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Player: Demmome
"Magic will triumph over anything..."
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Lauren McKalburn
Known Aliases: The Elementalist, The Coven Master
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Confidential
Place of Birth: Illinois/Indiana borderline. Name of home is unknown
Base of Operations: Renaissance Center and Westside
Relatives: Ricardo McKalburn - Father
Kimberly Terriston - Mother
Age: 38
Height: 5' 8
Weight: 124
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Brown hair with Red streaks
Complexion: Tanned skin color.
Physical Build: Athletic build. Well toned with muscles that are visible
Physical Features: Has golden hoop earrings on both ears
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Evil

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Well known through Millennium City
Years Active: 23 Years
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Mage
Education: High School Education as well of studies in the arcane arts
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Manipulation over elements and use of arcane abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
The Coven Registry, The Masters Ring, The Maddening, The Lull
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Oocnotes.pngOOC Notes

Casual/Heavy/MRP/Long Term RP. If I do not respond, I am either AFK or I didn't see it in the chat box. Please send a PM to get my attention! Lauren is a normal human being without her magic. Please don't be to rough with her as she can be killed through well thought out RP. Does not PVP/Will RP fight only if needed. Please do not metagame as her life is well hidden from the populace unless she has specifically told you. Do not godmode as Lauren will godmode right back in order to avoid you.


Lauren McKalburn, a 38 year old woman, currently leading an organization known as the "Coven" . She is an elementalist, capable of wielding the fundamental elements of the human plane; fire, earth, water and air, including light and darkness. Lauren is also a master in arcane magic, dabbling in life and death affairs and summonings which provide mostly as personal protection. Though she is Coven Master, Lauren is known to work with those outside of the organization to achieve goals that would otherwise have repercussions falling back onto the Coven. She picks those individuals very carefully. Due to her reputation, Lauren has received an array of aliases, each of which she holds with high regard. "The Elementalist", "The Archmage", "The Mother", "The Maddening", and "Coven Master".

"It is in our nature to destroy what we create."



Lauren McKalburn, born in a small town just on the borders of Illinois and Indiana. Life there was simple. Born to a rather wealthy family with some rather shady backgrounds. Ricardo McKalburn, an ambitious man who was always greedy for money, was the head of a rather small town crime organization. The name McKalburn became rather well known in the Indiana counties to the point where he was a very wanted man by police officials. Years of such criminal activity made it hard for Ricardo to actually settle down and live a normal life when he actually wanted to start a family of his own. A son to help carry on his legacy. He wed a rather mysterious woman by the name of Kimberly Terriston. Her pregnancy wasn't without difficulty. Kimberly had always complained of the baby kicking to hard or the pressure on her stomach felt like it could explode at any given moment. A sign that it was the son Ricardo wished for. When Kimberly's 9 month pregnancy ended, she gave birth. However, it wasn't the boy the hopeful father wanted. Instead it was a beautiful baby girl whom Ricardo instantly fell in love with. Ricardo would dedicate his life towards making sure his daughter would live a happy life in comfort. He and Kimberly named her Lauren and thus paving the future for young woman. Finally Ricardo had gotten his family and quickly separated himself from any form of criminal activity. The girl grew up living a pampered lifestyle, getting anything she wanted and was tended to 24/7 by servants of her father. Strange things began to occur a few years later though when Lauren began to feel sudden churns in her chest, pulses in her head. Then one day an terrible tragedy would befall the McKalburn family. Returning home from work, Ricardo came across a most horrific sight. His home on fire, black smoke clouding the sun. His daughter, Lauren stood by the road with a small stuffed animal. Covered in ashes and tears streaming down her face, it was almost as if she saw a ghost... The lifestyle changed, depression settling in for Ricardo. The two had moved from their hometown and eventually found their way to Detroit City, attempting to forget that terrible day. It would be here Lauren grew up and would learn the hardships of living in a city where anything can and will happen...

