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"Since the end of my companies agreement with Harmon Labs and our successful endeavor, The Harmon-Force Teleportal Device, I was experimenting with graviton technology, which had some offensive use capability which could be observed to be utilized by the Gadroon forces which were in the process of fighting with Canadian forces, such as Steelhead Mounties and even the largely villainous group the Hunter-Patriots. I worked on this project for a total of four months from September 2013 - December 2013. With Primary, Secondary and Tertiary experimentation phases throughout, it had it's first field test on 8th of December, which was a great success, but encountered some issues with potential black hole creation and stability soon after, which obviously prevented mass production for law enforcement and any heroes requiring an interesting weapon choice. Due to the I.P.G, I was restricted from using a Zandrium Stabilizer (Xenian Technology) in order to rectify the issue immediately, so I had to lower the offensive capability in order to make the weapon fully safe for long term use. By the 18th of December, with the greatly valued assistance of [[Techna Ology]], I was able to find a solution and soon prepared for a "holiday unveiling". However, this celebration was cut short by the VIPER assault on ForceTech Industries on the 22nd of December. My staff were able to put the weapons to good use. They are not currently in circulation within any organizations aside from my own. The weapon itself releases a pulse of "gravitic" energy which can be tuned to knock back, contain or absorb energy particulates and organic matter."
"Since the end of my companies agreement with Harmon Labs and our successful endeavor, The Harmon-Force Teleportal Device, I was experimenting with graviton technology, which had some offensive use capability which could be observed to be utilized by the Gadroon forces which were in the process of fighting with Canadian forces, such as Steelhead Mounties and even the largely villainous group the Hunter-Patriots. I worked on this project for a total of four months from September 2013 - December 2013. With Primary, Secondary and Tertiary experimentation phases throughout, it had it's first field test on 8th of December, which was a great success, but encountered some issues with potential black hole creation and stability soon after, which obviously prevented mass production for law enforcement and any heroes requiring an interesting weapon choice. Due to the I.P.G, I was restricted from using a Zandrium Stabilizer (Xenian Technology) in order to rectify the issue immediately, so I had to lower the offensive capability in order to make the weapon fully safe for long term use. By the 18th of December, with the greatly valued assistance of [[Techna Ology]], I was able to find a solution and soon prepared for a "holiday unveiling". However, this celebration was cut short by the VIPER assault on ForceTech Industries on the 22nd of December. My staff were able to put the weapons to good use. They are not currently in circulation within any organizations aside from my own. The weapon itself releases a pulse of "gravitic" energy which can be tuned to knock back, contain or absorb energy particulates and organic matter."
'''Revision: Project B (Dr. Summerstones notes)'''  
'''Revision: Project B (Dr. Summerstone's notes)'''  
"This is a "new year" project for [[Techna Ology]] and I. Techna led the project and I provided resources where I was able to. I am not at liberty to discuss the finer details, however I will discuss some general details:
"This is a "new year" project for [[Techna Ology]] and I. Techna led the project and I provided resources where I was able to. I am not at liberty to discuss the finer details, however I will discuss some general details:

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Player: @RavenForce
Can you feel the FORCE?
Character Build
Class Focus: Defense
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Sus'anna Summerstone
Known Aliases: ForceGirl, Fieldz, Energy, InvisiGirl, FG, Miss Summerstone, Dr. Summerstone.
Gender: Female
Species: Xenian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Zuuth, Xen-2
Base of Operations: The Summerstone Mansion, ForceTech Moon Base Labs, ForceTech Industries Building
Relatives: Mentella, Techna Ology
Age: 22 (Based on appearance)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 145 Ibs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 11
Citizenship: Xenian
Occupation: Active Scientist, Adventurer, Proprietor of ForceTech Industries
Education: PhD in Physics and Biology in addition to various non-human educational achievements
Marital Status: Single(Not looking)
Known Powers and Abilities
Force Field Generation and manipulation, Invisibility & Teleportation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Dark Force boots.
ReldinBox Template

ForceGirl (Sus'anna Summerstone) is an well known physicist and an avid adventurer, and is the founder of the Defense Technology giant, ForceTech Industries. As part of both the scientific community and the super hero community, she is an active member of both and as a result is reasonably well known in many different circles. Before coming to Earth she had just started her own business working on various projects on her home world but was forced to put everything on hold after her world was forced to fight off a devastating invasion force. Su later traced her sister Mentella to Earth but was unable to contact her for a long while. Su enjoys going out and being active in the various communities she is a part of. She used to feel somewhat out of place in the heat of battle and didn't enjoy using her powers as much as she should as, in the past, she has suffered from a lack of confidence in her own abilities. In more recent times, Sus'anna confidently and sometimes even aggressively uses her abilities to help combat the rising power of darker forces in the world. ForceGirl is an alien super heroine and the middle child of three sisters, her elder sister being Mentella and her younger Techna Ology.


Spoiler Warning
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Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Sus'anna (Su) and her sisters (Mentella and Techna Ology) grew up in the hi-tech and technologically adept city of Zuuth on Xen-2. Although they share some personality traits they are quite different from each other. In comparison to Su, Mentella is highly authoritative, strong and relishes the chance to use her abilities. Su on the other hand is the complete opposite, she is usually permissive to a point, but is quite strong willed and strong minded when she needs to be. Her younger sister Techna is in many ways like Su, in the sense that she can be quite permissive but prefers to work in the background more so than out in the field.

Su was deeply affected by the invasion of her home world and is still partly affected by the things she saw. Initially, when arriving on Earth, unlike her two sisters, she had difficulty adjusting to life on Earth and preferred to spend a majority of her time in a lab, away from everyone else. Su's only comfort back then was her love of science, with specific interests in biology and physics. Before the invasion, she was one of a few very promising young scientists and was recognized by the Xenian Empire's scientific division. Although this was a great form of academic recognition, it also meant she gained a number of academic rivals and in some cases, enemies. Despite this, Su never let such things get to her and didn't mind the healthy competition.

Su stayed behind on Xen along with her younger sister Techna Ology and their parents who utilized their powers to provide enhanced technological assistance and defense for less able Xenians on their home world. After the invasion force had been defeated and things were returning to normal on Xen-2, Su traced her older sister Mentella to Earth and arrived in 2004 but was unable to find out any more about her sister's whereabouts. She sorted out her papers within the year and got herself into the world of work and super heroics.

Su was quickly recruited as a member for the Energizers, a team of heroes who were able to manipulate various types of energy. She stayed on for a year and a half before coming into a heated conflict with another member after she was accused of trying to steal the team leader away as her partner. ForceGirl and the accusing member (Shardd) went head to head in super powered combat after Shardd attacked her. ForceGirl was much more forceful and did not show much restraint, quickly over powering her team mate, then stopped abruptly realizing what she had done. She stepped away from the world of super heroics and left The Energizers, deciding to focus on what she felt she was good at, namely science. For a few years she worked for a number of organizations including Dynamic Labs and Harmon Labs.

In January 2006, the recent arrival of her younger sister Techna Ology prompted Su to move onto bigger things. Both sisters worked hard for an ten month period, developing ideas, inventions and pieces of highly advanced technology for fellow super heroes and law enforcement teams. However after a visit by an I.P.G Official a number of the inventions had enforced limitations applied to them, to make them suitable for Earth usage as well as the removal of Xenian defense technology software. Even though severely hampered by this set back, using Earth technology the sisters worked to replace as best they could the number of removals and soon after founded ForceTech Industries in November 2006.

ForceTech Industries at its start was a smaller organization which produced advanced technology for law enforcement agencies, however as news of the quality and reliability of the gadgetry spread, demand for technology grew and as a result, so did the company. Su was able to expand her business through investments and partnerships as well as funding things out of her own pocket.

One January morning in 2007, just before starting work and the other scientists arrived for work; ForceGirl exited the car park and was walking towards the elevator to the lobby upon exiting the elevator she made her way through the lobby only to find a slim figure waiting for her directly across the lobby. Erring on the side of caution she tensed and slowly approached the figure, ready to act.

"Hello?" - Su

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" - Mentella

"...!!" - Su

Mentella had shown up in the lobby of ForceTech Industries!

Shocked and overwhelmed with joy, the two embraced and Su brought her older sister back to their apartment where J'asira was. The three sisters caught up and exchanged experiences, overjoyed to be reunited once more. Mentella had explained she set up a Sisterhood dedicated to super heroics and wanted them to join her in this endeavour. J'asira was ecstatic to be utilizing her powers to assist others and was eager to get started, Su on the other hand was a lot more reluctant to use her powers, as a result her natural abilities went through a rough patch of instability which forced her to turn her full attention to working and a regular civilian life. She joined the Sisterhood but did not resume hero duty.

This slightly depressing period in her life came to an abrupt end when whilst travelling on the train back from work filled with children and parents in Millennium City was lifted off the railings and her carriage suddenly came face to face with a rogue Mega Destroyer. The carriage was being slowly crushed, the screams of the children and their parents, as well as her own survival instincts kicked in and in a moment of extreme stress she created a force field around the carriage, freeing them from the Destroids grasp and protecting all inside from the drop down. This instant feat of power caused her to enter a brief mental state of unbridled power allowing her to take down the Mega Destroyer by herself. She soon regained control, sustaining heavy psionic feedback after her force field was struck by several nearby Mega Destroyer's Annihilation Beams. Fortunately, other heroes were on the scene and were able to contain the threat.

The damage done by the psionic feedback was so great that she was forced into a coma for 2 weeks before Mentella was able to wake her using her telepathic powers. After realizing that she still had something to offer the superhuman community, Su decided to retrain herself and regain control of her powers. With her eldest sister's guidance and support Su quickly regained control of her powers to the extent that she was able to resume hero work along with Mentella and J'asira. She took on a new alias as well a new costume in the first year of her re-entering superhero work. In the past she has been known as Fieldz, Energy and InvisiGirl. Unsure of what to call herself, the media took to calling her 'ForceGirl', a name which seemed to stick.

