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La Mariposa
Player: @Raediant
Mama Mari means business.
Character Build
Class Focus: Off-Tank/Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science (Inventions)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Maria Angelica Channing (nee Burgos)
Known Aliases: Mari Channing
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mutant)
Ethnicity: Latina (Puerto Rican)
Place of Birth: New York, NY
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, FL
Relatives: Evarista Lorenzi de Burgos (Paternal grandmother, deceased); Juan Pedro Burgos y Lorenzi (Father); Agripina Ortiz y Vargas de Burgos (Mother); Juan Pedro Burgos, Jr. (Brother, 14 years her senior), Aidan Channing (a.k.a. Resolute; Husband); Aidan Miguel Channing (Son, born June 11, 2011); Nadia Angelica Channing (Daughter, born June 11, 2011)
Age: 22
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 250 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Complexion: Olive
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: A scar on the left side of her rib cage, and one along her lowest part of her abdomen
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: American citizen
Occupation: Chief of the Arete Vanguard, Defense & Close Quarters Combat Instructor for the Arete Institute, Hero Games Contender (part-time), Massage Therapist (formerly)
Education: High School; Massage Therapy Certification; Some College
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Strength; Agility
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Tonfa; Specialized Suit; Planar Pocket Utility Belt
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La Mari enjoys some downtime in the Renaissance Center.

Maria Angelica Channing (née Burgos) grew up in a poor, dangerous NYC neighborhood. This, along with her obsession of comic books, fueled her dream of becoming a superhero. When news spread within the Latino community of a hero named La Cucaracha in Millennium City, she left home and sought him out. Never one to turn down a challenge (or a pretty face), he took her under his wing as his sidekick.

Eventually La Mari set out on her own in order to help clean up the streets of Millennium City, participating as a contender in the Hero Games circuit in her spare time. She trained under her dear friend War Wolf in the art of dual blades. Armed with her shinai, a specialized suit, a forceful grip, one hell of a punch, and a friendly smile, she fights on the side of justice and the law. Despite her talents and strength, she is quite gentle and kind, preferring to make friends, keep the peace, and eat Skittles. La Mari is the dean of The Arete Vanguard (formerly the Arete Institute), a superteam for heroes and heroics institute for teenagers. Currently she teaches Defense, CQC, and Hero Etiquette. She is always ready to band with other heroes when her schedule permits. She speaks with a heavy Spanish accent peppered with a bit of New Yorker. La Mari lives in Vibora Bay with her husband, Resolute, and their two children Aidan Miguel and Nadia Angelica (b. 06/11/11).


Theme: "Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down" by Alicia Keys

Maria Angelica Burgos was born on May 2, 1989 in the New York City borough of Brooklyn to a working class family. Her father a professional trumpet player and her mother a seamstress, Mari was always surrounded by inspiration and encouraged to be creative. She often retreated to the world of comic books, reading about great heroes, wishing she could fly into battle, eradicate evil, and bring peace and justice to the world. Weekend trips to Central Park would provide a brief escape from her poor, crime infested neighborhood. They would also help fuel her active imagination and sense of wonder. It was there that she first saw a butterfly. It's delicate movements and beautiful colors of warning won a place in her heart forever, becoming something of a spirit animal to her.

Mari was a dedicated student, grasping the English language quickly enough to be taken out of bi-lingual classes and placed into advanced courses. In her spare time, she took dance classes, excelling in those as well. After high school, she trained to become a massage therapist, hoping to bring relief, comfort, and well-being to others. Incredibly successful at her career, she saved her money, using enough to live off of and help her family with bills.

When her father was beaten and robbed one evening, Mari decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She used some of the money she set aside to begin a neighborhood watch program she called the Safety Initiative (SI, the Spanish word for "yes"). Mari was able to find several donors, using the money and equipment she was given to organize shifts in which bands of people would patrol the area. She also managed to find martial arts instructors who were willing to teach her neighbors self-defense. Within a season, the state of her neighborhood began to improve, but Mari thought more could be done. She began reading all she could on the art of sword wielding, coupling it with her natural athleticism. Wearing an old ski mask and dark clothing, she took on hoodlums and criminals herself.

One evening there was a report on the Spanish news about a Mexican hero by the name of La Cucaracha. Excited to hear about another Latino fighting for justice and peace, she immediately made plans to leave New York and head to Millennium City in order to become his sidekick and student. She left SI in the hands of her brother Juanito, and set out to find her mentor.

