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The Arcanist
Magic Girl
The Purple Sorceress
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Too all my fans and friends. A smooch for keeping me on my feet and motivating me to be a better hero!
Player: @webclim5er45
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Super Group
Young Champions
· Other Affiliations ·
UNTIL, PRIMUS, Trismegistus Council, UNITY
Real Name
Kal-llen, Slave, Minion, Arkana, Magic, Magic Girl, Little Wizard, Witch, Purple Sorceress, Mystic Girl, Amy Welsh, The Purple Comet, Little One, Child, Kid, Lass, Red Comet, Phoenix Joanie, The Arcanist Magic Girl, The Supreme Magic Girl, Magic Maiden
Millennium City
Mystic Sanctum
High School Student, Magic Student (formerly), Bartender (formerly), Baby Sitter (Formerly)
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Demenstra (Mother), Joe Martini (Adopted Uncle)
Physical Traits
Homo Magi
Apparent Age
120 Ibs
Body Type
Fit, No Visible Muscle
Brown (Purple when Magic Girl, formerly Black)
Blue (Purple when Magic Girl, formerly Grey-ish White)
Caucasian (formerly Purple)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Durability, Various Magical Abilities, Accelerated and Regenerative Healing Factor, Flight, Invulnerability, Slowed-Aging
· Equipment ·
Holy Water (For Demon-Focused Missions)
· Other Abilities ·
Mastered Several Forms of Martial Arts


Kal-llen also known as "Magic Girl" on the planet, Earth has been living there for a total of two years and can't believe how far her heroic actions have taken her. Kal-llen was born on the planet, Artisan slave, minion, and servant of her mother Demenstra who was the planets supreme ruler and king ever since her husband fled to pursue bigger and better things. Kal-llen at the time was always miserable wanting to flee from all the torture she went through day and night every night it was the same clean the dungeons, torture chambers, and clean the bloody weapons left behind by dead soldiers and gladiators in annual (sometimes daily) cage matches. One day there would be a decision that would change Kal-llen's life forever.
Kal-llen's true appearance on Artisan
The "castle" in which Kal-llen's mother, Demenstra resides

Kal-llen was called down to her mother's office for a very important conversation. Kal-llen would walk into her mother's office and see a local citizen of Artisan chained to her "Kingsman" chair arm rest saying that she had one chance to prove herself and be free of all this slave labor explaining that the chained citizen robbed a local store and he must be punished so one of Demenstra's guards hands Kal-llen a sword ordering her to chop the man's head off, but Kal-llen couldn't she wouldn't take the life of someone else's just to be free. Demenstra was giving Kal-llen one last chance before she would have on of her guards chop off Kal-llen's head instead Kal-llen would get so mad at her mother that her hands would glow a purple color while also discharging strange arcane symbols Kal-llen would shoot her hands up and fire a blast of unknown energy at her mother, in a matter of seconds Demenstra would order her guards to seize Kal-llen and she would soon make a quick getaway by flying through the roof of her mother's office, escaping the guards.

Kal-llen would use her new flying ability to fly at supersonic speed to the nearest planet. Earth. Kal-llen would reach Earth's atmosphere at soon catch on fire passing out due to the intense heat and crash land near the house of Joe Martini, bartender at the local nightclub Club Caprice. He would take in the young Kal-llen and raise her as his own. Kal-llen over the course of months would grow into a healthy young girl. Her purple skin, black hair, and grey eyes would soon disappear and give her the appearance of human she would now have brown hair, blue eyes, and her skin would be that of a Caucasian male or woman's. Kal-llen would also become a part-time bartender at Club Caprice before finally quitting that job to become a superhero under the name, Arkana at the time to help those in need. Over the years Arkana would adopt the new name of Magic Girl due to her learning many new powers and abilities.

