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666792 Glitch404 commission without background (transparent).png
- "I put a glitch in your system!" -
BluePlayButton.png THEME SONG: "I am Defiant" by The Seige
Super Group Quantum League Horizontal Logo.png
Field Officer
Current Affliations
The Quantum League
Former Affiliations
OUTBreak, eLite_Circuit, Dynamic Innovations

Real Name Darrell Jason Trevors
Known Aliases Glitch, Err0r_G1itch404, Dare, D, D-Man, "Tech God", Shawn Moore, Bithead, G-Man
Sex Male
Gender Man (He/Him)
Species Human
Ethnicity Black
Birthdate April 26th
Place of Birth Millennium City, MI
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Janice Trevors (mother)
Darren Trevors (father)

Physiological Age 23
Height 5'11
Weight 160 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Texture Curly
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Short
Skin Complexion Dark
Physique Average
Notable Features Soul-patch facial hair
Various scars along torso and back

Identity Secret
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Undergrad student at MCU
Freelance technological advisor
Software programmer/developer
Education High school graduate;
Bachelor of Arts in Computing and Informatics: DevOps Concentration with a Minor in Computer Science (Ongoing)


Holographic Projections
Frequency Manipulation
Superhuman Durability

Skills & Abilities
Skilled Hacker/Programmer
Surveillance/Communications Expert
Parkour/Climbing Expertise

Byte Drones
Glitch eSuit
Smart Mask
Utility Belt

QuantumBox Template

After the malware application he helped create was stolen and sold to a hacker collective online called HaDoCk, Darrell Trevors joined up with eLite_Circuit, a rival hacktivist group in Millennium City, to steal it back before the malware could be used for malicious intent. While successful in this effort, Darrell's arrogance and personal vendetta against HaDoCk led to him being kicked out of eLite_Circuit but still secretly attending a meeting between the two hacker groups at the Millennium City Docks & Shipping Yard.

It was here where a device known as the Polychoron was deployed and detonated by HaDoCk as a means to kill their longtime enemies for good — instead backfired and killed them while leaving Darrell and his former friends with digital powers. Feeling personally responsible for the unfolding of events that led up to this, Darrell became Glitch to right his wrongs and also apprehend his ex-friends after they had begun to use their powers to commit crime sprees across the city.

Now, with eLite_Circuit in PRIMUS custody, a new threat has emerged calling himself Virus and proclaiming to be Glitch's true arch-rival. Wielding the same level of power as him, Glitch finds a true challenge in Virus and only time will tell how long with their rivalry will span for, given how evenly matched they both appear to be.


Early Life:

Darrell Trevors was born as the first and only child of Janice and Darren Trevors in North Detroit, Millennium City. Despite his parents' respectable professions with his mom being a registered nurse (R.N.) and his father as a skilled tradesman, the family was primarily brought up in the low-income neighborhood of The Grove, a crime-ridden slum of Millennium City that was often ignored by both the city government and Mayor Biselle. The borough eventually became the home to many of Millennium City's lower-class citizens and local street gangs such as the Maniacs and the Black Aces. This overall mistreatment and lack of empathy towards the city's less fortunate residents made Darrell come to develop a certain disdain towards Millennium City's upper-class elites, such as James Harmon of Harmon Industries. Instilling within him a sense of hard work, merit, and dedication could get you to where you wanted to be, rather than to have it handed to you.

Darrell's parents would eventually wind up getting a divorce while he was three years old and with no other male role model in his life, Janice did her best to make sure her son didn't wind up falling into the local gang(s) of misfits that largely consisted of young Black/African-American males like Darrell. As a nurse, she saw many of these same kids that were out on the streets one day would end up in the emergency room, in either critical condition or dead, from the "friends" they affiliated themselves with. It was tragedies such as this that made Janice stressed the importance of hard work, studying, and choosing your friends wisely.

While he did have his moments of freedom, Darrell's childhood was mostly uneventful, as he had led a very sheltered life with little friends and recreation outside playing video games and watching movies. His countless hours of computer time led to him developing an affinity for software development and programming, as noted by Janice, who would ultimately decided to sign Darrell up for a couple of computer classes at the local community center.


Betrayal & Joining eLite_Circuit:

It was at these classes that Darrell came to meet Russell Lyman, another young programmer like himself. The two developed a quick friendship that would lead into them creating a malware called R4gn%r0k that was supposed to just be a pet project. Instead, Russell double-crossed Darrell and repurposed it as a zombie virus that could be used to perform DDoS attacks against various computers and websites at once. He would later sell the R4gn%r0k malware to HaDoCk, a loose collective of script kiddie hackers known for their amoral exploits to steal and sell data to anyone who can pay them. Despite HaDoCk's reputation as red-hat hackers, the threat they were said to pose was incredibly minimal, instead, it was the connections they made in the criminal underworld through their cybercrime contracts that made them a danger to those who dared to stick their nose too deep into their business.

Betrayed at how his first self-made software was going to be used for malicious intent by faceless collective of mercenaries, Darrell spent day and night hanging out in IRCs (Internet Relay Chats) trying to garner the attention of eLite_Circuit, another hacktivist protest group that was known for their rivalry with HaDoCk. Darrell would eventually attract the attention of eLite_Circuit and go through various initiation tests before finally being accepted into their ranks under the screen-name: Err0r_G1itch404. For three months, Darrell took part in many of their protests and thwart attempts against corrupt technology companies throughout Millennium City before finally setting their sights on HaDoCk once again — an opportunity that Darrell had been waiting forever to see finally come to fruition.


HaDoCk vs. eLite_Circuit:

Eager to finally take back and shut down the R4gn%r0k program before it could be used, Darrell used the combined knowledge of what he learned at the community center and from eLite_Circuit to hack into HadDoCk's private network servers and implant an encryption key to keep them from accessing it. To go along with this attack, Darrell sent out a propaganda video to HaDoCk, calling them out as script kiddies and not being real hackers. With the time available to him, now that he had encrypted their network, Darrell took advantage of the opportunity to locate the R4gn%r0k program and destroy it. But thanks in part to his impatience and lack of better judgment, Darrell effectively started a "hacker war" between HaDoCk and eLite_Circuit.