The Calling

It wouldn't be long into Lauren's life she would discover something odd about herself. About the time the girl had started puberty, she would experience strange emotions and mood swings. This would be noticed by her fellow peers who worried for her health and overall stability. A few more years later, Lauren now a young teen... another house fire. This time the cause of it was noticed. Lauren. The young girl, in a fit of rage at her friends, sparked a flame from her hands and caught the bed on fire. It spread so fast that the girl couldn't do anything in time to prevent it. Such a freak coincidence scared Lauren and tried to turn to her father for guidance. Ricardo, however, shunned her away. Now that he had seen what she had done, he immediately blamed his daughter for destroying their family all those years ago. He believed that Lauren was an ill omen now and felt it was his terrible criminal days punishing him in the form of his demonic daughter. Lauren had fled... chased out by her father's rage. Now living alone, Lauren had no where to turn too... no friends to stay with, no other family that she knew that lived locally in Detroit. It would be living on her own would she discover her destructive powers and being taken in by the Champions, a group of heroes that resided in Detroit who took notice in her powers and offered to help her gain control over it. To learn discipline as well as learn to cope with the fact she is no regular human that she once thought. Once again, Lauren had found a new home and the will to live on.


The Battle of Detroit was a bloody massacre. Many of the heroes had perished in their duty to protect the city. Even Lauren had participated, only because the Champions required immediate assistance after Dr. Destroyer had set in motion the orbital cannon that would eventually end the battle all together. In the ashes though, Millennium City would begin to rise and bring about a new generation of heroes to replace the legendary men and women who gave their lives. One such person was Lauren, now a young adult with a firm grasp of knowledge on her abilities. Together with Witchcraft, Lauren blossomed into a very talented mage, who's focus was primarily on the manipulation of the fundamental elements. The strength Lauren possessed was a valuable asset to the Champions and many sought her aid when it came to dealing with the DEMON cultists in Downtown, Millennium City. As months went by, the young mage's abilities and use of it became... excessive... she was known to get the job done but the costs were too great. Because of this, the Champions soon realized that Lauren was becoming too powerful, peaking in her abilities sooner than most mages would reach in their lifetime. They placed her under watch, something Lauren found quite deceitful. This lead to her departure of the Champions and going into hiding. She fled the growing Millennium City in hopes to find a new home. In doing so, the perfect opportunity presented itself when the young woman found her place amongst a group of mages like herself.

The Coven

The Coven... an organization, built on the principles of magic and the foundation in which it was founded on. The purpose behind the group was unknown and it's goals currently a mystery. At it's head stood Lauren McKalburn, the former mage of the hero group, Champions, who's abilities were now far beyond that of any mage that existed, even contesting against her old friend, Witchcraft and the already powerful mage of Robert Caliburn, the Magnum Mage. While she did not seek to take the title of "Archmage" like many others did, she was already given such a title within the ranks of the Coven. She didn't mind though for the men and women knew of her power and dare not stand against her or her goals. The Coven opened it's doors some years later to the younger generation of mages in order to help those in dire need of help controlling their powers or understanding it's nature, Lauren leading the project. Just like the Champions did for her when they took her in, Lauren would do the same for others. Before people knew it, the Coven became more of a Institute for the kids and teens, something Lauren didn't mind as it became the perfect cover-up for a bigger project...

The teachings that were performed within the Coven were to help younger generations understand the purpose of magic and what it was used for. How to control and manipulate it while at the same time not letting it control the user. The history and the origins of magic were also taught but because no one that exists knows for sure exactly how magic came about there were many topics and subjects on the matter. People saw the Coven as a home and a place to fit in. Lauren, however, had other plans in mind. Still growing stronger with each new day, she could feel the surge in strength dwindling. So she began to silently and subtly alter things within the Coven to better suit her own needs rather than her students and staff. The longer the students stayed and practiced their arts, the more Lauren was able to tap into their energy and aura's to steal their power in order to empower herself. Being an already powerful mage, she continued to seek out power, wanting to become even more stronger and eventually become a self proclaimed god. Only a few select members of the Coven actually knew their Master's plans and many had their doubts but were too afraid to speak with the Coven's Master about it. They knew if they shared their thoughts and opinions about the situation it could be their last. It was at this point Lauren had begun to go into a downward spiral of mental instability. Often suffering major mood swings. The staff felt it was because of the large amounts of energy in her body, causing her stress and straining her body. Lauren didn't care though...