Su accepted her sisters’ invitation to join the sisterhood fully as a crime fighting member shortly after she was through her training. Despite returning to active duty, Su continued to focus more on doing scientific research and running her ever expanding company, ForceTech Industries.

In May 2011 a squad of VIPER troops breached the security in place by UNTIL and the MCPD and broke into the Cambridge Biotech Facility, a partner lab of ForceTech Industries, and discovered the plans for other a variety of weapons and some other less important materials. During their raid on the labs they also came across the upgraded versions of the original work by Dr. Park Lee-Wen, Pulson Technology had been in high circulation amongst the high end villainous organizations around the globe, including VIPER. Under the express request of UNTIL and PRIMUS, several technological research labs and organizations, ForceTech Industries included, were attempting to upgrade the weaponry to counter the high end villainous organizations. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, VIPER stole the upgraded schematics and the prototypes and even one finished model and successfully evaded the law enforcement and super heroic endeavours.

Su was on assignment with UNTIL, to visit it's African base in August 2011 with a group of heroes and saw the aftermath of a fight between UNTIL troops and VIPER. To her horror she realized they were using the upgraded Pulson technology. Whilst she had worked on rough iterations of the plans, someone on VIPER's side had clearly made sense of it and had put it into effect. After battling through the sheer numbers of the VIPER soldiers who seemed to be everywhere they reached a large VIPER Nest. With a great amount of difficulty against the newly upgraded VIPER forces, the heroes and UNTIL eventually managed to clear the base, placing a record number of VIPER Soldiers under arrest as well as fighting off the legendary 'Spirit Serpent'.

After the situation had been contained and reinforcements had arrived Su helped to extract the wounded UNTIL troops and leaders who were held captive by VIPER. Su couldn't help but feel extremely guilty for the lives that had been lost due to her moment of madness and decided to set things straight. In December 2011 she left Earth entirely to return home. She returned more powerful and with a more positive attitude than she had before. She no longer shied away from an opportunity to fight evil, especially if it is in the form of VIPER. Recalling the break-in at the Cambridge Biotech Facility and the events which unfolded whilst visiting the UNTIL base in August prompted Su to strike out and buy a much larger building for her company, where she could better establish it as a leading defense technology giant. She returned to ForceTech Industries on the 16th of January 2012 and began the process of moving the company to its new location with her younger sister Techna Ology.

On February 3rd, 2012 UNTIL operatives swarmed ForceTech Industries and the surrounding area in an effort to locate Dr. Su Summerstone who was sitting next to an unconscious assassin.

The assassin had been hired and sent by VIPER to assassinate Dr. Summerstone, but fortunately for Su her buildings silent alarms alerted her to an intruder. Her eldest sister arrived on the scene alongside the UNTIL operatives.

After a few short moments Mentella had gained a lifetimes worth of information from the unconscious woman, who was identified to be none other than the infamous Bionic Bullet...

Although she blames herself for not being able to prevent VIPER from mass manufacturing these weapons which they call "Pulson Tech Rifles", Su is actively working on increasing her own strength and train her mind and body in order to stop the ever strengthening VIPER forces. Her new found confidence has changed her personality and outlook in life; she is much more positive but is still very aware of her perceived flaws and limitations and on more than one occasion has surprised herself by exceeding her expectations.

For a brief period of time, ForceGirl joined the Zero Hour Sentinels a group of superheroes which was quite promising, however the group disbanded after a few months due to some form of conflict between a few members.

In more recent times Sus'anna regularly works within the superhuman community and works alongside the members of the Summerstone Sisterhood. Within the Summerstone Academy, she is a senior lecturer and combat coach.

Today, Su manages ForceTech Industries with the aid of her younger sister Techna Ology. She also continues to teach at the Summerstone Academy in addition to working as a super hero.

Groups and Affiliations

- ForceGirl has only been tied to one super team before The Summerstone Sisterhood and that was The Energizers. She left the group due to an unfriendly argument turned fight with the leader's girlfriend (Shardd) who accused Su of "going behind her back" and trying to steal her man. After this argument, Shardd attacked ForceGirl (dubbed Energy at the time) and went in a head to head duel in which she almost would have killed Shardd if ForceGirl didn't abruptly end the fight, realizing Shardd wasn't worth the stain on her reputation. She left the Energizers after a year and a half of service.

- Recent times have seen ForceGirl join a new team of investigative crime fighters known as the Zero Hour Sentinels led by Mid-Knight, ForceGirl hopes to settle in well and meet new people.

Powers and abilities


Xenians are naturally 'super powered' beings and with training, are able to reach levels of mastery which is outside the capability of other species with similar skills, such as super humans. Su can consciously bend light around herself and others at will, she can render whole buildings and large amounts of people invisible at any one time and has demonstrated the ability to use them to a greater extent. She can also use her invisibility on her force constructs to give her an edge of surprise in combat. She is capable of bending the entire EM spectrum and is virtually undetectable; however she has to focus harder when attempting to avoid thermal detection systems which use infrared. Su is able to sense and see invisible or cloaked objects and can correct the way light affects the object or person in order to render an invisible opponent or object, visible to her allies. She frequently demonstrates this ability against VIPER Infiltrators who use Camouflage Tech, she renders them visible for her allies or simply causes the air around them to erupt by generating violent force bursts. However in combat she seldom demonstrates this ability. She can also render her force fields invisible to confuse enemies or to maintain the element of surprise with the bonus of protection against stray fire.

Null Field Generation

This is an ability ForceGirl rarely uses and has in fact only used it once during her time on Earth. She has the conscious capability to generate "Null Fields". Null Fields are areas of non-existence; anything which comes into contact with a null field ceases to exist, at least within this dimension. She has described this ability as an extreme version of her force fields, however this ability is fairly dangerous and can get out of hand quite quickly as the more it removes the larger it can become, to the point it may go beyond the conscious control of ForceGirl herself. It should be noted that it is extremely draining for ForceGirl and can have negative consequences when used on a large scale such as loss of consciousness, extreme fatigue and temporary in ability to use any form of her powers. Techna Ology has likened this ability to "the effect unstable molecules have on normal matter in their raw form which results in them turning into unstable molecules fuelling the chain reaction which converts more normal matter into an unstable form."


ForceGirl is able to access highly focused energy pathways which feed into an alternate dimension. These energy pathways are comprised of solely of null energy and as a result she must generate force fields at the destination point in order to contain any possible energy leakage. This allows her to transport herself and up to seven other people through space and time. Her teleportation ability has three distinct forms;

Short Range Teleportation

By generating two force fields she can create invisible pathways/ portals to the other force field, stepping through them and instantly appearing inside the other force field. She regularly uses this in combat.

Medium Range Teleportation

ForceGirl can use her teleportation abilities to transport herself and others to places within her line of sight, if used in rapid succession in a very short period of time it can diminish her ability to utilize her other abilities as it becomes quite draining. Medium Range Teleportation works as she utilizes her null energy abilities to open up pathways which she can transport herself and others through.

Long Range Teleportation

She is also able to perform longer distance teleportation, however this is significantly taxing, as she must not only utilize her null energy abilities to create the pathway but must also maintain a force field at the destination point. She has not tested the limits of this ability as it is rarely called upon or used.

Generating a force field

Force Fields

Su (ForceGirl) primarily has a variety of abilities relating to the generation and manipulation of force fields. She has the ability to generate shells of energy known as force fields. With these force fields she can accomplish a variety of both defensive and offensive feats. She is capable of manipulating and disrupting other force shielding as well as creating force constructs of various shapes and sizes. Before her retraining using her powers such as prolonged shielding or force fields which need to protect more than 2 people which are classed as basic feats used to be quite mentally taxing and could cause physical side effects such as loss of balance or consciousness. However thanks to retraining with her two sisters, ForceGirl has been able to once again start using her powers effectively. Before her retraining, even the slightest strain and she could potentially lose focus and her force fields would cease to exist. In recent times, thankfully this is not the case.

Although she is just beginning to realize that she is quite powerful and soon she will become a force to be reckoned with. Her powers are mainly governed by emotion and brief spells of anger could result in a violent force eruption occurring. Recently however she has learnt to project larger and much more powerful force fields around herself and others, whilst she continues to discover the full extent of her abilities.

Defensive Force Fields

ForceGirl mainly uses her force fields in the form of blue spheres of defensive energy which can absorb damage until she stops concentrating on them, causing them to dissipate. ForceGirl is capable of making larger force fields for long durations of time to either contain or protect larger targets or groups of people as she has shown the ability to shield multiple people with one large semi-circular force field. She is capable of generating and concentrating on sustaining multiple force fields around targets with relative ease. Even though her suit is comprised of a durable material, she prefers to protect herself with a powerful force field in combat to avoid direct injury. Whilst she is sustaining force fields she has considerably reduced offensive capability. If she is having difficulty in combat, she will resort to using either extremely defensive force fields or highly offensive force field usage. She prefers to take a defensive position in combat when working with other heroes allowing them to attack whilst she creates defensive force fields to absorb or redirect potentially fatal damage.


Using a compressed force field to destroy some Destroids

Offensive Force Fields

Su is capable of wielding her force fields for more offensive purposes. In combat whilst she prefers to take a defensive position using force fields of varying shapes and sizes to defend allies, or repel foes, if she is hard pressed she will go on the offensive. She can generate cylindrical and spherical force fields to attack her foes as well as her patented "Expansive-Explosive" Force Fields. At the peak of her offensive ability she can generate "compressed force" which is the super charging of cylindrical force fields and releasing them at high velocity, this ability of hers is quite destructive.

