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Player: @drgmstr
"Embrace your dreams..."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Erogar Lu-Ch'an
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Manimal
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Japan
Base of Operations: World Wide
Relatives: Lang Lu-Ch'an (Adoptive Father, Deceased), Alyssa Gilman (Ex-Wife; Deceased), Ryuko Lu-Ch'an (Adoptive Son), Jade Lu-Ch'an (Daughter), Ragore (Cloned Brother), Regora Lu-Ch'an (Sister), Nova Lu-Ch'an (Current Wife)
Age: Unknown
Height: 7' 11"
Weight: 238
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Complexion: Black stripes
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Large scar on chest, various lesser scars around body
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Chef, Restaurant Owner, Mercenary, Herbalist, Teacher
Education: GED, B.A. Culinary Arts, UNTIL Military training
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Martial Arts, Swordsmanship, Agility, Increased Senses, Claws
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Light/medium Armor, Katana, Sai, Daggers, Small Firearms, Chains, Climbing Gear, First Aid kits
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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The Kidnapping

A woman by the name of Chiyo Takahashi would mysteriously vanish from her Tokyo suburb apartment by a small group of men wearing military uniforms with a serpent emblems. Taken away to a hidden lab within Mount Unabetsu of the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan, Chiyo would meet the mad scientist Dr. Hojo Uzuki. Uzuki in his field of study as a geneticist, would perform harsh experiments on Chiyo by fusing her DNA with animal traits. Inspired by the work of Dr. Moreau, Uzuki wished to impress his idol with his own versions of the Manimal race.

Two years would go by with Chiyo looking more animal than human with each passing day, looking feline in appearance of that of a white Bengal tiger. Unknowingly to Uzuki, Chiyo would be slowly dying from the crude effects of the experiments. Though Chiyo would become pregnant with twins unknowingly by the alterations and due to them, be ready to give birth within 4 months, the side effects of the serum given speeding anatomy developments. Chiyo sadly would die shortly after giving birth to two young babies, a boy and a girl, but would be altered themselves to appear feline in appearance as well just like their mother. Uzuki losing his test subject would take the babies in and continue his research with them, giving them the names Erogar and Regora.

A Young Erogar showing his gentle care.

Life Behind Bars

Erogar would grow up being treated as a caged animal undergoing dreadful experiments just like his mother would. Years would go by as Uzuki would try to perfect the ultimate Manimal warrior against Erogars will, throwing him into arena matches with other experiments to train him into being a killing machine. Uzuki wouldn't anticipate what would happen next. Erogar even being treated as such, would never change the pureness of his heart. This would make Uzuki furious by throwing every life threatening arena match at him to snap him into submission to no avail. Erogar as weak from the experiments and fatigue of the arena matches would provide him weak but his true strength would soon shine when Uzuki decides to take him and several other manimal experiments to a location named Monster Island to impress the mad scientists idol, Dr. Moreau.


A private cargo plane loaded up with cages of selected manimals, including Erogar, to be shipped over the Pacific off the mainlands of Japan to Monster Island. Erogar while weak in state from the years of abuse would gather the strength to make an escape. A lazy guard walking through the storage holds of the plane prone himself that Erogar reaches for the security keys through the bars of his cage. He unlocks it and knocks the guard unconscious and stows away the body in his own cage. Erogar then sneaks around with his feline traits to prowl around to spread word of a plan he has thought up of.

When the plane arrives to Monster Island the trap was sprung. As the guards started to roll off the cages, Erogar attacks. Pouncing on several guard taking their weapons. The other manimals would break free from Erogar prior to landing opened each cage but told the manimals to wait until the signal was given. A few dozen fierce manimals start causing havoc among the landing strip attacking all of the military officials. Uzuki arriving shortly after to see the carnage of the riot, takes matters into his own hands. Uzuki takes a security mech and starts taking down one by one each manimal that tries to face him. Erogar eventually would go against his creator with nothing but his claws to use to defend him with. As strong as Uzuki was, Erogar was faster, using his speed to cause confusion and forces the mech to tumble over into the cargo plane, rupturing the fuel tanks. A fire breaks out and sets the area on fire as the last sights of the mad scientist would be engulf in flames before into a fiery explosion. Erogar and the last surviving manimals would flee into the nearby jungles.