Scolded and reprimanded by the other members of eLite_Circuit for starting a feud with a hacker group with connections to Millennium City's criminal underworld, Darrell was then kicked out from the group and stripped of all his access to eLite_Circuit's private communication networks and computers. This didn't stop Darrell, however, as he installed a backdoor to eLite_Circuit's computers, seeing something like this was going to happen and eventually learned that a meet-up was arranged at the Millennium City shipping yards between eLite_Circuit and HaDoCk in hopes of squashing their beef before anyone could get hurt or do something they might regret.

With this newly acquired information, Darrell planned on attending this meeting in secret, following from an unseen location where he could watch the whole exchange unfold right in front of him.


The Meet-Up:

After arriving at the shipping yard right on time as the meeting was just beginning to unfold, Darrell took position behind a shipping container and began to record the entirety of the exchange. eLite_Circuit was quick to throw him [Darrell] under the bus and say that they weren't the ones who locked them out of their network and it was in fact an ex-member of their's, but they had people working to decrypt the security measures put in place by him. While HaDoCk "appreciated" the effort that was going into to restore their network, it didn't change anything between the two rivaling factions. Ultimately, HaDoCk brought out a device that they called the Polychoron. Not too much is known about the device other than that HaDoCk accepted it as payment from one of their contacts, who claimed it was "implosion engine" and designed to destroy matter from the inside out. Not long after this, HaDoCk activated the Polychoron with the goal of killing and putting an end to eLite_Circuit once and for all.

Shockingly, though, there was no immediate detonation but an incredibly loud whirling sound when the Polychoron was activated. Both factions were confused as to what exactly was going on, but before anyone could have time to do anything further, a large explosion engulfed the area surrounding them, Darrell included. In his last moments of consciousness, Darrell saw his ex-friends in eLite_Circuit were in pretty bad shape, while HaDoCk's members were no more and deceased. The Polychoron had detonated and resulted in a delayed explosion that killed every member of HaDoCk that was present, while mostly severely injuring Darrell and those of eLite_Circuit that was at the epicenter of the explosion.


Enter: Dynamic Innovations:

Awakening in an laboratory in an undisclosed location, Darrell was shocked to learn that he was still alive, but even more shocked to find he was in an unfamiliar location and wondered what happened before he came to. That was when Elmer Bradley and Eric Williams stepped out from the shadows and introduced themselves to Darrell. Previously recognized as the lesser-known superheroes Golden Gizmo and The Machinist, respectively, the two have been life-long research partners affiliated with PRIMUS' Tech-Ops division for over 30 years now. Their last big project, before finally cutting ties with the organization, was to create a "time bomb" of sorts via the harnessing of hypothetical particles known as "Chronons". The reason for this was that it was theorized in a fixed but different point in space-time existed, a biosphere dubbed the Technosphere that was created because of humanity's achievements in the fields of science and technology. The working theory was that it was from this biome that the being known as Mechanon was born from and thus was the reason for it's hatred against humanity and organic life.

The Polychoron was the first and only working prototype to a device that could theoretically allow one to travel to the Technosphere and once arriving there, the individual could effectively erase or destroy the Technosphere from the inside-out and thus removing the Mechanon threat in its entirety. But PRIMUS forcefully took the Polychoron for "further studies", and it wound up getting lost in transport after a metahuman brawl caused for the transport truck to crash. The device has been missing ever since, until now. Its detonation released a wave of the same Chronon particles that Elmer and Eric had been studying for years. By the time they got there, though, Darrell was the only asset that could be recovered as his body was pulsating with Chrononic energy while the rest of his friends were nowhere to be found, implying that they survived as well.

Following this, Darrell was asked to stay with Dr. Bradley and Dr. Williams so they could watch Darrell's condition and see what changes could his body go through now that he's been exposed to Polychoron's bizarre energies — a request that Darrell reluctantly accepted.


Birth of a Hero:

For about 3–4 months, Darrell spent under Bradley and William's supervision at their R&D company, Dynamic Innovations, where he trained and learned how to better control the powers that were granted to him by the Polychoron. In that timeframe, they had learned that Darrell can manifest Chronon particles in the physical world as "pixels", through these pixels, an electrical anomaly occurs that allows him to simulate technical faults and malfunctions on people and other real-world objects. Darrell was quick to dub this power "glitching" and came to master it rather quickly. While this was happening, the Millennium City News was reporting on the conditions of Eugene Hawkins, Ramsey Dominic, and Kristen Ladner also known as Trojan, Firewall, and Uplink of the vigilante hacktivist group, eLite_Circuit who were under careful PRIMUS surveillance following the explosion at the Millennium City shipping yard complex. During their time in PRIMUS custody, the young adults appeared to manifest strange pixels from their bodies, as if some sort of digital powers had awoken inside of them. They eventually escaped the facility PRIMUS was keeping them in, leaving countless dead bodies in their wake. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

With Elmer and Eric believing that Darrell could be the only one capable of finding and bringing the three ex-hackers back into PRIMUS custody due to his similar exposure to the Chronon particles, they convinced the young metahuman that it was his turn to take up a mask. Hesitant at first, as he believed himself to not be ready and could be killed, Darrell eventually agreed as he felt personally responsible for what happened to his former friends. Had his arrogance not gotten in the way of the mission at hand, neither of them would be in the situations they were in today. With that, Darrell threw together a makeshift costume, and, with the help of Eric, he designed a high-tech mask that would not only disguise his face and voice, but could also project his current facial expression in the form of emoticons on it's visor. With a costume and powers to boot, all he was missing was a name. While it was the most original one in the book, it did fit best for the powers he at his disposal and would be an excellent callback to his old screen-name. From that day forward, Darrell became known to the world as...


