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Player: @wexony
"Suddenly it becomes clear
And to myself I say
No, No, you will not beat me
You cannot beat me so quickly"

~Yehoram Gaon, "You Will Not Beat Me"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Natan Segev
Known Aliases: IDFender
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Israeli
Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel
Base of Operations: Mobile; currently Millennium City
Relatives: Leah Segev (Mother), Nahum Segev (Father)
Age: 27
Height: 1.89 meters
Weight: 80 kg
Eyes: light brown
Hair: brown
Complexion: tan
Physical Build: muscular
Physical Features: none notable
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: public
Years Active: 8
Citizenship: Israeli
Occupation: Soldier; Local Celebrity
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Near peak-human physique
  • Advanced training in Krav Maga and various firearms
  • Medical nanobot swarm in bloodstream

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Various advanced firearms

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Early Life and Military Service

Natan Segev (נתן שגב) was born in Haifa, Israel to Leah and Nahum Segev, a botanist and high-school teacher, respectively. Natan's childhood wasn't pretty standard: he went to school, graduated with high marks and enlisted in the IDF, Israel's military. There, however, he high performance and motivation allowed him to volunteer to try a new piece of tech developed by the army: a medical nanobot hive, implanted in his heart. This meant most injuries would be healed rapidly, with the added side effect of causing his muscles to grow much stronger. Nevertheless, the project was deemed too costly compared to its benefits and eventually discarded.

Defender of Israel

The shutdown of the project, however, only brought Natan closer to being a superhero. In the aftermath, Natan was approached by SAMSON, a private military company who funded the project. They offered him a chance to be a superhero like the ones abroad, saving lives and fighting crime. Accepting the offer, he took on the moniker IDFender (a fusion of the IDF and the word "defender"). IDFender has since participated in multiple anti-terrorism operations, both within and outside of Israel. When not fighting terrorists, he has appeared in several commercials, mainly regarding the military and the safety of Israel (and even one where he urges theviewers to conserve water, since the Sea of Galilee is going dry).

Search of the Millenium

Lately, IDFender was charged with searching for various superpowered Israelis around the world. Most recently, this search had brought him to Millennium City.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Medical Nanobots - IDFender's heart was implanted with an experimental nanobot hive the size of a grape, with produces, maintains and releases nano-sized machines into his bloodstream. Those nanobots, nicknamed "medichines", continuously heal and repair any damage to IDFender's body. This means that cuts, bruises and other injuries heal much faster than in other people. He is also highly resistant to poisons, drugs and other harmful substances transferred in the blood. However, the medichines do not provide supporrt against magic, other advanced nano-machinery or catastrophic bodily damage such as dismembered organs or lengthy immolation.

Near Peak-Human Physique - An interesting side effect of the medichines is that IDFender builds muscle much more effectively, thanks to the mechanics of bodybuilding. This means that working out will yield much greater benefits that it would for a regular human. As such, IDFender is highly athletic, achieving incredible feats of strength and agility. However, those enhancements can only speed up muscle building as opposed to increasing its upper limit. Because of that, IDFender's strength is by no way superhuman, but "simply" Olympic-level.


Weapons Training - As part of his military training, IDFender is trained in the use of various firearms, such as pistols, assault rifles ans sub-machine guns. This trainign was expanded when he joined SAMSON and became a superhero.

Krav Maga Training - In addition to firearms, IDFender was also trained in Krav Maga, an Israeli, self-defense oriented martial art. In addition to unarmed combat, Krav Maga emphasizes utilizing whatever objects are in the area, from knives and sticks to broken bottles and dust.

Gear and Equipment


Weapon - IDFender carries various weapons and firearms. Although the specific weapons my vary, his usual armaments include an assault rifle, sub-machine gun, two Uzis, a couple of knives, a few grenades and a retractable gatling gun. In addition, IDFender uses Cphor ammunition, a special kind of dendrotoxin bullets which paralyze the target without killing it. However, those bullets can be laced with lethal poison if the target needs to be neutralized permanently.

Armor - Thanks to his medichines and enhanced toughness, IDFender required little in the way of armor, wearing stadard military attire. He does however wear a light kevlar vest colored white and blue, like the Israeli flag. This serves more as an inspiring symbol than as defensive armor.



SAMSON and Ben-David

SAMSON (Hebrew acronym for the National Service for Peace and Asset Protection) is a private military company, working with the IDF. The company specializes in providing professional soldiers and cutting-edge technology for the IDF, and are the inventors of the medichines nanohive. On paper, they are the official employers and sponsors of IDFender, but in practice they are less influential regarding his activities than the IDF. The CEO of SAMSON, Michael Ben-David ("Benda" to his friends") is a young high-tech worker and investor, and has become a close friend of Natan.

Yonatan Kor

Brigadier General Yonatan Kor is a high ranking officer in the IDF, and was the original liaison between the IDF and SAMSON for the medichines project. He is usually the officer which IDFender directly answers to.


While he has no direct nemesis at the moment, IDFender's enemies are the enemies of Israel who want to bring it down, whether they are individuals, organizations or nations.

General Perception

The public perception of IDFender in Israel differs from his perception abroad. In Israel, he is regarded as a symbol of hope, honor and national pride, and might even be considered a minor celebrity. Abroad, however, he might be less well known, and those who know more than the simple fact he exists tend to be either politicians and ambassadors dealing with Israel or individuals who are somehow connected to Israel or enjoy Israeli culture.

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