Her Story

New Arrival

La Mari celebrates Christmas with former mentor, La Cucaracha.

December 2009 - January 2010 Theme: "Enchantment" by Tito Puente

Mari arrived in Millennium City on a cold, early December morning. She began asking for directions to La Cucaracha's headquarters, but was met with hostile threats and bad attitudes. Scared, lonely, and a bit disillusioned, she sat on the steps of one the beautiful buildings in the Renaissance Center, where she met the being who would bless her with her hero suit - the person she refers to as "Sastre". Luck finally on her side (at least for the moment), she ran into La Cucaracha. He immediately took a liking to her and put her to work... answering his fan mail and doing his chores. Occasionally, L.C. would teach his student about the finer points of fighting, meditations, and breathing, but his Hero Games career and growing fan base took precedence over her training. She referred to her sensei as "the Foxbat of Champions."

Disenchanted, she began frequenting Club Caprice in hopes of finding an instructor. It was there she met War Wolf, who would later become her teacher. Mari also met Grugar, a bear who was once a man, and his partner Melissa Flynn. Timid, shy, and frightened, she often confided in Gru, venting her frustrations and fears while she braided his fur or massaged his back. Gru and Melissa would be Mari's only friends for a good while until she found a way to socialize, sharpen her skills, and make some money.

Hero Games, Sanctuary, & the Return to the Circuit

La Mari posing for a Hero Games promo shot.

January - March 2010 Theme: "Come Around" by M.I.A.

La Mari was approached by Dominique Ducard about joining in the Hero Games circuit. She reluctantly accepted the invitation, and became a regular participant. She developed a small following of fans, among them a fanatic named Manuel Tisza. He often sent her letters and gifts, the latter which she often refused out of politeness. La Mari sought the help of Captain Martin of the MCPD, just in case things got out of hand. Her growing popularity and amazing fight record gave her the boost in confidence she needed to socialize more. She met her friends Hawkes, Jason Smith, and Kiran Vox.

Her Hero Games career was strong but short-lived. She suffered from an undisclosed injury that left her unable to participate. This deeply depressed La Mari, who came to love the game as a way to train herself and meet other heroes. When she left the Hero Games and went into seclusion, she issued a statement so as not to leave her fans feeling abandoned. Despite her best intentions, Tisza felt spurned. He began to plot revenge against La Mari, and would later emerge as her nemesis, going by The Mantis. She spent the rest of the winter at home, only venturing out to help with the occasional mission. One afternoon, she ran into Sky Lark, known local heroine and founder of Sanctuary, a small organization of heroes who "help with cases the Champions didn't have the time for." She was recruited after punching Sky Lark about fifty feet across the Renaissance Center.

With a new teacher (War Wolf), a renewed dedication to training, and some support from her boyfriend Kiran, La Mari slowly rejoined the Hero Games circuit. She guest starred in a couple matches, one along side Kiran. Excited about her return, she began sharpening her skills in hopes of captivating and inspiring her audience. When asked about her return, she stated, "I'm very excited! I'm still workin' on a few things for my official return, but I promise to bring some fun an' excitement to the game while settin' an example for the kids!" Rumors of new stunts along with a photo of her new look were leaked, but were never met with confirmation.

Engagement & Marriage to Kiran Vox

La Mari's engagement ring and wedding band.

March - September 2010 Theme: "Ave Maria" by Beyonce

La Mari met Kiran Vox, a Vo jn marine, by chance at Club Caprice while talking with friends Jason Smith and Hawkes. She invited him to stay with her upon finding out he was without a true home. It didn't take them long to realize that they belonged together. On Tuesday, 27 of April, La Mari and Kiran were enjoying an evening at Club Caprice along with Jallen, Tanya, and Tanya's friend Sam. While picking grape Skittles from a bag and enjoying a can of soda, Kiran got down on his knee and proposed on the spot. Initially in shock, she could only exclaim in Spanish. La Mari accepted, just in time for Sam to accidentally spit her Grond Juice all over poor Kiran. As she wiped him down, La Mari accepted once again. She excitedly showcased her ring, and hugged Jallen, who was also preparing to wed to his beloved Usha Shec. The ring was a 1.5 carat sapphire (symbolizing sincerity and faithfulness) surrounded by .59 carats of diamonds in a platinum setting.