Darrell Trevors is a relatively handsome young man in his early-twenties, standing at 5'11" and weighing about 160 lbs. Having a rather average build, Darrell is particularly fit for someone who lacks a regular workout routine and healthy diet — though it has been implied that years of being a picky eater has led to him consuming far less foodstuffs containing high amounts fats and sugars. While he isn't the most extroverted person some might cross paths with, Darrell seems to have a calming aura about him that allows those who choose to talk to him feel at peace and maintain a tranquil emotional state. Originally, Darrell had a close-cut hairstyle that he decided to let grow out and be fashioned into a more curly, spiky-topped style within the last year. In the time, he's also grown out some facial hair as well, in the form of a soul patch that sits perfecting at the center cleft of his chin. Darrell's sense of style has also changed somewhat in the time since becoming a superhero and joining up with the Quantum League. Where he originally wore graphic t-shirts and jeans, he's swapped out for more "dress casual" attire that will consist of flannel shirts with rolled sleeves and jeans or button-up shirts with khakis, along with some Timberland boots or an ordinary pair of sneakers. Comfort is nothing but utmost importance to Darrell, as he enjoys the feeling of loose-fitting clothes and nothing that limits or restricts his movements in any way, shape, or form.

"Glitch, ready for action!"

As Glitch, Darrell's attire has seen some design overhauls within the last year or two of becoming a hero. Originally, Darrell's "vigilante/homemade" costume when he was out as Glitch consisted of a blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a gray hoodie with a power emblem on the chest, black cargo pants tucked into brown combat boots, and a mask of his own design that was known to project emoticons that reflected his current facial expression behind it. This was later swapped out for an upgraded variant that had a more "cyberpunk" influence to it after he joined and became an officer in the Quantum League. This upgrade saw Darrell replace the blue jacket for a trench coat that was primarily blue, with green, gray, and green accents. Beneath it, Darrell wore a tactical suit that was outfitted with ballistic and flame-resistant material to protect Darrell from the more conventional weapons that could be found among the gangs in Millennium City. The combat boots would also be replaced with metallic boots that used Gadroon anti-gravity technology that would allow him to slide across the floor with the slightest push, this particular invention would come to be recognized as the Velociskates. This suit is also remembered for its inclusion of a wrist computer that allowed Darrell to constantly have the internet at his fingertips to hack objects remotely, listen to music, search for active crimes in progress, etc.


For a short period, Darrell joined up with a Vibora Bay resistance group by the name of OUTBreak and his outfit temporarily changed to a yellow leather jacket, beige khaki pants with red sneakers, and backwards-fitting baseball hat, rather than his signature hood. His mask would also see a color change from its usual orange visor to a green one instead. The latest revision to Glitch's costume fits the classic spandex superhero aesthetic. A form-fitting bodysuit with a blue, orange, green, black, and gray color scheme. The boots now have been replaced for a pair of custom-made sneakers that fit the costume's color palette but still reuse the anti-grav technology from the previous suit.


Screenshot 2021-06-09-00-29-41.jpg
Darrell was a very introverted kid growing up as he was an only child and lacked very few friends to hang out which led to him developing very poor social skills. Spending the majority of his time playing video games and browsing the internet did more harm then good as he grow to become a very shy and timid person. By the time he graduated high school, however, he overcame this limitation more-and-more by the time he got his first job in customer service where he had to interact with people on a daily basis. Still incredibly shy, Darrell seems to exert a lot more energy when he's around those he considers friends where he will become a lot more talkative then usual and open to cracking jokes whenever he can. Darrell is perceived by most as a kind soul with the swagger of a gentleman. Most find themselves gravitating toward him purely due to his down-to-earth demeanor and ability to remain levelheaded in times of extreme stress or turmoil. His affinity for computers and software development has led to Darrell becoming far more analytical than the average person, always preparing for whats to come ahead in the future. Occasionally, Darrell will go periods of time without talking or speaking when in a large group of people, where most would perceive this as "zoning out" is actually him carefully examining and creating a mental profile of the people he's surrounded by. Learning more about them through their words, thoughts, and actions. Ever since joining the Quantum League, Darrell's confidence has even seen a major boost as he's more willing to take part in playful banter and jokes with some of the team's more serious and stern members of the group. His ability to turn this off and get serious; focusing on the mission at hand, garners much respect from other members as well, as it showcases his sense of determination and dedication to seeing a mission through to end.


Normally, there would be a tonal shift in the personality a hero displays in-or-out of costume, but for Darrell there doesn't seem to be that much of a difference. As Glitch, Darrell maintains the confident and playful banter with his friends as much as he can, but when surrounded by new faces he tries to adopt a more distant and cold "vigilante" personality. The hooded masked figure with an inhuman, modulated voice that no one can get a read on due to his costume concealing every inch of his person. In the field, Glitch fights like every super-villain encounter will be his last and when his team is up against a threat they show no signs of defeating, he isn't afraid of resorting to retreat tactics and fighting the fight another day. Darrell's morals as a superhero is to always try and save as many people as he can if its possible, but despite his heroic alignment, he also isn't afraid that darker methods or alternatives might need to be taken into consideration depending on the threat at hand. As Glitch, Darrell becomes very goal-oriented and sees to that a threat must be stopped by whatever means necessary and this thought process was birthed from his time as a hacktivist and lacked super-powers. All-in-all, Darrell doesn't see the world in black and white all the time and sometimes like to look at things from a gray perspective as leaning heavily into the "good and/or bad" can lead to the enemy taking advantage of you and your moment of weakness to get the drop on you or anyone else. This is a side of Darrell that he secretly despises and hopes he doesn't have to reveal it to his friends as he knows it will lead to some form of civil unrest amongst his team's leadership and members alike.


He's no model, but he sure knows how to pose like one!
Screenshot 2021-06-09-00-24-46.jpg
As Glitch, Darrell always seems to display this exuberant sense of bravery and righteousness thats balanced with a playful and quick-witted sense of humor. This oftentimes leads to him making a variety of wise-cracks in battle or during some tense situations, but his ability to read a room and know when its time to get serious speaks volumes on the social skills he once lacked during his youth. Always viewed as the shy and quiet kid with no friends, Darrell longed for a chance or an opportunity to "rewrite" himself as someone else who wasn't shy and timid nearly all the time, as Glitch he takes full advantage of this because of two things: The mask and new people he's come to meet ever since he became a superhero. In the time sense graduating high school and moving further into Millennium City to start attending university, Darrell has adopted this charming demeanor that makes him nearly irresistible to men and women of the like. He's no James Harmon when it comes down to looks, but his personality is magnetic both in-and-out of the suit, which finds developing a quite a few flings with certain people. The question of whether or not, Darrell chooses to act on these opportunities is purely up to debate.