The students relied on the teachings of their teachers and masters and it proved useful. Students were growing and blossoming into talented young mages and arcanists. Though already strong in the arts, Lauren grew worried. If the students could learn to control their powers then there was room for an usurper, someone to try and take her place with force or become even stonger then herself... a prodigy. So the Coven underwent drastic changes in order to lessen the threat. Instead of classes now, the Coven now pampered their students with gifts, food and personal dressers. They were now treated like royalty rather than members of an organization. Motivation was less and the purpose for learning was lost due to spoiling. This was exactly what Lauren wanted. Even though they weren't gaining anything through such a lifestyle, Lauren was still able to tap into their energies and aura's to strengthen her own body. The one known as the "Coven Master" finally found a way to reach perfection with little to no threat.


A side view of Lauren
Despite being 38 years old, Lauren still possesses irresistible beauty, often passing for a young 20 year old. Whether or not this is because of the magic she wields or if it was genetic. Lauren possesses some very recognisable features. Such as her concave jawline, high cheeks, high forehead and her piercing emerald green eyes, that have always been like so. Her gaze often seems to be the focus of attention when people meet her. Somewhat almond-shaped and designed with intricate tattoos just below her eyes. Her hair is a light brown color, with some strands of hair that are streaked a blood red color. Most people would claim that she dyes her hair but the true reason for the color is unknown. She usually keeps her hair short, resting at a nice shoulder length level. Her full lips, which can attract attention too, seems to be always pouty and smiling. They display a dark red lipstick. Lauren's sun kissed skin is soft and could be described as silk for it's softness, And seem to posses no scars or imperfections.

The woman's body is thin, weighing at about 124 lbs with a height of 60 inches, fitting in the standard of normal size women. Her body is on the curvaceous side, giving her a very elegant hourglass shape. However, the physical trait that seems to get the most attention is her noticeable bust. Beneath all of her robes and armor (depending on her outfit), her bust seems to be the attention grabber for most men and even some women. Her hips are well rounded, and her rear also follows that route. Even with these details, Lauren also has a slight muscle tone, showing that she is quite athletic capable of performing acrobatics with ease. Lauren's legs are long and toned giving the hint that she's fast and may possibly have tremendous leg strength and possibly incredible upper body strength with her slightly long arms. Overall, Lauren is described as a beauty with naturally good looks who doesn't need make up to stand out.

It is common for mages to dress in robes made of cloth or silk with intricate designs and Lauren is no different. Her robes usually consists of dark coloring with teal color accenting it. Of her robes, she usually wears three. A battle robe, which is the outfit she wears commonly when in Millennium City or about to engage in combat. It is the only one of her three outfits that has a hood and light armoring to help protect her body from attacks. The second outfit she wears consists of a teal jacket with spike pauldrons and puffy sleeves. The Jacket has two long tails that drape down to the back of her knees while her corset has a tail going down the front between her legs. She wears black clawed gloves and black skin tight leggings and boots. The third is an outfit she usually wears during formal affairs. It is almost the same as her second with the exception of the jacket's tails and instead of leggings, she wears an angled skirt with knee high black boots. It is in this outfit we see earrings for the first time.


