues with other heroes for example, thankfully these were all rectified in time. During the first year acting as a hero in Millennium City, she ran into Kevin Poe, the Leader of the New Purple Gang. He repeatedly targeted her until her realized that she was no longer with PSI and has continually proposed a partnership with her to bring PSI down ever since.

Mentella's New Looks

Along with her identity change, Psireen (now Mentella), knew that the next step was to find a suitable costume for her to wear as she had previously disposed of her PSI costume. Being a woman with rather refined taste and specific focus on what she desires, Mentella contacted a number of well known costume designers in the hopes of finding a design which would match her taste and grant her enough physical protection. After a considerable length of time searching, she concluded her search on Earth and looked towards her home world for a suitable design and material. Within a week of arriving on her home world of Xen, she had found a suit which not only had a unique form of physical protection but also was to her liking, as shown on the right.

The suit is comprised entirely of an 'organic psycho-sensitive material' which has the ability to convert incoming projectiles into a usable and beneficial form of energy which it can use to repair and sustain itself. It has metamorphic qualities and as a result it can adapt to different situations, from protecting against relatively extreme temperatures to adapting to be able to absorb bullets and other forms of projected energy, including magical attacks, although this is resistance against magic can be strengthened by protective spells. Despite being organic, it is highly resistant to forms of biological attack or toxins and may even develop an immunity or resistance to it.

The material has homeostatic mechanisms which ensures comfort and safety for the wearer and stability and survival for the material.

The material can transform its shape, size and even appearance; this unique ability is only expressed when in connection with a highly gifted mentalist, this is known as psycho-sensitivity. As a result, Mentella is able to adjust her suit to accommodate her needs or desired appearance, with a single thought due to the psycho-sensitivity of the material, which is locked firmly to her own psychic signature.

Mentella has two distinct and versions of her suit, first and foremost is her 'Casual' costume which she is seen in most of the time, she usually uses this suit for encounters which she deems to be low threat or for daily activities. This costume is predominantly black with patterned shapes of light magenta on the main body and back, gloves and boots of the costume.

Her second costume is a more 'Mentalist' orientated costume and has some resemblance of her old PSI costume. This is not normally worn by Mentella unless she deems a situation to warrant some form of alertness on her part, if she perceives some form of real danger or is up against PSI. The suit has a relatively even mix of magenta and black with the same shape as her other costume, however this version has a black and light magenta belt. When wearing this costume she seems to automatically generate psychokinetic shoulder pads and bracers, which have the ability to slice through objects and inflict mental pain via touch.

Combat Tactics

Before becoming a reformed individual, Psireen's combat style consisted of a lethal and crude mix of her psionic abilities. She would regularly do her upmost to inflict the most amount of pain on an individual, via her psychic attacks, waiting until they passed out from the pain or she was bored of the individual's screams. She would also fashion psychokinetic constructs, usually these constructs resembled bladed instruments and use these to inflict pain or enfeebling strikes on an opponent with a variety of effects, from the induction of complete neurological collapse, pain, disorientation, hallucinations or paralysis to name a few.

As Mentella, she now takes a decidedly less 'active' role in combat situations as she does not typically employ the use of psychokinetic weaponry or armor, but prefers to utilize her primary skill of Telepathy to mentally dominate her opponents, usually rendering them unconscious or placing them under her telepathic control. With the change in pace in her combat style, she takes a back seat, usually entering the combat scene after others, partially masking her presence from foes; controlling any foes who attack her, holding them long enough for allies to finish them off or slowly lower them into unconsciousness.

Whilst Mentella is entirely capable of reverting back to her close combat style, she prefers to keep her distance, unless the situation calls for her to be in close proximity.

Current Events - January to April 2013

Mentella forged a new identity for herself, her cover work tailored to suit her current agenda. She is now known to be a famous talk show host known as "Miss E", who uses a mixture of psychology and self-help techniques to help people to better themselves. She is widely known across Millennium City and other cities and is competing with Mind Inc, for customers.

Whilst still operating within Millennium City. As of now she is investigating PSI by herself, using the TV talk show host persona as a front for her investigation.

Since the majority of law enforcers do not believe PSI actually exists after the apparent busting of PSI after Sebastian Poe was taken into police custody. However Mentella knows PSI is alive and kicking, her focus is to find out what PSI's new agenda is. Mentella is aware that PSI has been amassing power for some time but to what end is unknown.

She hopes to gather enough information on Mind Inc and thereby PSI in order to attack the power and brains behind the organization, namely Medusa and Psimon. Mind Slayer is not an issue for her as the assassin remains in Canada working for PSI. Mentella has been approached by Kevin Poe and his New Purple Gang, her intentions were quickly figured out by Kevin and he has on many occasions asked for a partnership with her, to which she has refused. Whilst Kevin Poe is an intelligent man, he is also a short tempered man, who does not accept rejection well. Mentella assumes that his short temper will prompt him to foolishly attack her soon in an attempt to force the alliance, for the sake of his father and his own heritage.

Mentella has been working with PSI members, convincing them to discuss what is going on in PSI. However, some PSI Mentalists do not cooperate with her interview techniques and she has to forcefully take them down...

Sending a slither of her psychic might into a PSI Hypnotist
"So Pathetic.."

Update: Kevin Poe, furious that Mentella declined yet another proposal to take down PSI, launched an attack on the Summerstone Mansion. However thankfully Black Diamond, CharmCaster, ForceGirl and Mentella were all present and put an end to the assault rather quickly.

Current Events - May 2013

After thwarting an attempt by Kevin Poe to destroy PSI, Mentella fell back into her usual line of work, namely helping her fellow Summerstone Sisters, teaching students at The Summerstone Academy and keeping tabs on PSI. With Medusa successfully behind bars and transferred to Stronghold within the month, Mentella has been keeping an eye on Psimon, Mind Slayer and the rest of PSI. This month she stopped a PSI powered assault on ARGENT against her better judgment and met up with Evan Fox an old friend who explained that ARGENT had gassed the PSI Head Quarters during the capture of Medusa and stolen a young proto-path named Adina Munroe. Mentella made a deal with Evan that if PSI pulled out she would deal with ARGENT, however Adina would likely not be returning to PSI. Evan happily complied and pulled out the remaining PSI members who were still conscious after encountering Mentella.

After working her way through ARGENT's various robotic guards and foot soldiers, Mentella came across Adina tied to a bed and linked to a Proto-Enhancement Computer. After scanning the equipment and getting psychic correspondence from Techna Ology, it was determined that a simple shut down of the computer would cause intense psychic feedback, powerful enough to erase Millennium City off the map. Faced with no other option, Mentella sat down behind Adina's head and forged a psychic link with her mind, once inside, Mentella made her way to Adina's subconscious fighting off many manias induced by the drug ARGENT had slipped Adina.

Once in her Mind Scape, Mentella forcefully removed the PSI astral entities guarding Adina and set to work restoring Adina's sanity and control over her power. After a brief altercation with Adina's Astral Form, Adina came to her senses and was assisted by Mentella in restoring her Mind Scape to its previous undamaged state.

Adina opted to leave PSI, thanking them for aiding her but voicing her disapproval of their criminal ways. She now is a student under the direct tutelage of Mentella and CharmCaster, and is learning to develop her reality altering abilities.

Mentella has mentioned the graduation of a certain "special" student from under her direct tutelage in the Academy who will apparently aid the DE:LTA taskforce in some manner. The specifics have been kept under wraps and Agent Kontrol has not given away any details Mentella has given her.

Current Events - June 2013

"Pathetic. I suppose your lesser mind could not sustain more than two attacks...hmm?"

After hearing about the minor breakout at the Stronghold Transfer Holding Facility, Mentella knew it would only be a matter of time before Medusa came back with her petty notions of revenge against her. Knowing Medusa would target her Summerstone Sisters and possibly DE:LTA, Mentella left a trail of clues to her whereabouts, through some cleverly placed mind controlled VIPER Agents and a few police officers who were in on the set up. The MCPD could not afford to have Medusa return to PSI and cause them to be an unnecessary threat to city security once more, as Psimon had been keeping PSI in relative silence, even though this may seem good on the surface, Mentella was sure it means they are up to something.

However, Psion the Psinister found her first, which was not according to plan. Mentella explained to him what she intended to do and thankfully, fuelled by his own hate for the bald mentalist, left the scene telling Mentella to "give Medusa a blast from me as well".

Sure enough, hours later, Medusa followed the hints and tips around the city and turned up and attacked Mentella on sight. The ensuing psychic battle was, as Mentella said "Enjoyable but far too short for my tastes...”.

Medusa was re-captured, comatose, by UNTIL and the MCPD, who were accompanied with a member of Project Mind Game. The Mind Game agent said Medusa had "severe psychic scars and a slightly shattered psyche…" to which the agent looked in awe and perhaps shock at Mentella. Mentella smiled to herself and left the scene.

Current Events - July 2013

After stopping a psychic powered heist by Brain Drain in a nearby jewellery store, Mentella heard the psychic screams of civilians a few blocks away and the annoyingly high pitched psychic laughter of a certain Erica d’Monstressart aka Gravitar. Attempts to stop her by local forces had failed, UNTIL accompanied by her sister ForceGirl, deployed a ForceTech Industries containment vortex to contain Gravitar. However the high levels of gravitational power exhibited by Gravitar was putting a large strain on the vortex; as a result ForceGirl had to reinforce it with her own force field generation powers.

Knowing that the situation was desperate, Mentella stepped in and faced off against Gravitar. The fight was difficult to begin with as strangely enough, Gravitar had mental defense training. However, after growing tired of the constant avoiding of bits of debris and sensing her sister's strain of projecting such a large force field, Mentella tore through Gravitar's mind, exposing her to powerful psychic energies. The short lived exposure shut down Gravitar's mind putting her into a coma. After the threat was contained, MCPD Officers, UNTIL Agents and a medical team were on hand to wrap up the situation. A few heroes including ForceGirl and herself aided with the clean-up effort afterwards.

"They class you as a threat? Goodness...standards MUST be slipping."

Current Events - Late July 2013

Hostile Meta Being Encounter File 00-MH-40 - Summerstone Academy Files

Name - Nathan "Ultimate" Brown

Date - 22nd of July

Abilities - Super human Strength, Super human durability, Enhanced Speed.

Personal Notes Provided By: Mentella

Mentella's Foreword - Although I did not play a large part in the effort to subdue the super villain assault in question, I did have enough of an input to provide notes for future usage, in the event of a possible attack happening again of a similar or greater magnitude.

Notes - Prior to arriving on the scene of this assault, I was at ForceTech Moon Base Labs with my youngest sister Techna Ology. We both were waiting to receive word from our home world regarding a few matters which concerned us both, as well as our other sister ForceGirl, who for some reason was late. I was about to send a telepathic message to her, when a sharp sting of mental pain shot through our psychic connection, accompanied with a very clear message of distress. I briefly took over her a part of her mind, taking on a very small amount of the strain of maintaining the force field against such powerful impacts. Noting that Delta were on the scene, but had been beaten quite severely and she was shielding them from the attacker who called himself "Ultimate".

Sensing that it would be only a matter of time before the increasing psionic feedback would cause her to pass out, I assured her I'd be on my way very soon. I explained the situation to Techna, who readied the teleportation system sending me down to Earth towards the centre of the battle. I arrived on the scene immediately noticing my sister, who at this point was on her knees. At this point, I was...well, to say "I was extremely angry." would be the understatement of the millennia. I had contacted Vitality whilst I was on the moon base, alerting him to the situation. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this entire event had been recorded by one of my sister's SpyBots, I have provided it here:

SpyBot0 Recording - Ultimatum

As for "Ultimate" and his legion of super powered minions, they have been taken to respective holding facilities in and around the USA. The minions were taken by ForceGirl and myself to a secure Stronghold Facility. Ultimate was taken to a special government holding facility with similar properties to Stronghold. I do hope this was in fact the last time such an encounter occurs, I believe Delta did take the worst of it and Joule was extremely distressed to discover that due to issues with Ion, she was unable to assist.

For Future Reference/Advisory Notes:

  • If a super villain matching the strength levels of Ultimate or surpassing his is on a rampage. Send in Delta to handle the situation as the first port of call, so to speak. In addition to other high powered heroes who are adept at dealing with threats of this magnitude.
  • Utilize any and all containment measures to minimize structural damage and civilian losses.
  • Withdraw any non-specialist groups of law enforcement, which are not designed to deal with Super Powered Threats.
  • Organize a division within either UNTIL, PRIMUS or DoD, dedicated -specifically- to handling threats like this, in order to stop unnecessary super human casualties. (Ultimate's minions alone were powerful enough to go head to head with most super heroes and vigilantes who arrived on the scene and caused, in some cases fatal injury.)


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - August to Early September 2013

On August 24th, Mentella received an email from Bionic Bullet who had just finished an assignment in Vibora, that a young woman by the name of "Taffy Winters" had requested her presence urgently as she "was highly distressed about something."

Mentella contacted Taffy and told her that she would be in Vibora by the 29th of August, as she had a few loose ends to tie up, her schedule conveniently showed that the week coming was a "Reading Week" for her students and as a result, only a few staff were needed on site, and she was not one of them.

She made her arrangements and notified the Sisterhood of her plans before setting up reservations for her trip.