Despite all of this though, Glitch is still traditionally a loner and rarely finds himself hanging out with anyone, especially his own teammates. He oftentimes feels like he brings little to a conversation or hangout and would much rather stay home than to be anyone's burden. Even though he finds a second home in the Quantum League, there is a part of him that still finds it hard to work in a time and prove to be useful. Darrell typically fears for the day when he technological expertise hits its limit and he stumbles onto something he can't figure out, fix, or hack. Lacking the typical technopathic abilities most heroes like him are shown to possess, Darrell is afraid for what is to come or happen if he encounters tech that is beyond his knowledge. However, it should also be noted that Darrell is still an optimist most of the time whenever faced with an extreme difficulty or uncertainty. His ability to maintain a positive spirit even in the worse of times is something to be applauded as it shows that he isn't quick to give up on hope and every bump in the road is merely another obstacle that will aid in the development of everyone's character and experience. Darrell's strong will, even in the face of defeat, keeps him on his feet and refusing to stay down until he's faced with his last dying breath. This comes from a place where Darrell believes that not only is he going to die trying/fighting, but he's going to die standing up for what he believed in; remembering that he went out with only the purest of intentions.


Conduit of The Network:

Following his subsequent exposure to the Chronon particles that dispersed from the Polychoron after its initial deployment, Darrell was connected to a dimensional plane known as The Network, an interdimensional energy source thats an extension of the hypothetical Technosphere which is, in it of itself, a reality that was created as a byproduct of humanity's technological advancement. The Network is overseen by an esoteric intelligence (E.I.) known as the Node, whose job is to monitor each and every conduit's connection to the Network. These people are known as 'Users' and each one is provided with a "signal" that represents the strength of their connection which only grows stronger the more experienced they become with their powers.

Various pathways cross and intersect with one-another to form a grid-like construction of the Network in its dimensional plane, but there also exists corrupted pathways that're oftentimes being used by those with "evil or malicious intent in their soul." In order to prevent this corruption from poisoning the rest of the Network and it's Users, the Node makes sure to block off these paths with "firewalls" but because it can't disconnect them from the Network entirely, power continues to flow through them and as a result leaves the "corrupted" User with full access to their digital powers.

Recently, Darrell found himself spending at least 4-to-6 months inside the Network which strengthened his previously moderate connection. He now is much more capable of using his powers for lengthier periods of time as opposed to before when he would have to fall back on the usage of his gadgets whenever he exerted too much power or energy.


Due to Darrell's connection to the Network, he can generate, create, project and manipulate Chronon particles that consist of electrostatic energy and manifest in the real world as "pixels" from his hands or entire body. These particles manifest in variety of colors depending on the user, as in the beginning for Darrell, they were primarily orange-and-white. However, after coming out of the Network during a long hiatus away from superheroics, Darrell's powers took on an orange-and-green coloration, implying a stronger connection in his signal with the Network. It is through his usage of the Chronon particles that Darrell is capable of warping reality via the electrical anomalies that're generated from the particles whenever they're in use. By doing this, Darrell can mimic system errors commonly seen in computer software and programs such as faults, glitches, malfunctions, and bugs and replicate them in real life. This, in turn, leads to Darrell being able to "lag” enemies in the physical world in order to make them move slower, he can "invert" the movements of people and objects by making the direction they're moving in the opposite, or even pull off a feat of temporal displacement and effectively alter the position or location of which a person or object is fixed in. This is only half of a larger list of capabilities that Darrell is fully capable of, but will come with time and experience. As of right now, energy management is a severe limitation he has to overcome before some of these other abilities can even be attempted.

  • Data Surge: Darrell can utilize chronons to perform a speed dash in order evade any sort of deadly attack. This power sometimes even sees Darrell dematerialize into a nimbus of chronon particles before rematerializing himself elsewhere in his physical form again.
  • Network Aura: An invisible barrier thats generated subconsciously and is comprised of holo-hexagonal plates, the Network provides Darrell with a protective aura that shields him from most forms of damage. Whether the type of offensive attack is ballistic, elemental, magical, psychic, or otherwise, rarely does anything find itself penetrating this force-field. Despite its overall durability, it doesn't seem to prevent or lessen excessive use of kinetic energy as Darrell is still capable of being sent flying from beings with super-strength or speed.
  • Torrent Blasts: Darrell’s primary form of offensive attack, he can fire a continuous stream of pixelated projectiles at his adversaries. This power is known to ‘rapid fire’ like a semi-automatic gun and can shock most enemies due to its own hidden electrical element.

  • Phase-Shifting: The process that Darrell recognizes as "phase-shifting" is, in reality, quantum tunneling. A phenomenon where a particle can pass through potential barriers by acting like a wave function which allows the user (in this case Darrell) to have the probability of appearing on the other side of that barrier. By partially materializing his body into chronons, Darrell can effectively phase through objects with relative ease and mimic the power of intangibility. This ability is also selective, meaning that Darrell can make individual parts of his person intangible if he really wanted to. He can also disrupt electronics and physical matter, including those possessing invulnerability, with this method of selective phasing in order to quickly dispatch enemy targets by severing material particle bonds.
    • Phase-Sharing: By passing on a steady stream of chronons into those around him, Darrell can share his ability to quantum-tunnel, or phase-shift in order to protect them an in-or-unescapable demise. When sharing this power with others, they gain the same intangible and teleportation capabilities as Darrell, they even obtain his knowledge of how to effectively use the temporary powers so they don't get stuck in objects or buildings mid-teleport or (as mentioned previously) falling through the Earth.