Erogar first meeting Father Elk.

Finding Peace

Exhausted and near death from lack of nutrition, Erogar was down to a crawl roaming the jungles of Monster Island. The other manimals all parted trying to find shelter to exclude themselves of their grim past. Eventually due to exhaustion he would collapse. Was not long until a group of other manimals would find his near lifeless body and take him back to a village. Weeks would go by until nursed back to full strength where Erogar wakes up in the village of New Gornyj. There he would meet the leader, Father Elk, and become part of the peaceful tribe. Erogar would spend just under a year at the village being a skilled warrior, hunter, and tracker for the people of New Gornyj. Though sadly Erogar had felt uneasy over the events of his youth. With Father Elk's blessings, Erogar would set out to explore the world that he never knew existed eventually arriving to Millennium City where he begins his new life and to put his strength and courage to the test.

Millennium City

Erogars arrival could not have been more perfect to arrive to the city. Within days, the attack of the alien race, the Qularrs, rain havoc over the city. Erogar places a foot hold in the Westside District of the city where with nothing more than his claws to fend off the aliens. He would come to the aid of an elderly man which was using his skills as a blades man with his trusty katana to defend himself. Erogar rushes over and takes the elders sword and strikes down the aliens and forces them to flee. Was at that time Erogar meets Lang Lu-Ch'an, a martial arts teacher and skilled swordsman. When the battle was won and the aliens fled, Lang in Erogars debt, offers him to live with the old man which he accepts. Over the years, Erogar would train with Lang and become a skilled warrior to among that Lang adopted Erogar to be his son. Sadly Lang would pass away not long after of old age. Erogar devastated to lose he saw as a father would go into a state of depression before he goes to continue his training to be a strong warrior of peace to this very day.


Erogar today.

Standing at seven feet six inches, Erogar is a tall white Siberian tiger manimal with piercing red eyes with black stripes over a white fur coat. A feline face with saber like fangs along with ears perked up and back over his head with slight cuts through the ear lobes. The years of fighting for peace would have given him many scars over his body between bullet wounds and cuts. One noticeable one would be a large stab wound through the center of his chest and back with the patches of fur missing from the wound received when a powerful blow from a claymore when fighting against a powerful villain. Claws sharp to the point but handled with tender care not to scratch anyone.


Erogar is a kind and gentle individual. He seems to be always cheerful and happy when around others, even strangers, having a somewhat low tone voice with a Eastern accent sounding somewhat deep but gentle sounding to those who speak with him. With a heart of gold, he always goes out of his way to help any who needs it whether or not he knows them or not. He seems to be calm at most times but has had his times of letting out the 'animal' in him. Good example of this happening is when he is in battle and sees someone he cares for get injured and his calm, determined personality becomes more hostile and aggressive. Though he knows when to hold back in these times and keeps his word that he would never take a life no matter what. Other than this small anger issues for reasons understandable, Erogar is a very friendly person and social butterfly once you get to know him.


Due to being genetically enhanced, Erogar can be classified as a meta human despite being manimal from birth. Being of an animal species, all his senses are increased more than an average human would. Eye sight clear enough to see the slightest of movements to distances up to 200 meters with no aids. Hearing increased to detect the slightest of sounds heard and pinpoint the location of the source within feet. His sense of smell also able to detect different scents and track them to the point to determine of any toxic fumes due to the experiments he endured has taught him what each smell was different from the other. The experiments caused to Erogar has given him increased strength and agility as well able to lift objects as heavy as cars and run up to speeds like a cheetah, providing a strong opponent when combining all these features of the manimal. This also has him regenerate slightly faster than normal humans would depending on the wounds suffered.

Erogar during his time living with Lang provided him with special training of learning of the arts of Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) and Battojutsu (sword drawing techniques), both of which combined to be a powerful swordsman. Erogars means of using these skills has taught him to strike his opponents to weaken than to kill which he calls Yowameru Fighting, the Japanese word for 'weaken'. With this, Erogar has put his life along the lines many times where finishing an opponent would have prevented further injuries to himself, but none the less would come out with a pure heart to stopping a villain.