Mentella had left Millennium City on the 27th and arrived at The Winters Residence on the 28th. After meeting her parents, Taffy explained that she had been noticing strange behaviour exhibited by Redsnake, the Vibora Carmesi Martial Artist and the sudden fighting prowess gained by some members of New Shadows gang lead by Vladic Dracul, knowing of Taffy's fame as a "Vampire Slayer" she understood why Taffy was apprehensive to confront Redsnake, as he was a well-known hero. Mentella agreed to help and suggested that whilst she is in town, Taffy should focus more on education whilst she worried about Redsnake and New Shadows.

Taffy reluctantly agreed but was grateful to Mentella for her assistance. Mentella had reserved her room at the prestigious Lancaster Hotel, located in the Easton Area of Vibora Bay, near the Carmesi Dojo and bordering on New Shadow's territory.

Mentella wasted little time getting to work, after a good deal of mind reading and having to dealing with an unsavoury amount of vampires, Mentella located the hideout of Marcello Bocchieri, a supposed enemy of Vladic Dracul. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as she had hoped as she was confronted by a large army of belligerent vampires who soon enough were quieted. After having a "talk" with Bocchieri, he revealed CCTV footage of Redsnake teaching Vladic and a few of the larger vampires the basics of Carmesi.

After leaving his hideout, littered with Marcello's unconscious "followers" who had tried to stop Mentella, she employed the use of her Telepathy once again and searched for Redsnake's mind, which as she had suspected had been severely tampered with and was currently under the influence of mind control, his psychic signature was in amongst that of a telepath and a large group of vampires.

Mentella suited up and headed out to Redsnake's Dojo, where she made short work of the vampires present and focused her attention on Redsnake and his controller, namely Courtney Olmacher. After shattering his forced psychic link with Redsnake, enabling him to control the heroes mind, she set to work dealing with Olmacher who engaged her in psychic combat.

Olmacher's mental defenses are breached by Mentella
Mentella simultaneously downloads information and shuts down Olmacher's psychic powers.
Courtney Olmacher employs the use of blood magic in order to attempt to kill Mentella.

She turned her attention to forging a psychic link to his mind, destroying his mental defenses instantly. She "downloaded" the interesting pieces of information from his mind regarding New Shadows before working on shutting down his psychic powers, which were attempting to broadcast a distress signal to members of New Shadows to come and assist. Knowing that he had somehow been physically altered by Vladic as part of the contract, Mentella made sure to not allow Olmacher to physically touch her. Acting quickly she navigated through his mind, locating and nullifying the source of his powers.

The effect of the power suppression Mentella enacted was by no means subtle, Olmacher felt the loss of power instantly, he tried to bypass the suppression but it was if his powers were locked behind an impenetrable psychic dam. Enraged at Mentella's actions, he brought a vial to his lips, sending him into a crazed frenzy, attacking with scratches, punches, kicks and even attacks with elements of blood magic to attack Mentella.

Having limited defense against magic aside from her suit and CharmCaster's spell, which was on the verge of being dispelled, she was well aware of what could happen if she maintained the psychic link any longer, she caught the final thought of him trying to kill her, offended by this thought she forced a small portion of her power through the psychic link into his mind, the effect was incredibly potent and his psyche was obliterated in the process.

Mentella shatters Olmacher's psyche, rendering him comatose.

With Olmacher drained both mentally, physically and unconscious, Mentella turned her attention to Redsnake who had been suffering under the effects of Courtney Olmacher's mind control, which had done considerable damage to his psyche, the commands to teach his martial art to the New Shadows had also drained his physical strength. Mentella sensed the attempted escape of a few vampires who had woken out of unconsciousness, she contacted Taffy who relished the idea of her night "job" and sprang into action. Mentella directed the escaped vampires to Taffy's location where she was prepared to take them down.

Redsnake was still incredibly disorientated and mentally scarred; Mentella repaired the relatively extensive damage to his psyche and much to his pleasure, erased particularly painful memories of his experience before he asked to have the entire event removed from his mind. She removed the time period, filling it with constructed memories and tying somatic symptoms to his newly altered memories so as not to run the risk of getting blank time periods in his memory, leading to possible confusion and undue stress.

Mentella escorted Courtney Olmacher to a temporary detention cell for super powered threats before making her way back to The Lancaster, where she contacted Techna Ology explaining she had a mentalist for pick up by UNTIL, Techna Ology relayed the message to UNTIL. Over the weekend, Mentella kept a watchful eye on Courtney Olmacher whilst taking some time out to enjoy the finer things Vibora Bay has to offer.

By the 3rd of September an UNTIL transport had arrived in Vibora, complete with power suppression gauntlets and head gear for Courtney, once he had been secured, she relented on suppressing his psychic powers and allowed the dampeners to do their job.

Mentella left Vibora Bay on the 5th of September, but not before speaking to Dr. Ka and Robert Caliburn, suggesting that a closer eye should be kept on their allies who are slightly less adept in mystical matters.

Current Events - Late September to November 2013

After assisting with the effort towards driving back Dr. Destroyer's apparent return and introduction of his much tougher Mega Destroyers, The Summerstone Sisterhood received the news that there had been a horrible loss to the Sisterhood.

Despite the temporary victory, the battle was not without its losses; in a cruel turn of events during the battle a Mega Destroyer released a "Destroyer Wave", a blast of particle energy, holding the capacity to disintegrate any unable to withstand the blast. Some heroes were severely injured, others were unfortunately killed.

During the clash on the southern stronghold where both Techna Ology and CharmCaster were stationed, a Destroyer Wave was released, whilst Techna was appropriately defended, CharmCaster was sadly caught in the blast.

It appeared that CharmCaster had been disintegrated by the blast wave. Unable to accept this, The Summerstones exhausted their resources trying to understand what had happened. Mentella and Techna Ology had been working on upgrading CortexusTM, the machine which allows the communication between light years’ worth of distance, enabling Mentella to communicate telepathically with Xen, to alter it to be able to pierce the veil of this dimension in order to attempt to track CharmCaster's unique psychic signal. Techna Ology and ForceGirl both put their technical knowledge to use and built on modifications and after weeks of searching, Mentella located CharmCaster's psychic signal in another dimension.

Utilizing the resources at her disposal, Mentella effectively planned the rescue mission to retrieve CharmCaster from her Qliphothic Prison. She was assisted by Witchcraft, Black Diamond, ForceGirl, Techna Ology and PsychBlade.

The team made their way to The Mystic Foundry's lower levels where Witchcraft and members of the Trismegistus Council were keeping an eye on the barrier locking out the Qliphothic Horrors which had stepped through the Qliphothic Tear. After a moment’s preparation, Witchcraft and the other council members dispelled the barrier and worked alongside The Summerstone Sisterhood to fight back the invading enemies.

Mentella was able to gather pieces of information from the minds of their foes during the battle with regards to CharmCaster’s whereabouts in the expansive Qliphothic dimension. After divulging this information to the rest of the team, Witchcraft was able to stabilize the portal for safe travel through it. Witchcraft was determined that she would be unable to seal it from the outside as the energy had leaked through to such a state that it would be dangerous to attempt to close it without finding out exactly what had caused it to open in the first place. Due to the nature of the portal it was impossible to seal it permanently, so a team was needed to stay near it in case it allowed through anymore horrors into this dimension. ForceGirl and Techna Ology stayed behind, whilst the others journeyed into the portal with Witchcraft, Mentella kept everyone in telepathic contact for safety purposes.

Once inside the Qliphothic Realm, something went wrong, the travel had affected Witchcraft's protective spell, splitting, Witchcraft, Black Diamond, PsychBlade and herself into different parts of the realm, unable to physically see or interact with each other, except for Mentella's psychic link.

In a burst of blindingly powerful white light, which was visible to them all, the elusive Alara The Light Guardian appeared, explaining that she had split them up as they stood a better chance of helping CharmCaster, if they were spread out. She offered her assistance to their cause, using her abilities to defend each sisterhood member at their various points; once all three sisterhood members were reunited they began their assault on the Tower of Sharna-Gorak, where Alara said CharmCaster was being held. Alara informed them all a concealment spell had been placed upon them to ensure that the operation runs as smooth as possible.

Mentella made her way through one of the seven entrance ways Alara had pointed out, slipping past the different groups of Horrors and collecting the Gorash Stones which were preventing Alara from bypassing the powerful shield holding her back from entering the main chamber where CharmCaster was meant to be. Soon after making her way towards the top of the tower, Mentella came to a clearing with three more passage ways where Black Diamond, ForceGirl and Techna Ology and her Battle Droids converged, Alara The Light Guardian materialized just as a barrier of darkness appeared, blocking their path, after each of them presented the stones and other artefacts they had collected, Alara used her power to destroy the artefacts, weakening the field of pure darkness allowing them to pierce it and break into the main chamber.

After engaging the Despair Incarnates and Qliphothic Imps which guarded the Winds of Despair, the team made their way towards the cell where CharmCaster was being restrained, magically captured in a form of suspended animation. Alara explained that it would be impossible for them to break the spell without her using her true form and harnessing "The Eternal Light".

Alara warned that her activation of that level of pure energy would break the concealment spell she had crafted and may in fact summon remnants of The Kings of Edom as they are drawn to her powerful energy, however, she explained it was a risk she was willing to take in order to assist CharmCaster. Mentella and PsychBlade created a psychokinetic barrier to block out the blinding light shining forth from Alara's Eternal Light Form.

At long last CharmCaster was freed from the mystical prison, but she was badly wounded and had been all but drained of her defensive magic. Alara transported the team back to where Witchcraft was facing off against a few Qliphothic Horrors. With CharmCaster in a particularly bad state, Witchcraft poured significant magical energy into creating a portal between realms and Alara The Light Guardian forced Light Energy through it in order to keep it open whilst they made the transition to their world.

After sealing the portal behind them, the team met up with ForceGirl and Techna Ology who had been fighting off Horrors which had found a way through into their dimension. As a group they brought CharmCaster back to The Summerstone Mansion where she was able to rest and recover.

NOTE: The information given has been edited to a summarized version as specifics cannot be revealed without consent of CharmCaster herself, which she has not given. As a result, The Summerstone Sisterhood has not published the full report. We have instead provided brief summaries of parts of the report for possible future reference. ~ The Summerstone Sisterhood.

Current Events - November - Early December 2013

After settling back into a normal routine after retrieving a badly wounded CharmCaster, Mentella set to work contacting The Liberators, who she soon learned were unable to assist with finding CharmCaster due to a crisis of their own with a psionic. She was soon able to set a date and call a meeting between herself and The Liberators, who Techna Ology thought did not care for CharmCaster so had refused to help. Mentella's intention was to smooth things over and exchange information regarding CharmCaster's disappearance and Techna's temporary inability to fight alongside the Liberators.

The meeting was scheduled for the 30th of November at her penthouse in Downtown, which happened to coincide with the day that she encountered a rather unconventional VIPER Soldier.

Mentella was aware of a presence coming to attack her and recognized the psychic signature, although it was distorted, as if undergoing some form of mind control, but no psychics were in the area. She apprehended the would be attacker, who she realized as Darren Moriarty (Protogen) wearing VIPER Uniform. Knowing of both his and her sister's intense hatred for VIPER she started going through Darren Moriarty's mind as she had detected something was not right with the man, she brought him back to the office area in her penthouse and put him in a trance like state, whilst projecting an illusion so that The Liberators would not have cause for alarm at the sight of VIPER Uniform.

They arrived and discussed at length a variety of subjects, until Mentella decided she needed to probe a little further into his mind. It turned out that VIPER had caught and drugged Mr. Moriarty, injecting him with a Mind Control serum directly into his head, forcing him under their control, as a result he had divulged all the information he had both on ForceGirl, ForceTech Industries and topics related to them, including the current location of Mentella's office.

As Mentella probed further, the intensity of her focus proved too much for Darren and he passed out. She managed to move him to a corner chair before The Liberators came for the meeting. The information she had acquired whilst shocking would have to be dealt with at another time.

She held the meeting with the leader Swift and a few other Liberator Members, which resulted in exchanged information and for the Liberators a chance to meet Mentella and realise who Techna was related to for the first time.

Speaking to the Liberators about CharmCaster's "death" and disappearance at her penthouse.

Current Events - December 2013 - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Client: Darren "Protogen" Moriarty

Date: December 3, 2013

Personal Notes on Recent Developments

It has come to my attention that VIPER have gone to extraordinary lengths to obtain small pieces of information regarding myself, my sisterhood and my sisters. After encountering a brainwashed assassin who I was relatively familiar with I placed him under my control and began going through his mind, this process however was cut short by previous engagements, namely the arrival of The Liberators and the meeting regarding CharmCaster's well-being and eventual return to service.

After scanning his mind soon came to realize that the serum was not the only thing which had affected him, whilst the VIPER Control Serum had taken a hold of his mind and his consciousness, VIPER Psionics had tampered with his Memory System and fractured his psyche, effectively separating his consciousness into two parts, whilst both parts were still conscious, one part was following orders from VIPER, emulating his former self and reporting back to VIPER. The other part was an inflexible part of his psyche which, thankfully refused to bend to the will of the VIPER serums influence, but was completely cut off from his memory system, as a result once activated and brought to the fore was completely clueless as to where he was or who I was for that matter.

After that was established, I got to work on following up on the information that I had acquired from Darren's mind, I suppressed the serums effects allowing Darren to regain control of himself and have a chance to explain what was going on. Mr. Moriarty and myself spoke at length, and I fused carefully linked his psyche shard back to his memory system, allowing him to view all of the memories after a "dark patch", presumably where he had been captured by VIPER and brainwashed. Whilst I was able to suppress the serums effect on him, as well as psychological issues and psyche issues, I had no time to attempt to create a formula to neutralize the chemicals, as a result I had to call in Techna who quickly prepared Nanites to work on the serum.