La Mari and Kiran decided on a wedding incorporating Vo'jn and Puerto Rican/American traditions. Unfortunately, her family was unable to make it after her brother Juanito was shot a week before the ceremony. She insisted that her parents stay home and care for him while he recovered. Her teacher, War Wolf, gave her away, but not before asking about the Lupine Orgy. Much to his disappointment, she informed him there would not be one. The celebrant was a no-show, but Kiran managed to get his good friend and former commander Jabari to officiate.

On May 23rd, Kiran and Maria were married at Project Greenskin in an intimate, romantic ceremony. Maria wore an Asian inspired white and blue satin dress. She also wore the Vox clan marking and colors. The wedding party consisted of Cynthia Hawkes (Hawkes) as the maid of honor, and Tanya Thompson (Lightstorm) as the bridesmaid, and Guts and Tolme Starrunner (Kabuto) as Kiran's groomsmen. Kiran prepared a number of traditional Vo'jn dishes. The happy couple were surrounded by dear friends, each of them offering beautiful words and thoughtful gifts. The couple honeymooned in Vibora Bay and Puerto Rico.

In the end, a severe lack of communication and conflicting schedules would take their toll on the couple. After some effort, Kiran managed to convince Maria that a divorce would be the best course of action for the two. The proceedings were finalized Friday, September 10, 2010 with Maria leaving her apartment to Kiran. Her wedding band set was sold, and the money was donated to charity. She moved to Vibora Bay and briefly roomed and reconnected with her distant cousin, Arcelia Luna, before finding a place of her own.

From Student to Sensei

May 2010 - December 31, 2010 Theme: "Wake Up Everybody" by John Legend & The Roots ft. Common and Melanie Fiona

With her new life came a new job offer. Maria was approached by dean of The Arete Institute, Trenton Forester (Orion) to teach a Defensive and Close Quarters Combat class at the school. She happily accepted, having resigned from Sanctuary. Mari was sure to maintain ties with the group, letting her former leader know she was always more than willing to lend a hand. Initially, her return to Hero Games took the majority of her time, isolating her from both her students and her loved ones. It wasn't until she realized her husband was spending a great deal of time with their friend Tanya that Maria began to pay more mind to her family, and her career as an educator. In an effort to create a sense of family, she began to hold Sunday evening dinner picnics in the park, allowing the students to bond with one another as well as with her. Her increased involvement and her genuine concern for the kids won the respect of the student body, particularly with Michiba Kenji (Kid Shinobi) and Alexis Hayle, who turn to her for guidance.

During its summer sessions, Arete fell victim to attacks by a man calling himself "The Doctor." He, along with unknown beasts, attacked the student body and faculty. Kiran was among the victims, suffering grave injuries before Maria found him and sought medical attention for her husband. Despite their impending divorce, which was finalized in the beginning of September, she remained at his side nearly every moment of his hospital stay. After her divorce, La Mari ended up in Vibora Bay, having left her penthouse to Kiran in order to keep him from returning to his state of homelessness. She eventually bought the apartment building, along with a mansion in Vibora Bay, to convert into a dormitory for the Arete Vanguard. She decided to do what she did in her penthouse, letting the extra rooms out to heroes without homes. Maria requested the following of those staying under her roof: 1) that they chip in for the grocery bill, 2) that they help keep the place tidy, and 3) that they work on the side of justice and the law. More than a month later, her friendship with Aidan (Resolute) finally became a budding romance as La Mari finally found someone who understood her work ethic and accepted her for who she is and what she does.