  • AR-Camouflage: By rearranging his molecular structure, Darrell can use a mix of his phase-shifting and Chronon particles to become temporarily invisible for few moments at a time. This ability is perhaps the most draining as it also makes him intangible as well thus he has to maintain nothing but constant focus in order to maintain a somewhat tangible form so he doesn't fall through the Earth. Because of the stress thats associated with the power, it rarely sees any active employment when out in the field.

  • Holographic Projections: Darrell can create solid three-dimensional items from artificial light in order to manifest hard-light constructs. These constructs have come to be known as Holographic Projections, or Holo-Projections for short. It is through these Holo-Projections that Darrell can create anything such as shields and weapons to better suit him for offensive or defensive combat. The Holo-Projections also possess their own audio capabilities in order to give sound to some of Darrell's more complex constructs and they are fueled by the electrostatic energy he has previously absorbed from a nearby electronic or object that runs on electrical power. The only limit to the projections is Darrell's own imagination and how much energy is left in the tank to create bigger and more powerful projections.

  • Frequency Manipulation: Through utilizing a time dilation field to his advantage, Darrell can manipulate the frequencies of both people (himself included) and technological objects. He can use this ability to serve as a form of power distribution and accelerate the functionality of any electrical device, using speed-based energy to increase its efficacy or power output by several fold or provide himself with temporary bursts of superhuman speed. While he would be nowhere near as fast as an actual speedster, Darrell would be able to run faster than any normal person or trained Olympic-level athlete. In layman's terms, Darrell can either enhance the performance speed of technology or use it to enhance his own movements and awareness and provide himself with temporary boosts of superhuman speed.
    • Technological Transmutation: By altering the process speed at which a piece of technology performs at, Darrell can essentially provide it with an "upgrade" of sorts that sees the tech undergo some form of mechanical transmutation and turns it into a better and more powerful version of its original form. The major downside to this, however, is that the machine or device in question usually winds up breaking down in the end as it begins functioning a pace or level it was never originally meant to operate at in the first place. In other words, these upgrades are usually temporary and never anything long-lasting.

  • Superhuman Durability: It would appear that Darrell possesses some lower-tier enhanced durability. Allowing him to survive the most deadly of impacts and collisions.

  • Skilled Hacker/Programmer: Darrell's sheltered life led to him developing a knack for computers and software development, so much so that he was eventually enrolled in computer classes down at the community center in his neighborhood. While here, he developed his first piece of malware under the name R4Gn%r0k before it was stolen and sold to a villainous hacker group known as, HaDoCk. Following this, he joined up with eLite_Circuit in an effort to take back the program which he was successful in doing, while also hacking into HaDoCk's personal network and encrypting to restrict their access to it. He would even install a backdoor in eLite_Circuit's own chat channels and servers following his abrupt departure from the group. As Glitch, Darrell's hacking experience has skyrocketed immensely as he was able to tap into onboard computers of Quantum League's personal ship, despite the heavy damage that was taken to it during a supervillain attack. He's even gone in and (from what he claims) reset and reprogrammed a lot of the ship's computer systems with his own code and scripts and made it "better", claiming that whomever created it originally was a "noob" at best. Darrell's technological expertise is of the highest degree and puts him first in line for any sort of computer know-how that may be required for a mission.

  • Surveillance/Communications Expert: When first welcomed into the Quantum League, Glitch signed on to be the team's surveillance and communications expert. This was due in part to having picked up a thing-or-two from eLite_Circuit's own communications officer, Kristen Ladner a.k.a Uplink. Darrell's computer expertise also enables him to be fully capable of even tapping into surveillance equipment such as cameras, microphones, and voice recorders as well as extracting whatever audio-visual evidence is needed from them or even erase them if need be.

  • Parkour/Climbing Expertise: During his time with eLite_Circuit, Darrell and the rest of the team would occasionally be forced to do "on-site hacks" meaning they had to physically go to a location or building they were trying to gain entry to, rather than to hack their computers remotely. In order to allow for quick and convenient escapes in case any private security or cops were to show up, Darrell had to learn the practice of parkour and climbing. Sometimes running isn't always the best tactic and the only means of escape is to scale certain surfaces to get out of arm's reach. While this is a skilled that sees less and less use since Darrell became Glitch, its an activity that he mostly practices in his free-time, just to get a little exercise and keep his skills honed in case he can't use his Velociskates or powers to get him out of a bind.


  • Byte Drones: Naming the two drones, Bit and Byte, Darrell utilizes a pair of automated drones invented by himself when he's out in the field as Glitch. The drones take on an orange coloration to match his powers and are capable of using quantum computing to link with other computers and networks, perform surveillance, fire compressed hard-light or laser blasts, and track any type of technology if given a piece of or scanning its circuitry. These drones tends to freely float around Glitch's person and can turn invisible when not in use.

  • C.A.C.H.E.: Originally, just an ordinary backpack that contained a small notebook laptop and a spare change of clothes, has now been converted into portable hammerspace known as the SpaCal StorAge Compartment for Holding Everything, or C.A.C.H.E. for short. This piece of equipment is essential for Glitch as it contains most of his personal belongings and most of what he can't fit or store in his utility belt. C.A.C.H.E was a 6-month long project that Darrell worked on with a personal R&D team he had access to when he was first welcomed into the Quantum League's ranks. A signature accessory to be found on Darrell's person when out as Glitch, C.A.C.H.E. has seen its inclusion into every costume iteration he has ever gone through.

  • Glitch's eSuit: Darrell's costume has gone through many designs and iterations throughout his time of being hero. Originally it had a more "vigilante" look to it as his first ever costume was primarily street clothes. As the months and year progressed, the costume saw some much needed upgrades as Darrell was coming face-to-face with metahumans far more frequently than before. The latest "3.0" version of Glitch's costume is a type of "smart clothing" which makes use of micro-computers and nano-liquid circuitry embedded throughout its material in order to keep Darrell constantly "plugged into the internet". A Wi-Fi and radio receiver provide him with wireless internet access and communications with radio traffic so he can scan police radio transmissions as well as pick up radio signals too. The Wi-Fi receiver also allows Darrell backdoor access to monitor and control any systems connected to a wireless computer such as surveillance cameras, temperature/climate control functions, etc. The suit is also heavily shielded against EMPs, technopaths, and excessive uses of electricity and/or magnetic attacks, this is all to keep from having the suit's onboard systems being destroyed in the wake of a battle. When the costume isn't in use, its stored in a portable, pocket-sized canister where it will expand to full size whenever it's needed.