After consolidating his knowledge and understanding where he was and who I was, I moved onto finding out exactly what he was able to see and perceive as mind controlled subjects post control can suffer perception lapses or residual psychic energy may cause them to act a certain way when presented with certain stimuli they would not normally react to or take notice of. We reviewed a few memories which pertained to my sister and her company, VIPER had obtained enough information to place my sister on their hit list, which Mr. Moriarty was supposed to carry out. It came to my attention that an attack on ForceTech Industries was scheduled to take place, to which I instantly alerted ForceGirl, who found out that Darren was involved and had her building evacuated.

As I suspected, Mr. Moriarty still had residual impulses left behind and would react to the use of super natural abilities, by periodically reaching for his sidearm, which I might add seemed to have been altered if the brighter "VIPER-esque" technology was anything to go by.

His VIPER suit helmet seemed to have a failsafe in place, so that when looking at himself he saw himself in his suit, refusing to take off his helmet as there was also a tracking device in it, which would trigger unless he was in a VIPER Base. Due to this issue, I removed Mr. Moriarty's Astral Energy Form from his body, to allow an out of body experience for him to see what he actually was wearing, much to his surprise.

My session of explanation was cut short as ForceGirl had learned that Darren was around and judging by her thoughts, she didn't have talking in mind, she was rapidly advancing towards my location. I explained to Mr. Moriarty that in order for his residual impulses not to take over and return to a VIPER Base, he would have to be unconscious, to which I put him to sleep.

Techna was soon to arrive to inject the Nanites into his system and I was to calm ForceGirl down before she did something she would regret later on.

From what I gather Techna successfully injected Darren but woke him up in the process, as the Nanites take time to clear up his system he was acting on impulse, which was to assist with the assault on ForceTech Industries Labs, which had just been engaged if the psychic distress calls were anything to go by. Techna's robots were already utilizing defense tech to fight off the invaders as well as some scientists.

As luck would have it, Sarge had encountered Techna Ology running after Mr. Moriarty and warned Sarge that it was highly likely that Mr. Moriarty would attack, which he did, after a series of fights, Techna Ology was able to disable his powered suit as Mr. Moriarty tried to make his way to ForceTech Industries where myself and ForceGirl were fighting the influx of VIPER which had swarmed the building.

I had locked down levels 3 to 8, with Techna's Robots on higher levels and ForceGirl dealing with levels 1 & 2. The majority of damage was contained within the building but was quickly spilling out into the street as the sight of VIPER in her building sent my sister over the edge and she expelled them from the building with a high degree of force. Techna had arrived and located a device which would shut down the majority of the shields in the building, as the VIPER forces continued to retreat, ForceGirl located Sarge with Mr. Moriarty, Mr. Moriarty then attacked her, unfortunately, moments after he attacked her the Nanites had cleared up his system and he was in control, however this wasn't without being blasted off a building by a very angry Xenian.

Luckily his P.F.F was still online after the blast and managed to absorb the fall, Sarge and I explained that he had regained his situation and she quickly cooled down and apologized profusely. Sensing Mr. Moriarty's distress at being dressed as a VIPER Agent, Techna and I stayed behind for clean-up whilst Sarge, ForceGirl and Mr. Moriarty travelled out to Canada to, as Agent Rochinaff would put it; "Say Hi to VIPER."

I am not at liberty to disclose in depth details regarding the series of events. The decision to reveal the more intricate details that I am privy to, falls to the founder of ForceTech Industries. ~ Mentella


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - January 2014 - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Hostile Meta Being File 01-XI-22 - Summerstone Academy Files

Name - Edward "Psion The Psinister" Ramin'ov

Abilities - Advanced Telekinesis, Telepathy (Minor), Astral Form. Various mentalist powered minions known as "Psikes"

Report Filed By: Mentella

Report - On the 1st of January 2014, Psion The Psinister appeared outside The Summerstone Mansion at 3:45AM, demanding to speak with me about an "urgent" matter. Ignoring the fact that he had arrived on the premises and had already destroyed a total of 15 robotic security drones and it was a rather insane time to call, I kept a tight hold on his mind, controlling his impulses to destroy any more robotic guards and guided him into the main room, where we were met with my two sisters, accompanied by both CharmCaster and of course Black Diamond, who had already got their sights set on introducing Psion to a world of pain. After convincing my fellow sisterhood members of my control of the situation, they each went back to their rooms, with the exception of my sisters, Techna was swiftly accompanied by a spy drone and two battle droids, a sign that she was prepared for combat.

After sitting down and asking Psion exactly why the felt the need to call at such an obscene hour; he expressed his desire to "talk" instead of fighting, which I must admit was welcome at such an hour. Psion The Psinister divulged to us a recent development which had occurred during our absence from Earth over the recently passed holiday period, when we had made our way to Xen. According to some of his "Psikes" which had infiltrated the criminal mentalist organization PSI, a new and odd looking member of PSI had joined. Naturally I was suspicious of his motives, however he had lowered his mental defenses and I was able to search his mind without having to breach the barriers; It seemed he was entirely honest. The conversation was recorded for filing purposes, as part of a permanent record.

It would seem an observation of the incident between DE:LTA, ForceGirl and myself versus the super villain Ultimate has caused Psion The Psinister to re-evaluate his social standing of being a super villain with interesting consequences. He seemed, slightly worried about a certain development within PSI, but was adamant he did not wish to be under the, and I quote, "constraints of the law". He expressed the desire for a temporary alliance with The Summerstone Sisterhood, in exchange for more information. Deciding to indulge him, he has been temporarily granted a "pass" of sorts. He has signed a Xenian contractual agreement which prevents him (literally) from utilizing his powers for unjust means for the period of time he is working with The Sisterhood and potential associates.

This document allows for his immediate deportation back to Xen if he is to breach the terms and conditions of the contract. In order to enforce this, I have forged a psychic barrier with his mind which acts as a psychic regulator, with regard the amount of power he is capable of utilizing against targets. If he happens to attempt to bypass my control he is in direct violation of the contract and will be deported via interstellar teleportation.

Psion is aware of terms of his agreement, namely, any use of more than reasonable force (i.e. he must show restraint) is disallowed. He has agreed to work within the confines of the contract.

Further details of the current situation will be written up as the events unfold.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - Late January 2014 (Part 1) - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Highlight Report

Report ID - 011014-KP-X

Date: 10th of January 2014

Report - A few days after contracting Psion The Psinister to work alongside The Summerstone Sisterhood, and by extension their allies, CharmCaster contacted my youngest sister asking for assistance with a being which had been found by herself and DE:LTA (now known as Delta), who seemed to be exuding psychic distress signals in Westside. Upon casting an enchantment allowing for the understanding of the alien's language, CharmCaster, Vitality, Cavalier and Crescentwave were able to ascertain that the alien was called Kr'anri and had been taken from her home planet (Prosyth) by the Qularr as a slave or rather a prisoner of war.

She had been hiding on Earth since near the start of 2013, mainly staying out of the way of humans, organizations, the government and super powered beings. Kr'anri seemed unable to speak any version of a human language and appeared largely primitive.

Mentella's Note: The encounter and the proceeding information were recorded by Techna Ology's SpyBots. These events were then translated into a number of documents, which have been attached accordingly and are arranged in chronological order.

SPYBOT RECORDING 1: Meeting Kr'anri The Prosythian

Post SpyBot Recording 1 Events

Whilst doing a routine psychic scan of Millennium City, I picked up several thoughts from patrolling heroes who had seen something killing off PSI Members in swift succession, but they were unable to see or locate the source of the brutal attacks. In addition to these incoming thoughts, I was also picking up psychic cries from PSI Members and an abundance of fear.

Deciding to have a closer look into the source of these deaths I left my penthouse and ventured into the city, in the direction of the psychic disturbance. I spoke to a few heroes who happened were patrolling the area at the time but they were unable to give sufficient insight into the deaths that were seemingly unprovoked. I decided to head towards a central point of the attacks which had occurred, which was the City Centre Park, just in front of The PSI Building. As expected the “Mind Inc” Members who were in the park looked exceptionally uneasy; not only through my presence but they also seemed on edge, as if expecting to be taken out by an unseen force.

I conducted a quick mental sweep and picked up the psychic signatures of all within the vicinity; aside from a few civilians and the “Mind Inc” members, I picked up an anomalous psychic signature which was centred on a small being who had attempted to shield their mind using a telepathic cloak. It was sufficient to avoid detection by heroes and most telepaths, hence why the “Mind Inc” members were on edge as they could not locate the being and defend themselves appropriately.

(Note: “Mind Inc” members are PSI Members utilizing illusionary telepathy.)

Before I could attempt a psychic conversation with the cloaked being, she lashed out on a nearby PSI Agent, telepathically screaming:

<Kr’anri inso aptaet!>

Kr’anri then savagely severed the connection between his mind and body, killing him instantly. Recognizing the name from a brief discussion with Techna Ology, I reached out to her mind and “downloaded” the Prosythian Language and started a conversation in Prosythian with Kr’anri. At first Kr’anri was frightened that she was unable to hide from me with her telepathic cloak, but soon got past the initial shock to explain her fiery hatred of the “Pink fur humans”.

It turned out she had run into a PSI member who had been scouting for people in the general public with psychic potential and was amazed to find another person with similar abilities to her and unfortunately followed him to PSI, where she was trained to use this psychic death strike under Mind Slayer and Medusa. Kr’anri explained that PSI had tried to control her and use her, which she then objected to by going on a killing spree of sorts. Whilst I intimated to her that killing was not a right thing to do, I contacted Vitality, who promptly made his way to our location. I spoke to Kr'anri regarding her newly acquired "fur", namely the PSI outfit she had been given, which seemed to be very much attached to the re-breather she had on. I explained to Kr'anri that she may come into a lot more trouble with local law enforcement and super heroes if seen wearing that costume, she gladly removed the PSI costume and the re-breather, clothing herself in her first "furs", gleefully replying that they were more comfortable.

Once Vitality arrived, Kr'anri and I spoke, I conveyed her thoughts vocally as she was currently unable to do so. I spoke to Vitality regarding her current situation. It was determined that she would need a more comfortable and sleeker re-breather, as the current one fitted by PSI, was a cause of irritation for Kr'anri and she no longer wore it. As to why a re-breather was needed, at this point in time, nor I or Vitality were aware, but assumed her physiology perhaps generated some form of potent gas, which would affect humans in a negative manner. With that in mind, I contacted Techna Ology, who, despite being between projects was able to create a more efficient re-breather for Kr'anri as well as a translation device. I informed Vitality, who then contacted a few members of DE:LTA and accompanied Kr'anri to ForceTech Moon Labs where Techna was currently operating.

SPYBOT RECORDING 2: Deadly Exhalation!

SPYBOT RECORDING 3: Deadly Exhalation! Part 2

A few days later, I alerted DELTA that both Medusa and Mind Slayer had been located. Once Techna had successfully handed over the translator and re-breathing equipment for Kr'anri, DELTA and I could begin dealing with the issues at hand, namely PSI. I waited in City Centre Park for DELTA as they had been teleported to Earth just moments ago, I conducted a psychic scan and singled out the psychic signatures of Vitality, Cavalier, Dawn and Kr'anri, who seemed to be a few minutes out.

After explaining that Medusa was directly opposite the City Centre Park, we made our way into the PSI Building, courtesy of Vitality. The building was relatively full with PSI Members, as expected and were alerted to our presence by the powerful shower of rubble which exploded outwards from the ground floor office wall.

Naturally, PSI went on the offensive, launching a variety of mental and telekinetic attacks at us. With the thought that this was more of a personal mission for Kr'anri rather than "a general brawl", I decided to merely observe the fighting style of Kr'anri, deflecting the occasional brave PSI member who turned their attention to me. Dawn, Cavalier and Vitality all worked in harmony to take down the attacking PSI members, Kr'anri on the other hand simply allowed full instinct to take over, much to the concern of Vitality as he partially observed Kr'anri's tactics, or rather lack thereof. Kr'anri was simply employing her Psychic Death Strike at every possible turn.

We soon worked our way towards Medusa's office on the second floor; having sensed the disruption on the lower level she had surrounded herself with PSI Agents, brutes with limited psychokinetic abilities. Without much effort from DELTA, Medusa was quickly defeated and handed over to the MCPD. We then travelled to the Mentalist Enclave to confront Mind Slayer. This caused an issue for Kr'anri. The Mentalist Enclave was a hub of psychic activity, Mind Slayer had been amassing VIPER Psionic Soldiers from VIPER's Project Awakening.

When a large number of mentalists (or one or two powerful ones) congregate within a space for an extended period of time, their psychic auras tend to intertwine to an extent, producing "Psychic Pressure". Psychic Pressure is a term used to explain the resultant effect of this intertwining as it causes a highly uncomfortable pressure on both the mind and the sinus of any who are not part of this psychic network. It can also be used as a forum in order to past surface thoughts from one to another and is typically uncontrolled. As a result it can be extremely irritating for a psychic without any form of mental shielding, as the invasive and steady flow of thoughts can be likened to an overpowering background noise.

