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Manhunter (IV)
Player: @Bluegrass_Beast
Manhunter PRIMUS.jpg
"I deal in blood, balls, and bullets, babe."
Character Build
Class Focus: Avenger
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Madeleine "Maddie" Lee Montgomery
Known Aliases: "Mad Dog Maddie", "Mad the Impaler", "The Death Dealer", "The Six-Gun Siren"; numerous others
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Irish/French
Place of Birth: Lexington, KY
Base of Operations: Millenium City, MI
Relatives: None
Age: 30
Height: 6'0
Weight: You want shot, sug?
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Extensive tattoos, thick Dixie drawl
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 10
Citizenship: American citizen
Occupation: Bounty Hunter and Mercenary
Education: High School Diploma
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Genius-level intelligence, extensive training with conventional firearms, remarkable tenacity and willpower
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Twin Colt Peacemakers, light body armor, grapple-gun
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Following a legacy dating back to the days of the Old West, Manhunter is the fourth woman of her family to bear the title, having taken up the mantle from her predecessor who was lost in the Battle of Detroit. Relying on nothing more than a brilliant intellect and a peerless skill with conventional firearms, more than one supercriminal has learned the hard way that sometimes all one needs to thrive in a world of would-be demigods and omnicidal maniacs is a heaping helping of blood, balls, and bullets and the knowledge of how to use them.


The original Manhunter was a figure of fear and legend in the days of the Old West; Brigid McManus was the lover of one Reno Randall, the mayor of the small town of Burnside, New Mexico; when he was murdered viciously by a band of outlaws she took up guns and a mask to seek revenge in a bloody vengeance ride before moving eastward, finally finding solace and settling down,dying in her bed with her paired Peacemakers long-since hung up for good.

They would remain so until the rise of organized crime in the wake of Prohibition and the Great Depression, when McManus' granddaughter Elizabeth Dawson found herself facing the same sad tale as her storied grandmother when her policeman husband was gunned down by mobsters in Chicago; taking up the mantle and revolvers of her grandmother, she became the second Manhunter; she cut a bloody swath through the gangs of Chicago and then Detroit before heading across the Atlantic, gunning down Nazis and facing the Third Reich's ubermensch until the Allies' victory. Her career ended with the rise of McCarthyism and the Red Scare; like her predecessor she too faded into anonymity and settled down,stored her grandmother's pistols, and raised a family with a second husband. Once more the mantle of the Manhunter slept - and it would sleep for the better part thirty years.

Dominique Montgomery needed no grand tragedy or lost love to inspire her to become the third Manhunter. Discovering the uniform and pistols of her predecessor in an old trunk during the settling of her grandmother Elizabeth's estate, the young woman dove into the "family business" with a passion. She turned her experience as a Detroit police detective to the task of dealing with those criminals who felt they were "above the law," operating outside the system to bring down those who did the same. She was eventually caught and discreetly ousted from the force; afterward she turned to bounty hunting and morally-grey mercenary work to make a living. Though never wholly on the side of the angels she was considered more heroine than villainess in the final accounting; the third Manhunter gave her life to protect a group of trapped civilians as they evacuated the city in the Battle of Detroit.

Madeleine Montgomery was the daughter of Dominique's "wild-child" younger sister Jessica, born in Lexington, KY in 1983; breech-born six weeks premature in the middle of the night, Maddie has since joked "I came out on my own time, showin' the world just what I thought of it"; her attitude has not changed as she matured; dissatisfaction and alienation brought on by the isolation of her genius lead her to act out; she spent her childhood making life difficult for her single mother, running with rough crowds, partying late, and developing an unhealthy love of alcohol and firearms. Her teenaged years faded into a haze of sex, bourbon, and southern rock'n'roll. By eighteen her mother had disowned her in despair; by twenty she had found a niche - taking up her late aunt's mantle as the fourth (and current) Manhunter. Operating from a cozy penthouse in Millennium City, she has spent the last decade following in her predecessors' footsteps.

Manhunter Legacy.jpg

       Manhunter I                     Manhunter II                   Manhunter III 

Current Sketch

The fourth Manhunter worked quietly and largely off-the-radar for the majority of her career, only coming to prominence during the Qularr invasion of 2009 when she drifted into the streets and began laying out the invaders like something out of an old Western; in the aftermath her career and prominence exploded. From a grim street war in the blighted and benighted slums of Westside and hunting demonic forces (and the occasional extraterrestrial menace) in Canada as a compensated freelancer for Steelhead to hunting the most dangerous of game on Monster Island and bloody supernatural gangland battles in Vibora Bay, the sultry Six-Gun Siren has left a swath of destruction a mile wide in her wake. By now comfortably wealthy, she continues to take new assignments for the white and the grey element for the thrills, too reckless and vicious to be called a true hero by most but with enough good deeds (and not enough proof to link her to unsavory ones) to keep her on the side of the angels in the public consensus.

Skills & Equipment

Genius-level Intelligence - One won't find Maddie making super-science gadgets or powered armor, but she sits very high on the human scale for cognitive capabilities. Her perception and spatial awareness are accordingly impressive, and she reads body language and emotions expertly. Given how fast she can process information in combination with her firearms training, she can accomplish feats of gunplay that seem almost superhuman. She is also an excellent tracker and a more-than-capable detective.

Conventional Firearms Training - Although she prefers her revolvers, there are few conventional firearms Maddie isn't versed in the expert use of. She dislikes automatic weapons as a rule, however.

Tenacity and Willpower - Partly out of pride, partly out of stubbornness, and partly out of sheer bloody-minded cussedness, Maddie's a hard person to keep down. Despite being only human she can withstand an impressive amount of punishment and come back shooting, and more than one target has been dismayed to find how hard it is to shake her from a trail once she has the scent.

The Firewatch Initiative

During a recent hostage-liberation assignment in Vibora Bay being overseen by Firewatch, the Manhunter crossed paths with Nadya Romanova while on an unrelated assignment. In one of her somewhat-unpredictable whims of heroism, Montgomery took time to aid the hostages being held by the Dogz on her way to delivering a severe thrashing to their leader Black Fang on behalf of Guy Sweetland; it earned her an invite to the group of charitable mercs, and for reasons known only to herself, she accepted.

Time will tell how this plays out...

Liath firewatch 150.png




The Knight-Ryder Rodeo Gang: A band of outlaws, thieves,and thugs with a sense of the dramatic and ties to the same events that spawned the first Manhunter, this cadre of criminals disguises their movements as a simple traveling rodeo,and have clashed with the fourth Manhunter repeatedly. They have gone through numerous leaders to date, from the deranged rodeo clown Boot Hill Bill, to Maddie's own alternate-dimension double the "Multifarian Manhunter" and now the thuggish,demon-possessed Longhorn. To date they have never taken the hint and left the hot-tempered mercenary in peace, no matter how many of these rodeo crooks she guns down or how many of their leaders she sees incarcerated.

Fan Art


Manhunter posing for her spread in Hot Lead Magazine,

With immense thanks to Agent Canada (linework) and Jerax1011 (colors)!