  • Smart Mask: Not only meant to safeguard his secret identity, Darrell utilizes a mask of his own design to provide him with a heads-up display that gives him real-time information about the world around him in order to perform complex visual scans on his environment or beings around him and determine their intimate properties as well as diagnose the condition of what he observes and find inconsistencies or errors in buildings, structures, or even people. This mask also comes equipped with a voice modulator that disguises Darrell's voice to prevent speech recognition software from identifying him and an air filter that allows him to withstand gas or smoke attacks. A rebreather and proximity sensor have recently been built into the mask as well so Darrell can breathe underwater for moments at a time and detect the presence of threats he or his mask's visor can't perceive.

  • Utility Belt: Created as a fallback whenever he's in a bind where he can't or is unable to use his powers, Glitch, wears on his person, a utility belt. While the assortment of gadgets and weaponry are known to be swapped out and/or replaced depending on the mission, the primary equipment Darrell is known to carry usually consists of miniature flashlights, lockpicks, a bag of marbles, smoke/flash/and stink bombs, sonic devices, a flare gun, zip-cuffs, EMPs, and first aid kits just to name a few. There also exist a couple of anti-metahuman specific gadgets and weaponry that Darrell keeps in the event he finds himself up against a considerable superhuman threat.

  • Velociskates: Glitch's primary method of transportation outside of his short-range teleportation bursts. The Velociskates use sophisticated anti-gravity tech, likely taken from the Gadroon, to propel the wearer across most surfaces both horizonal and vertical via the use of miniature gyros. The tech is recognized as "reverse sole inserts" and are worn on the underside of footwear rather than the inside. Its also modular and allows the tech to even be used in plain clothing for quick getaways.


Besides his trademark skills as an expert computer hacker and programmer, Darrell has displayed other noteworthy strengths in his time since becoming a superhero. The most apparent on his indomitable will and sense of humor. While Darrell has fallen victim to mind control at least once so far, his thoughts and mind space are completely void of inherently evil intentions. He tries to avoid fights if he can, especially when a dangerous metahuman is yet to take any lives of the people they're endangering thus far, when he is forced to go on the offensive, Darrell usually resorts to using holo-projections to avoid, from any, collateral damage. Even when in the face of the defeat, Darrell will continue valiantly in his efforts to see a mission through to the end unless the fight is truly lost and retreat tactics are needed to be considered. This leads into another resourceful trait of Darrell's, which is his expertise as a skilled tactician. Quick to analyze most metahumans' powers while they're in use, Darrell will usually try to figure out the best plan of attack, counter-attack, or defensive maneuver, depending on the individual he's fighting. He's also takes a metahuman's physiology into account as well, figuring out ways to distort a person's senses or halt their breathing if it means bringing their onslaught to a temporary standstill. It is due of this that Darrell's gifted-level intellect oftentimes has him mistaken for a "genius", though his humble demeanor will never let him rightfully claim this statement as true. Its because of his intellect that Darrell's been able to hone his skills as an expert engineer and inventor to aid in him creating his large assortment of gadgets and arsenal that he's close-to-never seen without when donning his costume. His natural talent for science, mechanics, engineering, and computer science has earned him scholarships and places, among many think-tanks, for various technology company Millennium City; offers that Darrell has ultimately had to refuse due to his commitments as Glitch. Though this level of scientific expertise doesn't go unused or noticed by others as he has helped create plenty of technologies such as several variations of costumes he's worn as Glitch and has even donated some of his more innovative gadgets to companies so they can study and develop their own tech using his as a blueprint.


It's needless to say that despite the few shortcomings that he has, Darrell tries to stay both humble and headstrong in his efforts to keep both himself and his team motivated. Speaking of which, Darrell charisma, passion, and empathy is rivaled by few, as he can relate with most people, in some way or another, about a problem or dilemma they're experiencing. While not the greatest "pep talker" or motivational coach around, Darrell always seems to know what to say that will aid in bringing someone's spirits back up after having them dropped to a significantly low point. A firm believer in "words matter", Darrell likes to make sure his speeches always contain or end with a message that allows for a moment of self-reflection and reconsideration in those that are experiencing or witnessing his speech(es) firsthand. While he personally finds them a bit cheesy and sometimes even corny, it does bring a smile and sense of satisfaction to his face when he learns or is told that what his words of wisdom and advice was effective in some way or another.


  • Power Exertion: Darrell's powers use a lot energy, physically and mentally, and can often leave him feeling very tired or fatigued. His ability to phase-shift and create holo-projections are perhaps what depletes his energy reserves the most and as a result uses this powers rarely if he can, but excessive use can leave him unable to actually use at least some of his powers for awhile.

  • Glitching: While he has a better grasp on this power than he did before, Darrell's namesake is actually one of his major weaknesses. Extremely tense situations where Darrell is experiencing moments of intense fear, anger, stress, or even shyness can lead to him subconsciously "activating" some his powers, such as phase-shifting. When this happens, Darrell can wind up making random parts of his body suddenly intangible or he can wind up turning himself partly invisible, or he can end up "flickering" and suddenly teleport to one location and back to the spot he teleported from. To compensate for this hindrance, Darrell usually tries to crack jokes whenever he can, just to avoid from having the awkwardness take him over.

  • Gray Agenda: Given his background as a gray-hat hacker and his (in)ability to fully see things as black and white, Darrell will sometimes be too quick to consider options or decisions that can go against the typical moral code most heroes follow. In moments such as this, Darrell will usually remain quiet and wait to see if anyone offers a better solution that he never/didn't think of, but when every last counter-measure has been considered or thought about, he will commit or consider acts such as murder if theres no other choice.

