Meggido-Briars Test

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Meggido-Briars Test
MP MP Test.jpg
Item Data
Known Aliases: None
Item Type: Confidential
Creator: Doctor Meggido and Dr. Anthony Briars
Creation Date: Confidential
Known Owners: Doctor Meggido and Dr. Anthony Briars
Item Speciality: Measures of desire and ethic
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A

A controversial behavioral test designed by noted super genius Doctor Meggido and Dr. Anthony Briars to measure a subject's ability to grasp the responsibility of super powers and administer them in an ethically and morally sound way.

The test charts a linear line through an X-Y axis, where X equals the person's desire for super human abilities and Y equals the way in which those abilities would be utilized. Results are expressed in fractional terms, with each integer ranging from 1 (nearly absent) to 50 (overwhelmingly present). The base line, i.e. a human with no desire for powers and morally and ethically neutral about them, would be expressed as 0/0. By contrast, a medium-powered super villain might score 25/-25. Their desire for powers would be great, and their lack of concern for the moral implications of their actions would be mirrored in the negative score. The test is controversial because it skews morally and ethically for mutants and other beings who were born with powers.

Currently, the test is widely administered by corporations developing super powered programs, as well as many government-sponsored programs. Its accuracy has been challenged by Doctor Silverback, Senator Calvin Wertham (D, New York), and other public figures.

Recently, it has come under further controversy when, during a PR event, Sapphire, amongst other prominent superheroes, underwent the behavioral test. Her score was 47/-39, bordering on the ethical range Dr. Destroyer is estimated to lie within, prompting a minor outcry for the re-evaluation of various criteria the test examines from various interest groups. In a television interview later the same month, Sapphire expressed little interest in discussing her score or the resultant uproar, quoted as saying "It's just a silly test. I don't see what the big deal is."