On Wednesday, August 25, 2010, the Arete Institute was demolished by a series of bombs somehow harnessing Qliphotic energy. As she rescued Dean Forester, the two were caught in the blast, leaving Maria with head trauma and injuries to the eyes and ears. She recovered within days thanks to nanite treatment. Dean Forester, however, took much longer to recover. The severity of his injuries had him rethink the safety of himself and his family. The rebuilding of the Institute was postponed as he recovered and tended to his daughter, Amani. Maria did her best to continue running classes, but the embarrassment of the divorce proceedings and the heartache of losing her first and only love began to take its toll. La Mari postponed classes, but was sure to make herself readily available to her students for private classes despite the difficulties she faced. Several weeks later, Forester returned, though his family remained top priority. With the school shattered and the students scattered, he eventually handed the deanship to Maria on October 20, 2010. She rolled up her sleeves and decided it was time to treat the children more like the young adults and heroes they had proven themselves to be. Her first order of business was to officially register the school with PRIMUS, UNTIL, UNITY, the Trismegistus Council, and various other agencies, making the school an official super team. She renamed the school The Arete Vanguard, and has begun to attempt to align herself with other super teams. The school system has been changed so that students are to schedule classes with their instructors, putting their training into their own hands in order to teach them key lessons such as responsibility, self-awareness, courtesy, and communication.

As December came to a close, Maria along with the senior staff of the Vanguard went to work on a brand new database. She also decided to begin allowing adult members into the Arete Vanguard, in hopes that true heroes would find a home with them.

Engagement & Marriage to Resolute

La Mari's engagement ring.

September 2010 - Present Theme: "I Surrender" by Saybia

Several days before the finalization of her divorce to Kiran, Mari met Aidan Channing, who introduced himself as "just Aidan," through her sensei, War Wolf. The three had a few drinks and conversed well into the evening. Too inebriated and ashamed to ask her cousin Arcelia for shelter, Mari set out to look for a hotel room to sleep off her state. Aidan volunteered his room, sleeping elsewhere for the evening. When she awoke the next morning, the respect he had shown made a good impression. The two became fast friends, meeting and talking nearly every evening before and after the divorce. When the divorce became final, Aidan proposed a wager: if La Mari was not at least casually dating by October 15th, he would take her out for dinner and a show. About a week after the divorce, a mutual friend informed Maria that Kiran and Tanya finally went public with their relationship. Despite upsetting her a bit, the news enabled her to move forward. That week, she and Aidan had their first date.

Maria decided to purchase her old apartment building in Millennium City, as well as a mansion in Vibora Bay, converting both to dormitories for students and members of the Arete Vanguard. Before Aidan and Maria began dating, he and several other heroes took rooms in the Vibora dorm. Two months after her divorce, Aidan proposed to Maria before the fireplace of her study. She happily accepted and decided they should wait until Februrary 2011 to marry. The ring is a 2.07 carat ruby surrounded by 1.0 carat diamonds set in a gold band. The two delivered the news to Maria's parents and brother on Thanksgiving, and the family was more than happy to welcome him. Aidan's genuinely polite manner and honesty erased any doubts Maria's father may have had. It was around this time that Aidan decided to dedicate himself to the path of heroics, citing his bride-to-be as his example and inspiration.

December would prove to be a busy month for Maria. Aside from structural changes to Arete, she took on a heavy workload. When she became ill, she finally visited Sastre and another doctor. They revealed to her that she wasn't under the weather, but pregnant. While she and Aidan had discussed children, and Aidan was open to beginning a family, she didn't think it would happen for them so soon. Still, the news was a dream come true for Maria and she couldn't wait to share it with her beloved. She went to work knitting a small pair of booties and writing the following letter:

Feliz Navidad. I know what you are thinking, either these shrunk in the wash, or I made them too small. You are wrong, mi amor. They're not for you. They're for the living symbol of our love. Merry Christmas. Te amo. Maria. As Maria sat sleeping on the sofa before the fireplace, Aidan read this note and fainted, cracking his head open. After the initial shock wore off (and a bit of regeneration on Aidan's part) the two shared their excitement, happiness, and fears. When Mari found out in her second month of pregnancy that they will be having twins, she was concerned about having to excuse herself from team missions. She asked Aidan to co-lead the Vanguard. After some thought, he gladly accepted. The two were married in a private ceremony in Vibora Bay on Valentine's Day in the presence of Maria's family, and their dear friend Joyeuse. They honeymooned in the English countryside.

On June 11, 20011 at 12:53 PM EST, Aidan "Aidansito" Miguel and Nadia Angelica Channing were born to a very proud Maria and Aidan Sr. The birth was approximately two months premature and the twins were delivered via cesarean section after complications arose. The operation was without incident, and everyone was safe and healthy otherwise. While both twins exhibited lycan qualities, it seems that Aidansito was born with his mother's strength and dense bones, while Nadia may have inherited Aidan's psionic ability. Maria's parents moved to Vibora just before the birth to help the new parents with the babies, watching after them while they return to their duties as heroes. Despite her eagerness to return to work, Maria has vowed to put her new family first, working normal daytime hours with an occasional evening or graveyard shift.