  • Arrogance/Overconfidence: It feels good to be on the winning team, especially when your team has pulled victory after victory time and again. This leads to Darrell becoming overconfident and arrogant in his actions. Its not often that he underestimates an opponent unless they've managed to prove themselves a capable threat and its at that moment that he will decide to wise up and prepare a better plan of attack.

  • Anti-Network Viruses: Facing off against Trojan taught Darrell that Network Users that are capable of creating their own "viruses" can disable his powers. Trojan was capable of disabling and making Darrell's powers work less effectively and even destabilize his holo-projections' stability so that they are intangible like actual holograms. As a result, Darrell has to fall back on using his arsenal of gadgets in order to properly take down a User with a corrupted connection to the Network.




Real Name: Chanelle Perry
Skills/Abilities: Enhanced Physical Attributes/Peak Physical Conditioning, Invisibility, Energy-based Reptilian Skin

"Chanelle Perry also known as the Chameleon. Not sure what to say about this one other than she pulls off green and somehow manages to keep her hair looking perfect in the heat of battle. I first met her when I joined up with The Quantum League and dare I say did I feel under-dressed walking into the room with a bomber jacket and hoodie as opposed to all the fancy, colorful tights they had on."

"Chanelle is a determined young woman and always seems to approach most situations head-on with both tenacity and vigor, but deep down I feel as though there's a side of her that she's yet to show or express. Maybe it's due to fear, anxiety, or just stubbornness. Her position as commander likely makes it feel as though she can't show signs of weakness out of not wanting to unintentionally instill doubt in the rest of the team's capabilities, but she's human like everyone. Her drive to want everyone to be the best they can probably helps distract her from some deep-rooted thoughts or memories she refuses to revisit."

Screenshot 2021-02-10-12-53-32.jpg


Real Name: Zoya Okafor
Skills/Abilities: Mental Manipulation, Neurokinesis

"Zoya, known to many by her more popular name Domain, was one of the first street-level heroes I met after becoming Glitch. Leader of a Vibora Bay-sanctioned resistance group known as OUTBreak, this lady is the definition of fierce. All bite and bark, but knows how to switch it up and keep things tame if a formal dinner party I attended with her wasn't evidence of that. Her abilities in mental domination and neurokinesis make her a threat to anyone with a brain and definitely not one to mess with."'

"She's driven and motivated to whatever her mission may contain and doesn't stop until she sees it through to the end. Definitely one you want by your side if you find yourself down and not wanting to get back up."



Real Name: Carlos Hernandez
Skills/Abilities: Hyperkinesis

'My boy Specs, the leader of the Quantum League. Favorite catchphrase: "[Something] [Something]...My ship". Gotta say that the guy takes himself too seriously at times, but I suppose that it can come with the territory of being a leader. I try to crack a joke or two to get him to loosen up, but seems as though this can work sometimes and not at all really. I can tell the guy is partly nervous about the position he holds because he's worried about if he's doing it right".

"Personally, I don't think that should be the biggest concern, instead it should be how you can get things done effectively. Results speak louder than actions in my book and if the day can be saved or the mission is done with little-to-no hiccups, casualties, or minimal property damage. Then its a win all the way around to me."



Real Name: Anna Trent
Skills/Abilities: Superhuman Physical Attributes, Surface Adhesion, Enhanced Senses, Healing Factor, Master Martial Artist

"Anna was probably the one I bonded with the most during my time with the QL. I don't know why but I feel like we just click and understand one another despite from what I can recall having very little in common. As Reclusa, Anna has had a very rough several years of being a superhero. Scratch that. Several decades of being a superhero."

"Every time she's tried to walk away from it all she's been pulled back in and lost so much from it. Gotta give it up to her for sticking it out so long. Reclusa also served as Chameleon's mentor so a lot of Anna's legacy and teachings live on through Chanelle which, if you ask me, I don't think there's anyone better to leave her mantle behind to."



Real Name: Serena Foster
Skills/Abilities: Entropic Energy Manipulation, Telekinesis, Precognition

"Serena the not-so-Teenage Witch. One of The Quantum League's newer members compared to our last lineup of members, Serena is...different. Her powers, while impressive, are very volatile and have the potential of being incredibly dangerous if not kept under close examination. Serena is perhaps the most studious member I've met so far. Eager to learn more about herself and her abilities with each day, though its clear that her powers' destructive nature are scary to her, which is understandable."

"I do believe that with the right amount of training and control, she has the potential of being on par with Witchcraft with the level of power she possesses. Though only time shall inevitably tell."



Real Name: Unknown
Skills/Abilities: Unknown

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Screenshot 2021-06-08-23-40-49.jpg


Real Name: Ramsey Deacon
Skills/Abilities: Pyro-based Datakinesis, Datakinetic Force-Field Creation, Phase-Shifting

"Ramsey Dominic was eLite_Circuit's cybersecurity specialist. There was no firewall or defense system he could crack, having him on our side was a good thing because he effectively made our own security virtually unhackable. I learned a lot from him in how to always to always protect yourself online in more ways than just VPNs and firewalls, the name he chose for himself is a little ironic, but honestly it was the most fitting given his specialty."

"It hurt having to slap the cuffs on the man who taught me all about cyber-security. But his lessons live on in the work I do in and out of the suit."


Screenshot 2021-06-18-00-42-44.jpg


Real Name: Michael Kingston
Skills/Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Temperature/Atmospheric Adaptation, Concrete-like Skin

"Most of his associates know him as "The Mountain", but people on the streets refer to him as 'Gravestone' because thats what he makes of those who dare cross him. CEO of Kingston Enterprises and an underground kingpin for weapons manufacturing, drug smuggling and human trafficking, Michael Kingston is one of Millennium City's worst offenders hiding in plain sight.

"Stories say he's undergone some experimentation that's granted him the ability to shift his skin into concrete with superhuman strength to boot. With money and power at his disposal, Kingston proves to be a considerable threat to the heart of this city.

