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This article is about fwine's character.

Cet article concerne le personnage de fwine. cet article est rédigé en anglais. Pour accéder à la version française, cliquez ici.

Personal informations
Name Luna Angela Cavenaghi
Current alias Fwine
Surname(s) -
Identity status public
Date of Birth -
Nationality Flag FRA.png France
Flag ITA.png Italy
Affilitation(s) IPCA
Wild Authority
Sidekick(s) Electre
Enemy(ies) Nicolas Sarkmesis
Lady Garnet
Le Professeur Charbonneau
Kim Song-Un
Reputation nationwide
Base Field
Operations field Millennium City
Activity January 2010 -
Hero/Villain Type super-strong heroine
Alignment neutral
Powers super-strength
relative invulnerability
electrical projections
Level 40
Origine metahuman
Height 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Weight 715 lbs (325 kg)
Body type powerful
Eyes Grey blue
Hair Black
physical attributes




















mental attributes
Enrg manip.












Mind Manip.








Creator fwine

Luna Angela Cavenaghi (born march 22, 1983), better known as Fwine, is a French-Italian super-heroine.

She is a member of super-group Wild Authority, UNITY affiliated superhero group, in charge of the protection of Millennium City and member of IPCA. She is engaged to Pierre Fwinovski.

Fwine is known in the United States and Canada for having defeating many powerful supervillains like Menton, Medusa, Kevin Poe, Necrull or Ripper. She also has defeated Superbia, and her ex-boyfriend Nicolas Sarkmésis, Lady Garnet or Professor Charbonneau.

Fictional character biography

Before becoming a super-heroine

Palermo and Naples : 1983 - 1989


Luna was born 22 march 1983 in Palermo, Italia. Her father, Roberto Cavenaghi, was looking for odd jobs, and her mother, Maria Fontana, was a stay-at-home mother. Luna had a big brother, Massimiliano, a big-sister, Mila, and a little-brother, Damiano. Luna grew up in Palermo until she reached 6 years-old. Her family was kind of poor, she spent her little childhood in the back streets of Palermo. Her family seemed to hate her and Luna found her only pleasure in Damiano, her little-brother that loves her.

May 7, 1989

Whereas Luna's family became poorer and poorer, Roberto made a deal with Giorgio Marchese, a mafia boss in Palermo, where he proposed his services in exchange of some money. Marchese accepted the deal.

April 1989, Roberto Cavenaghi was in charge of a confidential mission. Despite the promise of earning a lot of money, Roberto betrayed Marchese for even more money. Marchese's revenge would be implacable.

May 7, 1989, sunday morning, whereas Luna had been sent outside to buy milk and Italian cornettos, Marchese's henchmen came at Cavenaghi's and killed the whole family. As Luna was coming back home, she was saved by Nicola Trapani, her neighbour.

Nicola Trapani

Born in Naples in 1964, Nicola Trapani was a ex-carabiniero. He caught Luna Cavenaghi on sunday 7 May 1989 when her family was simply assassinated by Giogrio's Marchese henchmen. Despite his coldness, he was very protective to her and understood that Luna was in great danger. A few days later, Luna and Nicola simply left Palermo and reached Naples.


The carabinieri suspecting Trapani and looking for him, he and Luna didn't stay long in Naples. Trapani decided to leave Italy and reach France.

Paris : 1990 - 2000

Arriving in Paris

After having stop in Corsica, Nice and Lyon, Trapani and 7 years-old Luna arrived in Paris. They took refuge in Armando Biaggi's place, an Italian restaurant owner that took a fancy to Luna. The first months in Paris were difficult for her : she didn't speak french and frequently made terrible nightmares. Trapani was hired as a dishwasher in Biaggi's restaurant, slowly earning his life. Luna didn't go to school, Armando became her personal teacher.

In Italy Luna Cavaneghi and Nicola Trapani were officially declared dead. Luna didn't need to hide anymore and would be able to go to school. However, she had to use a fake name, Luna Biaggi, in order to secure her anonymity.


Luna was a median schoolgirl. Her teachers described her as a very active child, very straight and sometimes feisty. Luna still has those attributes but they declined in intensity as she grew up.

her teenage saw the incoming of two girls by her side, Nadia et Sophie Le Saux. They would become her two very best friends.

If everything went well on her middle school years, it got worse in high school. Luna lost sight of her two friends, seeing them occasionally, and she made a enemy, Charlène de Bernardis which found in Luna her absolute opposite. She was very condescending to her and never failed at humiliating sher in public. Luna became more and more instable, her love life was reduced to simply nothing. She felt alone. Ever now, she considers the part of her life as the most difficult she had to endure. However, she got her diploma in 2001 at the age of 18.