Lauren's personality is described as chaotic at best. While as a child she may of seemed normal, happy and care-free, it all changed when she became older and found out about her powers. Ever since then, her personality went from bubbly to a rather dark tone. Currently she is level-headed and calm. Usually keeping her cool when presented with a problem and solving it with haste and good judgement, depending. While at work Lauren can be seen as a very strict figure, ruling with a firm but fair rule over the Coven, giving them no reason to doubt her leadership. She talks with a air of confidence and power, rarely speaking to those within the Coven unless said person happens to catch her attention or she takes a liking too. When she does speak to the overall populace of the Coven, though people listen. It can't be said though that she doesn't share a good laugh every once in a while though her tastes can be considered morbid and cruel. Lauren has a dark sense of humor, finding pleasure in the pain and discomfort of others. Even in their failure, Lauren will relish the thought. Lauren is also known to have a short temper when dealing with members who are causing problems or civilians who show a dislike for magic, treating them with disrespect or even going as far as taking action. The same kind of action that made the Champions weary of her.

When dealing with those outside of the Coven, Lauren does put on a fascade. She can be seen as a very friendly person, always smiling and gives off a warm vibe that is inviting to others. People of Millennium City, when she is visiting, see her as a higher authority over some of the current heroes due to her past involving the Battle of Detroit and the Qularr Invasion. Lauren will often use her past accomplishments to get she wants. Even when she tracks down low life criminals, the MCPD will turn the other cheek allowing her to do as she pleases. This feeds her ego, seeing herself as a righteous person capable of dealing out her own justice. Comments from residents describe Lauren as "Cheerful, helpful and a positive rolemodel", though there are people who know who she really is...

Rumors of Lauren are quickly spreading, saying that she is mentally unstable. Suffering major mood swings and compulsive reactions to the smallest thing. Whether or not this is due to the tremendous amounts of energy within her small frame or because the power has gotten to her head... she refuses to say and will get defensive if the matter is pressed.

Andb.pngAbilities and Powers

Over the years, Lauren has accumulated an arsenal of magic abilties, skills, as well as items that increases her abilties. These are the more commonly known things...


Fire - Lauren's main focus of attack. It is easy to control and easy to create. Capable of causing destruction when left alone, spreading like a plague over acres of lands in mere seconds. When engaging her enemies, Lauren has multiple attacks such as shooting fireballs from her hands or creating a wave of fire just by waving her hands. She is also capable of breathing a stream of liquid fire. Her most powerful attack is summoning a wall of fire beneath her opponent that completely engulfs them in attempts to turn them to ash.

Water - Using the element of water can vary for Lauren. Whether of not she uses it as a liquid to wash away her enemies or simply freezing it to use shards of ice as a weapon. Regardless, Lauren is proficient in wielding this element often using it as a means of holding her enemies in place. Her strongest attack is summoning a sword made of ice, showing that she may be proficient in swordsmanship.

Air - Lauren uses this as a means of traveling rather than for fighting. Easily using gusts of winds to lift her frame off the ground and guiding her through the skies. It is possible though to see Lauren use this as a means for fighting but unlike fire for offensive attacks and water for holding enemies in place, air is used to repel enemies or to literally launch them distances determined by the strength of the wind. Her strongest attack is being able to summon a tornado but because of the dangers this holds, Lauren refrains from using this but more as a last resort.

Earth - Perhaps Lauren's greatest defense when in combat. The only problem though when using this element is, firstly, manipulating the element. Unlike fire, water or end that is naturally altered by quick movements, earth does not as it is a solid form. Lauren literally has to stomp the ground or hit the floor with her fists in order to tap into the element. When she does though the attacks that follow can be devastating. Forming rock pillar beneath her opponent, launching boulders like a cannonball or simply covering herself in a think layer of stone and rock to protect herself from harm. Know that trying to tap into the earth elemental is hard, even for Lauren who is a master mage, so her energy may burn out sooner. She often tries to stay away from it's use unless it is absolutely necessary. Her strongest attack is forming a box around her opponent and attempts to crush them until the box is no bigger than a basketball.

Light - It can't be said that Lauren often looks to the light for guidance. The light is not used for combat as stated by Lauren herself but is used more as a handy tool.

