Lady Cosmos

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Lady Cosmos
Player: @Jack_Hunter
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sandra Keem
Known Aliases: Lady Cosmos
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Miami
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Deceased
Age: 1029
Height: 7.3
Weight: 300 pounds
Eyes: Glowing blue
Hair: Raven black
Complexion: Young and fair
Physical Build: Powerful amazonian
Physical Features: Glowing blue eyes
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Identity know
Years Active: 1000
Citizenship: US citizen
Occupation: Super hero, super group leader, model
Education: University degree in physiques
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Super toughness
  • Flight
  • Heightened senses

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Cosmian suit
  • Energy crystal

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


"People tend to have their judgments ready for me before they have even spoken to me, some would say "Oh there she comes again, widen the doors." in truth I have heard a few that were genuinely good enough to make me chuckle. The truth of the matter is that I can ill afford to let such minuscule things bother me, if you judge me then do so to my face not behind my back or in the silence of your mind. I am here and I still stand so come, throw whatever you need I will keep standing. It is for that reason I know people will hold faith in me, be it in the darkest of hours I'll stand no words and no actions can ever bring that down. Write that down in the trash you call a magazine" ~ Lady Cosmos when talking to a particularly annoying reporter working for a tabloid magazine

Background and Origin

Sandra Keem

Born in 1980 on May 12th in Miami Sandra Keem was by all accounts a normal child, one fascinated with the stars and space itself though! From as young as she can still remember she used to gaze at the stars upon the roof of her house, wondering what was among them. Her dad wanting her child to further indulge in this granted her a telescope on the age of 6 and Sandra was hooked. She would spent hours upon hours just counting stars, writing down things she noted about planets and trying her best to sketch them out. Space camp was an absolute blast for Sandra and her love for it would take her to take on the most difficult job. Becoming an astronaut!

While some say strive for the stars and you will make it, Sandra would go quite literally to where the shined across those dark nights. Having passed all the requirements and going through gruelling years of training eventually Sandra her wish would come true. She was going to be part of a new moon mission, one with the intent to lay the new foundation to start a permanent research and observation post. On July 2nd 2009 the rocket dubbed Excalibur broke free from earths orbit at exactly 14:00 PM. The world cheered as the flight to the moon was underway and a new space age would begin. Sandra was almost crying aboard the lander, were it not for the fact her tears would float she might have done so.

The mission started just fine, the lander made contact with the moon right on schedule 3 days after the launch. And after much debate Sandra was given the honor to be the first to step upon its gray surface for a long time, her opening words to mission control were : "This might sound corny ... but this is again ... one small step for man ... one giant leap for mankind .... mission control I am on the moon ..." And with that bombshell of an opening the research began, and for the first week everything was fine. The base was coming along nicely and many new samples had been collected. Then on the 12th day of the mission Sandra and one of her colleagues were heading out with the rover to scout the edges of their radio contact with mission control and collect samples there.

While both were out and collecting and or taking pictures Sandra communicated she found something of interest her colleague was to far out to join in with her so mission control gave her the green light to go and take a closer look. It was at this point mission control experience static and began to lose the video feed of Sandra her helmet, the last audio they got was a scream and the orbiting shuttle detected a bright blue light emitting roughly from the spot Sandra was at. Her feed was gone and nothing was left of her but a black scorch mark, several hours later mission control released a statement stating that Sandra had gone MIA and they were unsure where she was. The tragedy was memorialized as another brave soul lost in the search to explore the unknown.

A hero begins

Normally losing someone during a space mission is where their story would end, but not in Sandra Keem her case. For her the story had just begun, waking up on a strange jungle planet where the plants were blue and the sky was green she had no idea where she was (nor at the time when she was). Sandra Keem had found an artifact of alien origin that saw fit to throw her across space and time and dump her on the other side of the galaxy, Sandra was at a lose crying, screaming and cursing and in general collapsing in pure fear and frustration. This all ended when in a fit she punched one of the tree like plants on the planet and sent it flying. That was a game changer, well among other things now that she wasn't losing her mind anymore she took a moment to look herself over. Sandra had changed, she used to be 5.6 now she was 7.3 and her body was tight with new found muscles. After searching she found a pool of water and seeing herself in the reflection shocked her deeply.

Her features had changed considerably from tightening bone structure and facial muscles along with what she could only describe as her skin being younger, but while this was a expansive adjustment to her face akin to the levels of going through plastic surgery the most shocking were her glowing blue eyes. With this revelation Sandra had to just rest and go over everything, eventually she decided she was not going to die on this planet she was going home. Luckily her love for the stars and knowledge of space in general meant she was able to get a rough idea of where she was, it was around then that she noted something. The stars were not all correct, mind you it took her several times before she realized her new senses were assisting her in making this leap of logic. She theorized at this point in time she was in the past ... somehow but not sure how and why.