After Cavalier and Dawn had dealt with VIPER's weaponry, Vitality and Kr'anri attacked Mind Slayer. She was soon taken down, with Dawn alerting the Steelhead Mounties to the situation. I had not fully explored Kr'anri's mind at this point in time to locate and test the strength of her mental defenses, so I was somewhat surprised to see Kr'anri highly agitated by remaining in the cave. After scanning her mind, I discovered she was completely defenseless and was quickly being invaded by the unconscious thoughts of the VIPER mentalists still in the enclave, albeit unconscious.

Kr'anri's behavior altered radically from flashes of anger to hurt and confusion, her mind quickly succumbing to the Psychic Pressure. Acting quickly I shielded her mind preventing her from the effects of the Psychic Pressure. Whilst I had granted the other members of DELTA a partial mental shield to deal with the pressure, unlike them, Kr'anri had zero defense or resistance, solely relying on instinct, which does not bode well for a telepath, especially one with a connection to a hive mind. We left the area and headed to Millennium City, I offered my penthouse as a place to rest and discuss matters. It was an offer which was readily accepted.

During the subsequent meeting with Cavalier, Vitality and Dawn; we discussed at length Kr'anri's state of mind, her abilities and what could be done to decrease her chances of becoming a liability if she were to join DELTA. I stated the options that Kr'anri was able to take, one of which consisted of me teaching her on a "fast track" course in a similar fashion to Joule and adjusting her thinking over a course of time, in order for her to exist in a group like DELTA. This idea was well received and I began to set things in motion which would allow me to fit Kr'anri in before and during the normal teaching time at The Summerstone Academy.

I mentioned the issue of Kr'anri's Psychic Death Strike ability. I explained that it was essentially a kill skill, and that given the opportunity she will use it in combat. After much discussion, DELTA sat comfortably with the idea that I would perform a psychic surgery of sorts, removing memories connected to that particular skill as well as the information on how to actually perform it.

A week after the initial meeting with Delta, the essential paper work came through and Kr’anri was officially a student at my Academy. My first task was to re-educate Kr’anri to rid her of the killing attack she had learned whilst at PSI. During these corrective sessions it became apparent that this ability she had been taught was crudely uploaded into her mind, as a result she has some level of damage to her psyche. The skill she had been taught demanded a high percentage of her available psychic energy and had damaged connections to her precognitive abilities, severely diminishing them each time she utilized the skill. This left her with a whisper of her original precognitive ability. I performed a three hour psychic surgery to remove the skill and repair the damage done.

Over the coming weeks I taught Kr'anri how to construct her own mental defenses, and taught Kr'anri how to exert control over her instinctual telepathy. My intention was to teach her a level of control that would prevent her from being a severe liability to DELTA (as I was aware that this opportunity would be a positive one for Kr'anri) in the field and could exist within her mind whilst still preserving her personality and sense of self as an instinctual being.

After learning control over her abilities and having built mental defenses, I then introduced Kr'anri to the Summerstone Academy program and associated students. As a fast track student, Kr'anri was mainly with a very select group of students, two of whom were, PsychBlade and Solaris. Despite the fact that Kr'anri was being taught, it should be noted that her ability to utilize her telepathic abilities was present and relatively well formed, albeit lacking in control. Needless to say, Kr'anri's ability to assimilate information and apply it was as expected. Under my guidance, she quickly learnt to control her abilities in a less instinctual way. After assessing her combat ability, survival skills and mental defenses via The Combat Simulator, it was determined that she was indeed ready. A good score was achieved and I contacted DELTA letting them know, Kr'anri was ready to join them.

Joule was about to meet with DELTA so I instructed her to take Kr'anri along, with an underwater suit that Techna had made for Kr'anri in the event of an underwater assignment. Joule relayed the message that Kr'anri will still be seeing me for progression checks and was free to contact me when needed. Kr'anri's first field mission, was in Lemuria, where a strange signal was being emitted from the Madragalore; an old Lemurian weapon which was guarded by the Bronze King. After observing Kr'anri's performance in the field mission, it was of a good quality. Only room for improvement needed was the role Kr'anri was to play in DELTA's team dynamics.

From that point on, I merely kept an eye on Kr'anri, watching her settle into a new style of life with DELTA.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - Late January 2014 (Part 2) - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Highlight Report

Report ID - 011014-KP-X

Date: 22nd of January

Report - Whilst conducting a mid-morning telepathic scan of Millennium City and some of the surrounding rural areas, I picked up on a few psychic signatures which were new in the area; one in particular attracted my attention. I quickly determined that it was an off world visitor, who had a good grasp of human communication methods, her mind seemed to exude waves of indifference as her thoughts focused on this world which she was observing for the first time. Before getting an opportunity to delve deeper into her reason to be on Earth, I sensed the presence of another, namely Vitality who was on patrol as per usual. He initiated conversation but was cut off by an ear splitting explosion. Vitality reacted almost instantly, beckoning Anlea (the extra-terrestrial in question) to assist. She hesitated for a moment before accompanying him.

I transferred my focus towards Westside where the heavy focus of the psychic screams were emanating from, the explosion had occurred within a residential area, fortunately the building which the explosion had occurred in was abandoned, but the explosive force had buckled the support beams of nearby structures and debris had trapped twenty civilians who were crying out both verbally and mentally. Due to the lack of my physical presence on the scene, I was unable to aid them physically however I calmed their minds, assuring them that help was on its way. Within a few minutes of exerting my influence on the trapped civilians, Vitality and Anlea were on the scene. Anlea merely watched, seemingly conflicted as Vitality got to work carefully freeing the civilians.

As Vitality removed the last civilian, the structure nearby began to crumble crashing towards Vitality. I sensed Anlea’s mind spark with worry mixed with fear as she attempted to push the structure away from Vitality. I subtly alerted Vitality to her struggle before her flew up, taking the entire structure in his hands, lifting it high above Anlea and himself with ease. I turned my mind away from the situation for a few moments as the events unfolded, checking in with the rest of my sisterhood and monitoring certain individuals. I soon turned my attention back to Vitality and Anlea who had just introduced herself to him informally. It was clear from both that there was a level of attraction between them both, something I always find interesting to observe, hers was somewhat stronger than his own, that being said, the mutual attraction was present.

Over the course of the past week, it was interesting to note that both seemed to meet up regularly and quickly forged an emotional bond. After deciding that there was no reason to continue observing I opted to leave them in privacy and shifted my attention to other matters.

A few days later I sensed a major disturbance in Westside Prison, in such a situation I’d usually alert a few heroes who were in the area to attempt to contain the threat, however this particular disturbance caught my attention as I picked up four unusual psychic signatures, which were similar to that of Anlea, albeit decidedly more aggressive. I noted that, Vitality, Cavalier, Kr'anri and D.A.W.N. were converging on the situation and I decided to join them. I left my residence and established telepathic contact with Vitality and Kr’anri, who were moments away from the scene of the disturbance. After exchanging pleasantries, we worked on containing the escaping prisoners using a healthy amount of what some MCPD officers referred to as “forceful persuasion”. A secondary explosion occurred inside the prison followed by three minor ones, I was quickly inundated with psychic cries from injured guards mingled with the wrathful thoughts of the previously contained prisoners, grateful to have been allowed free reign and a chance to escape, so they thought. I alerted the others to what I was picking up and we quickly entered the prison.

NOTE: I was pleased to find that one of my sister's SpyBot robots had followed Delta and myself into the Westside Prison Complex, a recording of the subsequent events has been enclosed for information purposes.

SPYBOT 8 RECORDING: Encountering the Vanguard of Therax-Prime

After dealing with the prison complex, D.A.W.N. and I conducted our respective scans in an attempt to determine the location of the four off world inmates.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - Late January 2014 (Part 3) - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Highlight Report

Report ID - 011014-KP-X

Date: 22nd - 23rd of January

Report - As I was conducting my psychic scan, which is not too dissimilar from a "grid search", I had extended my telepathic reach and had across most of Europe and was progressively making my way towards the Middle East, when Cavalier received a call from an associate from UNITL. His associate relayed that Project Stargazer wanted to speak with Delta as they had located a mysterious mass which seemed to have locked onto Earth’s orbiting pattern and seemed to have materialized without any signs, almost instantaneously.

With this new information, we made our way to UNTIL HQ in Millennium City and entered the lower levels of the complex, granting us access to UNITY. D.A.W.N. had alerted Vitality via their com-link system to arrive at UNITY as soon as he could.

(Mentella’s Note: As these series of events unfolded, a SpyBot seemed to have somehow accompanied Delta and I, as a result it has recorded the following events)

SpyBot9 Recording: Falling into the Theraxians Trap - Falling into the Theraxians Trap - Part 2 - Falling into the Theraxians Trap - Part 3

After the aforementioned events I had realized that the time had once again arrived for me to conduct a global scan. After having a quick telepathic conversation with Vitality, I left UNITY and UNTIL and made my way back to The Summerstone Mansion, composing myself and starting the global psychic scan. After a few moments I sensed a series of spikes in psychic energy, I quickly focused my attentions on the source, which happened to be emanating from an island about a hundred miles off the eastern coast of Japan known to most as “Monster Island”. I recognized the signature as that of Kr'anri who seemed to be undergoing an incredible amount of psychic stress, as if she was warring with another psychic being. Almost immediately I left for “Monster Island”.

(Mentella’s Note: Once again, Techna’s SpyBots have seemed to have found me and as a result documented the series of events which unfolded.)

SpyBot10 Recording: Psyche Fusion - Psyche Fusion - Part 2

I am very pleased to report that Kr'anri finally is at peace and now can be a well integrated member of Delta. Her new psychokinetic abilities will take some time to get used to. Now that her telepathic abilities are not as prominent as they once were, I assume that she will utilize this skill for basic feats such as mental attack and telepathic communication. However, through her own choice during the aforementioned process, her equally new clairvoyant abilities in combination with her resurfaced precognitive abilities afford her a significant level of protection in combat against those she encounters. I have 'uploaded' various combat applications for her psychokinetic powers and no doubt her spending time around PsychBlade and other psychokinetic students will help her to forge her own unique combat style.

I am sure Kr'anri will contact me as she sees fit, I am certain that she would enjoy, on the odd occasion, encountering her classmates and friends from the Academy such as Solaris or PsychBlade in the field, as well as growing closer to her team.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - February to Early March 2014 - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Hostile Meta Being File 01-XI-22 - Summerstone Academy Files

Name - Edward "Psion The Psinister" Ramin'ov

Abilities - Advanced Telekinesis, Telepathy (Minor), Astral Form. Various mentalist powered minions known as "Psikes"

Report Updated By: Mentella

Date: 1st of March 2014

Note - As of the 1st of January 2014, Psion The Psinister signed a contractual agreement which in part granted him a temporary arrangement with The Summerstone Sisterhood, in order to work together due to a recent development in PSI. This partnership ended in late February 2014 when the contractual agreement was no longer in effect and the case had been solved.

Report - After spending an extended amount of time and working with The Summerstone Sisterhood, Delta and myself in the course of two months; Psion's attitude towards being a super villain has changed significantly. He currently remains ambiguous as to where his loyalty lies in terms of lawful behavior.

Since the contractual agreement between Psion, his "Psikes" (his legion of Mentalist Minions) and The Summerstone Sisterhood to restrain his abilities and work alongside them, Psion seems to have lost, at least in part the desire to be a Super Villain.

On the 22nd of February, Psion willingly turned himself into the law enforcement agencies and has agreed to spend time rectifying the impacts of his crimes and spending time in confinement. This is a development which I have had a significant level of input into, as Psion is the only Xenian who has been taken into human law enforcement custody, as a result certain measures must be put into place to ensure security. His "Psikes" are also undergoing corrective behavioral classes and incarceration. Due to my unique position, I will be acting as Psion's therapist until the end of his sentence and likely beyond.

It is my personal hope that this period of time will allow him to adjust sufficiently and perhaps even utilize his abilities for more than destruction and villainous acts.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - March to June 2014 - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Highlight Report

Report ID - 204034-PP-G

Date: 24th of March - 30th of June

Report - Highlights

The Summerstone Academy

My academy has just been once again flooded with students who used their vacation period to visit their off world families, a very small percentage of students stayed on Earth. In light of a recent set back, due to Intergalactic Travel issues, the students are back a week later than intended. I have provided a small sample of the letter which has been sent to all students.


General Comments

The Summerstone Academy has resumed it's teaching schedule, after an unexpected influx of galactic travel issues arose, preventing 86% of the students from arriving the week earlier (Week beginning the 17th of March 2014). This relatively minor set back has been taken into consideration by The Summerstone Academy and hopes that as students arrive they soon settle in and resume their respective courses.

Remember: Nil satis nisi optimum

We hope you enjoyed your vacation period and you are ready to resume your work. Please note that, we have a new security protocol, which will be tested during this week as part of the Settle In Module which we are running for all students, whilst the module itself is optional, the lecture on Security Protocol Change is NOT. Failure to attend this lecture will have a negative impact on assignment submission, attendance percentage and access to parts of the Academy. Each student has been assigned to one of the several lectures which are happening on the assigned day, refrain from attending a lecture you are not assigned to because a friend has been assigned to a different one as Capacity Control is in effect.

Ability Training Rooms

The Telekinetic Combat room is currently under reconstruction after...


The Summerstone Sisterhood

The Sisterhood are doing as well as can be expected. Through the combined urging of myself and my youngest sister Techna Ology, our sister (ForceGirl) has taken some much deserved time to herself. This of course was only after she insisted on preparing months worth of lesson outlines for her students at the Academy.