ForceGirl expanding a force field inside a Destroid..
..pop goes the Destroid!

Traveling on a force construct
Generating a series of force field constructs above her target...
...unleashing the construct on her target for a devastating impact.
Force Constructs

As an extension of her offensive force abilities, Su has the ability to generate force fields in varying shapes and sizes to attack her enemies. This ability is limited to her own imagination, meaning that as long as she can imagine the shape in her mind, she will be able to successfully translate it into the real world by way of her force field constructs.

Su readily uses this ability both for combat (such as generating a powerful series of force fields to slam down on her opponents) and non-combat purposes (such as creating a temporary series of pipes or lab utensils). Su has demonstrated the ability to achieve a form of high speed transport atop a 'platform' thus allowing her to achieve flight. She can extend this ability to levitate others along with her and has on occasion demonstrated the ability to levitate multiple persons using individual platforms for each person.

In a similar manner to her force fields, her ability to create and sustain force constructs is limited to her ability to concentrate, either consciously or unconsciously, on them or they will simply cease to exist.


The 'Dark Speed' Device

On a trip to Multifaria a few years ago, Su was up against a villain called Oubliette and finally defeated her with the other heroes on her team and picked up on the technology in the villain's boots, which allowed her to run at incredible speeds. Su made a mental note of the enhancements she saw and after concluding her business in Multifaria, she found that she theorized that she could not only successfully emulate the enhancement to the super villain's superhuman speed but with additional modifications, the ability to achieve super human speeds. Upon completing her device, Su converted the enhancement into a smaller, concealable device which she now uses to travel great distances on land and high speeds.

Combat Training

In the unlikely event that she is forced into physical combat with an opponent, Su has been trained to a level where she is a fairly capable hand to hand combatant and is knowledgeable of several martial art styles after having trained with Black Diamond and Bionic Bullet as well as receiving additional training from Mentella.

Current Events - January to April 2013

2013, marks a new year of hope for ForceGirl, after previously struggling to find her place amongst the heroes of Millennium City she has really risen up in the hero world, her powers are now fully stable and she has overcome the confidence issues she had before.

She is still on a crusade against VIPER and any and all associates that it may have. Having fully integrated herself into the hero community with the help of her older sister Mentella, ForceGirl hopes that she will continue to enjoy her time in Millennium City and help fight crime for as long as she can.

After fully forgiving Bionic Bullet for trying to assassinate her, they have become suprisingly good friends.

She has recently been speaking to an old friend Professor Kaspar, who has been helping Professor Karkas to excavate the secrets hidden in the Island of Java, who strongly believes that something is afoot, he has asked the Summerstone Sisterhood to be on guard for the future.

With the true implications of the Lemurian artefacts that UNTIL had been keeping in their Vault revealed…all hell broke loose in Millennium City, the Lemurians tunnelled up through the very earth of the city, using Bleak Ones magic to cause nonstop rain and flooding, making travel almost impossible. If that wasn’t enough, the Champions were stretched thin, with only two members (Defender and Sapphire) at the scene fighting off the threat whilst the rest were at separate points on the globe somehow fighting off Lemurian invaders.

ForceGirl and Sapphire were on containment duty, their combined efforts allowed a city wide force field to be constructed and maintained until the Bleak Ones Harbinger and the Lemurians were either defeated or fled back down their holes.

ForceGirl, Black Diamond, Mentella, Bionic Bullet and CharmCaster were all present and helping with the clean-up duty.

Amazingly ForceGirl is still upholding her business enterprise ForceTech Industries(TM), and is the sole provider of defensive weaponry, gadgets and technology for UNTIL. Working alongside other heroes and UNTIL technicians as well as her younger sister Techna Ology. ForceTech Industries is still running and is doing remarkably well.

ForceGirl also is a member of Project Snakecharmer and supplies the division with her powers and scientific knowledge.

Current Events - May 2013

May 2013 saw ForceGirl and her two sisters’ fall back into a regular pattern of looking after the Academy, teaching, fighting crime and advancing the defensive gadgetry of governmental organizations via the medium of ForceTech Industries.

ForceGirl has also made a number of personal advancements, she has successfully overcome the issue of VIPER having access to her Pulson Technology by working tirelessly to strengthen her force fields and push the boundaries she has put in her mind as regards her powers. On the 17th of May 2013, when VIPER staged an assault on a Lab in Downtown, ForceGirl was on the scene and was holding out remarkably well against the VIPER troops, who were employing the use of Pulson Rifles. She was able to successfully lockdown the Labs to prevent further entry as well as shielding the scientists from VIPER's energy weapons. She took out a grand total of 30 VIPER Soldiers, 7 Brick Buster units and 2 Powered Armours. Upon the arrival of the authorities at the scene, all VIPER assailants were either suspended inside force fields or out cold.

ForceGirl seemed to go off radar and was untraceable for the rest of the month. It later came to light that she along with her two sisters and Black Diamond had gone back to their home planet to visit friends and family.

Current Events - June/July 2013

Testing new force field applications

Arriving back on Earth in late June from Xen, ForceGirl had been participating in combat training during her return to her home world and had learnt to apply her powers in new ways. Including stronger force field projections, larger projections and higher power detonations.

It seems that ForceGirl is beginning to discover exactly how powerful she can be if she applies herself. Throughout July, ForceGirl was involved in the apprehension of several higher level threats throughout the city and also aided an emergency response team in containing the threat of Franklin Stone's armed goons who organized themselves enough to attempt to rob a bank.

She has also been working with the Millennium City Police Department (MCPD) to reduce the criminal activity in the area as well as increasing security in the MCPD HQ to prevent break ins and attacks from surrounding gangs like The New Purple Gang or PSI and otherworldly forces, namely the Gadroon.

She has also been fighting with her nemesis Doctor Annihilation, running into him a total of seven times within the month. She finally captured him by exploiting a weak point Techna Ology pointed out in his armour systems from viewing video footage. He was taken into custody on July 27th and is due to be transferred to Stronghold within the month.

Current Events - August 2013

Harmon-Force Teleportal Device sending the packaged device
As Dr. Su Summerstone with James Harmon IV at the unveiling of the Harmon-Force Teleportal Device

After weeks of talks, hard work and business meetings, intertwined with dinner dates and rumours, ForceTech Industries and Harmon Labs finally revealed to the public what they were working on. Namely the Harmon-Force Teleportal Device, with Techna at the other end at the ForceTech Industries Moon Base Labs, waiting for the first public test of the device. The test was a success this time round, thankfully it was not a repeat of two years ago when Harmon Labs own Teleportal managed to tear a rift between dimensions and open a portal to a parallel dimension.

After activating the Teleportal device, Su input the dimensions of the device being transported and James Harmon IV and Su Summerstone watched as the Teleportal began the teleportation sequence.

Four minutes later the sequence had been completed, safety checks were completed by Techna Ology's drones who had accompanied Su and everything was set in place.

Both James Harmon IV and Su Summerstone pressed the TRANSPORT ITEM button and the Teleportal disintegrated the item and rebuilt it in the ForceTech Industries Moon Base Labs where Techna Ology was waiting. She contacted them to confirm its arrival safe and sound.

It was a well-earned success; both Su and James were delighted. Mr. Harmon later held a press conference to answer the ensuing questions from reporters, journalists and other members of the press as well as a few governmental officials.

Unfortunately there seemed to be an issue and Su was called away on duty as ForceGirl, so respectfully declined the later dinner party invite from James Harmon.

Current Events - September 2013

After taking a short break from business and settling down to relax after the business partnership with Harmon Labs. ForceGirl was invited to her friend Sapphire's Pop Concert to raise money for charities in and around Millennium. However the concert was cut short, Millennium City was unexpectedly plagued by the invading force of Destroid Invasion Squads, which had teleported in at strategic and advantageous parts. Just as ForceGirl had got back into the role running ForceTech Industries she knew she had to drop what she was doing and assist where she could, namely civilian evacuation and containment.

Dr. Destroyer's message of doom sounded throughout Renaissance Center via his hacking of the interactive billboards. His apparent return coupled with the reports of seeing him alive and well in an alternate universe by many a hero had the authorities very much worried. The best of the MCPD and UNTIL were spread about Millennium using both conventional and ForceTech Industries technology to assist in warding off the Invading Destroids.
Destroying a nearby Destroid firing at her in a burst of force energy
As the month progressed it only seemed to get worse, more waves of Destroids started appearing in the city, seemingly only moments before their predecessors were destroyed, the Destroids continued to hold their positions in the City with a high concentration of them appearing and converging on the Renaissance Center. Defender and the Champions were spread throughout the city warding off the never ending supplies of Destroids whilst other heroes were determined to keep the Destroids away from the civilians who took refuge in the Renaissance Center awaiting evacuation.
Firing a crushing force field at the MEGA-Destroid

After weeks of the same Destroids, perhaps in a bid to tire out the heroes of Millennium City, Dr. Destroyer summoned his heavy hitters. His new and improved MEGA-Destroids, which also seemed to be in an endless supply. The MEGA-Destroids converged upon another civilian stronghold, namely the Champions Head Quarters, perhaps one of the safest places for civilians to go to.

Determined not to allow Destroyer to win, hoards of brave and powerful heroes teamed up and moved in to bring the MEGA-Destroids down.
Protecting herself from incoming missiles

Mentella, CharmCaster, Techna Ology, Joule, Black Diamond fought alongside ForceGirl, banding together to give it all they had to assist in the fight. The entire Champions Team left their different parts of the world on patrol and fought alongside the heroes of Millennium City.

Four days of constant attacks and Dr. Destroyer, it seemed, had either run out of MEGA-Destroids or had something different planned for Millennium City. The MEGA-Destroids ceased their attack on the Champions HQ and the final Destroid fell to the ground with a colossal thump.