Personal Life

Of Puerto Rican descent, Mari is proud of her heritage and often speaks in Spanish. She speaks with a Nuyorican (New Yorker and Puerto Rican) accent and a calm, even, almost motherly voice. Polite and positive, she enjoys making friends and often uses food or her favorite candy (Skittles) to break the ice. It is of the utmost importance to her that she set a good example, especially to children. She does her best not to cuss in public, and refused to even try alcohol until she is was of age to do so. La Mari enjoys dancing and music, her favorite genres being Hip Hop, some R&B, and Latin. She will, however, listen (and dance) to anything with a good beat.

More often than not, her good nature has been met with hostility due to the infestation of anti-heroes in Millennium City. Despite this, she has managed to form friendships with several people who care for and encourage her; they've become something of a second family. She prefers to keep the peace and resort to non-violence. Giving and hospitable by nature, she would sooner sleep on the floor than let a friend be without a bed to rest in. When La Mari found out that Kiran was sleeping at the hanging gardens, she immediately invited him to stay in one of her guest rooms. She would also invite Jallen Vox and Usha Shec (two young Vo'jn) to stay with her. They along with other heroes who would come and go, ensured that Mari would never want for company the duration of her marriage to Kiran.

La Mari had a run of bad luck when it came to matters of the heart. She developed a crush on her first teacher, La Cucaracha, only to find his heart did not dictate many of his actions. There were other crushes, but none that would lead to anything. She and unknown hero Emerald Knight spoke for a bit, but she was put off by his over-opinionated and judgmental nature. Her first and only romantic relationship was with Kiran, their immediate connection taking her by surprise. After a little over two months of courtship, the two were married. Unfortunately the union would end in divorce just before autumn. It seems her luck would turn around Mid-October when Maria began dating her dear friend Aidan. Despite their differing views, the two held a deep respect for one another, making her relationship with him a powerful one. The two were married on February 14, 2011, and were expecting twins in August of 2011. The twins came early, however, born on June 11th.


  • Evarista Lorenzi de Burgos: Paternal grandmother. Evarista was the matriarch of La Mari's family. While a bit stern and old fashioned, she was a pillar of strength and kindness who was able to get her family through some of the roughest times. Her death, along with the need to do more in the world, prompted La Mari's move to Millennium City.
  • Juan Pedro Burgos y Lorenzi: Father. Juan is your typical strong, silent type. An imposing figure who looms over most humans at an impressive 6' 6", 283 lbs with ivory skin, he is often mistaken for a metahuman. A musician by trade, Juan has played the trumpet for most of his life. He has been the epitome of what a provider should be, working to provide a comfortable home and an education for his children. Though not very emotional, his wife and daughter are always able to move his stone exterior.
  • Agripina Ortiz y Vargas de Burgos: Mother. Cook, housekeeper, nurse, tutor, life coach, cheerleader - Agri, as she is affectionately called, is the ultimate housewife. Short, curvy, soft, and dark skinned, she is the physical opposite of her husband. A gracious host, she will never turn anyone away from her doorstep.
  • Juan Pedro Burgos, Jr.: Brother. At fourteen years her senior, one would expect the siblings to be worlds apart. Despite the distance and their busy careers, Juanito and Mari have a close relationship and keep in touch a great deal. When La Mari left New York, she left Juanito in charge of the Safety Initiative.
  • Arcelia Luna: A.K.A. Loba. Despite their conflicting personalities and views, Loba and La Mari reestablished and formed a tight bond during La Mari's divorce from Kiran. While her cousin shows no interest in adopting a non-lethal approach to her work, she does respect her cousin's capacity to work in such a way.
  • Aidan Channing: A.K.A. Resolute. Husband. A friend of her sensei's, Aidan offered an ear and advice to La Mari during one of the most difficult times in her life. The two became fast friends. Eventually, Res proposed marriage and the couple set the wedding date for Valentine's Day of 2011. On Christmas Eve, they learned they were becoming parents. They are expecting twins August 2011.
  • Aidan "Aidansito" Miguel Channing Y Burgos: Maria & Aidan's son.
  • Nadia Angelica Channing Y Burgos: Maria & Aidan's daughter.