Darkness - An embodiment of ominous things to come, hiding the true nature of ones intent. This is a perfect example of Lauren's case as she uses the darkness as a means of hiding things or altering things in the shadow. Unlike most of the other elements that require a wave of the hand, a breathe of air or a stomp to the floor, the darkness is always a constant power. Using her powers, Lauren empowered the darkness into her shadow making it a living creature, only to react when given the order. It cannot kill or harm others but it can take hold of other people, rendering them unable to move.


Life - Through constant learning and studies of ancient texts, Lauren has learned to bring about life in the undead. While she feels it wrong to desecrate the dead, she will more often than not resurrect those who have recently passed away. However, there are rumors that Lauren has summoned the undead during the Qularr Invasion...

Death - Even though this dark art was learned, Lauren finds little interest in this ability. Often seeing this as an easy way out of problems. No one has ever seen Lauren use this ability before, able to bring about instant death to her enemies. But because of her personality, she would rather see her enemies suffer before death and even more so, die at the hand of her own abilities rather than a spell that would take away her pleasure.

Summoning - Lauren is capable of summoning small creatures to her side. They are more so used as pets rather than for protection. She will even admit that if she wanted she could kill one and easily replace it with another. Her greatest summoning though is that of Kal' Xu, a large demonic creature from the void that Lauren has made a personal bodyguard. Though it is hard to find when her master is out in public, it is always near, no matter what. Know that if Lauren is in danger, Kal' Xu may be closer than you think...


Swordsmanship - Lauren is an excellent swordsman. Mastering the rapier, broadsword, dagger and dual wielding. Because of her magical prowess though, she has turned away from the old school fighting style, only keeping a dagger on hand just in case something should happen. Don't let the dagger fool you however as it is capable of causing more damage that it's appearance lets on.

Hand-to-Hand - While Lauren absolutely hates hand-to-hand combat, Lauren knows enough in order to protect herself should all of her powers fail at keeping her opponent at bay. Lauren is a tumbler and will try her best to avoid physical contact if it can be helped. Know that she can hit hard... if she doesn't break her hand in the process...

Cooking and Tailoring - These aren't really skills to Lauren but are more or less hobbies of hers. Lauren is an expert cook and will sometimes cook for the entire Coven if she feels it necessary to do so. Rumors are though she put something into the ingredient that supposedly puts students to sleep. There are no confirmations on this and has yet to be confirmed true. Lauren is also an expert tailor, fixing all of her own attires as well as some in the Coven that need repairs to their uniform. Very handy at thread and needle, lately it seems that Lauren just uses magic to get the job done... also gives Lauren time to tend to the Coven when called upon.


The Coven Registry - Lauren carries around a small black book with a thick cover. There are words on the cover reading "The Coven Registry" which is a record of students coming in and out the Coven. Some names are marked while others are crossed out. The exact reason for this is unknown but there are whispers saying that these are the personnel Lauren has her eyes on, be it good or bad.

The Master's Ring - While Lauren is naturally gifted in the arts of magic and arcane, she sometimes relies on the Master's Ring. This particular ring was given to her by her fellow peers once she was assigned the position of Coven Master. The ring bears the insignia of the Coven and is jet black in color. Lauren always wears this on her right middle finger. The purpose of this artifact is that it can amplify any magical ability she uses making Lauren that more destructive.

The Maddening - This peculiar necklace was given to Lauren when she was a child. Her mother, of mysterious background, somehow managed to get her hands on this and passed it down to her daughter before Lauren burned her childhood home down. While there is little information regarding this necklace, it is assumed that it a source of great power. Whether or not this is the source of Lauren's magic or just a magical item, no one knows. Some say this necklace is the cause of Lauren's decline into madness which gave her the nickname, "The Maddening" as well as the necklace itself.

The Lull - The Lull is a small dagger wrapped in chain of the necklace, The Maddening. It is there as a last resort in case her magic has no effect on her opponents. The dagger radiates a strong aura that can be considered demonic. Lauren states that she has yet to use it but when she does, there's no second chances.


