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Johanna Carson
Player: @Zenosis
Bringing Law and Order
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level:  ??
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Johanna Lydia Carson
Known Aliases: Jo
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Age: 34
Height: 5'8"
Weight: unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Police Officer
Place of Birth: Mercy Hospital, Millenium City
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Lydia Carson (Sister), Betty Carson (Daughter)
Known Powers
none known
Known Abilities
Very fit, Good shot with her pistols
Normally seen with 2 Six Shooter Pistols
Break the law, be prepared to do the time

Personal Details

First name: Johanna (Prefers to be called Jo)

Middle Name: Lydia

Surname: Carson

MCPD Badge Number: MCPD9315

Age: 34

Siblings: Lydia J. Carson (Twin Sister)

Marriage Status: Divorced

Dependents: Betty Jo Carson (Daughter Age 16)


Born and raised in Millenium City, both parents served as Police Officers within the MCPD, a total of three generations of family have served in either the MCPD or DPD. As mentioned above Johanna has an identical twin sister called Lydia, but like any family there is always one so called Black sheep for the Carson family it is Lydia, hooking up with the wrong crowd ignoring Johanna’s feelings about the group, rumours are that Lydia is now calling herself Lady Carson and is the head of the Mafia Cell within the City.

This family link is what I the writer of this report feels that Johanna’s progress within the MCPD has been greatly hindered ot completely stopped as some Officers believe Johanna is a Mafia Mole within the department feeding information directly to Lady Carson, Johanna firmly denies these claims telling the ones accusing her of being a Mole to Arrest her or shut up.

Recent History

As a uniformed Officer Johanna was often on patrol in Westside, her arrest record there was pretty high due to her constantly following leads and forcing the gangs in the area to show their true hands, but this only bolstered the naysayers within the department, claining she was getting the info from her sister so the MCPD was doing the Mafia’s dirty Work.

17th January 1998 Johanna gave birth to her daughter Betty in Mercy Hospital, marrying Betty’s father on 17th January 2000.

Johanna returned to active duty on 22nd March 1999, immediately being transferred to the downtown Precinct in an effort to determine her true commitment to upholding the law, her arrest rate did go down, but this was more down to the fact crime rates within this precinct were lower overall; Johanna was still committed to the rules of law and got a promotion to sergeant on 18th September 2004, she kept this position until 15th August 2007 where she got promoted to Detective as the Westside Precinct wanted an Officer that knew the area to go undercover and locate the people behind human trafficking, the Sting proved successful.

21st march 2008 her daughter became very ill and Johanna took twelve months off to care for her daughter, Betty made a recovery although some lingering side effects remain. 15th March 2009 Johanna returned to the force to continue her duties as Detective, her fellow Officers now respected her and she was given a Medal of Honour by the Mayor regarding her services to the Community. Internal Affairs know they have a Mole feeding information to the Mafia but have not as yet identified who the traitor is.

For the next couple of years Johanna continued her duties as a Detective, even helping recent recruits to the MCPD the layout of the land, some seeing her as a Hero. But reports began to circulate claiming that Johanna was performing personal favours for some members of the criminal fraternity, she vehemently denies these claims, but she got transferred to a a Desk job and was denied access to Police resources like Police patrol cars while on duty. The strain on her marriage became too much and her husband left her in October 2013, filling for divorce on 23rd December 2013. This appeared to break her spirit, she nearly quit the force, but evidence came in from an anomynus source proving that the rumours about her personal favours to criminals were actually spread by her sister Lydia to discredit Johanna within the community and destroy her marriage, her ex-husband has not been seen since Christmas day 2013.