Now Sandra had to first understand what powers she had and then decide what would be the best way to go home, luckily her current planet home offered her plenty to train with! The jungle itself was vicious enough but the giant wildlife added to it even more. Sandra got more and more comfortable and found out more and more about her situation but the biggest game changer was when she realized her energy manipulation powers. This was something she could use to try and advance her current situation, the main issue right now was trying to get off planet. She had found a planet that seemed the best option, it floated visible along the sky every night. Sandra was sure it held some form of life, though deep down she knew it was just the only chance she had. So she began work on her most signature power, the energy warp.

The energy warp is something she picked up on by the way she was teleported over to the jungle world in the first place, she realized the connection when discovering her own energy manipulation powers. This began the near year long effort of trying to master this new power, but master it she did able to now transport herself from one half of the planet to the other at great expense. This still didn't mean she would make it but she wasn't going to waste away on this planet, she would either make it or not but damned if she wasn't gonna try. She had done all the testing she could and calculated all she thought up, it was make and break now. Using her powers to write up on a stone slab her final words she made peace with herself and prepared for the biggest jump of her life.

The Cosmians

The jump was terrifying a loud bang started it as a streak of blue light blasted towards the planet, it didn't slow down for a single second as it raced across the void of space. Soon the sky above the planet of Cosmosara turned black and for the first time in ages on this dusty and hot planet did lightning again crack open the sky, with a boom akin to a bomb going off the blue streak smashed into the planet below leaving a crater in its sandy rocky landscape. Sandra Keem had made it but the jump took the inner most out of her and left her in a coma for a whole month, when she woke she was greeted by large and powerful looking dark purple hued men and women. Safe to say she went right back into her coma right after seeing them.

It took time but she eventually got used to them and found out that they communicated via telepahy, which aided in the language barrier as they also seemed able to absorb the knowledge right from her mind. They were called the Cosmians a race that was very advanced even though their planet looked way to hostile, they were peaceful beings and took heart to Sandra her desires to return home. Though they could offer little in understanding what had brought her to their system they were more than able to aid in her further mastering her powers and equiping her for the journey ahead. It were the Cosmians that granted her the cosmian suit which is the primary part of her hero outfit, as well as the specialized energy crystal to further push her powers.

With help of the Cosmians Sandra eventually got to a point here powers enabled her to leap great distances in the blink of an eye, without fainting from complete exhaustion. The Cosmians ensured that the suit she wears enables her to be active in the void of space as well as the most hostile of enviroments, the materials used for it is known as cosdian while nothing like questionite the main use of it is to enable a strength and insulation layer. The Cosmians were very helpfull in setting Sandra back on track, having said that the next big step was going to be an attempt to jump between solar systems. Which sounds easier than it really is and if it wasn't for the suit and her being able to manipulate energies around her to survive it would have ended her. Having to pause in between the void every now and then before reaching her destination.

Lady Cosmos begins

As Sandra Keem traveled the stars going back home she encountered situations that brought conflict to her, and on many occassions it has caused her to travel back. Situations where a hero would intervene, situations where injustice roamed free and Sandra could not stand by. She had powers and the abilities to make a difference, granted it was touch and go at first. The Cosmians had equiped the suit with a translator but that still made it difficult to tell a pair of space pirates to stop trying to rob a planet. Eventually she managed it and became ever more skilled at it, to the point her fame began to spread through the stars. Lady Cosmos was born and the stars would know her name far and wide, yet not always as she expected. You have to understand she spent years going through the stars often saving alien lifeforms that were in forms of middle ages or less. To many of them she has become a form of saviour myth, but to the wider intelligent species of the galaxy her name is well known yet her appearance often up for debate.

To many this part might sound a bit odd, why would they not remember her properly? Why would she become some kind of mythical deity to some of them? Well it all again has to do with the timeframe of it all, not all alien races are ancient ethernal beings or have digital storage for information. Lady Cosmos her outfit changed as well over the years, aliens with proper tech and understanding aiding her by upgrading her suit to what it is today. Over time she also earned various throphees and other iconic pieces that began to stick with her.

Some of the most noteable exploits are still felt today, such as her defeating the dreaded space pirate fleet of Captain Dreksar. A man that put whole worlds to the sword, others include her risking her own life to save the people of Trekkach from a massive metorite the size of Texas. For a brief period she even fought in the Malvan arena, and these are but some of the tales that have spread amongst the stars. She often compares her treck through the void as the story from lord of the rings, There and back again. But as with all great adventures they have to end somewhere and as a thousand earth years passed Lady Cosmos returned.