With all of the magic at Lauren's disposal as well as an arsenal of arcane arts, it would seem like Lauren is all but unstoppable. However this is not true for the number one fact is that Lauren is still human. While she is attempting to proclaim herself as a god, she is far from it. Like any other mage, she can get tired and wear herself out to the point where magic can no longer be used. Thus the reason for her dagger, The Lull. It does not mean she is defeated yet as Lauren is very skilled at melee combat already knowing that her magical pool could run low leaving her no choice but to engage in close quarters combat. Lauren's body is quite frail even though she is very much in shape but with all of the super heroes and villains running around, a normal human body would not be able to withstand a blow from a super powered punch. Even a very strong telepath could infiltrate Lauren's mind should her magical endurance be low and simply take control of her body and force her to do things.


"An underling who is large, thirsts for violence and never questions any order given is the perfect bodyguard." - Lauren describing Kal' Xu's loyalty..
With all of these potential threats that could end her life, Lauren has went out of her way to ensure that such things will never happen with her many defensive spells and summonings. One is her mental barrier. It is strongly enforced 24/7 and would appear to mind readers as straight static noise or a blur when it comes as a vision. It is hard for any expert mind reader to get in this woman's head but should anyone manage to do so would notice the madness that she suffers from her magic and could possibly suffer mild headaches and high pitch ringing in their ears. Another protection is the ability to cover her body with an invisible force field to stop almost all incoming damage unless it were impulse waves. It is quite sturdy but will fall if under constant attack. Lauren will try her hardest to keep her shield up and will cease all attacks in order to keep it from breaking. Another way of protection is... well.. not really protection at all. Lauren has the ability to levitate and take off at great speeds as well as disappear with the snap of her fingers, teleporting to wherever she can see. And lastly... Kal' Xu...

Kal' Xu is a large demonic creature Lauren had summoned from the void. She has completely tamed the creature and it serves her without hesitation. It is perhaps one of Lauren's greatest means of protection as it's durability is beyond compare and strength that could topple even the strongest of heroes. Oddly though, if it wasn't for Lauren pooling some of her energy to Kal' Xu, would this demonic void be as strong as he is? No one truely knows but when this large creature is charging you do you really have time to think about it? With Lauren and Kal' Xu together, they prove to be quite a handful for groups of heroes and even villains who try to attack her but there is a tricky thing. Is Kal' Xu with her even though he isn't visible the majority of the time? Kal' Xu has the ability to meld into the shadows and stalk her master as well as those gunning for her, capable of leaping out when least expected, catching opponents off guard. This being the void's greatest advantage. It is possible to send this demonic figure back to the void, but with Lauren capable of bringing him back to the human realm it seems impossible to kill the creature so long as Lauren has it bound to herself.


  • Lauren's aura is a chaotic swirl of purple. It lashes out like the surface of the sun.
  • Lauren smells of a scented vanilla rose.
  • While she does not talk about her hobbies often, Lauren does enjoy crocheting when time permits.
  • When alone in her office, music can be heard through her doors. Should one listen carefully they would notice that Lauren loves to listen to opera while she does paperwork.
  • Can be quite the neat freak when it comes to her personal space. Often she can be seen correcting a hanging picture or straightening papers on her desk. When asked about it, she merely dismisses with another topic.
  • Her favorite drink is the Blance de Noir from the Novy Family Winery.
  • Has a unique way of addressing people despite their age or gender, often calling them 'Dear' or 'Child'.
  • Lauren despises chocolate, candy or any other sweets.
  • Despite having a bad relations with the Champions presently, Lauren still has good communication with her friend and ex-mentor, Witchcraft.

Felixx.pngRP Hooks

  • If you participated in the Battle of Detroit or the Qularr Invasion, you may recognize Lauren and/or her accomplishments.
  • If you live in Westside, you might have seen Lauren patrolling the construction sights close to the Prison.
  • Lauren frequents the Magic Lantern Bookstore. If you've ever been there, you may of seen Lauren inside studying.
  • Loves to study and learn magic. If you are a mage or arcanist, you'll probably catch Lauren's attention.

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