Most heroes were extremely jubilant at this and were relieved to have thwarted the attack. Those inexperienced with Destroyer's ways mocked the Super Villain and praised themselves. However Mentella, ForceGirl and the Summerstone Sisterhood knew better than to believe this was the end.

Destroyer is known for being incredibly persistent, if he has retreated for now, who knows what he will bring next...?

Current Events - Late September to November 2013 - SUMMERSTONE REPORT

Despite the apparent victory, the battle was not without loses, in a cruel turn of events during the battle a Mega Destroyer released a "Destroyer Wave", a blast of particle energy, holding the capacity to disintegrate any unable to withstand the blast. Some heroes were severely injured, others were unfortunately killed.

During the clash on the southern stronghold where both Techna Ology and CharmCaster were stationed, a Destroyer Wave was released, whilst Techna was appropriately defended, CharmCaster was sadly caught in the blast.

It appeared that CharmCaster had been disintegrated by the blast wave. Unable to accept this, The Summerstones exhausted their resources trying to understand what had happened. ForceGirl was close to coming to terms with the loss of a close friend when Mentella, whilst leaving ForceTech Industries, received a weak telepathic message from CharmCaster, in her native tongue which when translated was simply: "Help".

Mentella and Techna Ology had been working on upgrading CortexusTM, the machine which allows the communication between light years’ worth of distance, enabling Mentella to communicate telepathically with Xen, to alter it to be able to pierce the veil of this dimension in order to attempt to track CharmCaster's unique psychic signal.

Techna Ology and ForceGirl both put their technical knowledge to use and built on modifications and after weeks of searching, Mentella located CharmCaster's psychic signal in another dimension, the Summerstones, with the assistance of Witchcraft and the Trismegistus Council, they breached the barrier which was keeping the invaders from the Qliphothic Rift contained and made short work of them.

Once they reached the portal, it was determined that Witchcraft would be unable to seal it from the outside as the energy had leaked through to such a state that it would be dangerous to attempt to close it without finding out exactly what had caused it to open in the first place. Due to the nature of the portal it was impossible to seal it permanently, so a team was needed to stay near it in case it allowed through anymore horrors into this dimension. ForceGirl and Techna Ology stayed behind, whilst the others journeyed into the portal with Witchcraft, Mentella kept everyone in telepathic contact for safety purposes.

Once inside the Qliphothic Realm, something went wrong, the travel had affected Witchcraft's protective spell, splitting Mentella, Black Diamond, PsychBlade and herself into different parts of the realm, unable to physically see or interact with each other, except for Mentella's psychic link.

In a burst of blindingly powerful white light, which was visible to them all, the elusive Alara The Light Guardian appeared, explaining that she had split them up as they stood a better chance of helping CharmCaster, if they were spread out. She offered her assistance to their cause, using her abilities to defend each sisterhood member at their various points; once all three sisterhood members were reunited they began their assault on the Tower of Sharna-Gorak, where Alara said CharmCaster was being held. Alara informed them all a concealment spell had been placed upon them to ensure that the operation runs as smooth as possible.

After engaging the Despair Incarnates and Qliphothic Imps which guarded the Winds of Despair, the team made their way towards the cell where CharmCaster was being restrained, magically captured in a form of suspended animation. Alara explained that it would be impossible for them to break the spell without her using her true form and harnessing "The Eternal Light".

Alara warned that her activation of that level of pure energy would break the concealment spell she had crafted and may in fact summon remnants of The Kings of Edom as they are drawn to powerful energy, however, she explained it was a risk she was willing to take in order to assist CharmCaster. Mentella and PsychBlade created a psychokinetic barrier to block out the blinding light shining forth from Alara's Eternal Light Form.

At long last CharmCaster was freed from the mystical prison, but she was badly wounded and had been all but drained of her defensive magic. Alara transported the team back to where Witchcraft was facing off against a few Qliphothic Horrors. With CharmCaster in a particularly bad state, Witchcraft poured significant magical energy into creating a portal between realms and Alara The Light Guardian forced Light Energy through it in order to keep it open whilst they made the transition to their world.

After sealing the portal behind them, the team met up with ForceGirl and Techna Ology who had been fighting off Horrors which had found a way through into their dimension. As a group they brought CharmCaster back to The Summerstone Mansion where she was able to rest and recover.

NOTE: The information given has been edited to a summarized version as specifics cannot be revealed without consent of CharmCaster herself, which she has not given. As a result, The Summerstone Sisterhood has not published the full report. We have instead provided brief summaries of parts of the report for possible future reference. ~ The Summerstone Sisterhood.

Current Events - December 2013 - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Report ID: 279XY-FTI

Date: December 22, 2013

Report - VIPER & ForceTech Industries

I've had my fair share of run in's with VIPER, even so far as having an assassin, now my friend, sent to put me out of commission on VIPER's orders, so as it has been well documented, I have a completely diminished concern regarding how I treat VIPER and it's respective associates in the event I encounter them in a setting where I am able to safely fight back. I will include a brief series of events and facts which I believe lead up to the events which transpired on the 3rd of December 2013.


I have had my suspicions about Darren "Protogen" Moriarty for a while now, ever since he appeared seemingly out of the blue a couple of months ago, after working with me on the now discontinued, Personal Force Field Project or P.F.F Project a while ago. Whilst this project was a joint effort, I allowed him to hold onto it as he said he wanted to tweak it, I called him in because of his record dealing with technology, as I am an off world being, my technological ability and application (in a legal sense) is limited as Earth according to the Inter Planetary Guidelines, Section 17, Paragraph 4, Sub-section B states (// = translated from Xenian):

//"Sol-3 or "Earth" (Common Name) and its respective native inhabitants (Humans, Lemurians etc) are classed as Technological Restriction Level 5. Any technology which supersedes a Technology Level 5 is forbidden from being used, reproduced, sold, hybridized or researched on Sol-3, without express permission of the Inter Planetary Consul. Appeals to the Inter Planetary Consul are only considered in extreme circumstances, such as attempted planetary destruction. Any being residing as an alien resident within Sol-3 found in possession of technology which is above and beyond Technological Restriction Level 5, is in direct violation of this law and will be sentenced and tried within 74 sae'thra (Hours) from the discovery of the crime taking place. This law does not apply to beings of a Level 5 or lower, such as Humans, but applies to beings from a world which is known for having achieved significant technological advancement in comparison to the rest of the known universe. Such beings include but are not restricted to: Xenians, Malvans, Si-Lyurians, People of Sentai-La..."//

The I.P.G. was formed after an incident, known as the Sparodain Incident. The people of Sparod were granted technology which was advanced from another civilization which would be classed as superior in terms of technological advancement, by a mere 1,000 years, and they utilized the technology and were given instruction on how to manipulate it and how to look after it. They attempted to reverse engineer it and managed to cause the device to somehow overload, the details have been heavily, heavily guarded and locked down by "higher authorities" but the end result was total and instantaneous planetary annihilation. Nothing on the planet survived, the people of Sparod were not as curious as say Humans or the Jamrood and the technology didn't have anywhere near the distance in advancement that it does say between Xenian and Human Technology, and still a catastrophe occurred. After that the Galactic Alliance formed the Inter Planetary Consul, a group of beings with authority over respective knowledge areas, who then forged the Inter Planetary Guidelines to stop such an incident from ever occurring again.

Whilst it's intentions are noble, it does have a large bearing on how well Techna Ology and myself can express and apply our knowledge when working on Earth. There is no kind way of saying this, but, it is a very strenuous rule to abide by but a rule nonetheless. I don't think I nor Techna would wish to be responsible for the devastation or even an incident on Earth with the root cause being Xenian Technology, not only do we represent out people whilst on Earth we are also guests and allowing for potential harm is not something a good guest would endorse.

In light of the aforementioned information, I had to contact Mr. Moriarty, in order for him to provide an insight into the technology development at ForceTech Industries, without injecting Xenian Technology into the project by sticking to human technology which was just marginally streamlined or upgraded. Needless to say, Mr. Moriarty seemed to be very much taken with the idea of shielding technology, my intention was to emulate my natural abilities in order for application to the less fortunate law enforcers of Earth who were not as well equipped as some heroes would be against the increasing number and strength of the gangs and villains which plague cities worldwide. To summarize the outcome of the joint partnership, Mr. Moriarty vanished along with the unfinished P.F.F project and with no leads on his whereabouts. I shut down the Force Field Tech division and concentrated on personal inventions, defensive technology and transportation devices amongst other things.

Recent Times

I was slightly suspicious of Mr. Moriarty as he would disappear for large periods of time without any recollection of his prior location, or a weak story was given to explain his absence. I asked Mentella to keep tabs on him if she would and make sure he is okay. A few weeks later, Mentella relayed to me that he had actually been working for VIPER and collecting information on my company, myself and I was on a hit list and that she would contact me again when she had more information. As soon as she terminated the psychic thread I evacuated my staff and set up defensive protocols in the event of VIPER coming to attack me at ForceTech Industries. Mentella made me aware that she had Mr. Moriarty subdued at her place. Angered by his betrayal and the thought of using both myself and my sister to help VIPER (to which I hadn’t got all the details admittedly), clouded my normally rational mind and I made my way, quite forcefully to my sister’s apartment.

Sensing my approach, Mentella telepathically stopped me from doing anything I would soon regret and fully explained the situation to me. Moments after calming down, I received a distress call from ForceTech Industries HQ in Downtown, requesting immediate assistance as VIPER had attacked in full force and had breached defenses at several points all over the building. I quickly made my way back to ForceTech Industries where some of my technicians and staff were using ForceTech GravPulse Weaponry to fight back alongside my younger sister’s robotic assistance units.