Also while living on Earth, Magic Girl adopted the human name of Amy Welsh she thought this was necessary due to the fact that Earth has been invaded by many different alien races and thought it wouldn't be a smart idea to be called "Kal-llen" in public, thinking it doesn't sound like a human name and if anyone were to call her that then UNTIL and or PRIMUS would be after her.
Kal-llen as "Amy Welsh" going to Westside High

Beginner's Start

Magic Girl or at this time Arkana, got her start in Vibora Bay also known as the Queen City and Hudson City. She worked there mainly because Vibora Bay is where most magic-related cults lied and thought it be a great place to start her hero career which it did. shortly. Arkana relocated to Downtown, Millennium City after the cults in Vibora Bay got too strong for her to handle and since Arkana had a little training on demonic rituals and spells she thought it be easier which it was.
Amy debuting as Arkana in Westside, Millennium City

Joining Teen-Justice and Titan-Brigade

A whole year went by and Arkana thought it be great to get a new name, being unable to think of any good names like Valerian Scarlet so she renamed herself, Magic Girl and became an agent of UNTIL or at least a helping hand due to her being 15 at the time. One day while flying over the hot terrains of the Southwest Desert she noticed to teen heroes like her calling themselves Red Hawke and Supreme Boy where fighting off hordes of zombies mainly referred as "Irradiates" Magic Girl would assist the heroes before eventually joining their team of teenage metahumans called, Teen-Justice.
Magic Girl in her original purple and black costume flexing her girl muscles. Original: 2011-2013

Over the course of months Teen-Justice became inactive so much that Magic Girl and several other heroes left the group to create a new one called, Titan-Brigade. Titan-Brigade would be a more active supergroup then Teen-Justice but sadly the group disbanded near the end of 2011 never to be seen again and of course Magic Girl would operate as a solo hero again.

Magic Girl and the Mentor

Magic Girl soon got herself a mentor by the name of Guru who studied many forms magic but his primary form of magic was voodoo due to him being an African whos been studying ever since he was a kid. After he moved to Millennium City and noticed many of Magic Girl's actions and past life a superhero he decided to be a mentor for her being that shes still young and has a lot to learn. Magic Girl studied with Guru for a year until finally graduating but still having to work alongside him with any magic-related threats.


Magic Girl has been through alot ever since fleeing from her home, becoming a superhero, and so on. She is still adjusting to Earth's customs so far her hero career has made her famous her actions are often printed in the papers and reported on the daily news. She continues to search for an active supergroup while also advancing in the ranks of being a "hero" she still worries of her mother possibly coming to Earth and destroying everything in sight to find and kill her. Magic Girl has made alot of friends on Earth and her one TRUE weaknesses is the loss and failure of all her friends.

After many years of wearing the same purple and black costume, Magic Girl redesigns her suit to reflect a "lighter side" and so swapped the black with white and brought a white version of the black boots she wears. Magic Girl has also been recruited by Dr. White of UNTIL to join UNITY and aid in their fight against villainy, she also joined the Trismegistus Council as a young mage that can led a hand in any magic-related events and crisis's.

Welcome to the Young-Champions

Magic Girl has recently joined a new super group consisting of young teenage heroes, proclaimed "Sidekicks" of several well known Champions within Millennium City. Magic Girl joined the group after hearing word from her dear friend, Strike, a fellow teen with electricity-manipulating powers. Recruited by team leaders Aegis and Guy Dangerous, Magic Girl aids the team in any magic-related crisis's or events.

Magic Girl/Young-Champions Part 1: Battle in SPACCEEE!!!! (Nem Con)

Magic Girl and Young-Champions members Psion, Claw, Brickfist, and Solar, wake up trapped in cages and are held against their will and Magic Girl immediately knows where she is: the dungeons and torture chambers of Artisan. Her mother Demenstra teamed up with Shadow Destroyer in order to become queen of the Quiphothic Realm and was planning to have Shadow Destroyer become her new husband and king.

Magic Girl and her fellow allies broke free and teamed up to fight their way out of the dungeons past the alien gladiators roaming the massive halls and defeat all the 5 nemesis' that were hired as a distraction just in case the heroes were to break out. First up was Psion's nemesis, Torch Flame he was son defeated and the team progress onto the next super-villain, this time it was Magic Girl's nemesis, Ms. Shadow. She proved almost impossible to beat but she was soon defeated and lastly they proceeded onto villain named, Fangz. After this the team prepared theirselves to fave the final 2 nemesis' and take on the one and only, Shadow Destroyer.