CharmCaster has not been in touch for a few weeks, but I was assured by Alara The Light Guardian that she, like herself, is simply inundated with duties as a Mystos Guardian.

Bionic Bullet and PsychBlade are currently working with a group of heroes out at "Monster Island", working to uproot VIPER's firm grip over large parts of the island.

Black Diamond and Solaris are nearing the end of their visit to Xen and will be back within the month.

Techna Ology and I are focused on the teaching of our students. Whilst the number is relatively small at the moment, as students arrive on Earth, these numbers will obviously increase. By then however, all the staff outside of my sisterhood will have arrived.

Psion The Psinister

Whilst I am not at liberty to disclose any pieces of sensitive information regarding my client for ethical reasons, it is suitable for me to disclose that, Psion is making considerable progress and is responding as hoped to the counseling therapy.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Current Events - July to Present Day - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

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Mentella-Psion Xen.jpg

Groups and Various Affiliations

Mentella over her time on Earth has been linked to many groups and organisations. These groups are PSI, Psykickz, PsionForce, The Champions and The Summerstones. The longest connection to a group was her connection to PSI which lasted the equivalent of 10 years. Psykickz and PsionForce were minor vigilante groups which she joined after she left PSI, which both quickly disbanded, the Psykickz had a large number of their members killed on a raid on a PSI base as without Mentella around at the time they were vulnerable to psychic attack and were overcome by Psimon's telepathic powers.

PsionForce was a larger group of skilled to powerful mentalists and was also where she re-joined her old love interest Edward Raminov known as Psion from her PSI days, a powerful telekinetic and astral combatant. Psion and Mentella (still under the alias Psireen at the time) left PsionForce after the invasion of Millennium City by the Qularr crushed a large majority of the group leaving only the powerful, namely Psion, Brain Drain and herself.

On occasion she has been seen and has confirmed a connection to the Department of Emergency: Limit Tested Agents Response Team known as DE:LTA. She has on occasion worked with some of their members such as Kontrol, Speed, Glimmer and Cavalier. However Mentella has not worked with the group for some time.

Only a select few are aware of her past actions and her history with PSI. The individuals who are aware of her background namely her two sisters;Techna Ology and ForceGirl, as well as an old(?) flame known as Psion The Psinister.

Powers and abilities

Mentella is both a powerful telepath and a telekinetic. A true mentalist.


Xenians are naturally "super powered" beings and with training, are able to reach levels of mastery which is outside the capability of other species with similar skills, such as super humans. Mentella is no exception. Mentella possesses enormous, uncharted levels of telepathic ability, even for a Xenian. She has mastered her telepathy in various forms such as;

  • The broadcasting and receiving thoughts
  • Mind-control
  • Altering perceptions and memories
  • Psychic shield
  • Psychic Shadow
  • Astral projection and combat
  • Mind transference
  • Psyche modification - Shattering, Draining, Manipulating.
  • Mental sedation
  • Induction of mental pain
  • Power Manipulation - Suppression, Augmentation and Activation.
  • Accelerated healing.
  • Psionic Inundation
  • Mental Shield Penetration
  • Illusion Projection

Brief Summary of Mentella's Telepathy

Mentella is able to boost or activate a person's powers through access of their brain's neurological pathways, and can communicate across global distances without any psychic boosting or assistance with ease. She often reminds people of her power and offensive capability, which in all forms is entirely appropriate. Her telepathic offensive influence can extend across city wide distances or global distances, however she seldom demonstrates this skill; one instance was when she removed the fears and manias caused by the occurrence Blood Moon and the arrival of Takofanes in Millennium City. She is also capable of in combat telepathy, this involves the reading of the quick actions of an enemy before they make them, enabling her to predict and defend herself accordingly against incoming attacks, this also extends to reflex movements as she is able to monitor the central nervous system and electrical impulses from the CNS to the muscles and slow this movement down enough for her to react.

Mentella has no trouble taking over the mind of her opponents. However foes with forms of psychic shielding provide a very basic level of challenge for her abilities and mind control in these instances is not usually instantaneous but may take even a matter of seconds. Foes with physical or magical barriers to their minds such as helmets made from psionic wave reflecting material or psychic shielding from other telepaths or from magical sources are slightly harder to pierce and require a little more effort on her part. To illustrate, for Mentella, if a mind was equal to a single word, a mind that had psychic shielding would be equal to a word that is blurred. Whilst the mind would be visible, it would be unclear to some degree, in such an instance Mentella would need to simply "deblur" the word by stripping away the psychic shield. This can be done overtly (which would likely cause pain) or covertly (without the targets awareness). In rare cases where the mind in question is strong enough to become aware of overt psychic shield manipulation, Mentella can choose to completely bypass the psychic shield or destroy it. If Mentella utilizes her mental shield penetration abilities combined with psionic inundation, resistance proves futile.

She is highly proficient at mental disruption and mind reading, both of which are valuable assets in a team and can significantly aid her in combat, allowing her to appropriately defend herself against her opponents. These skills, like her primary power of telepathy cannot used on foes that are without brains or a form of psyche, such as mindless beings and robots (in some cases).

Mentella has often shown the ability to nullify or suppress the effects of deep seated power related issue which cause problems for an individual. A recent example of this feat was during the time when ForceGirl was unable to resume a visible state, Mentella suppressed her Invisibility temporarily allowing her sister to resume visible form and control herself once more. Being a naturally powerful and gifted telepath, Mentella's mind is immune to psychic invasion. Menton once said after trying to read her mind that her mind was "like an impenetrable fortress"

Mentella places high value on her thoughts and has only ever revealed her inner most thoughts to a very, very select and small group of people whom she is still in contact with today.

She has also displayed the ability to cause moderate to extreme mental pain via touch. One such expression of this ability was when she was taken into custody as Psireen and an UNTIL soldier carelessly grabbed her wrist to pull her into the interrogation room, a moments touch was all that was needed. He was left comatose and woke up 3 months later.

Shattering Shadow Destroyer's psyche

Mentella is capable of accelerating a person's natural regenerative capabilities using her mind, sealing wounds and causing rapid cell regeneration within the target of her healing. By focusing on the person's brain and manipulating the various chemical balances she can infuse the person with regenerative energy. She is able to do this to herself and keeps hers as a passive function. Mentella has time and time again demonstrated the ability to counter numerous and varied types of preventative measures, which are aimed at protecting a target from telepathic attack. Protections in the form of Psychic Disruption Chips, Psionic Reflective shielding and other exotic forms of protection, are withered when in contact with her sheer mental power. This is made easier by the fact that she is immune to her own telepathic energy, which renders reactive preventative measures useless to inhibit her assault.

As for personal protection, Mentella even before she joined PSI, had always been proficient with telepathic shielding and retaliation. From the creation of psychic shields around her own mind and those of others, to complete removal of her and other peoples psychic signatures to granting immunity to psychic assault. She has demonstrated these abilities on multiple occasions when Menton and Mentalla both attempted to read her mind whilst directly in front of her but was incapable of doing so. She is capable of locking down her opponents for extended periods of time. She has demonstrated this ability once before during the Roin'esh invasion attempt in Canada; this ability, when used on an incredibly large number of minds can prove somewhat taxing for her, preventing her from focusing on other things simultaneously depending on how much power she is accessing, the more power she accesses the less strain she is under.

Mentella is also capable of shattering the psyche of an opponent, in 99% of cases this will outright kill the opponent or leave them in a comatose state. Whilst she is able to do this if she pleases, it can also occur if her target tries to resist her mind control, this can be done by detonating the psyche of an individual or forcing psychic energy from herself into their minds, inducing paralysis and then death. The shattering of a psyche of another being can usually be seen by an overabundance of her psychic energy pooling above their head as in most cases it is too much for the opponents mind to contain. She is also able to drain the psyche of a person, forcing them to believe there is nothing left to fight for, she can also use this ability of Psyche Draining, to add to her own energy to heal her own wounds or that of others, by forcing the psychic energy to "leak" from the opponents mind. However, Mentella can also transfer the psyche of someone from one body to another or to an object, she can also reconstruct the psyche of another person who has been mentally shattered.

She is capable of projecting her "self" onto another individual, wiping out any semblance of their personality or mind, essentially converting them into a blank slate, allowing her own "self" to assume control. This is known as "Mental Dominance", this ability is used in the event of Mentella's body dying, and her psyche / astral form will then inhabit another body.

Psychic Shielding

Mentella is adept with the destruction, creation and usage of psychic shields. These shields whilst not evident to non-psychic beings are powerful psycho figments which guard the mind of the shielded person, protecting them against, mind control, mind reading, psychic attack, memory erasing or any form of psychic influence. Mentella’s own personal psychic shield is impenetrable; the power of the psycho construct itself is something to be marveled at alone. Her shields are of such strength that even the slightest push or touch against the shield would send a powerful jolt of psychic pain into a person.

Mentella is able to create temporary and permanent psychic shields for her allies, temporary shields grant high resistance to mental attacks and reduce the effect of mental powers on a target and are normally applied when working with a group of heroes she is not that familiar with. Permanent shielding is much more powerful, in a similar manner to her personal shielding it stops all and any psychic interference from outside sources. This type of shielding can only be bypassed by Mentella herself and so far affects those she is close to, namely her Summerstone Sisterhood members and respective students.

Once generated within her allies mind, she does not have to maintain focus on the shields, they become "constants" within the person's mind. She is capable of teaching mental defense to those who are both talented in the mentalist department and those who are not, however this does take time as it is a learning experience. Alternatively she can construct shields within the mind of the individual.

Psychic Barriers

These are constructs which are similar to psychic shields in the sense they are a form of protection, however they are used for the closing off of parts of an individuals mind with regards to memories, thoughts, feelings or powers. Mentella is capable of generating psychic barriers in a person's mind, although this is usually done for safety reasons, namely the power which is behind the barrier may be dangerous if accessed. An example of someone who has readily accepted the use of a psychic barrier for her own safety and that of others is Joule, a former student and fellow Xenian and Summerstone Sisterhood member, her higher energy levels can prove to be damaging for others as it disrupts the electrons within an atom, removing them entirely, in other words instantaneous disintegration. Her psychic barriers carry similar strength to her psychic shields and also act as constants.

It has been speculated Mentella has other powerful mental abilities which she has not disclosed, as it is well known she does not use her most of power reserve.

Mentella's Telepathy on Robots

Generally speaking, Telepaths have difficulty affecting the CPU or "mind" of robotic adversaries due to their lack of an organic mind, in most instances such an encounter between a telepath and a robot would render the telepath next to helpless. Originally this was an issue for Mentella as she would have to resort to telekinetic constructs and blasts to affect and defeat robots. However, with the assistance of her two sisters ForceGirl and Techna Ology she has undergone training on how to access and override robotic programming in a similar fashion to how she can manipulate the minds of all living beings.
Using her Telepathy to lock down Cyberlord

This training allows her to fight robots using her telepathic powers with ease as she would naturally do to an opponent with a mind. Techna Ology designed a gadget which converts her telepathic commands and power into a code which overrides existing commands in the robotic entity. This device is limited in its technological brilliance due to the I.P.G and as a result is incapable of converting the same amount of power as Mentella is able to access when fighting normally, so she is limited in a sense when fighting robots.

However, with regards to telepathic communication with a robotic entity, it heavily depends on how advanced the AI of the robot is, the more sentient, the easier it is to communicate with. Robots and androids which are not significantly advanced will not be able to hear her telepathic communication.

In instances where the robot or super villain in question is especially mechanically advanced, Mentella must rely on the psychic link she has with her youngest sister Techna Ology in order to overcome the obstacle. In such instances she would be able to attack but not assume complete control over the advanced entity.

However, she has shown the ability to assume direct and complete control using her telepathy on robotic minded foes such as Cyberlord. Despite her training and accessories for utilizing her telepathy against robots, Mentella despises fighting robotic entities with her telepathy and has frequently resorted to summoning astral versions to assault them or use her telekinetic powers.

Telekinetic Ability
Protecting herself using a psychokinetic shield and sheathe

Mentella was taught to expand her psychic abilities to include Psychokinetic (Telekinetic) abilities. Although the training period for such ability advancement was cut short by her assignment to Canada, under the teaching of Psycher, she learnt how to generate psychic knives, which combined her psychic energy with physical or "force of will" energy. This skill allowed her to "drive" mental and physical pain into specific points on an opponents body, affecting their body and mind. Her ability to do this was strong enough to allow her to render an opponent unconscious or could effectively cripple them indefinitely by causing a permanent neurological collapse. She expanded on her telekinetic ability by learning how to generate telekinetic constructs, such as shields, to protect herself and others from incoming fire in combat, as well as psychokinetic blades which could be used to slice through physical targets or objects.

Mentella wears her generated psychic knives on her person, causing mental pain to those who manage to touch or attack her in close combat. She also utilizes different sized telekinetic shields to protect herself ranging from medium sized psychokinetic shields to full body shields. If necessary Mentella can use her telekinetic abilities to manipulate objects which are too heavy for her to move physically. Whilst she is capable of fighting opponents with a plethora of psychokinetic weaponry, she prefers to mentally dominate and humiliate her opponents using her far more powerful telepathic ability.