VIPER did not hold back. And neither did I. Luckily I was soon joined by both my sisters, Techna Ology worked on a Pulson Bomb which had been attached and set to blow on the top of the building whilst Mentella gladly took on stopping the progression of any more VIPER forces by locking down levels 3-8 of the building. I saw Sarge an agent of DE:LTA on a nearby roof who seemed to be holding down Darren Moriarty. I immediately created a path through the influx of VIPER Agents and made my way to the roof top, where Mr. Moriarty had just broken free of Sarge’s grasp, looking slightly dazed but once I caught his eye he set himself to attack me.

I created a shield just in time as his bullets bounced off harmlessly, he looked slightly confused and stopped firing, I dropped the shield and fired a high velocity force field at him, knocking him off the side of the building. His P.F.F had sustained the fall for him, leaving him unscathed, Sarge quickly explained as I began to move in that Techna had administered Bio-Nanites to Mr. Moriarty, clearing up the chemical imbalances in his system causing him to act and work for VIPER. That was when a huge pang of guilt came crashing into me, my mind was spinning with “What If’s” regarding the situation and I was thankful for listening to Sarge. Mentella explained what had happened, and agreed to help with clean up alongside Techna.

After thanking them, Mr. Moriarty, now back as Protogen, very angry at himself and VIPER for causing me such distress (which I found a little strange, he seemed excessively distressed that he had caused me distress...). Accompanied by Sarge, we made our way to a VIPER facility which he vaguely remembers being dragged to and to quote Sarge we “turned the place upside down”.

At the end of it...my HQ sustained several entry point damages to the main structure but the defenses were still holding for the most part, nothing had been stolen and several levels four to eight were thankfully unscathed.

Whatever Mentella did, it stopped the nigh innumerable amount of VIPER soldiers from progressing any further. I’ve had to attend to some technicians and staff members who were injured in the fighting; altogether no one was badly injured, aside from the VIPER soldiers.

I think VIPER and their associates have been made aware that I’m not alone, nor defenseless and I have powerful allies. Hopefully they’ll think twice before attempting to harm my company, my friends or me in future.


Current Events - January - May 2014 - ForceTech Industries

Report ID: 294XY-FTI

Date: 3rd of May 2014

Report – ForceTech Industries

The end of last year saw a significant setback in development at ForceTech Industries due to a relatively crippling attack on the HQ, however, this did not deter me from focusing on rebuilding what needed to be worked on and fixed and re allocating my staff to less damaged work environments. I was very grateful to Techna Ology, who also works alongside me for providing robotic assistance with the rebuilding of the HQ. Within a few days, any trace of the VIPER assault had been wiped from the building and the basic security systems were back online. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Harmon Labs, and unfortunately, James Harmon himself arrived but was thankfully less “touchy” in the presence of my older sister. Together with the combined efforts of members of The Summerstone Sisterhood, Harmon Labs, Delta and I, the month ended with 88% of the repairs completed.

The smaller EMP weapons that VIPER had managed to fire off had caused damage to the robotics in my labs as well as my defense systems, but I was soon able to engineer a solution and upgrade my building’s defense systems.

The month of January soon came around and saw my sister and I work towards finalizing the building repair work and move onto starting on a New Year project, it was common practice for me to lead and design a project, however for this one I decided to hand over full leadership to my younger sister. Techna was extremely excited to be running her first major project and I explained to her that I would be able to provide her with the necessary resources. As Techna is the CEO of ForceTech Industries and I am the Proprietor of ForceTech Industries, we held meetings with the board of directors and we discussed a few proposals for the next project, setting things in motion for a few projects which had been suggested by a few of the departments and organizing resources. Techna and I unveiled our own project namely, ‘Project Bio-B’. Whilst Techna focused on her duties as a CEO for the company, I did my best to start the project and gather some resources from our various business partners, amongst the pool of interested partners were Wheatley Enterprises and Innovations, Harmon Labs and even Juryrig and Dr. Silverback offered to help. At the most a few minor raw materials were accepted as Techna likes to create her own advanced materials, often based on the substances she has manipulated before, rather than rely on mundane materials whenever possible. I spent the majority of January and the earlier part of February, off world arranging transportation from Xen of materials required, as we were low on materials. I also liaised with the I.P.G. presenting a case by utilizing a small loophole in their guidelines to allow my sister and I to develop this technology for usage on Earth.

By March 21st 2014 approval had been gained from the I.P.G., and the project was halfway through its development, as Techna had been focusing on development, using ForceTech Industries HQ as a platform for development. I arrived on Earth a week later and was urged by Mentella to take a ‘well deserved break’. I took a few weeks off and notified Techna that her supplies had arrived with me and I was taking a ‘break’.

During April, I kept tabs on the company from my holiday destination and also worked on a few projects, which apparently isn’t part of “relaxing” according to Mentella. Techna had made fine progress and had handled time constraints and the resources she’d been given, which was pretty much standard procedure for her and the project was coming along nicely. Whilst I did enjoy taking a break, I also submitted an application for Liberty Initiative as I was made aware of their recent desire to expand “their ranks” so to speak. Mentella suggested that I apply and arrange an interview when I returned, which I did. It went fairly well and I’m awaiting a response.

Techna and I called in Joule from Delta to assist with a part of the project namely, physio-electrical imaging; it’s an antiquated design for the project and for Techna, but is significantly advanced than level 5 technology (Earth Technology)as it incorporates Level 6 technology, however it contains some elements of the higher end of level 5 technology to be a hybridized technological construct, which passed for the I.P.G. due to the sentience of ‘Project Bio-B’ (loophole being that sentience or high protection can, in some rare cases be accepted by the I.P.G. as acting as a barrier to inhabitants of a lower technological restriction level to attempt to access or reverse engineer). As the projected neared completion, Techna’s expertise was required more than my own and I focused on arranging and editing the previous teaching schedules I had generated for The Summerstone Academy, which would soon be opening again for teaching.

With schedules sorted out and the month of April quickly drawing to a close, I focused my attentions on the projects which the board of directors had been overseeing within the company, as well as progress on ‘Project Bio-B’ which I can announce has passed its preliminary tests with flying colors. Techna intends to unveil the project remotely to friends within the Super hero community, as ‘Project Bio-B’ is related to it, the time period for this unveiling is sketchy at best, but will be during the earlier part of May. Whilst I am not going to discuss specifics of the project, I have updated the Scientific Achievements file for ForceTech Industries, as 'Project Bio-B' is considered a significant success.

Until the end of the teaching period at The Summerstone Academy, I will be focusing my efforts on teaching, ForceTech Industries and my responsibilities as a superhero in Millennium City.

Signed: Dr. Summerstone - Founder of ForceTech Industries.

Current Events - June 2014 - Dr. Su Summerstone & ForceTech Industries

Report ID: 305XI-FTI

Date: 2nd of June 2014

Report – ForceTech Industries

Report - According to both my sisters I was "spending too much time in the confines of my laboratory" and I needed a "vacation". I managed to put forth a few months worth of lesson plans and schedules before I was forced to take a vacation by both my older and younger sister.

Despite my best efforts, I was booked to spend a couple of weeks away from my company and from being required to work or do anything much. I stayed at the [-----Redacted-----] Island Resort, a small island in the [-----Redacted-----]. I'm not entirely sure how my sisters managed to book me into the resort but I have an idea.

I was pleasantly surprised to meet a few heroes I had worked with in the past and I enjoyed myself to an extent. I was sure to keep an eye on the news and I kept in contact with the CEO of ForceTech Industries from time to time to ensure the that things were going as smoothly as I expected. As the proprietress of ForceTech Industries, whilst daily decisions are handled by Techna Ology, larger decisions and partnerships with other organizations are always passed on to me to make the final decisions.

I will admit it was slightly irritating to be doing nothing entirely for the majority of a month...however I busied myself theorizing about a number of different things both mundane and of scientific interest. I was able to have meaningful conversations with the very small percentage of scientifically minded heroes who were present at the [-----Redacted-----] Island Resort.

I was unfortunate enough to run into James Harmon IV...fortunately my vacation was soon coming to an end days after he arrived.

During my stay I was able to also monitor the activity or rather lack of activity on the part of Doctor Annihilation, also known as Patrik Von Despaire. His lack of action does have me concerned that he is planning something large, perhaps with the assistance of other like minded super villains. For now he seems to be inactive, however I am certain it is only a matter of time before he returns to the public scene.

On the 20th of June I returned to Millennium City, admittedly feeling relaxed but also eager to get back into the swing of working once more.

Aside from planning a few new projects, teaching and evaluating projections for the next financial year nothing of specific interest occurred.

Signed: Dr. Summerstone - Founder of ForceTech Industries.

Current Events - July 2014 to Present Day - Dr. Su Summerstone & ForceTech Industries

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FGProtogen 1.jpg


Like every hero ForceGirl has weaknesses, whilst some cannot be helped due to the nature of them, she works hard to face up to them..

  • ForceGirl's force field generation capability, whilst it is only limited to her imagination, her force fields become a lot stronger at larger sizes meaning she must focus harder to sustain the field
  • ForceGirl must devote high amounts of focus to her force fields in order to hold out under extended periods of maintained heavy fire.
  • Sustained concussive blasts or high voltage energy attacks will cause her to lose concentration and the force field will explode, such a violent dissipation usually causes concussive effects to ForceGirl, knocking her out.
  • Without her force fields, ForceGirl has a limited healing factor, but minimal resistance to incoming damage.
  • Whilst invisible ForceGirl is still detectable but only to high level heat signature trackers.
  • ForceGirl is not immune to opposing force, if the incoming force is greater than she anticipates she will usually receive a high amount of psionic feedback from her force fields, resulting in her being "thrown" back, in some instances it can cause concussive feedback and will render her unconscious.
  • Stolen Pulson Tech, this technology was designed by her in the event of her losing her mind and becoming evil as a means to shutting her down. The technology is a combination of concussive and piercing blasts which locate and pressure "weak points" on a force field. The only beings with access to such technology are VIPER Soldiers.