Magic Girl/Young-Champions Part 2: Shadow Destroyer: Defeated! (Nem Con)

After clearing the many halls of the dungeon room of Artisan, Magic Girl and her friends finally make it to Shadow Destroyer's throne where he plans to become ruler of Qliphoth. Magic Girl and her friends with hours of struggling and exhaustion, the team win the battle and are summoned a portal that will take them home to Millennium City. The Next day, Amy sleeps in all day and enjoys her relaxation time without having to wear a purple and white leather uniform with extremely sweaty gloves and boots. Amy had finally defeated her nemesis and Shadow Destroyer from destroying Earth and ruling Qliphoth with an iron fist and creating a new world order, but Magic Girl with the help of the Young-Champions prevented this from happening and so leaving the Earth safe, sound, and relieved from total annihilation.

Ms. Shadow's Last Plot

Ms. Shadow proves to be a true warrior being that she never gives up, Ms. Shadow relocated to Monster Island where she armed a "death ray" to blow up the moon and it was up to Magic Girl to stop her. Magic Girl jets down to Monster Island where she faces her nemesis which she thought she defeated back on Artisan. Magic Girl was objected to saving some kidnapped scientist tasked with applying the finishing touches on the death ray while Ms. Shadow would get a court-side seat to the light show all unfold right before her very eyes.

Magic Girl eventually saves the scientists and goes after the death ray and destroys it before heading for Ms. Shadow who came prepared by using Magic Girl's old spellbook Witchcraft gave her when she was the novice superhero, Arkana to perform a duplication spell to confuse Magic Girl and gain the upper hand. Magic takes a brutal beating before gaining the strength she needed to defeat Ms. Shadow once again and depower her using a PRIMUS-issue, "Power-Destabilizer" and permanently taking away Ms. Shadow's powers and sending her away to Stronghold where she will stay for the rest of her natural born life. Magic Girl eventually fainted from the fatigue she gained after fighting off hordes of Ms. Shadow's men with stoppping for air, but when she woke up in a UNTIL medical station she had new she won from the look on fellow Champions member, Ironclad's face

They Call Me, Terrorknight

On a beautiful Saturday morning calls in and out of police stations, PRIMUS, local news networks and others got a call about a "knight" terrorizing Downtown, Millennium City calling for a hero named, Magic Girl. Amy Welsh a.k.a Magic Girl is sent an email on her Champions Communicator of a new super-villain calling for her to face him after causing a ruckus downtown and calls for only Magic Girl herself to come and face him. She quickly suits up and face the villain and knows about her Artisonian background and claims he from the same planet and that her mother sent him to bring her back home. Magic Girl's eyes widen and asks who is he and the villain in a dark tone-of-voice replies with: "They Call Me, Terrorknight" and the two go on an all-out brawl throughout downtown before he pins Magic Girl to the pavement saying he'll be back for her and her "Team" if they get in the way as well. The villain flies off and Magic Girl regains her footing rubbing her head knowing she had met her new nemesis, Tkbanner.png

New Suit

Magic Girl has been known for her iconic "booty" shorts and belly shirt, but has recently grown tired of it (and so has her team). Magic Girl is too "scantily-clad" wearing an outfit that makes her look like a prostitute so she is ordered to wear something that doesn't draw too much attention to herself and so she spends weeks looking for the right components for her new costume. Eventually she decides to keep the purple and white color scheme and decides to change out the "Arcane" gloves, add white pants and a purple "sash", and reverse the color of her belly shirt and boots to get a truly tremendous costume that makes her look awesome and not as "revealing" as before.
Magic Girl wearing her new suit

