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Jungle Warrior
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"It's not just giant monsters you have to worry about now."
Player: @Oboeshoes101
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
New Gornyj, Bureau 17, Spearhead Enterprises, Civilian Protection Network
Real Name
Dayna Spear
Moonbird (Formerly), Jangala (Current)
Cape Town, South Africa
Monster Island, Millennium City
Monster Island
Full Time Hero, Owner of Spearhead Enterprises
Legal Status
Unregistered Vigilante
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Montgomery Spear (Father), Laura Spear (Mother), Marcus Spear (Brother), Laura Spear (Adopted Daughter)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Utility Belt, Grappling Gun, Boomerangs, Smoke Pellets, Bolas
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts, Stealth, Tracking, Acrobatics

This character is currently deceased and has been replaced by her successor. You can find her page here.


Alongside her twin brother, Dayna and Marcus Spear were born into the life of luxury. Being the offspring of Montgomery Spear, the Owner and CEO of Spearhead Enterprises (A multi-billionaire dollar company ranging from weapons development to commercial products.) very little was denied to them. While they knew this, they never abused such privileges. Dayna was the more adventurous of the two. While her brother would huddle with a book and remain indoors, she would be outside climbing a tree or kicking a ball around on their large property. However, their life in Cape Town would soon be uprooted when news of the destruction of Detroit by Dr. Destroyer reached them.


It didn't take long for Spearhead Enterprises to join in with the reconstruction of the soon to be named Millennium City, after all this was a chance to expand. When the city was finally completed and reopened, the Spear Family moved to Millennium City and Dayna would have her first introduction to the world of the Superheroes. She was obsessed with them, their daring rescues and the praise of the crowds. She knew right there that this would be her calling and began the long journey to train herself. At first she wanted to expose herself to some sort of chemical in order to gain powers. But after learning of heroes who got by without them she abandoned that line of thought and sought to train both her mind and body to be the best as humanly possible. Being in an incredibly wealthy family gave her access to some of the best tutors in the world. She made use of every opportunity, excelling in many areas of study, martial combat and various other skills.

Dayna was barely into her first year as the heroine known as Moonbird when tragedy struck the Spear family. Her father had suffered a heart attack while working at his office and had died on his way to the hospital. As stipulated in his will, the company would fall to his twins. At first the board of directors were a little apprehensive. The thought of two twenty-one year olds with little to no experience running the company was absurd. But when Marcus showed to be a natural businessman all opposition subsided and Marcus became the next CEO, with his sister as co-owner and advisor.

It suited her fine, she wasn't one for sitting behind a desk anyway and so her hero career continued. It was to be short lived however, at least in Millennium City. Three years into her career she came to an epiphany, was she really needed here? She still wanted to help people, but it seemed really redundant in a city filled with others like her. Perhaps there were others who needed her help more? When she got wind of Monster Island it intrigued her greatly. Some of the big name criminal groups, VIPER, ARGENT and various independent villains had gone relatively unnoticed and were running rampant on the island. What intrigued her the most however, was the tales about some of the local inhabitants known as the Manimals. They more or less had to fend for themselves in such a hostile environment. So where was their champion? Someone to look out for their needs?

It would be a challenge, after all Monster Island was considered one of the most dangerous places in the world. She would also need to gain the trust of the Manimals. But Dayna loved a challenge however and two years later she has become the latest edition to Monster Island through a lot of hard work, skill and prowess. Now known as Jangala, she is the She-Devil of Monster Island and a constant terrorizer to people like VIPER and ARGENT who had previously gone unchallenged. This is her island and she will defend it to the bitter end.



Dayna is a very attractive woman who looks roughly in her mid twenties and stands at a height 6'0". She has a noticeably toned body with tanned skin, but still maintains a womanly figure. Occasionally you might see small scratch marks on her arms and legs made by some sort of animal. She has striking light blue eyes and long thick auburn hair. When speaking she has a very noticeable South African accent. Her style of clothing is very casual and so people never really seem to picture her as the billionaire type at first glance. She mainly wears simple shirts (With a jacket in the winter time), baggy cargo pants or jeans and opts for open toed sandals or flip flops.