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

Scientific Achievements - ForceTech Industries


On the 17th of November 2006, ForceTech Industries was founded by Dr. Su Summerstone. After working independently for other minor scientific organizations and eventually moving on to work for Harmon Labs, Su gathered enough of her funds to start ForceTech Industries and has been growing ever since. As her business grew, so has the work force that she has at her disposal as well as resources. Using ForceTech Industries, Su has achieved a number of scientific feats using a combination of her own genius, her powers, research skills and the resourcefulness of both herself and her sister Techna Ology.

During the earlier part of ForceTech Industries, Su pushed to develop technology for local law enforcement in Millennium City as well as other law enforcement organizations such as Steelhead and even for UNTIL. Unfortunately there have been several attacks on ForceTech Industries partner labs (Cambridge Biotech Facility) where the upgrades to the work of Dr. Park Lee-Wen was being carried out and almost finished and in more recent times the ForceTech Ind. HQ.

Below are just some of the equipment ForceTech Industries has developed for law enforcement.

Pulson Technology

Perhaps one of the early developments of ForceTech Ind., the Pulson Technology is a powerful and strange energy source which is high in power and can be put to use in forms of blasts, beams, lasers and shockwaves. It can also be used to power reactors for high energy consumption devices. ForceGirl originally harnessed this energy to power high energy consumption devices, however she also made plans to utilize it for more offensive purposes, this was during a low point in her career, where she had a lot of trouble with her identity as a heroine and as a scientist, she felt she was too dangerous and crafted designs which were made with the specific purpose to take her down, if she ever fell into instability and became a force for evil. The technology was originally developed by Dr. Park Lee-Wen, Pulson Technology was in high circulation amongst the high end villainous organizations around the globe. Marred by self-doubt, Dr. Su Summerstone, prompted by both UNTIL and PRIMUS, upgraded the Pulson Technology in order to effectively target powerful shields, such as her own. These plans were potentially dangerous in the wrong hands and unfortunately they were stolen by the villainous organization VIPER who consistently use it to cause strife for her and the rest of the hero population. Determined to right this gross injustice, ForceGirl has been on a crusade against VIPER ever since. Her original intention was to pass these plans on to UNTIL and PRIMUS to assist their effort to fight against such forces and also in the event of her becoming a threat.

Containment Matrix

The first of a series of gadgets created by ForceTech Ind. which help UNTIL, Steelhead and other governmental organizations contain high profile threats, such as Gravitar. They act in a similar fashion to ForceGirl's force fields; however they run on an energy source, which is regulated by a Pulson reactor. The higher the resistance from the contained foe, the more energy is consumed, as a result it is possible that if enough resistance is encountered the containment field matrix will fail. However the majority of super humans cannot put out enough resistance to cause such an outcome. The matrix can absorb energy sources from the outside and thereby act as a protective device. It has a range of anywhere from 10ft to 10,000ft radius and is very useful.

Force Vest

This invention was made for the police forces and agents who are regularly in the field and risk their lives every day to serve and protect the inhabitants of Millennium City. With the recent and rapid increase in super powered thugs, forces like the MCPD, UNTIL, PRIMUS, VBPD, Steelhead Mounties and others were having a hard time taking blows from these new threats, as a precaution and a protection in the effort to aid these brave men and women, ForceTech Industries produced the Force Vest. The Force Vest is actually, a small microchip almost invisible to the naked eye which at the whim of the wearer can activate a medium powered force field around the wearer, which deflects incoming projectiles and reduces the inertia of physical blows by 80%. As well as functioning as a close quarter’s force field it can also send out weak pulses of energy which can repulse foes a moderate 7ft. It has a time span of around 15 minutes if all functions are used, but an increased time span of 45 minutes before deactivating. The Force Vest allows for outgoing bullet fire and can enhance the force of outward physical attacks by 30%.

Kinetic Repulsors

Used primarily by Powered Armour trained UNTIL and Steelhead units, these modifications allow the armor user to use all the basic functions of the suit but allows for the use of Kinetic Absorption and Redirection. These upgraded units allow the panels of the armor to absorb the kinetic energy of any given blow and convert them into stored energy which power a secondary weapons system called Repulsor Cannons. These Cannon's put out a force ten times the stored energy or project brief yet powerful kinetic shielding for the armored unit.

Personal Force Field Emitter - DISCONTINUED PROJECT

Early on in her career as a defense expert, ForceGirl started a project based on a similar principle to her ability to generate high powered force fields. She developed a prototype "P.F.F" (Personal Force Field) whilst the field was strong it lacked the durability of her own natural force fields. Whilst she could withstand an high powered Xenian particle weapon, the P.F.F was incapable of withstanding such force. She was limited to the technology she could employ on Earth as the Interplanetary Guidelines forbid her from using Xenian Defense Technology on Earth. She instead brought in a human specialist who was intrigued with the development of such a technology, namely Protogen. Hoping that he could find a more conventional way to make the force field technology more durable she left the project in his capable hands and continued working on other areas. However, this was a mistake on her part, Protogen found a way to make the technology almost as durable as ForceGirl's natural force fields, by seemingly lessening their strength and increasing durability over time. After Protogen's breakthrough, her technology, along with Protogen conveniently vanished without a trace. ForceGirl shut down the P.F.F division. However in a strange turn of events and the appearance of video footage, both Mentella and Joule had run into Protogen very recently. Mentella had successfully determined it was the Protogen her sister once knew. ForceGirl hopes to re-locate Protogen in hopes of talking to him about the improved version of her technology.

GravPulse Weaponry (Dr. Summerstones notes)

"Since the end of my companies agreement with Harmon Labs and our successful endeavor, The Harmon-Force Teleportal Device, I was experimenting with graviton technology, which had some offensive use capability which could be observed to be utilized by the Gadroon forces which were in the process of fighting with Canadian forces, such as Steelhead Mounties and even the largely villainous group the Hunter-Patriots. I worked on this project for a total of four months from September 2013 - December 2013. With Primary, Secondary and Tertiary experimentation phases throughout, it had it's first field test on 8th of December, which was a great success, but encountered some issues with potential black hole creation and stability soon after, which obviously prevented mass production for law enforcement and any heroes requiring an interesting weapon choice. Due to the I.P.G, I was restricted from using a Zandrium Stabilizer (Xenian Technology) in order to rectify the issue immediately, so I had to lower the offensive capability in order to make the weapon fully safe for long term use. By the 18th of December, with the greatly valued assistance of Techna Ology, I was able to find a solution and soon prepared for a "holiday unveiling". However, this celebration was cut short by the VIPER assault on ForceTech Industries on the 22nd of December. My staff were able to put the weapons to good use. They are not currently in circulation within any organizations aside from my own. The weapon itself releases a pulse of "gravitic" energy which can be tuned to knock back, contain or absorb energy particulates and organic matter."

Revision: Project B (Dr. Summerstone's notes)

"This is a "new year" project for Techna Ology and I. Techna led the project and I provided resources where I was able to. I am not at liberty to discuss the finer details, however I will discuss some general details:

  • Project B is the first of it's kind to incorporate both Level 5 TR and Level 6 TR technology inside a single compact package. The Project was revisited with the view to provide updated aid and assistance to superheroes in a similar fashion to NRGMuffin.exe.
  • Project B utilizes a unique but limited range of weaponry and defense systems in order to combat opponents, including a new Virillian Tess'aj Reactor.
  • Project B is a project we are revisiting from early 2007.
  • Project B will be making a re-appearance on the larger crime fighting scene during May 2014.
  • Project B has been functional for several years (since 2007), however, recent approval for an update from the IPG has caused Techna Ology and myself to revisit and upgrade Project B.

Aside from the unique pieces of technology which I had a personal involvement in making, the majority of the project was overseen by Techna Ology. We are unable to give away finer details due to the agreement with the I.P.G. regarding this project, however Techna Ology may reveal some forms of technology used to create and complete 'Project B'."

Signed: Dr. Summerstone - Founder of ForceTech Industries

Doctor Annihilation

Patrik Von Despaire as Doctor Annihilation.

Patrik Von Despaire, was a fellow physicist who worked primarily against Su on a number of projects, and always strived to beat her in every attempt, even sabotaging her experiments and trying to tarnish her reputation. His intense jealousy of her did not stem from her constant besting of him in scientific achievements. It came from another source, Patrik was infatuated with Su and he craved her attention but had a very counterproductive way of showing it. Patrik’s infatuation with Su soon grew into an obsession as he continued to work alongside her.

Patrik had always valued intellect and natural ability with science as attractive both of which his colleague possessed. Patrick soon plucked up enough courage to ask Su on a date...he was flatly rejected...Su simply stated that she "didn't mix work and romance". Patrik, who had never been good with dealing with rejection, interpreted this as she confirming that he was simply unimportant and could never be a part of her life in anyway.

As a result he strived to beat her in something so that she would notice him and perhaps consider him a possible partner. After several attempts had failed due to miscalculations, one of which almost cost him his arm, Patrik became depressed, did not show up to the labs for a long periods of time. During his time away he became vengeful, determined to hurt Su in the same way she had hurt him, blaming her for his failings. As he continued to think it over he only grew more wrathful and this pushed his desire to hurt her even more, to the point of wanting to kill her.

Upon accidentally discovering that she was also a super heroine his desire to kill her only grew, his distorted reasoning believing that if he became super human as well and no longer just a normal human she’d accept him. This line of reasoning was soon overshadowed by his intense hate for her. Utilizing his engineering skills and his resources and knowledge of weaponized armor systems, Patrik slowly but surely built an advanced suit of armor which allowed him to have "powers" of his own. Whilst his engineering genius is not on par with villainous minds such as Doctor Destroyer, Von Despaire's own academic background and knowledge make him a considerable threat as well as his 'Annihilator' suit.