Astral Form

She is a highly skilled astral combatant and readily uses this skill when the opportunity presents itself. Mentella is able to access her Astral Form by literally separating her psyche from her body; Her psyche, in this form, is the astral representation of her telepathic power. Unlike her lowest level of telepathy which she makes use of in combat and against all foes, her astral form has no such self imposed restrictions as to power display. As a result, she does not generally use her astral form against opponents in this plane as it represents close to her full power and is fatal. In her Astral Form she is able to traverse the Astral Plane and is capable of travelling to CharmCaster's dimensional sanctum. She is also capable of engaging in close quarter astral combat, in which she uses astral weaponry to attack her enemies and defend herself. Her expertise in this area may explain why she was so adept with Telekinetic Weaponry as Psireen whilst in PSI.

In most circumstances, Mentella does not use her Astral Form against her foes for regular combat purposes due to it's more potent level of power, her base level and restrained use of her telepathic power is more than capable of dealing with opposing forces she may face. However she can release a miniscule portion of her astral form energy as an "Astral Blast" which can be sent into an enemy; in most cases because of the resulting instantaneous death or loss of consciousness all function as it shatters and destroys the psyche of her target. This has very little effect on robots that are not inhabited by a psyche or consciousness and may simply cause a detrimental surge in electrical energy or a moderate system malfunction depending on how advanced the machine is.

She has recently showcased her ability to project astral clones of herself who fight alongside her or for her, they have been seen to utilise the same telekinetic bladed weaponry as she once did. These Astral Clones do take significant concentration to maintain and if she is hard pressed in combat they will return to the astral plane.

PSI Training

Whilst in PSI, Mentella learnt how to apply her telepathy to the different types of minds present on Earth without permanently damaging or killing them on contact. She also learnt specific tactics that PSI used in order to operate under the noses of the law enforcement organizations where they operated as well as different combat styles for direct physical combat as well as self defense.She still retains her PSI training knowledge and readily uses it to strengthen her telekinetic abilities when necessary. Her training whilst in PSI allows her to generate psychic knives for close quarters combat, but she has not displayed this ability since she left PSI.

Combat Ability

With this amount of gifted focus on the mental side of things, Mentella has made time for her physical training.

In comparison to her mind, her body is drastically weaker but is still more durable than a humans. Mentella can utilize her telepathy to have full view of what someone truly intends to do in combat situations and either counter or avoid them accordingly. In instances where she does not need to be noticed, she can exude subconscious psychic waves which reduce the likelihood of her being attacked by enemies.

Her alien physiology affords her more protection and durability to physical assault than a human of a similar build to her and if cornered, Mentella can more than hold her own against hand to hand combatants due to her combat training from her home world, PSI and Black Diamond. Physical combat is a skill she rarely expresses as she prefers to use her telepathic abilities humiliate and dominate her foes.

However, her lack of physical strength when compared to her mental strength for combat is only an issue on the physical plane of existence. On the Astral Plane, her mind and body become one, transforming her into a deadly close quarters and long range opponent. Whilst it is very dangerous to attempt to play mind games with Mentella, it is even more dangerous to confront her on the Astral Plane. Her speed of thought and sheer power is expressed on the Astral Plane to a higher degree than she chooses to display on the physical plane allowing her to dismantle her opponents swiftly.

Mentella has displayed the ability to use physical weapons, such as guns, throwing knives, lances, shields and swords similar to that which she manifests on the astral plane. She claims that physical weaponry is not as impressive or enjoyable to wield as astral weaponry. Despite a knowledge of several martial arts, it is a skill she often does not use, much like her psychokinetic weaponry.


Mentella's knowledge of alien dialects is also displayed in her adept ability to read other alien minds as well as other worldly beings, whose brain waves and minds are significantly different. However this takes more time and is less reliable for information gathering, when reading unfamiliar alien brains without any translation tools. This can be avoided by using her telepathy to download a language within a matter of moments.

She has also expressed the ability to communicate with extra-dimensional beings on a telepathic level, something which is usually capable of destroying the psyches of most telepaths, as the influx of unusual psychic energy can shatter a telepath's mind. She has communicated on a telepathic level with Alara The Light Guardian shortly before she left earth, whose psychic energy was extremely powerful. Other beings such as CharmCaster who was difficult at first due to her mystical aura, also has communicated with Mentella on a telepathic level.

Power Manipulation

Mentella possesses the ability to manipulate the power of another using her mind. With this ability she can manipulate her foes skills, supernatural or otherwise. She has shown the ability to suppress the abilities of her foes rendering them powerless. She has also unlocked hidden supernatural talents in people via their neural pathways. She is also able to "boost" the abilities of her allies, enhancing their max potential by a large degree. Mentella does not normally display this ability, unless she feels the need to, she is wary of the fact that her will impacts negatively on those who attempt to resist her manipulation. Mentella does not normally carry out the usage of this ability as it has the potential to force a person's power into a dormant state. Mentella has explained this psychic feat to Mentiac:

"Power Manipulation is a fairly invasive and dangerous procedure, if attempted by an amateur telepath; the pressure from the resisted power will build resulting in a dangerous display of suppressed power. If done in a reckless and ruthless fashion, it can de-power an individual, either temporarily or permanently. Depending on the type of power being negated, and the mind of the target in comparison to the telepath, it can be instantaneous or take longer." - Mentella

Mentella in the past has shown the ability to simply erase the knowledge of a certain skill or power from an individual's mind in conjunction with power suppression to dormancy. This however is reserved for skills which are very dangerous or could cause damage to the person themselves or others around them at an uncontrollable rate. Psychic Barriers can act as a less "invasive" form of Power Manipulation, as the power still exists but is inaccessible, whereas Power Manipulation can erase the knowledge of an ability permanently alongside fully nullifying it.

Final Note - UNTIL's Project Mind Game

The following was excerpted from Isabella Maronni, a Project Mind Game operative's recent report:

"...Overall, to say that Mentella is an overwhelmingly gifted and an incredibly powerful telepath would be a fantastic understatement. She seems to hold back vast stores of psychic energy to prevent her power from destroying the minds of all those around her. Whilst in combat she seems restrained, utilizing the bare minimum of her telepathic potential and still manages to humiliate her foes. It is not clear what her upper limits are, or even if they exist. The Xenian people, from what I've managed to understand are known to many ancient civilizations throughout the stars, however are new to Earth and thus we are learning about them every day we are able to observe Mentella and her sisterhood in combat. Their psychology and physiology are truly astounding; no amount of human psychology begins to even scratch the surface of their minds, as they seem to think on another level to human beings. We have asked Mentella to consider spearheading the effort at Project Mind Game for UNTIL, however she has declined this offer made by UNTIL and PRIMUS alike. UNTIL is hopeful that Mentella remains on the right side of the law, if she were to ally with the well-known and dangerous mentalists alive today...her unrestrained usage of her power alongside mentalists such as Menton, Mind Slayer, Medusa and Psimon as well as PSI could potentially spell the end of freewill for all of mankind, a thought I'm afraid to consider."

Potential Limitations

Mentella is extremely resilient to the point of immunity to psychic attacks, however her resilience to physical attack is significantly less, her telepathy, healing factor, suit, combat training and limited psychokinetic ability somewhat improve her ability to withstand physical impacts, however she does her best to avoid physical attacks altogether.

  • Mentella is vulnerable to physical attacks, her body does have a passive healing factor and is much more durable than a humans due to her physiology but she can still be harmed and her healing factor can be supressed by too much damage. Although she can generate full body psychokinetic shields some particularly impressive impacts can overwhelm them.
  • Mentella's telepathic and telekinetic ability is limited to her being conscious and if she is knocked out she is unable to defend herself on the physical plane.
  • Psion is the only other mind powerful enough to stalemate her in an astral match. This has brought fights between them to a standstill in the past.
  • Both Psion and Menton (to an extent) also hold the title of being the only beings that can temporarily block Mentella's mind control influence. Others may try and will fail; either that or their psyches will shatter, driving them insane or erasing their minds.
  • Whilst she is able to affect robots with her telepathy (thanks to her sisters), her telepathy is not as potent as she is able to access when dealing with organic minds and according to Mentella, her telepathy is significantly "slower" on robots.
  • Her astral form cannot fight or have a fully devastating effect on machines or inorganic enemies which do not have a psyche or spirit bound to them.
  • Undead foes present an issue for Mentella's telepathic powers, usually these zombies are either lacking in any neural networks in their brains or they simply lack a brain, making her telepathy potentially useless depending on the extent of neural decay. In such instances Mentella must focus to manifest her telekinetic powers and/or psychokinetic blades.

Psion the Psinister

Edward Ramin'ov as Psion The Psinister

Edward Ramin'ov at one point was an associate and very close friend of Mentella, both on Earth and on their home planet, he was formerly known as Psycher. After joining the Mentalist Organisation in Millennium City known as PSI, he stuck close to Psireen and the two continued dating whilst in the organisation. Whilst in PSI he transformed himself, expanding his telekinetic powers. After Psireen was swayed by the advice given by Witchcraft, Edward's twisted thinking (courtesy of Psimon's telepathic tampering) caused him to believe she had left him for Defender, when she arrived back in Millennium to talk to him he refused and did not attempt to speak to her. The loss of the only other person he knew from his planet coupled with losing his partner, gave room for the seed of hate to be sown within Edward's mind; Medusa saw this opportunity and seized it, planting seeds of doubt and hate in his (at the time) frail mind and emotional state. Twisted by Medusa's words and his telepathically altered thinking he quickly built up hatred for Mentella and set in his mind to kill her, regardless of the cost to anyone else around him.

Edward as Psycher quickly replaced Psireen (Mentella) as PSI's top assassin and continued to work his way to Mentella. The two clashed whilst Mentella and a group of other heroes were captured by Shadow Destroyer whilst being taken to UNITY's Moon Base. To her dismay, he would not listen to simple reason and engaged her in battle. The end result was a grey area, both ended up unconscious and were hauled away by their respective team mates. The intense amount of emotions, coupled with pain and hatred on both sides, was a dangerous mix. They both entered a fierce astral battle which ended abruptly; presumably as a result of a powerful psionic bomb they indirectly created by using their powers in a contained area.

Deciding that PSI was too limiting and held him back, Edward waited for the perfect opportunity to break free of the organization. Luck was on his side when in 2005, the PSI organization came under siege in a two pronged assault. From the outside they were attacked by Kevin Poe, son of Sebastian Poe and leader of Millennium City's infamous New Purple Gang. Poe hungered for revenge against the people who "betrayed" his father and control of the organization itself. From within, PSI member Lancer and others loyal to her attempted to take over PSI to turn it into an "army" to use against the "anti-meta human forces" she perceived were rising to power on Earth (as they had in her home dimension). Edward used this turmoil to remove himself from the organization, but not without taking a sizeable portion of the lower ranking PSI members who believed his promise of not having to face this conflict, together with his sizeable army, he left PSI without a trace and seemingly vanished from the world stage. Edward narrowly escaped incarceration at Stronghold, unlike Psimon, Medusa and Mind Slayer.

Several years later in 2009, he re-emerged as Psion The Psinister and claimed to have moved beyond PSI to greater things. Since then he has continually made appearances on Earth, threatening the safety of all in his vicinity. His mind seemed to have been set straight and he no longer wanted to kill her, but had instead focused his efforts on gaining her attention so as to convert her back to re-joining him. His re-emergence coincided with the Stronghold Bust of 2009, in which Psimon, Medusa and Mind Slayer rallied some old friends and associates back together to reform PSI.

Psion possesses extremely powerful Telekinetic powers and is able to manifest them in numerous fashions, he has been seen fashioning them into blades, knives, lances, and Spherical shields and weapons. The extent of his telekinetic potential is much like Mentella's Telepathic potential in the sense that it is virtually limitless. His level of Telekinetics is equal to the level of Mentella's Telepathy. However as a result of their psychic bond (now severed) both retain a very small aspect of the others powers. In Psion's case, he has telepathic abilities such as Mind Control, Psionic Blasts and Broadcasting and Receiving of thoughts. He also is able to project his astral self.

Although he may dismiss the idea, he still loves Mentella very much and hopes that they can one day be reunited, however these affectionate feelings they have for each other do not stop them from fighting. Their relationship epitomizes the phrase "a love/hate relationship", as Xenians they both feel a strong connection to each other and will not kill the other, but will fight. However it was noted that when Mentella was attacked by an Army of Destroid Robots in early May 2013, a wave of cyan telekinetic energy ripped them apart before they managed to reach Mentella, much to her amazement. This was supposed payback after Psion was drugged and taken off to a DEMON ritual and woke up surrounded by comatose cultists and one writhing in so much pain his head exploded, he noticed a note on the door which simply read: "Watch yourself in the future. M."

Psion will do whatever it takes to bring Mentella to his side...even if that means destroying everything she holds dear...including her sisters and the Summerstone Sisterhood.

He secretly hopes time will heal old wounds and they will be able to re-join...without him having to act or do anything rash.

PRIMUS Update - February 2014 saw a major change for Psion as he decided to turn over a new leaf and work towards being a super hero, leaving behind his villainous ways and reforming alongside a great number of his followers. Although this is still a relatively recent and sudden change, he is being monitored by UNTIL, The Summerstone Sisterhood, the hero community at large and of course ourselves.

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

Update: Joule is a Xenian from one of the other Sisterhood Academies in America and has been transferred to Millennium City as part of a partnership of sorts between DE:LTA and The Summerstone Sisterhood. She has been under the direct tutelage of Mentella and is ready for service with DE:LTA.