Powers and Abilities

Magic Girl using her new power of Illusion to disguise herself as a beautiful Gypsy
  • Superhuman Strength: Magic Girl possesses the ability to lift of to 10 tons or more with her immense levels of super-strength. She has been seen to be able to lift a tank with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed: Probably not on the same level of a speedster, but Magic Girl can run at amazing speeds. Even in heels!
  • Superhuman Agility: Quite simple. Kal-llen has the agility of an Olympic athlete which have been defined as "cat-like"
  • Superhuman Durability: Magic Girl has shown great levels of durability. Being able to get hit by a Mega-Destroid and shake it with ease. As if it were nothing.
  • Arcane Sorcery: It is undetermined wither Kal-llen's magic is earthly or other-worldly, but she has shown tons of knowledge within the Arcane mystical arts. Being able to heal, cast enchantments, and summon golems or other strange creatures.
  • Shape-Shifting Illusions: Magic Girl can disguise herself as anyone using her new shape-shifting power which she learned from an old spellbook she used to carry during her days as Arkana.
  • Accelerated and Regenerative Healing Factor: Magic can heal and regrow limbs in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.
  • Invulnerability: Like most alien races Kal-llen is rendered immune to earthly-made weapons.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Magic Girl does not need to eat or sleep being that her body is constantly supplying her with sustenance, along with getting a boost from the Earth's yellow sun.
  • Longevity: Magic Girl can live practically forever being that its rumored her alien race has survived for millenniums ever since the "Big Bang".
  • Flight: Being that Earth's gravity is considered lighter then the gravity found on Artisan. Magic Girl is capable of flying at supersonic speeds.
  • Amphibious Nature: Magic Girl can breathe under water and on land being that her race is supposedly cross-bred with a mysterious sub-aquatic race of "fish people".
  • Martial Artist: For when just in case her powers were disabled by power-dampeners or were taken away. Magic Girl studied several forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Mystic Sense: Magic Girl can sense the presence and source of magical energies. She can inherently feel magical energy in her vicinity regardless of where it may be present.
  • Unarmed Combat: Magic Girl over a course of time has lost her powers. Alot. During this time period Magic Girl learned hand-to-hand combat for whenever she funds herself in a fight that requires her fists.
  • Slowed Aging: Magic Girl has a slow aging process this is due to her alien physiology. It is said when she arrived on Earth she was 15 in human years and now in 2013 she is just turning 16.
  • The Dragon's Rage: Kal-llen was born with the Ultimate Power of her planet's mythical beast, a dragon named, Sho-Gor. Kal-llen's father supposedly before he fled Artisan offered his daughter up as a sacrifice to have Sho-Gor's soul and power be stored in her heart and body and be there to protect her when there came time Kal-llen couldn't protect herself. Ever since arriving on Earth, Magic Girl has shown great control over Sho-Gor's power.

Former Powers

Danger-Sense: Magic Girl once possessed a "danger-sense" that allowed her sense and avoid certain attacks, but this has slowly faded away over the course of her hero career.

Rogues Gallery

Ms. Shadow: Ms. Shadow aka Hel-Sor was an Amazon-like gladiator who won in every battle that was ever forged. She was chosen by Kal-llen's mother, Demenstra as a worthy opponent to travel to Earth and apprehend Kal-llen now going by the name, Magic Girl. Demenstra bestowed Hel-Sor with the power of darkness which she could use to overwhelm Magic Girl and bring her lifeless body back to her for examination, Demenstra disguised Hel-Sor as a humanoid and gave her a costume and teleported her to Earth to find Magic Girl, she did and the two had their first brawl in Downtown, Millennium City where Hel-Sor now renaming herself Ms. Shadow was defeated and ever since then she started hunting Magic Girl for sport after realizing she was a formidable opponent. Ms. Shadow was finally apprehended and thrown in jail on February 8th, 2014.
The Nemesis of Magic Girl: Ms. Shadow
Terrorknight: Terrorknight has no real name or real background on his past. He is said to be an ancient folktale back on Artisan where a man was horribly disfigured in a accident involving strange radioactive chemicals, he was soon placed in a suit of armor in the guise of a knight and during the the past several years the chemicals started eating away at his brain cells causing him to go insane and later when on a bloody rampage before disappearing into history. He has recently been "awaken" and has become a lot more sane, he soon traveled to Earth after hearing of "magic girl" defeating Artisan's finest warriors, Hel-Sor a.k.a Ms. Shadow. The Terrorknight would soon go to Earth in search for Magic Girl and fight against her to see if she was as powerful as everyone said. She was. Terrorknight soon disappeared with a promise that he will be back and Magic Girl has now made a new nemesis.
Magic Girl's latest nemesis, Terrorknight

The Injustice Association

The Injustice Association was formed by Ms. Shadow to capture and receive Magic Girl. The group has also crossed paths with the Champions and some of Magic Girl's allies.


