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Player: @Fayrechilde
Fayrechilde thumb.jpg
Class Focus: Chinese Longsword and Darkness.
Power Level: 38
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Sarah Elizabeth Hazen, Astarte
Known Aliases: Fay, FayFay
Species: Lilim with a touch of human and a sprinkling of others
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: Somewhere between 4 months and 1300 years.
Height: Between 5 and 8 feet tall
Weight: Between 114 to 198 lbs
Eye Color: Pick a color on the rainbow...
Hair Color: Pick a color in your big crayon box...
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Student, mischiefmaker, and shopper
Place of Birth: Dallas, TX and the Seventh Circle of Hell
Base of Operations: Chicago, IL and the Second Circle of Hell
Marital Status: In Relationship
Known Relatives: Lilith; Adopted by: Michelle Staten, Sarah Staten
Known Powers
Shapeshifting, shadow and essence manipulation, and extreme regeneration
Known Abilities
Trained in Chángqúan wushu, Jian
Whatever she forms from herself or of the shadows


Sarah Elizabeth Hazen was human. From birth to death, she lived a human life. The only outstanding moment in her life is her mastery of Chángqúan style Wushu at the age of 14. But her Wushu was nearly forgotten in her adult life where the needs of studying for an advanced degree and excelling in the business world consumed her time and attention. She was murdered at the age of 27 on July 20, 1992 by her husband of two years. Two years of bickering, uneasy silences, and raging arguments culminated in her ritualistic sacrifice to a corrupted Goddess. The ritual failed spectacularly.

Sixteen years are lost. Sixteen years lie in obfuscation where neither memories of man and even the Book of Life are stolen and hidden. Sixteen years later, Fayrechilde awakes and was compelled to join Halcyon Academy. The Infernal and Divine had warred within this young woman. The flames that erupt from her eyes and the horns from her skull belied the demon within her, while the halo and heavenly glow tell of the Angel that was eager to burst forth. One aspect spoke in impassioned whispers that promised corruption and the other was the clear, high voice of conscience and justice. However, those with the ears to hear might have heard the frightened sobs of a little girl caught in the war within. And all seemed stable until an encounter with a maddened, imprissoned Goddess.

Now, the halo and heavenly glow are conspicuously absent. Something, or someone, has caged the archangel and fused the Lilim to Sarah's human soul. Something or someone has toyed with the woman's nature. Her voice is her own, for the moment, however, there echoes another woman's voice that whispers a soft purr that flows like silk over your troubled mind, a promise of dark things.


Sarah's stolen nature allows her to command Ebon shadows that rise from her essence where she can fortify it with a mote of her will to create the tools she needs, the clothes on her body, and even her body itself. In essence, she has no real body, nor clothing, nor immediate belongings. This Lilim nature extends to her ability to whisper to the passions of others to enflame them, still them, or feed from them.

However, despite the vastness of this power, she falls back to her familiar Chángqúan Wushu to attack with fist and feet with which she excels. But, as a bit of a challenge, she prefers to weild the Chinese longsword, finding the wushu enjoyable and educational.


Halcyon Academy - student