As Jangala her costume leaves very little to the imagination. A bikini top made of fur is all that covers her upper half, which is held up by metal rings and leather straps. Around her neck is a necklace made of teeth and leaves are often tangled into her hair. Tied around her left arm are leather straps which are adorned with blue feathers and on her right hand is a high tech glove with claws. Around her waist is her utility belt, which holds up the fur loin cloth that covers her lower half and strapped to her leg is her hunting knife. She prefers going barefoot.


The word that comes people's mind when first meeting Dayna is friendly. She can talk to just about anyone, no matter who they are or what they look like. She has a wicked sense of humour and can be quite witty when she chooses to be. She is generally fairly slow to anger, but highly personal attacks can leave her very bitter towards the person in question which may take her a bit to get over. Many have described Dayna as a free spirit, doing everything on her own terms. While this is true, she still will listen to the advice of those she deems wiser and more experienced than herself albeit begrudgingly. Ultimately she will almost always attempt to do things her way.

On the job though she maintains an aura of professionalism and confidence. However, she is certainly not above the occasional taunt or jib towards an opponent or a joke or two with a fellow team mate. Knowing the dangers of Monster Island fully well she feels a strong desire to often remind people of them, often to the point of annoyance. This mainly because she feels she is responsible for the lives on the island and that she must do as much as she can to protect them.

Powers and Skills

Jangala Chad.png
Jangala has no super powers to speak of. Her training and willpower is not to be taken lightly though, she is a force to be reckoned with

High IQ: Jangala is an extremely intelligent person, bordering on genius level. She built most of her gadgets herself as well as designing her personal A.I, A.P.E. She can pick up on a task very quickly and can generally master it or have a high understanding of it in a short amount of time.

Combat Skills: A dangerous combatant. Jangala is expertly trained in Silat, Submission Grappling (Brazilian jiu-jitsu), Kickboxing and Muay Thai. She is not one to pull her punches and will fight an opponent with everything she's got. Even if that means using lethal force.

Stealth: Jangala is also trained in the art of Ninjutsu and can very easily lose a person in the jungle, only to then strike from the shadows once she has.

Expert Tracker: Jangala is one of the best trackers in the world and can hunt down even the most elusive of targets. The smallest of clues can provide her with a detailed portrait of a target's weight, height and even their physical state. They can run, but they cannot hide.

Olympian Physicality: Having the body and attributes of an Olympic athlete gives Jangala an extreme edge over other humans. She is a natural gymnast, being very flexible and agile. Combine this with her combat skills and she is relatively untouchable. She can maintain a sprint over a long distance for an extended period of time, even on uneven ground. An extremely strong swimmer and diver, she can hold her breath unassisted for 5-7 minutes.


Utility Belt: Jangala's Belt is her most valued item and is never seen without it on patrol. It contains a wide variety of gadgets and tools. Included are:

  • Boomerangs (Explosive, Electric Shock, Razor Edged, etc.)
  • Smoke Pellets (Smoke, Tear Gas, etc.)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Bolas
  • Compact Rebreather
  • Tranquilizer Darts with collapsible Blow Gun

Hunting Knife: A gift given to her by the Manimals of New Gornyj.

Mask: Jangala's mask does more than just protect her identity. Its lenses are outfitted to provide binocular, thermal imaging and night vision capabilities.

Bracer: Houses a small PDA which is connected back to the computers in her cave. Also attached to the bracer are two retractable claws made of Questionite and attached to the claws is a length of high tensile wire which can be used as a backup grapple hook.

A.P.E: Short for Artificial PA Emulator, A.P.E is Jangala's personal AI. He runs the cave while she is out, keeps Jangala updated on the outside world and is also connected to her PDA. He is often used to help hack into various computer systems of hidden lairs.

Jungle Jumper: A small hover bike that allows Jangala to get around the island, not only quickly but silently as well. Although not designed for heavy combat, it's fitted with two repeating lasers and small missiles. It can reach speeds up to 310 miles per hour.


Humanity: While a well trained human, she is human none the less and is still susceptible to the same weaknesses as one.