  • Ms. Shadow: Leader of the Injustice Assosication. Ms Shadow does everything in her power to kill Magic Girl.
  • Giant Cloned Mayor: Giant brain damaged clone of Mayor Biselle
  • Brain Drain: Smarter than the average cookie, so he likes to think. Brain Drain will use his mind to turn the tables on you well before you even know it.
  • Scalpel: Origins and Background are Unknown, but has shown a love for swords and slicing and dicing with them.
  • Gargoyle: The Gargoyle was one of the villains that appeared in the late 1950's and pushed the supercrime problem to such proportions that UNTIL was created.

The New Templars

The New Templars is a new group of villains out to destroy Magic Girl. Formed by new nemesis, Terrorknight, he recruits Green Dragon, Vengeance, Hard Target, and Lethal to exact the girl who threw them in prison.


  • Terrorknight: New super-villain in Millennium City who formed the Templars to get the previous villains who got thrown in jail by the Purple Sorceress, Magic Girl to have their chance at revenge.
  • Green Dragon: Villainous kung fu master who's an anti-Western bigot.
  • Vengeance: A strange super-villain who is said to use her powers of Telekinesis to tap into the mind of others while also being able to create mental constructs such as psionic walls and swords.
  • Hard Target: A merc for hire, he's been in the business for awhile now, and that should tell you something! Very few people can survive more than a few years in this deadly profession. Hard Target is a trigger man with an impressive kill list; he'll get the job done on time and under budget.
  • Lethal: A former British secret agent, Lethal went rogue from MI-6 a few years ago and went into business for herself. In that short time she has become a force to be reckoned with.


Magic Girl tries to dress nice on special occasions
Dark Magic and Shadow Magic: The only well known weakness of Magic Girl is her vulnerability to dark magic. Ms. Shadow was quite a challenge when her and Magic Girl first met due to Ms. Shadow using her shadow powers to steal Magic Girl's life energy and leaving her unable to heal herself. It has also been shown Magic Girl can pass out and possibly die if her life energy is completely drained.
Selfie! White and Purple redesign: 2013-2014

Magic Girl's iTunes

Even though fans exaggerate her look, Magic Girl loves to meet a fan

1.David Guetta - Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj

2.Selena Gomez - Magic

3.Owl City - Fireflies

4.Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

5.Alicia Keys - It's On Again (from The Amazing Spider-Man 2) ft. Kendrick Lamar


  • Magic Girl is NOT and should NOT be confused with Japanese "Magical Girls" despite her ironic superhero name
  • The name for Magic Girl's planet was found on a HP printer
  • Magic Girl has went through many incarnations. Some including a half-bug half-phoenix called Phoenix Joanie, a Shazam-like hero where she turns into an adult to get her powers where at the time she was mostly known as, Mystic Girl.
  • Magic Girl was 15 when I created her back 2011 and two years pass and she just turns 16 instead of 17. This is a hint that Magic Girl has a slowed-aging process.
  • Magic Girl is a TREMENDOUS singer. Her voice has reached notes that would take ordinary humans years of experience and practice to reach. She plans to be a singer if she quits the hero career.
  • Kal-llen is NOT a fan of masks, so she suppresses her purple magical energy to turn her brown hair, purple and her blue eyes, purple as well. Along with adding purple makeup.
  • Magic Girl's sexuality is quite questionable. She has shown to be interested in both guys and girls but doesn't classify herself as bisexual. She is most likely bi-curious or Pansexual
    Magic Girl keeps her cherished Amazon Armor in a display case in her Mystic Sanctum
  • Can be jokey and one to throw out wise-cracks when she's bored or needs to lighten the mood of things
  • Claims there is a comic book about her named, The Arcanist Magic Girl and a comic book about her super group named, The Mighty Young-Champions
  • Her full human name is, Amanda Elena Welsh
  • Kal is Amy's first name and llen is her last name for her alien name.
  • Once owned a magical Earth golem named, Rocky
  • Magic Girl's current clothing is quite revealing but she shakes it off as "Its not like I'm showing cleave" and as well as it allows for more movement, flexibility, and more comfortable when she hides it under her street clothes.
  • Magic Girl is a fan of Sapphire's music and had her first costume modeled after her.

Thoughts On......