Russian Mafia

As soon as Luna got her diploma, something changed in Armando Biaggi's restaurant. A new Russian mafia has set up in the area and it immediately set pressure on the shopkeepers, money in exchange for a relative protection. This threat became reel in autumn 2001 after two restaurants burned to ashes. The whole area entered in war against this mafia, Nicola Trapani becoming the savior.

In the beginning Trapani appeared to be the right guy. He was very efficient and helped many people. But he was too alone to fulfill his goal.

January 9, as he tried to infiltrate some place to retrieve many documents, Trapani got surprised by Russian henchmen. He was able to escape, but had a very bad lung injury. He only had time to say to Luna how much she cared for him and to run away for her life with the documents and money he had time to steal. On january 25, after Nicola's death, Luna had no choice but to leave Paris, as he asked her.

Rennes : 2002 - 2007

Departure for Rennes

Affected by the death of the one she considered as her father, Luna ran away for fear of the Russian mafia. She didn't hesitate long before choosing a destination. She decided to go to Rennes, where her friend Nadia Le Saux was studying medicine.

Volte-face du destin

During the travel by train she met for the first time Pierre Fwinovski, as he was her neighbour. Overwhelmed by all that happened in her life, she felt asleep. The train arrived in Rennes station and Luna was still sleeping. Fwinovski tried to wake her up but his attempts were not enough. He decided to carry her outside the train, and as she was unable to get on her feet, he brought her at home. When she finally woke up, she was absolutely furious against Fwinoski and a violent dispute started. During the argument, Luna fell and got hurt, bumping into the corner of a table. The two calmed down and after a few minutes, she took her leave.

The following day, after spending her first night outside, Luna knocked at Fwinovski's door. She invited him to go for a walk, to forget what happened the day before but also to ask him if he could house her, as she needed time to find a new apartment and a new job. As he felt Luna a bit frail, he accepted.

Luna as she was a student

Student at one of two Universities of Rennes, Pierre Fwinovski is a ordinary young man who think less about future than present. Luna Cavenaghi moved in a few days after they met for the first. Still affected by Nicola's death and unstable, Luna couldn't find a job nor a apartment for her own. But she always could count on Fwinovski to comfort her when she needed. Retrieving students database, he managed to track down Nadia Le Saux and took contact with her. Soon after, Luna and Nadia Le Saux were reunited again in a indescribable joy.

Les jours heureux

After many rejections, she gave up finding a new apartment and stayed with Fwinovski. She knew that she was starting to really have affection for that guy who was born the same day as her. As thins were going on, after nine months of friendly relationship, Luna and him went together.

For her 20th birthday, Luna, Pierre, Nadia and Sophie Le Saux met in Paris. During lunch in a Italian restaurant in the area where she grew up, Fwinovski noticed in a corner a young woman, with her father, that looked like Luna. Thinking about this woman during all the lunch-time, he finally got the plot.

Unexpected reunion

As she was having lunch in an Intalian restaurant, Luna was accosted by a 60 years-old looking man who recognize her immediately. Without giving more explanations, he invited Luna and her friends at his home and retired. When she finally went to his home, the man confessed that he knew some of Luna's family members.

This man's name is Vittorio Cavenaghi, Roberto Cavenaghi's brother and Luna's uncle. As Roberto was in jail for a few months, Luna's mother had a relationship with Vittorio. Two babies were bron from this relationship, two girls : Luna and Angela. However as this relationship was terribly scandalous for the Cavenaghi family, it was decided that Vittorio would keep one of the girl, and Luna's mother the other. It was also decided that Vittorio had to leave Palermo, bringing with him his daughter. Luna couldn't believe what she was said, but she realize that it was true when she met her twin sister, perfect clone of herself.

That reunion was terrible. Pierre and Nadia had to be very diplomatic with Luna and Angela to convince them go give them time before doing anything, and that one day they would be closer from each other. Angela was suggested to study in Rennes, idea approved by her father.

Katarina and Jared

In July 2003, when Luna and her friends were on holidays in her father's Sicilian family house, in Sferracavallo, they were surprised to see a weird couple landing on their private beach.

The couple was composed of a tall American man, Jared, and an even taller and huge muscular blond girl, [Katyusha|Katarina]]. [Katyusha|Katarina]] is from Ukraine and was rescued by Jared as she been captive from a mysterious group since she was a baby. If Jared seemed to look well, Katarina was completely anemic and seemed to be very sick as she had many difficulties to move. Jared asked Angela if they could stay a few days as they were hiding from FSB agents.