Friends & Acquaintances

Meditating with teacher, War Wolf.
  • La Cucaracha: The Mexican martial artist and gunslinger that won La Mari's heart when she saw him on a news report. She purposefully sought him out to become his student. The two had a very different approach to hero work, which led them go to their separate ways. La Mari still regards L.C. with a great deal of respect.
  • Grugar: Once a man, the large bear was one of the first friendly beings La Mari encountered. She confides in him often, massaging his back, scratching his ears, and/or braiding his fur as she does so.
  • Melissa Flynn: Gru's partner, Melissa is one of the few female friends La Mari has. Though Melissa is not very talkative, La Mari enjoys her company thoroughly.
  • War Wolf: The first being she met at Club Caprice. He would eventually become her mentor, instructing her in the art of wielding dual blades.
  • Sky Lark: Founder and head of Sanctuary, Sky took note of La Mari's bright wings and began to recruit her for the organization. She earned her place in Sanctuary by knocking Sky fifty feet across the Renaissance Center in a single punch.
  • Jason Smith: A friendly, attractive young man she met during an evening at Club Caprice. Annoyed with the bar scene, she retreated to the lounge where they hung out. She met Kiran through him.
  • Garret Hawkes/Hawkes/Cynthia Hawkes: Another friendly, attractive young man, though a bit eccentric. La Mari is quite fond of Hawke's randomness and shared love of sweets.
  • Kiran Vox: A Vo'jn marine she met through Jason Smith, she and Kiran hit it off instantly. His gentle nature and exotic features won her over instantly. He was her first love. The two are now divorced and maintain a professional relationship.
  • Jallen Vox: A young Vo'jn she has taken in along with priestess Usha Shec. She and Kiran looked after them as if they were their own children.
  • Orion: Founder and former dean of the Arete Institute, Trenton Forester.
  • Tech Knight: Cognitive Sciences instructor for the Arete Institute, La Mari was quite fond of her conversations over drinks with Sarah Enia.
  • Arcanus: Frank Drake, the school's Mysticism instructor. He has been M.I.A. since the destruction of the school.
  • Eric Deringer: Another friend of her sensei's, Mari first came to Eric to request his help in keeping the student body of Arete out of Sherrara's, and Club Caprice's bar.


The Mantis caresses his prey.
The butterfly enthusiast explains why Mari should leave his winged jewels alone.
  • The Mantis: Sometime in February of 2010 a "devoted fan" sent La Mari a series of letters and gifts proclaiming his love for her. She thought nothing of it at first, sending him a reply thanking him for following her Hero Games career, but returning the gifts. Replying only worsened things, as he then wanted to meet La Mari face to face. This prompted her to seek the help of Captain Martin of the MCPD, who proceeded to tell her that she had nothing to worry about. On hiatus from the Hero Games circuit, she issued a public statement to her fans, thanking them for their support and informing them she would no longer be contending. A couple of months later, her crazed fan emerged as The Mantis, a martial artist schooled in the art of fight claws. He was determined to win her love, even if it meant destroying her.

Things began to escalate rapidly once The Mantis made his appearance. He was sure to keep busy, running a crime spree in order to bring La Mari out of hiding. Unfortunately, he was met with the MCPD more often than not. Fed up, he decided to storm the set of the Millennium City Action News where La Mari was scheduled for an interview segment. Taking over the station, he was able to get La Mari to surrender. Victory finally within his reach, he began to speak about his plans to marry her once he was able to get Mayor Biselle under his control so that he could perform the ceremony. La Mari managed to cut free from her binds and put an end to the hostage situation at WCOC, causing The Mantis to flee. The incident also led to her revealing her identity.

His hideout discovered, she and Kiran took him down and put an end to his operation. The Mantis was arrested and placed in a temporary cell in the city's notoriously lousy jail. La Mari suggested that they remove his weapons, but Champions leader Defender merely stated that the jail cell was "especially designed to hold super villains." Rolling her eyes and shrugging, she figured he knew best.