  • Boys: "Boy can be cool and some can be annoying, either way most of them try to shove off their Alpha Boy behavior when in front of girls and to me its quite sad. Strength isn't everything but I guess that's what they mean when a boy's brain operates differently then a girl's. The also tend to stink and only be there to lean on your shoulder whenever your sad and depressed other then that there off doing something else. Not all boys are like this, just some".

  • Girls: "Girls are practically best friends with every female they encounter, which is good. I rarely have time to talk with any of the female members on the The Team because their always out hanging with their friends, boyfriends/and or girlfriends, or tending to their duties at school or work. I haven't dated many girls but they can be aggressive (at least the ones I have dated) and for that I try to keep some boys in line in case they do piss off the girls in Young-Champions".

  • Sex: "I haven't had sex before but I know it must be amazing if in all those movies, the guy and girl can never keep their eyes off each other. Its almost like their souls are connecting and they just shared an invigorating experience together, I am yet to decide who I have my "first time" with but I know I best be ready cause if not then I'm bound to look and feel stupid".

  • Robert Caliburn: "Caliburn is a real pain in the ass. I hate his Magnum Mage title because Magic shouldn't be combined with guns, ex-Vietnam veteran or not its just too stupid. I still can't believe he even wields the Flame Gem. One of the four Gems of Elemental Order or whatever its called".

  • Witchcraft: "Shes a kind, sweet, and sexy woman (Don't tell her I said that!) She really has a way with magic especially when she has an insane sister constantly teaming up with the lamest super-villains in Millennium City. I mean seriously she makes Foxbat look cooler by comparison. Anywho, yeah Witchcraft is the one who further motivated me to continue down the path of being a "superhero".

  • School: "School is stupid. period. There is no real need to teach us so much about algebra and such when most people aren't even out for jobs that require that stupid crap."

  • Aliens: "Not all aliens are bad, but when Earth has been invaded more then once by many different alien races I can see why the Humans have that already embedded in their mind that all aliens are bad and for that they should all be captured and killed. The main reason why I keep my alien heritage a secret from PRIMUS and UNTIL".

  • The Sovereign Sons: "These guys are no joke! They know their way around voodoo magic. Their like alchemists and can overpower you with a simple potion or something. They almost came close to stabbing me in the chest with a knife for some kind of ritual, but I managed to escape before that could happen."

  • Valerian Scarlet: "Not much to say when you practically sell your soul to the Nephilim to become the herald of a half-demon/half-angel super-being like, Therakiel".

Out of Character History

Magic Girl was created on August 6th 2012 as The Grimoire archetype during my days as a silver member. Before Magic Girl was even created, I wanted to make a character that was a teenager, but was an alien learning things like relationships, school, while also being a crimefighter, I also wanted this character to dive deeply into his/or her sexuality. One day in 2012 a magic hero came to me and something told me it should be a girl since most magic heroes tend to be women, but I didn't know if it should be a girl that transforms into a grown adult like DC's Shazam but then I decided to have her be a teen like I originally wanted and then when it came to the origin, I found it hard to explain how a teenage girl got magical powers so I decided to have her be an alien and I got the name for her planet to be, Artisan" which was found on a HP Printer. The origin remained clouded for months until it slowly evolved to be that Magic Girl was tortured and abused by her mother and escaped her planet to live on Earth. Magic Girl soon started dating but she was too busy trying to her mothers commands back on Artisan that she never had time for a relationship, this is what gave birth to Magic Girl's possibly bi and pan sexuality, Magic Girl doesn't care if she dates a woman, man, robot, or creature, just as long as they promise to protect her and make her feel safe she will always love them. Magic Girl's sexuality is her biggest aspect because while other people date the same sex or strange creature "just because" Magic Girl will date them as long as she can trust them. I can't explain everything about Magic except that she is loving, polite, sweet, cute, and is willing to have herself killed before her friends. Anyway that's all for now, have a great day and enjoy my page :).

OOC Information

  • Still in 2014, Magic Girl doesn't know how to work most advanced technology and devices due to her devoting her life to being a superhero and wizard in training and rarely having time for a social life
  • Magic Girl is claims she doesn't want a love life because of her past actions on Artisan have made her target and wishes to not drag anyone she loves into the crosshairs.
  • Magic Girl in-game enemies besides Ms. Shadow include, Talisman, Lethal, The Sovereign Sons, and the Nephilim