Lady Cosmos returns

Her arrival back to earth could not have been at a better time, as she entered system and began to get close she noted the current invasion going on. The Qularr were invading they were a species she had encountered before and had no love lost in fighting them to defend her homeworld, the skies above millenium city became awash with explosions going on in Qularr battleships and the blue streaks from her powers. Along with the assistance from other heroes she aided the efforts to turn the tide and break the Qularr invasion, when she finally landed nobody recognized her which was unsuprising she hardly recognized the woman she used to be either. All was cleared up and after a long month of debriefing with the authority's Sandra Keem was reinstated as a US citizen and officially recognized as the hero Lady Cosmos.

To say all was perfect was far from the truth, so many years had ticked by since her absence so much had changed and she had missed so much else. The worst hit she had to take was that of her mother and father, a year after she vannished her mother had gotten ill and passed away in the middle of the night. Her father lost in grief for the loss of his daughter and his beloved wife could not handle it anymore, he got into his car and locked it inside the garage before turning it on. The neighbours found him the next day, he had taken his own life. Sandra was broken with grief at this and many thought it had broken what was otherwise a powerfull hero that had survived the near impossible. For months she did not show herself until the day flight A-86 suffered catostrophic engine failure, the plane was about to rip apart mid flight when a blue streak raced towards it. Suddenly the flight began to stablize and the super structure relaxed, when it landed safely on the tarmack people came out in droves to see who had saved them. Lady Cosmos had stepped forward again, undaunted and unafraid ready to be the hero many needed her to be.

Outside of the cape

Lady Cosmos/Sandra Keem have a life outside of the cape and heroic justice, it is just that this life tends to be limited when compared to her other duties. Still many will say that her features in heroine monthly and the Hero insider are a sight to behold. As it stands she is rarely if ever seen outside of her costume, yet it hasn't gone unnoticed for modeling companies what a great figure she could be. While it took time to ease her into the role she eventually accepted, in no due small part from the simple fact that life is expensive. It has also offered many who follow her a peak into what a hero that has seen the stars for a thousand years still finds enjoyment in doing.

From swimming (mind you where others go to a pool Sandra heads to the ocean to go and swim to Cuba or somewhere else and back again), to reading and investing even more time in her already expansive knowledge of astronomy. Still in her early days when she had just returned to earth one could also find her aiding at local soup kitchens or in the general neighborhood assisting anyone with anything, from walking the old lady down the street to the grocery shop to fixing up someones roof. But her fame and notoriety put a stop to that, from people just clogging up streets to tabloid reporters posing as people who could use a little help just to snatch some pictures and spin a story. It is among the many reasons why she now lives in a protected penthouse in Millennium city. Still it didn't mean she was no longer approachable, it just meant she had forms of privacy she could enjoy at least once or twice.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Energy warp - A power like no other and exteremely dangerous as well as effective. The energy warp literally propels someone through space and time, in Lady Cosmos her case it can seem like its easy but it requires tremendous focus and calculation to use. For one while the time bending effect can be reduced drasticly any sudden jumps or errors in her maintain from the power can cause time to regress by 5 seconds or 5 years or even move forward for that matter. Then there is the risk of doing it wrong and smashing into a planet, that she was able to use it to return home was already an achievment.

Laser eyes - Via her energy manipulation she can emit blue lazers from her eyes, usefull for all sorts of purposes like melting someones gun to slag.

Hyper sonic energy voice - By focusing energy towards her throat and exhaling in the right pitch she can scream with enough force to fling a civilian car over 2 miles

Sub sonic flight - Manipulating the energy around her enables her to fly at sub sonic speeds


Mixed alien martial arts - Through her years traveling the stars and meeting other races she has learned various bits of fighting styles while no master they are usefull when coupled with her might.

Astronomy - Both educated on earth in it and having seen most if now first hand her knowledge of astronomy is expansive to say to least.


Heightend senses - Has senses more keenly attuned akin to that of a wolf

Exceptional acrobatics - Years of fighting and her enhanced body enable her to pull off all sorts of dangerous leaps and jumps

Gear and Equipment


Cosmians energy crystal - While on her own she has enough energy to use her energy warp between planets this energy crystal is what enables her to push these limits above and beyond by doubling her current energy pool.

Cosmian suit - Her classic armor and outfit, Lady Cosmos is never seen without. It enhances her base attributes and pushes them to their limit while also ensuring she has an enviroment suit capable of surviving in the void of space and other hostile enviroments.

General Perception

In the eyes of the public Lady Cosmos is the kind of legendary hero that is a rare sight to behold, but even outside of earth she is well known and well recieved. People know she can be relied upon for even the most mundane of heroic activities.