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Risen Martyr
Facade out on the Prowl in Westside.
Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Citadel
Real Name
Arunee Prem
Arunee, Runee, Day Nine
Millennium City, U.S.A.
Westside, Millennium City
Vigilante, Covert Operative
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Early to Mid 20s.
100 lbs.
Body Type
None (wears custom wig)
charred, discolored, pink and yellowish
· Distinguishing Features ·
Burn scars all over skin, missing nose
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Face Generation Tech, 2 Mark I Desert Eagle .357 pistols
· Other Abilities ·
Marksmanship, Athletics, Infiltration

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. ~D.H. Lawrence

Facade origins.png

The Life Before

Arunee Prem was born and raised in Millennium City's Thai section of Chinatown in Westside. Life was rough but jobs were plentiful as people were recovering and doing construction on the city after the Aftermath of the Battle of Detroit. Living through the experience, even at a young age left an impression on young Arunee and she took a liking to helping out those around her. By the age of 10 she was an amazing cook and helped out at her grandmother's Thai restaurant. She started by helping on the line, preparing meals alongside her grandma.

By the age of 19, Arunee became actively involved in the neighborhood as a community organizer for her block. During this time, gang violence from the Maniacs and the Cult of the Red Banner started increasing at an alarming rate. She began writing the city council and petitioning for extra patrols to help combat the violence, but to no avail. Eventually, she begasn to organize her block into a neighborhood watch and actively began repelling Maniac and Red Banner attacks for control of their turf.

Along the time of her 21st birthday, Arunee was a recognized leader in the small Thai community and she formed a small posse which patrolled her neighborhood in the evenings. This would never be the same when one of the neighbors took a bribe from the Maniacs, outting Arunee as the head of the resistance they were experiencing. While closing up her and her grandmother's restaurant one night, Arunee was kidnapped and taken to a warehouse where everything in her life would change.

The Eight Days


For eight days she endured torture, beating, and horror in the damp filthy cellar of a warehouse in Westside. The first two days, she was beaten at all hours of the day until she passed out. When she woke up, she was given water and beaten again until she passed out.

On the third day, her arms were broken, her toes crushed and her fingernails torn out. She still endured this punishment as several Maniacs took their turn of vengeance against the woman. The next day, after being beaten all day, her nose was removed with a carving knife and cauterized with it. The next two days she spent in more torture, and yet she refused to beg to die. She was given bleach to drink and forced to throw up. She was waterboarded and had her teeth pulled out with pliers. One the seventh day they pulled out her hair and cracked all of her ribs with a crowbar. Her body gave way to listlessness and she took the punishments eventually without making a sound. She stared blankly ahead at the wall as she was beaten to a pulp, her swollen face barely recognizable. Her body and mind had accepted the sacrifice that awaited it.

It was on the eighth and final day after being beaten to unconsciousness that she awoke outside her old neighborhood, breathing in the stench of gasoline. Seconds later, she was ablaze. She could do nothing but grit her gums and crawl amid the cackles of the Maniac gang members nearby. The last thing she remembered was passing out, slumping forward onto the street.

Day Nine

The aftermath is a blur to Arunee. She awoke in the sewers, barely alive, covered in bandages. She had been in a coma for several months as her burns were treated by people she didn't know. She came to discover that some of the homeless had been watching her and the fact she tried to stop the fighting. Some of them were healers, urban shaman, and some doctors without a license. She spent many months being tended to until she could finally walk. She still keeps in touch with these people who cared for her.

The Risen


Day Nine appeared on the scene in Westside a year to the day after a young woman was burnt to death by the Maniacs in Westside. Some say she's her sister come back to take revenge. Some say she's the same girl risen from the dead. Either way, when she appeared she immediately set out to take down the Maniacs. She worked solo during that time and always wore a hood and black outfit with teal skulls on them. Her neighborhood block had been taken over by the Maniacs and Arunee decided to change this almost instantly.

Over the past years she has been battling the Maniacs with almost a fervent zeal. She has taken many of them off the street--some permanently. Some people think she's an avenging ghost, but those who know her, understand why she is out for vengeance.

The Citadel

Working alone began to take it's toll on her body. After a couple years of crimefighting, her lungs began to weaken as the scars from that fateful night made her cough intensely. She had the lung damage of somenoe who had smoked two lifetimes, and she began to need oxygen supplements to keep going. With this in mind, she finally heard word of a vigilante organization that was starting up. She figured that she could do more good as part of a team than by herself. Without medical treatment, she would be a goner soon anyway, and this helped hasten her desire to get in with a group.

She knows she might not live, but with a team, she won't die alone. Not again, at least.

Black Parade

Through the Citadel, Arunee was involved with the Maniacs again. She, along with Wyvern, were investigating a warehouse and discovered Maniacs inside. Many of them were involved in torture and some of them had even performed torture on themselves. A nervous Arunee was attacked by the Maniacs, and discovered that over the past years that her hunting of them had radicalized them and made them more vicious. Wyvern protected her, and the pair were able to escape the building, but Arunee had to come to terms with the fact that her killing had made the Maniacs worse.

Divael's Help

Natasha, a healer and co-founder of the Citadel, began to help Arunee with some of her wounds. She has had several treatments with her, including successfully healing her lungs and esophagus so she doesn't cough all the time and to be able to swallow food without pain. Eventually, Natasha was able to restore her nasal passage and make her entirely pain free, and mended her senses of touch to her scarred skin. Arunee is very grateful for the help that Natasha has given.


Without much anger and rage, and feeling much better about life, Arunee began working on finding another way to help out. The Citadel group eventually parted ways and things were calm for Arunee for a bit.