When Luna and her friends had to go back in France, Jared asked them to bring Katarina with them and to take care of her while he would disorientate FSB agents.

Life together

Months have passed on. Luna and her friends have moved all together into a new building bought by Jared. After months of unemployment Luna finally got an assistant job in an administration.

Her life as a super-hero

Superpowers acquisition

Panthus cube

On September 10, 2006, Luna and her friends went for walk int the Paimpont Forest, reaching different historical places of this forest. Whereas their trip was close from end, they arrived where the Ponthus Beech stood. Luna's sister, Angela, noticed how many stones there were, lying down at the roots of the tree. She took one of them and noticed of square the stone was. She cleaned it with Jared's knife and she saw that the stone was composed of nine little bricks stuck together. She decided to keep and clean that stone when she'll be back at home. While cleaning it, her friends were trying to find other similar or stranged stones, in vain.

Luna has radically changed

Half an hour later, Angela was back at home and was cleaning the stone she had discovered. After having removed clay and herbs, she decided to bring the brick to Jared to have his opinion. He stated that the stone could be a kind of stonemade Rubik's Cube and consequently was trying to move faces but didn't succeed. Jared's fiancée, Katarina, offered her services. As her strength was — already — so much greater than her friends', she managed to pivote the faces without breaking them. Angela and Jared realized that the stone actually was a stonemade Rubik's Cuke.

Before having dinner together, Luna and her friends met together for a pre-dinner drinks. While they were chatting, Jared started to resolve the stone. He was interrupted in his attempt — or quite because he had just finished — by a power failure that left the whole city without power for five minutes.

Strange phenomenons started to appear the following day.

Unexplainable changes

After a few days Luna started to noticed small changes in her everyday life. First she felt a great tiredness inside her whole body, especially in her arms and legs. She also noticed that some of her clothes had shrunk. She didn't pay attention to that point as her friends told her that their cloths had also shrunk. The following week, as things went on, Luna realized that she was the one that was growing instead of her clothes shriking.

She started then to panic, as this collective growth was totally unexpectable and unexplainable. On septemeber 24, Luna was 6 ft 2 in (1.90 meters). She was upside down and she needed to be followed-up medically. Things weren't better during the following week, Luna going growing and reaching 6 ft 5 in (1.96 meters) at the end of the week. But as soon as this growth spurt seems to have ended an other one appeared, more dramatic and painful.

The following week was one of the most painful Luna had never endured. Luna was suffering now from hunger, she never was so much hungry. Her meals were gargantuan and she couldn't control herself. Her hunger was so great that some nights she had to wake up twice to eat everything she could. Side-effect of this, Luna's body radically changed. The first growth spurt left Luna very thin and then she began to become very muscular and heavy. Her weight increased so much that she reached 355 lb (160 kg), causing a real traumatism to her.

Discover of new possibilities

The first days of october were terrible for Luna and her friends, especially Nadia who had endured the same growth spurts as Luna's. She refused to go out, arguing everything she could. As things seems to go worse, Katarina literally took Nadia's and Luna's hand and forced them to go out in public with her. This experience was painful at first but they realized that the people's look wasn't that terrible. As Katarina forced them to go out every day, they managed not to feel this sentiment of shame anymore. She also invited them to a gym-club in order to test their possible new strength. Nadia's and Luna's records were staggering as any weight seemeed to be heavy enough for them. This was a revelation for them and the following days were used to evaluate the three friends' new strength. Nadia was able to lift a small car at arms. Luna succeed in lifting this car more easily tah her best friend. As for Katarina, she managed to lift so easily that her friends were terrified by her strength.

Luna had to announce her boyfriend and Jared what she was capable of. Jared was paying great attention to averything that was happening, and, when he had evaluated her friends new capabilities he decided to create an advice company, he invited them to join him. As Luna was unemployed, she accepted.

Her life

Luna at the Mayor's speech
Before Millennium City

After she discovered her new capacities, she accepted Jared's proposition to become a member of IPCA. With great material and daily medical follow-up she managed to evaluate what she was capable of, sometimes with amusement, often with fear. In the IPCA she became her boyfriend assistant. She collaborated with Sophie in order to clean Paris from mafia - she had had that in mind since Nicola Trapani's death. The duo were particularly efficient.

At the end of 2009, as Jared asked her, Luna and Pierre flew to Millennium City in order to help super-heroes. She took contact with supergroup Vanguard Elite - which has become Wild Authority - and joined them. Luna's superpowers has immeasurably increased and she has been now a full-time crime-stopper.