2/1/2014 - Mentella's Note: Due to UNTIL cutbacks certain divisions have been closed down. In this wave of sweeping cutbacks, unfortunately DE:LTA was affected. As a result, due to loss of funding from UNTIL, DE:LTA was forced to close down. However the group of heroes remaining with the "spirit" so to speak have kept the name, albeit loosing the acronym associated with it. The team now goes by the name Delta.

The Overseers

The Overseers are a group of powerful half-immortal beings who possess highly potent supernatural skills and powers. They have operated with and sometimes against The Summerstone Sisterhood. One of the most powerful is well known to Mentella and is at one stage called himself Kostlivec. Kostlivec was a powerful being who used bio-magical technology to generate matter. His psychic abilities focused on Deception. Kostlivec and Mentella have needless to say bad history with each other, resulting in many clashes which lead to fights. After the final battle, Mentella left Kostlivec in his own Astral Realm as it was falling apart, a result of the rage unleashed by Mentella's mental might. She has not shown any regrets or feelings of remorse over the way presumably Kostlivec ended.

There have been multiple incidences over the recent months which suggest something of interest has caught the attention of both the remaining Overseers attention.


  • Mentella is capable of speaking several languages, the majority of them being alien including that of the Qularr and English and a small amount of Spanish.
  • Mentella does not take kindly to attempted psychic invasion or attempted psychic attack
  • Her mental shielding is extremely powerful and therefore is immune to the majority of psychic invasion, attack or forms of control over her mind.
  • Mentella despises feeble minded opponents.
  • Outside of heroics Mentella has been known as "Miss E" a psychologist and a self-help talk show host. As a business woman she is reasonably well known and has a 100% success rate in the curing of phobias, manias, depression and other various mental aliments as well as the diagnosis of the manifestation of psychic powers.
  • Her alien physiology is indeed a mystery. However her psychology and brain are a greater mystery, making it impossible to exert any external influence on her mind, via physical or supernatural means.
  • Mentella's psychic "aura" can usually be determined by a sharp, strong pressure on the sinuses of any being under its thrall. Whilst this is mostly a passive effect, she can fine tune the pressure to incapacitate her foes and readily uses it as an interrogation tool. This aura is constantly around her, it is mostly supressed, but still exhibits a noticeable pressure on the sinuses of those around her. She has also shown the ability to "extend" this aura over long distances, causing mass pain for those within its reach.
  • Mentella has shown the ability to manipulate the unknown material she wears, using her mental powers. She is able to switch between types of clothing by mentally manipulating the fabric.
  • All sisters in the Summerstone Sisterhood are connected via a psychic bond, which allows for cross continental telepathic communication and psychic shielding, courtesy of Mentella. As a result of this psychic shielding, all Summerstones have high psychic resistance and varying levels of immunity to telepathic domination, depending on how close they are to Mentella, this immunity is weakened to high resistance if Mentella is in the Astral Plane or on another planet.
  • Mentella doesn't "flaunt" her power. She doesn't have to, surprisingly she is restrained when speaking about her power, she firmly believes actions speak louder than words, in such an instance, the offending other is usually quelled.
  • Mentella possesses several devices a personal device she carries with her known as The Divider and other she has previously mentioned known as CortexusTM. However what these devices are and what they do is not common knowledge.


- "Your mind is already under my control, I have already seen multiple ways to defeat you, save what little pride you have left and leave."

- "How Infantile..."

- "So pathetic..."

- "You never cease to impress me with your level of uselessness..."

- "I am truly astounded at your belief that you are in control of this situation…"

- "You have a very open open I'm surprised your brain hasn't fallen out yet…"

- "Your problem is painfully're not me..."

- "I can assure you this will be...a rather...MIND blowing experience for you..."

Personal Interests/Likes

  • Mentella adores herbal teas, especially the peppermint kind.
  • She at times, appreciates being in the presence of other Telepaths/Mentalists.
  • She can usually be found spending time at her secular business, Summerstone CCP (Clinical & Counselling Psychotherapy) in Millennium City. However she mostly resides in The Summerstone Mansion.
  • Mentella enjoys intelligent conversation and readily gravitates to like-minded individuals, unfortunately it is rare to find such individuals.
  • She does enjoy her privacy and tends to do things her own way, unless her own way may be detrimental to the ones she is working with.
  • As a Chartered Psychologist she is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and enjoys reading papers published by fellow research psychologists.
  • As a research psychologist Mentella has contributed a variety of well recognized papers, which have been and are still being referenced to and spoken about within the Psychology Community. However she has moved onto teaching and as a result is no longer an active researcher.
  • Mentella enjoys teaching and training her pupils, most of whom move off world after their training is complete.


  • People who are overly rude or dismissive
  • Feeble minded individuals
  • Having to fight Psion
  • People she classes as "undesirables" trying to associate with her.
  • Medusa as an entity, astral or otherwise
  • People attempting to read her mind or attack her, psychic or otherwise.
  • Tension between herself and those she considers friends.

Personality Report- PRIMUS REPORT

Mentella's personality is as welcoming as an arctic blizzard, to a new born kitten.

In other words, she is "an ice queen", in every sense of the word with regard her personality.

Her past with PSI and her general sense of importance exacerbate the harsh personality she has, coupled with her natural beauty and incredibly powerful telepathic and psionic talents, Mentella is mix of the rare and deadliest of talents, lethal, beautiful, dangerously alluring as well as highly intelligent.

Her intelligence and knowledge of not only the human mind but of off world technology is slightly unnerving, although she is not as knowledgeable as Techna Ology or ForceGirl, as she is more skilled in matters of the mind. Although she does not speak much of the knowledge she possesses of human, Xenian and other alien physiology and psychology, when asked she may choose to express her knowledge.

Her presence in social situations tends to unnerve most within the vicinity, as her arrival in a room can be preceded by an incredible pressure on the sinuses of people in her vicinity, it is unclear whether she exudes this effect on purpose or is a side effect of having vast stores of psychic power. The name she has made for herself as a notoriously ruthless and effective psychic assassin still puts people on edge when coming into contact with her.

Attempting conversation with Mentella is an almost life or death situation, due to the nature of her abilities she is capable of reading the minds of others before they have even entered the building much less attempting to make eye contact with her. She is adept at scanning multiple minds and extracting information from them, this ability alone makes it difficult to hide opinions from her, not that she cares for the opinions of those she deems feeble minded or 'undesireable'.

The majority of people do not even bother Mentella, as they are normally unsure of where they stand in her eyes. Authority figures such as the MCPD, UNTIL, UNITY and The Champions are very wary of her and do their best not to interact with her. Defender has exhibited a sense of fear when speaking with or to Mentella, usually stuttering or making fumbling over his words when talking to her. It is unclear whether Mentella is causing him to act this way or he actually has a fear of her.

However, in stark contrast to her normal nature towards people, Mentella is extremely compassionate, almost motherly to her sisterhood and is very caring when it comes to her small group of friends and even her allies.

As far as team work is concerned, outside of her sisterhood, Mentella will team with others. She has in the past, voiced a preference to work with other mentalists rather than those who are not mentally gifted but ultimately she is not too concerned either way. She often is unusually quiet in a team, unless the discussion falls into an area she has interest in, which more often than not, it does not. Mentella pays little attention to other heroes who believe they are in charge, in certain situations where they seem wholly incompetent.

Aside from her extreme affinity for cutting remarks and for humiliating people, sarcasm comes as second nature to Mentella. Her “conversational talents” combined with her ability to read minds make her a difficult person to work with.

To summarize: Mentella is a profound asset as an ally to any fighting force, her highly potent skill set and mastery over her powers make her a deadly force to be reckoned with. Personality wise, she could do with some improvements to her personality, towards those who are new to her. It is unclear if she still retains any of PSI's ideals but seems to operate on her own and is quite selective about who she associates with. PRIMUS have had several of the world’s leading Individual Psychology psychologists come and interview her, each leaving in tears or utter confusion. One psychologist who came out relatively unscathed said:

"I haven't much to say. As a fellow psychologist, Dr. Summerstone's research and additions to the psychological society in terms of understanding and knowledge base is irrefutable evidence of her skill and value. Her mental capacity and natural intelligence far exceed and out date anything humans have to offer in terms of understanding off world psychology. Her intricate knowledge of the human mind and the minds of most beings is astounding and such information could be lethal in the wrong hands. Her abilities...well...they definitely speak for themselves." - Dr. Amhari, BSc, MD, PhD

Public Opinions

Ever come across Mentella? Share your opinions here!

"My sister can be difficult to get along with...but once she warms up to you she is probably one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. I'm really glad she is around and that we've once again had plenty of opportunities to work together. At times she can be really...tough to work with but I love her to bits and would do everything in my power to help her. I love seeing her around the sisterhood members it is so nice to see her relax for once!" - ForceGirl

"Wow..Mentella is annoyingly intelligent…and she always is right, it’s hard not to get annoyed at her especially when she makes sarcastic comments ya know? Despite our rough relationship with each other, I find it odd…but I like her, she's reliable, insanely powerful…like WOW! And in the end, she'll always pull through. Oh yeah and a tip for any agent, hero or whatever reading this...DON'T irritate so and you'll probably end up in a coma at the very least, trust me, I've seen it happen." - Black Diamond

"She is an extremely powerful individual, and a skilled Astral Combatant. She is without a doubt a sought after asset to any team, and is quickly able to turn the tables upon her foes with but a thought. I have a deep respect for her. Although tis not apparent at first, Mentella is caring and uses her skills and resources to aid others." - CharmCaster

"I hate her; she constantly refuses to team up with me! Together we could rule PSI! I told her time and time again to ditch the hope of trying to convert Psion and just stick with me! Together with her power and my New Purple Gang we could rule Millennium City! But nooo…she HAS to go and make me mad by declining my offers AND handing my ass to me and my boys in public, she's such a b[---CENSORED--]." - Kevin Poe

"Are you -certain- she will NOT see this? ...Fine I will be honest...I-I have deep affection for her…I really do but I cannot STAND to see her waste her vast potential playing second fiddle to that chump Defender and his RIDICULOUS Champion Team! I have resolved to do whatever it takes to get her to see sense and join me once more! If it takes ripping apart this life she has constructed for herself…and her –precious- Sisterhood, then so be it!!" - Psion The Psinister

"My eldest sister? She's super protective, anything I need help with and BAM! She's there; I can't even begin to tell you how many times she has saved my life! Sure she can be difficult to deal with, over protective but I'm sure she means well. As for her power...yeah...I don't even know where to begin with that one...I mean I tried to measure her psychic potential and the amount of energy she accidentally released fried all my equipment and I haven't been able to get that lab back online since...and then she tells me she has more energy than that point I sort of backed off and said, she basically has no limit, she's an unrivaled telepath but she's also a fantastic sister!" - Techna Ology

"Mentella...hmm...she is a powerful psionic, I know she holds back when fighting humans, I can feel it... and she is difficult enough to stalemate when fighting her. If only she was fighting with me instead of against...we could rule everything. Her Astral projection and fighting skills are not like anything I have ever encountered before. She may be in fact one of the very few beings alive who I am truly fearful of, even though I possess a mind as great as my own." - Menton

"Mentella? She is a very good teacher and didn't hold back in putting me through my paces when I was training for DE:LTA service. I owe her a lot, with the situation with my father and everything, I'm happy to be on Earth and away from him. She is very demanding but it's for a good reason, no one fails in her institute, like ever. At first I hated her, she was so rude and cold, hell, I would have warmed up to Kontrol instead of Mentella if I could have at first. But as time went on she really changed, as I got better she got nicer. What I don't get is how she and Kontrol are doesn't seem to make sense. When I asked her about it she simply said: "Kontrol and I think on a different level to everyone else, that is why we can be friends." ominous or what right? All in all, Mentella doesn't pull her punches when she is training you, the Summerstone regimen is not for the faint hearted, I am still wondering how the HELL I did it." - Joule

Personal Experiences File

After 56 different messages left on the Summerstone Academy answer machine, Mentella finally gave in and provided an opinion on some of the people she has worked with in the past.

ForceGirl - "Su is my younger sister, she has always been quite shy and reserved, however over the years she has slowly overcome her shy tendencies and has really applied herself. Her work as an experimental physicist and a cosmologist have made her recognized within the scientific community. She is the proprietor of ForceTech Industries and has had an active hand in several superhuman teams during her time on Earth, going by the alias of ForceGirl. Although she does not want to accept it, she does, much like myself, receive attention but for the most part, prefers to focus on other aspects of her life. Apart from my youngest sister and Psion, Su is the only other being alive who knows me very well. I can trust her with anything and I will always value her input and assistance. I'd truly trust her with my life if need be. In addition to being my sister, she is also one of my best friends. Working alongside her when teaching or in more pressing situations, never fails to remind me and even herself that she is quite capable, deadly even, when necessary."

Techna Ology - "J'asira is the youngest of us. As the youngest sibling, looking out for her was my primary task. I am extremely proud of her as a person and for the amount she has accomplished in her life so far, something which I hope will continue. Although she may not realize it, Techna is incredibly gifted and powerful in her own right as well as achieving a well known status in her fields of research, which much like Su is related to the study of Experimental Physics and is one of the leading experts in alien weaponry recovery and inner workings. She currently serves as the CEO of ForceTech Industries and works alongside my other sister. Whilst she is still young, J'asira has developed a wide variety of uses for her abilities and it has become exceedingly rare to see her without her robotic army or outside of the lab. She takes great pride in her work and enjoys being able to help out where she can."