At Large



Real Name: Nathan Thompson
Skills/Abilities: Mood-Altering/Hypnotic Nanomachine Secretion

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At Large

Screenshot 2021-06-17-23-54-57.jpg


Real Name: Alec Benson
Skills/Abilities: Superhuman Intelligence, Analytical Precognition, Expert Statistician

"No flashy costume, no crazy energy blasts or phase-shifting. Just his mind. Alec Benson a.k.a Poindexter possesses a superhuman intelligence that grants him the ability to "predict" the outcome of a plan, event, or scheme based on its overall probability. What's worse is, he takes advantage of his "Average Joe" appearance to make confronting him in-person look as though a superhero is shaking down a regular person that's done nothing wrong."

"Clearly, taking down Poindexter is going to require more than just raw power and strength, but my mind as well."

At Large

Screenshot 2021-06-08-23-42-28.jpg


Real Name: Eugene Hawkins
Skills/Abilities: AR-Camouflage, Malware Creation, Holographic Illusions

"Eugene Hawkins. Brilliant, but reclusive. His specialty was in malware, more specifically trojans. He enjoyed when his victims were unaware of his presence so he could monitor everything they did online without them knowing. I picked up my knack for installing backdoor viruses and malware from him. He chose the name Trojan because he preferred to be unseen and blend in with the rest of the background noise."

"Catching him wasn't easy as Trojan's primary ability is to rely on phase-shifting which pretty much made him a ghost and he could create his own encryption code which would interfere with my powers. Luckily, he depleted himself of his energy reserves, which left him open for a counter-attack from me. He's currently back in PRIMUS custody."


Screenshot 2021-06-08-23-43-45.jpg


Real Name: Kristen Ladner
Skills/Abilities: Technopathy, Surveillance/Communications Expert, Genius-Level Intellect

"Kristen Ladner was the group's little sister. Her field of expertise was surveillance and communications, she was the one that was always disabling cameras a whenever eLite_Circuit found themselves going on "field missions". I learned everything audio-visual surveillance and gadgetry from this girl and it lives on in my adventures as Glitch."

"As Uplink, the Polychoron gave Kristen the ability to mentally control technology. Pair this with her brilliant mind for toy gadgets and weaponry made her a force to be reckoned with. She used her powers to go after child predators on the killing them. While I eventually caught and turned her in. Trojan and her are still thought to be redeemable and PRIMUS are looking into ways to use their powers for good."


Screenshot 2021-06-08-23-38-17.jpg


Real Name: Unknown
Skills/Abilities: Conduit of The Network, Datakinesis, Phase-Shifting, Holographic Projections, Malware Creation, Corruptive Influence, Data Assimilation, Genius-Level Intellect

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At Large

Screenshot 2021-06-17-23-23-44.jpg


Real Name: Unknown
Skills/Abilities: Possession, Holographic Duplication, Personality Inversion, Phase-Shifting

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At Large


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  • "Yes, I can charge your phone for you...": Because some measure of Darrell's powers use electrical energy, he can actually send a high enough voltage to fully charge a phone or any other electronic device to 100% in only a few seconds.

  • Emoticon-Projecting Mask: Because Darrell's face is fully obscured when he's out as Glitch, his mask has the ability to project emoticons such: [:), :(, :|, ^_^, ^o^, >:(] in order display his current emotion behind it.

  • "EMPs don't work on me...": Its a common misconception that Darrell's powers must rely on the use of electronics or nearby technology. This oftentimes leads to the idea that Glitch can be "disabled" or "taken out" via the use of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This, however, is not the case as Darrell's powers are apart of him and are also slightly esoteric in nature as well. Its because of this that EMPs are largely ineffective against him.
    • "Also, I'm not a Technopath": Furthermore, its also common for hero types like Glitch to be technopaths. Darrell, however, is NOT a technopath as he can't telepathically communicate or control technology. Its not in his power-set as he has rely on pure skill and knowledge in order to operate a piece of machinery or use an electronic or type of computer that's foreign to him.

  • Introvert: On most occasions, Darrell doesn't make the first move to initiate conversation, at least not with people he doesn't know. When around friends, its easy for this introversion to conceal itself as he's surrounded by those he trusts and knows, this is a lot harder for people he's still getting used to. Regardless of the fact, he will still manage to try and carry a conversation for as long as he can once the ball does get rolling, he'll insert a joke or two as a means of breaking any sort of tension or awkwardness between him and the other party involved.

  • Super-Secretive Identity: As the world progresses further and further into the digital era, technology is starting to evolve in order to keep up with the demand. As a result, Darrell is super protective of his secret identity. While wearing his mask, he uses a voice modulator to disguise he vocal patterns so speech recognition software doesn't pick it up and his visor uses a two-way mirror lens so that he can see out but no one can see in. This was done so that his identity can't be pinpointed via the use of a retina scan. Lastly, his mask is outfitted to send an electrical shock if anyone either than himself attempts to remove it during periods of unconsciousness.

  • Technical Difficulties: Occasionally whenever Darrell steps into a room, especially one packed with computers and other electronics, his presence has a tendency to make things act "wonky". This includes TVs flickering, computers running slow, video games glitching and lagging, and sometimes he can even make non-electronic items such as lights and lamps start to flicker and cause fire alarms to start beeping. This usually last for a couple seconds before eventually subsiding.

  • Wise-Cracker: His jokes tend to be hit-or-miss on most occasions, but Darrell has been known to crack a joke both in costume and out. Depending on who you are or who you ask, these jokes can very lame or very funny, either way Darrell seems to use this playful nature as a means of mitigation and distraction. In costume, he does this to distract from his own fear from taking him over in battle while out of costume, he mostly seems to do this to avoid from any awkward silences or pauses in conversation. A tactic that proves to be sometimes effective and other times, not so much.


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Ashes Remain
End of Me
Ashes Remain
On My Own
Blackway & Black Caviar
What's Up Danger
Here I Come
From Ashes to New
My Name
Hollywood Undead
Heart of a Champion
Juice WRLD
This is My Time
Lil Wayne
Scared of the Dark
Rag'n'Bone Man
So Far Away
Resistance (SOLI Remix)
Yours to Hold (Acoustic)
The Seige
"I am Defiant"
Born to Rule


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