  • The Butterfly Enthusiast: A barking mad hippie obsessed with lepidopterans, he was set on releasing hundreds of butterflies into the Canadian wilderness. A precog warned of the disturbance of balance this could cause. La Mari also figured the Canadian chill would kill the poor creatures, so she set forth to rescue as many as she could. The enthusiast was furious, vowing to exact revenge on her some day. She merely chuckled as she collected jar after jar of butterflies, threatening to knock his block off should he lay a hand on her.
  • Maxwell: The speedster with a violent streak and a twisted sense of humor made a bad first impression on then-timid La Mari, causing a ruckus and cussing like a mad man the day she met him and War Wolf. He further earned her disdain by shaving her head after she braided his hair. Though her hair was restored through Grugar's arcane abilities, she couldn't bring herself to face Maxwell for fear that she would punch a hole through his chest.
  • Dr. James 'Arkham' Chase (A.K.A. The Doctor): The man who was responsible for the attacks on Arete faculty and students, as well as for the destruction of the institute itself. Chase "returned from the dead" with the aid of dark forces, only to disappear.

Powers & Abilities

Innate Abilities

  • Strength, Agility, & Speed: La Mari kept the secret of her strength most of her life. It wasn't until the WCOC incident that she publicly admitted to being born with dense muscles and bones as well as excellent reflexes, flexibility, and speed. At one point she took inhibitors to decrease her strength. She eventually stopped taking them after her fiance (now husband) requested that she do so. When they discussed the possibility of having of family, La Mari went off of them. She still jokingly attributes her firm hold to her experience and training as a massage therapist.

Skills & Equipment

La Mari's ninja suit.
  • Swordsmanship: La Mari learned about focus and patience from her former mentor, La Cucaracha. Until recently, her knowledge of swordsmanship came from books, movies, and lots of practice on her own. It wasn't until she mentored under War Wolf that she blossomed as a true swordsman. She eventually replaced her dull blades with shinai.
  • Suit: La Mari is very guarded about her suit's tech, as per the request of the suit's creator, a scientist she regards as "Sastre" (Mr. Tailor). What she has divulged, however, is that the suit is about a centimeter thick and lined with a material (she refuses to say what said substance is) that solidifies on impact. The material returns to a pliable state after the impact has ceased. The suit is equipped with further defenses in the form of spines along the forearm and calves, which retract when she deactivates her wings and removes her mask. Her mask grants her night vision, protection from telepaths, as well as a means of recording missions and accessing the school database. The grooves along the suit regulate her body temperature, keeping her comfortable and dry. Despite the impracticality, she insisted on color changing butterfly wings for the flight mechanism. The wings were recently reinforced and can take a series of hits without suffering a scratch.

She assisted in the creation of ninja styled version of her suit which operates nearly identically to the original one. However, the temperature regulation comes in the form of a moisture wicking fabric. The two newest suits - the Arete Gold model and the Blood Moon model - are the most advanced of her collection.

  • Utility Belt: An integral part of her suit, La Mari's utility belt features eight extra-dimensional planar pockets. She occasionally uses them to store weapons, a change of clothing, and most importantly, Skittles.


Telepaths and mages have been known to affect her with some success when she is not suited up. Otherwise, her weaknesses are unknown to the public.


La Mari...

  • was a massage therapist before she worked full-time as a hero.
  • is quite heavy despite her petite appearance, due to dense muscle and bone.
  • rarely drinks. She refused to even try liquor until she was of age to do so. She has never smoked or tried any drugs.
  • took ballet and flamenco dance. She incorporates these into her fighting style quite a bit.
  • has a notorious sweet tooth. Skittles are her sweets of choice.
  • did not learn to properly swim until it was time to gain clearance to Lemuria.
  • loves the color red.
  • favors dulce de leche as her ice cream flavor of choice.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.
  • has two scars. One is on her left side (rib cage area); she was stabbed with a machete during one of her vigilante runs. It was the only time a weapon managed to break through her muscle. Anyone who has seen Mari in a bikini or perhaps a shirt that bares her midriff, would know of it. The other is a cesarean section scar from the birth of her twins.
  • has killed before. Though it was accidental, she killed a villain while trying to subdue him with her bare hands. To this day it haunts her. Shortly after villain's death, she began to take inhibitors to dull her innate strength. Sastre and Res are the only two people La Mari has revealed this to. ((This is not public/common knowledge.))


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"Maria is a very strong and intelligent woman. She is pure of heart and brings happiness to those around her. Despite what happened between us I am glad to have met her." Kiran Vox