Millennium City

Luna took the pseudonym of Fwine. She learned to master her powers with the help of IPCA and Wild Authority. Her body changed even more, becoming even more muscular with an extreme density as she was sent to Arizona or Canada to help people.

She had to defeat many enemies, such as Superbia and Nicolas Sarkmésis. After having beaten him, she learned that a new enemy was looking for her, Lady Garnet, whom she knew as Charlène de Bernardis. Lady Garnet's father Michel de Bernardis asked her personally to fight his daughter in order to bring her into a more normal life. She finally defeated her after a extremely violent fight.

Back to Millennium City, Fwine learned in the Millennium City Echoes that she was indicted for use of doping drugs by Professor Charbonneau. After the colossal bold Professor has been defeated, she was sent in jail and is waiting now her verdict.

Soon after, Fwine was accosted by a strange lady, Sayanma, claiming that she wanted to capture and bring her to the Gadroon Empress.

After aving defeated Zah'ja and taken some rest, Fwine has been provoked many times by two notorious people. The first one was Kim Song-Un who despairingly tried to neutralize Fwine. He was imitated some weeks after by Super-Colbert, in order to « give America back what belongs to It ».


Character creation

Fwine doesn't draw that much from preexistent characters. Nevertheless it can be noticed that :

  • Luna's childhood is similar from Mathilda from the movie Léon directed by Luc Besson.
  • the name Luna draws from Luna Cortizone, a character from Spirou et Fantasio.
  • the family name Cavenaghi draws from the football player Fernando Cavenaghi when he was still playing for River Plate, Argentina, and completely unknown.



As she was given superpowers, and like so many heroes before her, Fwine physically changed. She's now a 6 foot 5 inches woman (1,95 meters). Her muscularity has considerably increased during all the missions she had to do. Consequently, her weight also increased as she now weighs 640 lb (290 kg). her body contains 1.5 to 5 times more cells than a normal human body depending on parts - and if she doesn't appear gigantic, that's because her cells are way smaller than normal ones event if they contains more cellular materials. Her height and her muscularity make Fwine very popular as she one of the most Millennium City recognizable heroine.

biometrical data : Fwine's evolution between 2006 and 2010
Fwine (2006) Fwine (2007) Fwine (2010) evolution
metric US metric US metric US gain trend
Height 1.77 m 5 ft 9 in 1.96 m 6 ft 5 in 1.96 m 6 ft 5 in + 11 % stabilized
Weight 62 kg 136 lb 160 kg 355 lb 325 kg 715 lb + 424 % light continuous augmentation
Shoulder width 42 cm 19 in 55 cm 22 in 60 cm 24 in + 43 % stabilized
Chest 83 cm 33 in 109 cm 43 in 119 cm 47 in + 43 % stabilized
Waist 60 cm 24 in 67 cm 26 in 75 cm 30 in + 25 % stabilized
Hips 90 cm 35 in 105 cm 41 in 115 cm 45 in + 28 % stabilized
Biceps 28 cm 11 in 47 cm 19 in 65 cm 26 in + 132 % stabilized
Thighs 48 cm 19 in 75 cm 29 in 89 cm 35 in + 85 % stabilized
Calves 40 cm 16 in 47 cm 19 in 59 cm 23 in + 48 % stabilized


If Fwine has been a turbulent and hot-tempered teenager, if she has been a very loving but not confident girlfriend, with Jared's or Fwinovski's help she managed to gain self-confidence, to acquire the sens of apprehension, to convince herself of the marvelous destiny that she had to fulfill. The many success she obtained during all those missions helped her to acquire this self-confidence, all the more so as every mission was different and was bringing her a new problem to solve. She's now an accomplished woman, assured, knowing her strength and her capabilities. She's a very respected woman for her wisdom and an excellent coach for her friends that still have a short super-heroine experience.

Powers and abilities

As a super-hero, Fwine owns many powers and abilities.

Fwine's strength

Major powers

  • Physical strength : able to lift objects weighing many hundred tons, Fwine is one of the strongest Millennium City super-hero.
  • invulnérability : Fwine is very resistant to physical damages.
  • vitesse et agilité : Fwine has become extremely quick. She also can jump very high - about 65 feet or 20 meters.

Minor powers

  • energy projections : Fwine can throw energy balls within a short distance.
  • regeneration : Fwine can heal serious wounds for a short period of time. This power was the key of her success against Superbia.
  • flying : Fwine can fly.


  • Firearms : as Nicola Trapani was an ex-carabinieri and had firearms with him, Fwine was taught how to use them and she was very proficient with them. As she gained super-powers, she doesn't use firearms anymore.


Family and close friends



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