He took on the name of Doctor Annihilation when he perfected his 'Annihilation Blasts'. These blasts of energy fired from the gauntlets on his wrist form the basis of his suit's weapon systems and they can be tuned to fire out concussive energy or can be set to have enough power to disintegrate objects and possibly organic targets. In addition to this, Doctor Annihilation's suit allows him to fly at subsonic speeds, run at up to 50 mph and control his legion of robotic minions remotely. The 'Annihilator' Suit allows Patrik to have enhanced strength, speed and durability as well as support systems allowing them to resist great temperatures and pressures. Aside from creating an impressive suit of armor, Von Despaire was assisted by Teleios in developing a serum to fill out and enhance his skinny physique after realizing he would need to be stronger in order to support the powered suit.

He made his first appearance after facilitating the escape of several super villains from a high security prison in March 2012 and later that year in May sought out ForceGirl and engaged her directly. From that point on Doctor Annihilation has constantly targeted ForceGirl and her allies. After a few months of constant attacks, Doctor Annihilation relented after a particularly explosive battle damaged his armor. Su followed him to his hideout and barely contained her surprise at the revelation that Dr. Von Despaire, a fellow physicist who worked alongside her at Harmon Labs had transformed himself into a super villain. Realizing that he likely realized who she was, Su had attempted to talk him out of his current lifestyle but has failed thus far, concluding he is completely dedicated to his new way of life.

Patrik has been seen working with super villains like Cyberlord on occasion. ForceGirl fears that Cyberlord may in time provide enhancements or weapons systems to Doctor Annihilation to further his efforts to defeat her. With this in mind ForceGirl has been keeping an eye out for Doctor Annihilation.


Venomous Imperial Party of the Eternal Reptile, or VIPER for short, can trace its roots back to a time before Atlantis. In the mid-nineteenth century, a society of explorers called the Unholy Order of the Grand Reptile became fascinated with a West African cult that worshiped the snake-god Nama. The Unholy Order had disappeared for a time, only to reappear during times of great wars, when the chance to aid governments and pursue their own secret agendas would present itself.

After World War II, the grandchildren of the original members of the Unholy Order, thirty of them to be precise, decided to re-establish the Order and it is believed that during their initial meeting that the great snake-god himself Nama instructed the thirty to build a new nest in a modern world. The Thirty Founders took an oath to never betray the other founders or the organization itself and as reward for this oath, they were marked with the sign of the Serpent and thus became VIPER.

VIPER's thirst for power and their sheer influence on the world stage make them a frighteningly powerful and well spread organization. With the exception of Vibora Bay and Lemuria, VIPER has roots or "nests" in almost all the places in the world, well known or secret.

Su's extreme dislike of VIPER is due to the malpractice of science as well as their theft of Pulson Technology. Su initially sought out VIPER Nests or bases and attacked, destroying as much of the base as she could and handing over scores of VIPER soldiers to the authorities. This trend soon became apparent to UNTIL and they contacted her and later introduced her to Project Snakecharmer. Project Snakecharmer is the special unit in UNTIL devoted to fighting VIPER. The unit provides special training to its agents, tailored specifically to handling VIPER threats. With the existence of such a unit within UNTIL and her apparent enthusiasm for fighting VIPER, UNTIL now contact her as well as other heroes when important information about VIPER recruitment tactics or a VIPER base come their way.

In previous times ForceGirl has helped The Steelhead Division in Canada with the VIPER base which had been built with the view to creating VIPER Precogs under the name Project Awakening.


  • Su's upper force field strength is unknown but according to observations by both her sisters and from other super heroes it is thought that she has virtually unlimited potential, the only limitation to accessing this would be her own levels of concentration and the presumably sizeable strain of projecting such a large force field.
  • Despite a proclivity for hard work and enjoying spending time in her labs or working on projects, Su does enjoy the company of others. Although this is something which she unfortunately suppresses a great deal when working, which seems to be most of the time.
  • Much like her younger sister, Su can sometimes become distracted by technology or interesting computer displays. Whereas Techna Ology has a greater interest in machinery, gadgets and weapons, Su whilst also interested in such things prefers more passive forms of science, such as generating theories, writing papers or simply doing research. Su also has a much greater interest in biology in comparison to her younger sister.
  • Like a number of other super heroes, Su is aware of Defender's alter ego, known to the world as James Harmon IV and has worked with Defender on numerous occasions both in his capacity as CEO of Harmon Labs and as Defender in the field.


  • "I don't want to have to fight you, but if you harm my family or friends, I'll fight you with everything I have."
  • "This has gone far enough!"
  • "I don't understand. What do you mean I need to 'get out more'?"
  • "El'sai...VIPER...why am I not surprised?"
  • "We need to do our best to minimize collateral damage."
  • "Science is a wonderful topic for conversation!"

Personal Interests/Likes

  • ForceGirl now enjoys using her natural abilities in the field as well as being able to draw upon her knowledge of her specific scientific fields,
  • Being around like-minded people.
  • Working with other heroes, both those that she has worked with before and new heroes.
  • Both as Su and ForceGirl, she prefers to find a peaceful solution to a rapidly developing situation, even when VIPER is involved.


  • Anything to do with VIPER
  • Doctor Patrik Von Despaire AKA Doctor Annihilation.

Personality Profile -PRIMUS Report

Su's personality is the polar opposite of that of her older sister Mentella. She is warm, caring, sensitive and sympathetic towards other people and has not made many enemies or had disagreements within the line of work as a superhero. She enjoys working with others but is quite shy most of the time, and does not seem to understand why she generates attention.

She does not acknowledge the fact that like her older sister, she is exceptionally gifted intellectually and physically, no matter how many times she is propositioned by UNTIL Soldiers, other superheroes and in some rare instances enemies; she simply brushes it aside as if it is a running joke. Su is exceptionally curious about various machines and inventions and often gravitates towards the UNTIL labs, making the other scientists very self-conscious. She still sees herself as a scientist in many ways and sometimes can become side-tracked by the technology or labs of enemy forces, as her curiosity gets the better of her.

Outside of super heroics, she likes to be called by her first name, Su. She feels that the responsibility of being ForceGirl all the time can detract from her focus on research. Su enjoys reading and research, she prefers to work either alone or with other like-minded individuals, in this respect she is much like her younger sister Techna Ology.

Like both her sisters, Su is not particularly fond of fighting constantly and prefers to settle things without the use of violence and is no stranger to using her intelligence to cool down a heated situation.

In social situations, Su is exceptionally quiet and modest when talking about herself, but enjoys the company of fellow heroes. The defensive attributes of her personality come to the forefront if someone she knows is being talked about negatively. These defensive qualities have been known to manifest and be swiftly followed by the appearance of powerful force fields, in extreme cases.

In combat situations as ForceGirl, she takes a defensive position, looking out for her team mates or preferring to attract attention from the enemies and taking the brunt of the enemy fire with her force fields. She does not display excessive offensive capability against her foes in situations where she is working alongside other heroes, unless she is in contact with VIPER forces. In such instances her personality and use of her force fields becomes shockingly aggressive. With explosive force and freely blasting VIPER troops hundreds of feet into the air.

ForceGirl is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Though she may not know it or look like much, her force field generation and other abilities, both offensive and defensive, combined with her knowledge of both off world and terrestrial technology put her on a threat level on par with her sister Mentella.

It does seem that her force fields are not only governed by concentration but also by emotion, causing her to hit harder the more upset she is.

Oddly enough, when in the same vicinity as her sister, both Mentella and herself seem to take on aspects of each other’s personality. Mentella becomes more 'amiable' and ForceGirl gains an air of sarcasm. (PRIMUS Note #1: The reason for this is not clear, our guess Perhaps this is something to do with Xenian psychology?)


ForceGirl's personality is very open and friendly; she is also quite shy but does enjoy the company of others. Unlike her older sister, emotion governs a majority of her actions, which can allow her to turn the tables of a hard battle very quickly if her anger is not kept in check. She does not enjoy combat as much as most heroes and would feel more at home in a lab doing research, however this assertion is being re-evaluated as she seems to enjoy going on assignments and being part of strike forces more and more. She enjoys keeping herself to herself, but does not reject the friendship of others. Despite various problems she has had in the past with villains, VIPER and off world problems, she has an exceptionally positive outlook on life and makes the most of it. It is truly refreshing to have a super heroine like ForceGirl around.

Public Opinions

Ever met ForceGirl in Millennium City? A Friend? An Ally? If so, post your opinion of her here!

