Lunar Claw

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Lunar Claw
Player: @AaronKorr
Biographical Data
Real Name: Felicia Justice
Known Aliases: Lunar Claw
Gender: Female
Species: Fox hybrid (Extensive list of other species in family.)
Ethnicity: Foxy!
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan from an alternate reality.
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Tera (Carmeni) Justice - Mother,
Logan Justice - Father,
Flint Justice - Brother,
Tenshi (Ryuko) Adams - Adoptive Aunt,
Crunch - Adoptive Uncle
Age: 19
Height: 6' - 5"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Deep sky blue with a soft glow
Hair: Darker orange colored fur with traces of black
Complexion: -See hair-
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Basic ear piercings
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: None
Citizenship: US Citizen of this and another alternate reality.
Occupation: Art student at College of Creative Studies in local Millenium City
Education: High school graduate and one year at CCS
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Expert martial artist with regenerative abilities and enhanced strength. Can also manipulate magical flame for several uses including flight.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Slightly enchanted claw blades and some debilitating poisons.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Background and Origin

Timey Wimey!

Records show that she was born in an alternate reality to Tera and Logan Justice, the former an odd hybrid appearing as a wolf with leopard spotting from the same alternate reality and her husband being a mutant fox/human hybrid. The exact date of her birth is not on any official record as she returned with her parents and twin brother Flint from another reality while her mother was formerly pregnant for less than two months. Both the twins appeared to have aged atleast ten years in a matter of days. They were seen to be very active for a few months after before mysteriously vanishing once more in what is assumed the same reality tht has been reported before only to be seen again not much later as a pair of young adults both being 18 years of age.

Since their return they have both been seen to attend college and frequent local favorite locations of their aunt's company Ryuko Executive Solutions whom their parents work for together in management and as the lead of the companies legal team. Specifically Felicia attends CCS, the College for Creative Studies in Millennium City. She has apparently against her parents wishes on more than one occasion approached and assisted with several secretive operations one in which she went missing from for several days requiring intervention when her father learned of it.

Kidnapping thwarted!

In recent news Felicia had her name and picture posted globally after she helped stop a decades old kidnapping scheme from some unknown alien entity known only as 'The Master' to all of it's victims. As near as can be determined this entity had been taking children that had just been found to possess metahuman abilities in the manipulation of one element or another. It seemed to be exclusively interested in this type of ability and had over the years brainwashed these children and young adults after bringing them to it's home world though it is unclear as to where this world is or if it is even within this plane of existence. While she did not possess a true manipulation of fire she volunteered after a fellow classmate went missing. Acting as bait allowed a local PRIMUS team to locate and infiltrate a seemingly empty building only to find some sort of portal into a strange world and upon entering lost all communication with our world. The PRIMUS team was followed by another team of local veteran heroes from Felicia's family's organization.

The end result was several casualties from the initial PRIMUS team and Felicia being injured after she had staged a breakout within the odd structure housing the alien, it's brainwashed victims and several children and young adults it was in the process of turning. Her attempted breakout forced the alien to split his forces weakening it further and in the end with the arrival of the seasoned team from RES the alien was forced to flee. All in all a couple dozen of this alien's victims were saved and returned home though those already through the brainwashing are still being kept in isolation where professionals work to undo the years of brainwashing they endured. In the end it is believed that without her volunteering as bait this alien entity may not have been stopped.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Power 1 - Basic regeneration inherited from her father.

Power 2 - Manipulation of a magical flame, manifesting usually as a bright cyan.

Power 3 - Enhanced strength.

Additional notes - She also has an aura of a spiritual nature for those sensitive to such things making the glow in her eyes much more pronounced and showing a spiritual connection to well over a hundred spirits assumed to be her's and her mother's ancestors. This connection doesn't seem to be known by her so any telepathic search would find no sign of them.


Skill 1 - Exceptional martial arts training.

Skill 2 - Apparently fluent in draconic, though not perfect pronunciation due to physical limitations.

Skill 3 - Quite a talented artist for her age.

Gear and Equipment


Her main weapons are a durable pair of enchanted claw blades usually used with debilitating poisons. She has also been known to employ her magical nature in fashioning a pair of pure eldritch flame.

Other Equipment

Usually only uses light armor and clothing.



Currently living with her boyfriend whom she refers to as Kydie, an alien jackal type of the Lonian race full name of Kydreph Nyl'ka. She has several other friends from both the RES organization and The Cognatus.