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Lenyee, Caithlynn
Player: @KSCOID
Lenyee kscoid1.jpg
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Larkin, Kathrine
Known Aliases: The Ionic Icon
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple (dye)
Biographical Data
Nationality: US
Occupation: Popular Musician
Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, father and 2 siblings
Known Powers
Creation and manipulation of high-voltage electric currents
Known Abilities
Talented singer proficient at several instruments.
Considers Sapphire a rival, although Sapphire has no idea at all.


American rock star who just happens to have some unusual abilities. Though she'd rather not use those abilities for anything more than making her own stage pyro, her concience ultimately forces to her to help those in need.

Her profilic dayjob naturally leads to comparisons with Sapphire of The Champions. This annoys Lenyee to no end, because, as she puts it herself;

"Sapphire is some kinda superhero pop-princess. who wants to save the world.
Me, on the other hand... I'm the queen of the mosh pit and that's all I need."


Caithlynn's powers have been with her ever since she was born. Exactly where they came from, or why is something no one knows.

As a child, she would use her (then) limited abilities to play tricks on people and entertain her friends.

Growing into her teens, she changed her attitude about the whole thing, and tried her best to keep these powers hidden.

It wasn't until much later that her powers would once again be put on public display, following an accident at an outdoor stage concert.

The day of the concert had been quite rainy, and huge puddles had formed all over the uncovered stage. As fate would have it, during the concert, a hanging stagelight came loose and fell right into the water, sending a huge jolt through Caithlynn.

When people saw that she was not only perfectly fine, but indeed sucking the electricity out of the water - keeping it away from the other members of the band, she knew that she could not hide her abilities any longer.

Since then, she still tries to keep her powers somewhat on the side of things, as she's afraid they may overshadow her musical career.

As such, she will do what she can to help out whenever there is an immidiate crisis that needs handling, but she does not actively seek to be a "superhero".

For that very reason, she does wear a masked costume whenever she (reluctantly) ends up in "superhero situations", even though she does not have a hidden identity.

Power Description

Caithlynn can manipulate and (to a certain extent) control all negative, electrical charges. Postitive charges seem more difficult for her to handle, but she has displayed some control over those as well.

Regardless of the polarity, any charges over (approx) 320 kA seems to become increasingly hard for her to control.

She is also able to generate large amounts of electrical energy within her own body, which can then be employed in a number of ways.

  • The limit of these self-generated charges appears to be somewhere around 280-300MW of power, at any one time.

Most commonly, Caithlynn discharges this electricity as a weapon. She does this with restraint, since she seeks to stun rather than kill.

Also, if she ever depletes her stored power reserves, it does take some time for her to build it back up - which is important, because her body's metabolism feeds off of her own, internal charge. This allows her to go very long perods of time without food or water, but even more importantly, if she is injured she can "supercharge" this effect and heal those wounds much, much faster than normal.

By combining charges of both positive and negative polarisation, she can also create an effect similar to "opposite magnets". This enables her to move extremely fast, or even levitate her own body - adjusting the altitude of her "flight" by regulating the charge intensities.

However, her most impressive use of electricity so far was most likely the time a a fellow hero had been defeated in battle. The powers of the man in question increased his body's durability to the point that there were no one around strong enough to provide even close to sufficient CPR, so Caithlynn used her charges to jumpstart his heart instead, saving his life as a result.

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