Black Diamond - "'BD' as she has dubbed herself, is an opinionated person. Although we have frequent disagreements over matters both inside and outside of heroics. She will always be ready to back me up at a moment’s notice. She is, like all my Summerstones sisterhood members, a truly remarkable person and indeed a force to be reckoned with. We are good friends however, despite our frequent arguments. I am glad to be able to call her an ally and a trusted friend. BD, can be trying at times but ultimately we resolve our differences and get on with our lives. I've actually had the pleasure of fighting alongside her, her sheer power and unyielding diamond form is truly wonderful to watch. To know that such a force is fighting alongside you is truly a privilege."

CharmCaster - "Admittedly at first, I was not especially keen to have a magic user as part of the Sisterhood, due to my own previous encounters with the Arcane Arts. However in a relatively short amount of time I was glad I took my sisters advice to take a chance on CharmCaster. I have absolutely no regrets in offering her a place in the Sisterhood. She is truly mysterious, due to her being from another dimension and her life being as long as it has been, delving into her mind is a truly eye opening experience, over the countless ages she has lived through and will no doubt continue to live through she has experienced so much. Her mystical assistance in many different disasters and situations has been a great help. I enjoy watching her bend the rules of reality with her magic, and consistently confounding my two other sisters advanced scientific knowledge. I enjoy her company and her work and her ability to assist the Sisterhood in matters of the arcane have been much appreciated. She is a fantastic individual, slightly odd but nevertheless fantastic."

Bionic Bullet - "I first met Agent Rochinaff, under unusual circumstances as she had been apprehended after attempting to kill my sister. She was a notorious assassin and had worked for a wide range of organizations across the planet, ranging from the CIA initially to DEMON and other villainous organizations. Her reputation and efficiency had caught the attention of VIPER and she was contracted to assassinate a thorn in VIPER's side (Dr. Su Summerstone). After she went through my re-education process and joined UNTIL, she slowly became an amiable person and after reconciling with my sister, joined my sisterhood. Although we by no means met on the best terms, she is a valued friend and part of my sisterhood."

Menton - "Ah, Alejandro Medina...I respect his power; however I do grow tired of his constant threats of defeating me. He knows he is incapable of doing so; however his power level is extremely impressive for the limitations of the human mind. His mind is strong enough to resist the usual level of mind control I would use to subdue a foe which is impressive. Although powerful, he is sloppy and a little reckless when it comes to villainous feats of psionic power, I believe if someone were to...fine tune him he'd be a greater threat. Do I fear him? Of course not, however, appreciation for his psionic talents aside, he is in fact a rather lewd and underhanded individual, his way of dealing with people is highly disturbing. The influence he holds behind the scene is a surprise to most. Regardless he is frankly a "scumbag", the sooner he is rendered comatose the better."

Medusa - "I detest this woman. She disgusts me in every way possible, she slept around with high ranking PSI Mentalists when I was in PSI and also took steps to expose her own partner Sebastian Poe, whilst having an affair with Psimon. However, despite my hate for her, in an odd way,I am grateful to her. If she did not hate me as much as she did, I would have never formed the Summerstone Sisterhood or Academy and would likely still be in PSI, which was starving under her incredible inability to lead. Medusa, as far as I am concerned, is a pathetic excuse for a mentalist and a human. Her stupidity is honestly baffling, she had the audacity to stage an assault on my academy whilst I was alone, and needless to say I enjoyed her little visit. She is the only person I am aware of who has undergone surgical procedures to hold Psimon's attention, in addition to the strange charm she seems to hold over him. Although, if someone was unfortunate enough to look like her, I would not blame them for having surgery. And yes, she does owe her current baldness to me. She foolishly attempted an astral duel with me, I merely incapacitated her and it fried part of her feeble mind, causing her hair to fall out and the follicles on her scalp to close up. To this day it is something she continues to hate me for."

Psimon - "Simon Bell, has completely fallen head over heels for the charms of a much older woman, known to most as Medusa. His misguided thinking is a result of Medusa's intervention and being consumed by his own power. However, with Medusa currently rotting away in Stronghold, he is actually quite a decent leader for PSI, he is skilled in tactical thinking and is relatively powerful. I cannot help but to think of him as a shame, he could have done other more productive things with his powers. He is playing a dangerous game with Medusa and Mind Slayer, both are attracted to him and both are prepared to fight to the death. As much as I hate Medusa, she could stand a chance at winning such a fight, but the turmoil it would cause for PSI would cause it to fall apart from the inside out."

Mind Slayer - "Apart from being my first ever true student, Stacy is in need of direction. She hides behind her "tough psychokinetic assassin" mask which she wears as a constant front to shield her true self from others. She has had a history of abuse, which only increased somewhat when her powers manifested. When joining PSI she would spend lengthy periods of time under the "enhancements" of Sebastian and "help" by other PSI mentalists. Along with Evan Fox and Psion, I was the only other mentalist there who truly wanted to help her, however the sessions with Sebastian and Medusa sent her over the edge, warping her already fragile mind. Beneath the mask she wears is the same little girl she was years ago. However, whilst I sympathize with her current state, she is for all intents and purposes a killer and I will not hesitate to take her down if and when the opportunity presents itself."

Kevin Poe - "A sad little man with delusions of overthrowing PSI, Psimon, Mind Slayer and Medusa. His ambition whilst interesting in its implications, is not very well thought out and as a result is poorly executed. He has a number of internalized issues with his father which he needs to overcome. He wastes his time, resources and power as a villain and has thus far turned out to be the "whipping boy" of the high threat villains in Millennium. For someone with enhanced brain capacity and natural intelligence, you'd expect better of him.."

Psion The Psinister - "I refuse to make a statement about this man."

Kontrol - "A truly interesting individual, her mind is a mass of knowledge, integrated technology and numbers. Remarkably intelligent for a human and always as her name states, is in control of the situations she finds herself in. I enjoy working with Kontrol, despite the minor differences of opinion we may have from time to time. Although not a psionic herself, she exhibits an impressive level of brain function control, forcing her enemies to do a variety of things. In a could be viewed as a scientific approach to mind control. Kontrol is no longer an active member in Delta after resigning a few years ago but continues to have a hand in the world of meta human assignment elsewhere."

Variant - "I have worked with him before and his abilities are very impressive. Previously known as 'Vitality', he now goes by 'Variant' after enduring a series of events. Despite this change in identity he continues to do his best to work towards be a hero and saving those in danger with a much more...realistic aim in mind."

Speed - "Speed, truly lives up to his name, in every sense of the word. Having worked with him before, I know he is quite the "womanizer". He has a highly developed sense of self and places high value on his outward appearance. Whilst he claims that he is "too sexy for anyone" and is not truly interested in any woman, I have read his mind whilst I was in his presence, his thoughts with regard me are very flattering, he isn't really my type. My presence seems to distract him somewhat, much to the amusement of others and indeed myself. He maintains he is not really interested in me, however his glances and outright ogling during the few missions we have done, seems to suggest otherwise…"

Sarge - "Sarge is a man of experience and is one of the few people who has my genuine respect. Upon my first encounter with him, I was surprised to find his brainwave patterns were that of an average human; however this didn't seem to hinder him in anyway alongside his fellow super powered allies. His marksman ship is probably the best I have seen to date. His tactical ingenuity is first class, I can only imagine what an asset he is to DE:LTA. Whilst I haven't worked with him much, the sense of being a dependable person seems to be a resonating feature within him. His no nonsense mind-set is a trait I find highly commendable, and no doubt comes from experience."

Cliff-Side - "In some ways he reminds me of Black Diamond at least in the sense of his ability to transform into a natural element. I haven't actually had the pleasure of working with him in a combat situation; however I am happy to have him as an ally. He is a relatively happy individual, who still is somewhat in a "daze" with regard to the loss of his sister and birth of D.A.W.N., however he finds the surfacing of her personality very heart warming and promising."

Cavalier - "Despite his penchant for acting like a 'hothead' Cavalier, for the most part, is an agreeable person to be around. Apart from being an incredible fighter, he is also an extremely driven individual and places a high value on loyalty to his friends, something which is a respectable yet rarely seen trait amongst the heroes around today. His intense dislike of Psion is, to an extent understandable and by no means unfounded but it has more than once been a cause for concern."

Spectrum - "Spectrum is a pleasant and experienced individual who has managed to find a place once again within Delta. Much like the rest of his team Spectrum is well trained and continues to work hard to overcome obstacles which he faces, a task made easier with his fairly recent relationship with fellow Delta member and ex-student of mine Psirus. Earlier on in his career as a super hero, I was involved in helping him hone his extended abilities as well as helping him through a traumatic experience in his life at that point in time."

Psirus - "Jimar is pleasant individual and a peacemaker in a general sense. As a student of mine, he was adept at quelling heated situations and was the last to use his abilities in an offensive or threatening manner. He has shown himself to be a team player and enjoys the thought of being something which helps to keep a team together or promotes the spirit of the team. As an Empath, Jimar does his best to understand others and their actions and does well as a mediator. A few months ago, he found himself in a position to join Delta and was accepted into the group. I wish him all the best and applaud Delta's well informed decision to have him onboard as a member."

D.A.W.N. - "Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to work with her. From the memories of Kontrol, I was surprised to discover what had taken place, however my full memory analysis was cut short by enemy fire, as a result I have an incomplete record of events resulting in DAWN's current existence. However I am aware of a few pieces of information regards her psyche transfer. I would like to work with her to perhaps learn more about DAWN and perhaps offer my assistance, as I am rather adept in the matters of the mind."

Joule - "As expected Joule has been welcomed into DE:LTA, albeit somewhat reluctantly on Agent Kontrol's part, even though I filed several reports notifying her of my intentions. I am still in the process of writing up her report; Joule should be assisting me early next week, before I depart to sort out a few matters. I would urge DE:LTA to understand that Joule is still quite young and will continue to grow. Joule has a bad habit of blaming herself for the failure of anything she is involved in even if she had no possible means of controlling the situation. Joule is capable of high telepathic resistance, courtesy of my training and her ability to manipulate her bio-electricity. After the funding for DE:LTA was cut by UNTIL, Joule, somewhat enamored with the notion of a super team, joined the rest of her team mates in forming Delta."

Protogen - "Darren Moriarty's mind is like a steel trap for an amateur psychic, and has the capacity to effectively "drown" a telepath in a sea of memories and a broken patchwork of thoughts from every encounter he has had. Thankfully, that is not the case with someone such as myself, however accessing his past was a challenging one using non-invasive telepathy, whilst his mind exists in many, many different levels it is somewhat fragile. I recently found him in my apartment surrounded by bottles of alcohol, after a quick scan of his mind threw a stream of broken memories my way one including my sister, I set to work digging through his mind, sifting out anything which had no relation to my sister. I had to keep him in the vicinity to avoid accidental psyche damage; I have no reason to attach myself to such an individual without personal gain. After piecing together memories, I was able to see he had worked with my sister ForceGirl on a project before and had acquired the technology for himself. I'm currently keeping tabs on this individual, should my sister ask for his whereabouts. His increasing feelings for my sister continue to amuse me."

PsychBlade - "Violet Hyrulian is an exceptional student of mine and I believe her skills have greatly increased under my tutelage. Her genetics show that she is a human mutant with latent psychic energy, which manifested itself originally as low level Psychokinetic and very weak Telepathic abilities. She was picked up by the criminal Mentalist organization known as PSI early on and was given the Psi Serum which greatly enhanced her mental abilities and she was trained to exert herself in the presence of other mentalists and as a result flourished. However her talent came at a cost, her mind had been twisted beyond belief, she was effectively their puppet, and a powerful one at that, her psychokinetic abilities had grown to the extent that she could manifest weaponry and other constructs to assault her foes, much like Mind Slayer can. I first encountered her as PSLICER, her PSI dubbed name, as a field agent who was attacking an UNTIL stronghold, a member of her team attempted to scan my mind and as a result was rendered unconscious. Needless to say, it was an admirable effort on her part but she was subdued quickly enough. After scanning her mind, I saw the amount of damage which had been done to her psyche; taking pity on her I contacted her on the astral plane whilst undoing the damage to her psyche. Offering her a chance to redeem herself and fine tune her abilities with the eventual goal of utilizing them as a force for good, was the first step to her recovery. Even though at times it was trying, I do not regret having been able to save her, she has turned out very well and her abilities have increased considerably under my direction. She is currently one of the students on the Alternative Placement Program at The Summerstone Academy."

Kr'anri - "Kr'anri is perhaps one of the most adaptable students I've had the pleasure of teaching, in terms of dealing with various obstacles and challenges that she has faced both during her training and during her time with Delta. Kr'anri is an intelligent individual who possesses the ability to rapidly learn skills she is exposed to that are within her capacity to accomplish. She is quite perceptive and even without the use of her psychic abilities, she is somewhat sensitive to the way she is treated and understands matters more than most give her credit for. Despite her species being engineered for warfare, the base principles and ideals of a social system were instilled within the makeup of the Prosythians. As a result she is a highly social person and will readily draw close to those who she sees as appealing. Her journey to where she is now, has not been without incident, despite this she has found a place for herself within Delta and enjoys fighting alongside them. She has formed strong friendships within her social groups, in particular with Solaris and has even taken a shine to the recently reformed Psion The Psinister. Kr'anri's fierce determination and natural abilities are two of her defining attributes that allow her to take on highly threatening scenarios despite her size."


I'm working on getting some art done for all of my characters, so more artwork to come soon! I'm very grateful to have had these pieces done by members of our lovely community who I am happy to call my friends!

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