"ForceGirl? Hmph, so what if she was able to take me down...her costume is soo last season!" - Gravitar

"I think...she might be out to eradicate all VIPER...only last week an entire base was destroyed…by her alone! Dammit…why didn’t I become a teacher.." - VIPER Soldier

"She is without a doubt an extremely pleasant person to be around, I'm glad to be able to call her my sister. She is also one of the few people who warrant my respect. Her devotion to science, if I am honest can sometimes be a cause for concern, especially if it relates to a particular topic of interest. She does a fantastic job of juggling her responsibilities, and as expected, she is an excellent addition to any fighting force." - Mentella

"FG? Yeah…she's cool, but seriously needs to get out of the lab more. But I've got to hand it to her...those force fields of hers? They are probably tougher than anything I've come across before, she's a great asset to any team, and is always looking out for others" - Black Diamond

"ForceGirl is very interesting individual; she is very intelligent and powerful, like her sister. Although she refuses to acknowledge it she is a very powerful individual, perhaps one of the most skilled wielders of force fields I have come across in all my travels, a truly compassionate individual who is never without concern for the welfare of others." - CharmCaster

"Su's my sister. As a person she's really quite friendly and willing to give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt. She's always looking for her allies in the field, I've seen footage of her fight and I've fought alongside her. Her ability to generate force fields certainly help and can nullify otherwise fatal impacts. She's caring but also like me can be extremely work orientated, I remember one time where we both spent around two weeks in the lab non-stop! She has a serious grudge against VIPER, I can't really blame her though, I'd probably feel the same if someone stole my tech and used it against me. Like CharmCaster she's good at calming situations down and is quite relaxed generally" - Techna Ology

"Su is unnaturally forgiving...well at least in my own experience considering how we first met...yeah. Anyway if she hasn't barricaded herself in her lab or isn't speaking to other scientists half way across the world or theorizing...she's out in the field helping out where she can. I get the feeling that she's having a difficult time with reaching out though, she's not exactly a social butterfly. Having said that Su's nice enough and actually quite cool once she feels comfortable in a situation." - Bionic Bullet

Personal Experiences File

After a recent VIPER heist was put to an abrupt stop at a local bank in the City Centre we were able to have a few words with ForceGirl about people she has worked with in the past and at present.

Mentella - "My sister is...well initially difficult to get along with...but once she warms up to you she is probably one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I'm really glad she is around and that we've had plenty of opportunities to work together. At times she can be really difficult to understand but, you really would be wasting your time trying to figure her out. Despite that, I love her to bits and would do everything in my power to help her. I love seeing her around the sisterhood members it is so nice to see her relax and look a little less serious or disapproving. When she's fighting though...she MEANS business, I've trained against her a couple of times...I'll just say that I'm not doing that again in a hurry. I think in some respects when enemies take her at face value, they seriously underestimate her and that is most likely the worst thing anyone can do if they are unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of her psychic assault."

Techna Ology - "My younger sister who is just full of energy...she's incredibly resourceful and never goes anywhere without her arsenal of battle droids. Techna is very enthusiastic when it comes to inventing things and just technology in general. She loves making all kinds of robots and reading about the latest exploits of her favourite super team DE:LTA (now Delta). Don't tell Mentella I said this...but I think she might have a crush on Cavalier, I do realize he is good looking, but I think it is more to do with the 'hero worship' aspect more than anything else. Anyway, she really focuses in combat, her battle armour is constructed of an off world metal found only on my home planet its extremely resilient, providing her with ample protection against any assault she may face. Combined with her K.M.F and her plethora of gadgets she can be incredibly difficult to fight against and is an asset to any team. She uses her powers a lot more than Mentella or I do, but I guess she's still young and she enjoys virtually unlimited access to materials to explore her creative side. I appointed her as the CEO of ForceTech Industries as she is conscientious and has no issue helping out more with the company. The very last thing I would wish for my little sister to be is bored, that's when things could become a little crazy."

Black Diamond - "Sarah is...well, she takes the words 'unyielding' and 'invulnerable' to a whole new level. I mean that. I'm thankful we are on the same side, because I would not like to take a hit from her, even with my force fields up. Her abilities seem to have a dramatic effect on her mood though, when she is in her normal form, Sarah is very nice, she listens to what others have to say but does have a fierce temper if pushed. But when she shifts into her diamond form, it is as if you are looking at a totally different person, she becomes cold, focused and quite driven. All in all she's a great person, and she's very fitness focused, you can almost always find her in the Training Rooms, I don't know what she does it for though, I could be wrong but I don't believe she will increase her physical strength, so perhaps she just enjoys it? After the scare she had a couple of years ago when she was almost cracked by the sheer pressure of fighting four of the Mega Destroids that attacked the Champion HQ, she's has been pushing herself to be better and has gotten a lot stronger. I just wish her and Mentella didn't argue so much..."

CharmCaster - "CharmCaster, for lack of a better term is, strange. She uses 'magic', which, in my opinion is just easily explainable science which I am yet to determine. Magical abilities that naturally occur amongst the human population on Earth, as well as that of non-terrestrial beings which also reside on Earth is largely explainable and replicable through science, however CharmCaster's magic seems to work differently. I once had her participate in an experiment and her 'spells' managed to accidentally wipe out an entire a NETWORK of computers. It's just so...strange but also incredibly fascinating. Anyway, her 'magical' abilities aside, CharmCaster or 'Charm' as she is often called is a very nice person, I think it was a good move on my sister's part to invite her to join our Sisterhood, I am glad Mentella took my advice on that. Even though CharmCaster is capable of incredible feats, she does not allow her abilities to define her and she truly is a fantastic person and a really good addition to the sisterhood, I'm glad we have her. She carries a lot of responsibility as a Mystos Guardian, but of late she has been around a little bit more which is nice."

Patrick Von Despaire (Doctor Annihilation) - "Ah, Patrick, used to be a fellow physicist alongside me when I worked at Cambridge Biotech labs, our expertise in Biology was used to the facilities advantages. He worked primarily against me in a lot of projects, I don't really understand why but Mentella said he suffered from "Attentional starvation" by me of all people! She explained that he wanted my attention and really liked me. That much was true unfortunately, he asked me to dinner a couple of times and I respectfully declined. Multiple times. I explained that we could still be friends, he did not receive that too well. It was later explained to me that I had effectively 'friend zoned' him. After declining his offer for dinner again, he soon after took a leave of absence from the Biotech labs. At the time I thought nothing of it but months later I was being targeted by a powered armour villain who called himself "Doctor Annihilation" or "Doc A" as some of his thuggish minions called him. At the same time as "Doc A" started appearing more and more, Patrick returned to the Biotech labs but turned up less and less until he handed in his letter of resignation to the Biotech labs. I went to visit him one day after taking down a VIPER squad and had just quickly changed into my civilian wear, I got to his house and his door was open, I cautiously went in and found him struggling to take of a piece of armour that I KNEW belonged to my new nemesis "Doc A". Shocked, I involuntarily generated a force field for just a moment, and it shoved the door wide open, I froze and he saw the force field dissipate, I knew then that my cover was blown as he was not stupid and he figured out who I was. Initially I did try to reason with him but he ramped up the intensity of his attacks as his suits improved. Unfortunately, Patrick has finally achieved his goal of earning my attention, but and he'll be sorry he has."

VIPER - "One of the world’s most rampant and devastating organizations, VIPER is a scourge upon the human race as far as I am concerned, made up of scoundrels and thieves and bullies. I have an intense hatred for them and won't "hang up my cape" as it were, till I die or they are "out of the picture"."

Kontrol - "Kontrol's quite bossy, but she knows what she is doing and likes to get things done. Hanging around and waiting around are definitely NOT one of the things she enjoys doing. I think she's kind of a perfectionist, likes to do things "right". Like me she doesn't fully accept the concept of "magic", which is a nice thing we have in common I guess. She doesn't say much though, I think she's little odd and can be a little devoid of feeling for others, all about "cold hard math and logic and numbers", kinda weird I guess, but she's a good person nonetheless."

Sarge - "He is a man of action! Guns blazing and everything! I was surprised at Bionic Bullet's reaction when I told her of my opportunity to meet him, she was very intrigued. He's no nonsense, gun toting, butt kicking kind of man. He's really quite tactful too, he's not like normal UNTIL agents who are all impossibly uptight, he's actually well..."human", it's a refreshing feeling to work with someone who isn't all out getting nothing but orders. I've only worked with him a few times but damn, I thought Bionic Bullet's markswoman ship was good, then I saw Sarge, that guy really knows how to stick it to his foes and takes them down with shocking speed and accuracy, good thing he's fighting for the good guys if you ask me."

Cavalier - "Cavalier is a really great guy in my opinion, my younger sister Techna practically worships the ground he walks on. Cavalier is the close range fighter in DE:LTA from what I've seen of him. He also has an unusual, but endearing, soft spot for animals; it is quite interesting to see him go into his own world when talking about animals, especially his puppy, Duke. I honestly would not be surprised if in his spare time, he fiercely supported animal rights groups. In the field, he is very effective at taking down his opponents with grace and speed, something which I can only imagine is a good thing for Delta. He is not a big fan of Psion The Psinister but I cannot fault him for that, it has taken me a while to come around to the idea of Psion as well."

Variant - "I've had the pleasure of working with him before, he's normally quite quiet, he doesn't really say much, he's more of an observer of events; when he talks you know it's worth listening to as its usually quite helpful. He seems to me to be quite reserved in a way, but in a strangely appealing way...I don't think I have the capacity to explain it in English, there isn't a word for it. He could be accurately described as a "a tough cookie", I consider him as well as the rest of DE:LTA (now Delta) to be good friends. I haven't spoken to him for a while, since I've been quite busy but I did hear about his identity change to 'Variant'. I'm not too sure why he changed his identity...maybe I'll ask him when I next see him."

Protogen - "Darren Moriarty aka Protogen, is an odd guy. He has a real knack for gadgetry. I worked with him in the past after a contact of mine directed me to him after I had a little tech trouble. He worked with me on the discontinued Personal Force Field Emitter Project. It was designed with the intention of fitting every MCPD, VBPD, Steelhead, UNTIL agent possible to help them against the rising power of the gangs, but it wasn't as efficient as it could be, especially when I was severely limited by the I.P.G. Protogen made a breakthrough with the technology, but before I could see it, he'd vanished...along with my tech. My older sister ran into him recently and used the situation she found herself in to gain information from Darren, thinking that I wanted to take him out or something! Can you believe that?! Anyway, I'm hoping to track him down soon and just talk, no hard feelings here...I just hope he doesn't get the wrong idea and start shooting at me..."


I'm working on getting some art done for all of my characters, so more artwork to come soon! I'm very grateful to have had these pieces done by members of our lovely community who I am happy to call my friends!

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