Attire: Her costume is well..minimal. While this does make her much more faster and agile, her skin is still exposed to attacks. She finds that armour and combat suits aren't well suited for a life in the jungle.

Rogues Gallery

While Jangala regularly engages with various criminal groups. There are a few select individuals who have a personal hatred for her and are some of the most dangerous encounters she has ever faced. (This list will be updated as new nemeses are found.)



Born in the rural outback of Australia, Codie Warren had a troubled childhood. His mother died when he was very young and his father regularly abused him. The only real "family" he had came from a tribe of local Aborigines, who still practised some of their old ways and gladly invited him in whenever he was around. Over the years they taught him how to hunt, how to track and how to kill. He joined the military in his early adulthood, but was soon dishonourably discharged for endangering his squad mates during a mission and causing the death of one of them. His hunting and tracking skills along with his combat abilities eventually caught the eye of ARGENT. They offered him a payment package that was impossible to refuse and Codie took it with eagerness. ARGENT gave him free reign to do things however he wished so long as it was in their interests. He now known as codename "Redback" and is among ARGENT's most dangerous operatives.

Sorceress Zyanya


A powerful sorceress from a time long forgotten, Zyanya was the cruel queen of a hidden kingdom deep in the African jungle. Her subjects under her rule lived a harsh and gruelling life, kept closely under watch by her terrifying demon guards. That was until one lowly farmer unearthed a powerful artifact while digging up his crops. Taking the strange object with him, he soon learned that it could nullify magic when one of their queen's guards attempted to attack him, but was unable to do so. With this knowledge, he rallied the kingdom's people to over throw their ruthless ruler. Their rebellion succeeded and using the artifact they imprisoned Zyanya deep underground for a thousand years. Zyanya would eventually re-emerge in the twenty first century, her kingdom long gone. Seeking to rebuild she chose Monster Island as her place of operations and continues to reside there to this day.

The Hyena


Desperate times call for desperate measures, such was the case for Doctor Philippe Moreau. Tired of Jangala's constant meddling in his affairs, he sought a way to deal with Monster Island's newest protector. His answer came in the form of Harry Collier, a high profile psychotic serial killer. Collier is charged with two hundred and fifty counts of homicide and rape. Completely amoral and highly unpredictable, psychiatrists have diagnosed him with several different forms of psychosis. To Moreau, he was the perfect distraction to set on Jangala. Kidnapping him from his jail cell, Moreau subjected him to his Manimal experiments and then set him loose on Monster Island. Now armed with teeth, claws and increased senses, The Hyena is one of Jangala's most deadly opponents.

RP Hooks

  • Jangala is more or less the most knowledgeable person on Monster Island, knowing more of its inner workings than Bureau 17 does. So she is often the "go-to guy" when heroes arrive on Monster Island.
  • She maintains a friendly arrangement with UNTIL, maybe you have read some reports on her if you work for them.
  • Need a person tracked down? Jangala is one of the best, she'll find your guy.


Jangala Resize.png
  • She is a combination of Batman, Shanna the She-Devil and Black Panther.
  • Jangala in Sanskrit means "Uncultivated Land". It is where the word Jungle originates from.
  • Is a fan of 80's Rock. Her favourite bands include Kansas and Guns N' Roses.
  • Jangala's presence on Monster Island is relatively unknown to the general public. Despite this, there have been some rumours spread amongst the villain community about a savage wild woman presiding on the island.
  • Due to her constant meddling into their affairs on the island. ARGENT has a bounty of $100 million US on her head. So far, it has yet to be claimed.
  • The actress that would play Jangala in a movie would be Deborah Ann Woll.


JangalaChibi Resize.png

"An interesting human. I was unsure of what to make of her at first, but that uncertainty has faded. A true ally of Manimals everywhere." - Father Elk

"She is a crazy lady, but she is showing the world that you don't need super-powers to be a super-hero. She is one of my idols" - Bluebird

"She's a walking amalgam of every pinup calendar I've ever owned. Can probably also beat me to death like a starved gorilla. Or scotsman." - Leonard Castellar