As gratitude for her work in helping clean up Westside, an anonymous benefactor provided her with an technology device that could generate a temporary new face using digital and nanobot technology. This allowed her to go out in public for periods with much less social stigma.

It also allowed her the unique ability to actually change her appearance on the fly. She began to experiment with covert ops and infiltration around Westside, helping disrupt more of the troublesome elements around the city. During this time, she took the moniker of Facade.

Her notoriety eventually gained the attention of the Secret Protectors. Sensing that her brutal past and methods, along with her new infiltration and covert ops techniques might be of some value, she was recruited as an agent.

Skills and Abilities
Facade abilities.png

Other than having a very strong will to survive, Arunee has no superpowers. She's a decent shot, amazingly acrobatic, and very intelligent. She uses her insights to find troublemakers and spends time in plainclothes tracking down suspected gang activity. She has friends on the street and lived in the Westside's small Chinatown/Thai district all of her life. She has several contacts, including ammunition and gun dealers that sell their wares off the books.

With her new Facial Generation device, she has been learning infiltration techniques.

Facade eq.png

Facade has the following equipment:

  • Advanced Facial Generation Technology device
  • 2 Mark I Desert Eagle pistols, .357 caliber
  • Kevlar Body armor with augmented joint plates.
  • A supply of tactical smoke grenades
  • A supply of CS gas grenades
  • Night Vision binoculars

Facade associates.png

Friends & Teammates

Arunee gets healed by Divael

Veronica Anne Arky: Co-founder of the Citadel, Vivi is an amazing leader, strong and confident. She's just getting to know her and hopes to not let her new boss down.

Natasha Roy: Nat is another co-founder of the Citadel and the chief medical officer of the group. Nat immediately recognized what troubles Arunee was going through and even temporarily helped stop her coughing for a day after a rough lesson at the gym left her coughing up blood. Natasha has also recently begun to help Arunee with her issues, including breathing and eating by healing the burns in her lungs and esophagus. This has drastically improved her quality of life. She truly considers Nat a blessing and would do anything for her.

Samantha Sheridan: Sam was there at the interview that recruited Arunee. She thinks Sam looks very interesting and her poison abilities are even more intriguing. Recently, after a battle against a foe of Renny Two-Hand, she got to see Samantha without her serpentine look.

Reyn Graves: She's still getting to know him. The guy can play a mean game of pool though. She was also recently surprised at some of the latent marksmanship abilities possessed by him. Love his car.

Marina Kobayashi: She's quiet and interesting but doesn't know too much about her yet. Arunee is impressed with her martial arts skills.

Violet Halford: She's also quiet and people tease her about her green hair. I like her style though.

Waylon Blake: Great guy. He even covered me in a recent streetfight. Tends to beat to 'Shotgun' in Renny's Nova. I've grown closer to him over the past few missions. Blake even gave me a little puppy named 'Corsair' reccently.

Myrymma: A real dark elf assassin. She's pretty badass in combat. She finds her a bit of an enigma.

Wyvern: New to the Citadel, Wyv has worked with Arunee a few times in the field. They are getting to be good at working together.



Ugly Vince

  • Powers - Munitions, psychopathic rage
  • Affiliation - Maniacs
  • Threat Level - Medium

Ugly Vince was the leader of the maniac cell that tortured Arunee. She vows to take him down, but so far he has been elusive. Rumor on the street has it that he is one of the enforcers or hit men of the Maniacs. She's taken down several of his henchmen, but they refuse to reveal his whereabouts. Rumor has it he is working with or for a powerful Maniacs psycho named Carnivale.

Facade tropes.png

  • Determinator* - The only thing she has that might be considered a power--the will to live and never give up.
  • The Reliable One* - She gets things done and is someone that can be counted on.
  • Inspirational Martyr* - Arunee may or may not have died after her event, but either way, she was revived. There are many in Westside who see her as an inspiring hero for her beliefs.

Facade trivia.png

  • Has a pet cat named 'Corsair', given to her by Blake. He's a black and white colored cat.
  • Is a trained line cook. She specializes in Thai cuisine and makes a mean Pad Thai.
  • Since she has no hair, she's taken to wearing wigs. She's hoping to find a style that suits her.
  • She's a big fan of old cars and motorcycle. She gets a big kick out of riding in Renny's Nova.
  • She does not know how to swim.

Public Opinion
Facade public.png

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"Some people see more tragedy in a few days than most people do in a few life times. They're an unfortunate few, who have for some twisted reason been chosen by fate to witness horrors beyond that of our darkest imaginings. Arunee is one of these people. She's also the strongest person I know. She's somebody who has managed to rise from the ashes of her shattered life to become more then just a normal woman. Where any ordinary person would have broken, or been driven insane by their trauma, Arunee has been tempered and molded by it like a fine steel. Instead of using it as an excuse to lash out against innocent people like so many others, she's instead used it as a reason to fight evil and protect those that evil would prey upon. She's my friend, my team mate, my confidant and one of the few people in this world who I'd trust with my life. There isn't anything I wouldn't be willing to do for her." - Stray Arrow

"Lets put it simple; think you know what hell is? No you don't. But Arunee does." She gives a brisk nod before she continues. "When somebody pictures hell, they imagine demons torturing and tormenting them. Well, I think we can all see now that this kind of situation doesn't only happen in the place all know as hell." Pauses. "On a more light-hearted note, I'm... Really glad to see that Arunee is still able to smile, laugh and have fun with others even after all she's lived through. That, people, is the undeniable proof of just how far willpower can go. The will to move on from the past, she's got it. And I'm honestly in awe about that side of her. People think that I'm strong, because of my will. But my dear friend Arunee beats me on every level on that matter." - Natasha Roy

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