A large array of weapons would be used over the years the manimal would use. The most traditional of weapons would be the katana, trained by Lang Lu'Ch-an himself to perfect his swordsman abilities. Along with the katana, Erogar is fitted with an array of short blades like the sai or throwing knives or shurikens. Depending on the mission, Erogar also carries assortment of gear. Between climbing gear and chain links which he uses in combat as well, to small first aid kits due to his profession in herbalism and medicine, and devices to make small traps in his ways of sabotage and stealth. There are at times when a blade is not enough to take down a villain, thus Erogar trained himself to be a marksman on several guns. A crack shot when it comes to using pistols, sub machine guns, and assault rifles. Sometimes use of a sniper rifle but rarely uses it for he is trained to be a stealth fighter and use his speed and training as an infiltrator to good use.

Erogars armor comes in a wide variety between light armors, cloths, underwater combats, space, and heavy armors. The most iconic of his armors is a sleek black stealth suit he designed himself to add to his operations of working at night. The helmet of the suit comes with a HUD display that increases his reaction times, built in GPS, air tank able to breath under water using a filtration device to use the air he breathes for 30 minutes, com system, databases, and zoom features for helping with attacking foes from distances and recons. The suit itself is made up of two layers. The under layer is a latex suit made of fibers that is resistant to extreme temperatures and low caliber fire while the outer layer is more bulky and able to withstand higher caliber fire and explosions to a certain degree. His gauntlets have a built in com systems and databases just as his helmet does if not able to use it. A utility belt to where he carries the listed equipment above and his armored boots that are equipped with short burst rockets able to help him jump higher and leap greater distances if needed.


By means of transportation, Erogar owns a grav-bike given to him from a close friend during the Millennium City Sky Races when the Malvans arrived to Earth for the annual Lunar Games. Nicknamed 'Katsuno' meaning victory, Erogar uses his grav-bike to travel great distances to main hubs he works at between Vibora Bay, Egypt, Japan, South America, and so on. Fitted with a small arsenal of weapons from short range missiles and lasers. Powerful engines has him travel to these locations within hours.


Erogar is by means not the strongest of all the meta humans out there. He still can be easily injured like a normal human when not protected by his armors, which means he is at his most vulnerable when he is not geared up. His increased senses also can be a weakness. His sensitivity to hearing and sight if strong enough can make him vulnerable to attacks by blinding him or high pitch sound waves. Ice based attacks can provide some use as it'll slow Erogar down on icy terrains or numb his body.


The Lu'Ch-ans: Erogars family. Married to Nova Lu'ch-an, a 'Nobelist' from the planet Nublaria. His adoptive son Ryuko, a manimal. His daughter Jade, a hybrid between a human and a manimal from Erogars previous wife. His recent son Richard, the offspring of Nova and Erogar. Ragore, Erogars clone brother and ex-nemesis created by Hojo Uzuki. Regora, Erogars twin sister separated at birth until reuniting many years later after the escape from Uzuki's clutches.


Uzuki before and after.

Dr. Hojo Uzuki

(Main Nemesis)

The mad scientist of Uzuki had a passion to be known by the world for his strange acts of finding an alteration to the human race. Thrown out of the genetic labs in Tokyo and stripped of his titles for trying to mimic the work of Dr. Moreau and his experiments to create the Manimal race. When Erogar was created, Uzuki always saw him as a son, though trying to force that son to be a cold hearted killer to impress his idol Dr. Moreau to make a more powerful Manimal. During the breakout lead by Erogar, Uzuki was mortally wounded when trapped in the burning debris of the destroyed cargo plane. VIPER scientists manage to rescue Uzuki, or what was left of him, and transplant his brain into an android. This cause Uzuki to become enrage in power to seek the manimal who did this to him.

Ragore taunting the camera.



Erogars cloned brother. Uzuki seeing that he could not change the pureness in Erogars heart, he decided to clone the manimal to create a vicious being. Uzuki locks Ragore away to the deepest and most secret of locations in the lab, for he himself was afraid of the creation he made. During the the breakout on Monster Island VIPER airstrip lead by Erogar, Ragore uses the opportunity to escape and secludes himself in the deepest parts of the jungles of Monster Island. There he propaganda local manimals from the nearby settlement of Mal Zvar to join a small army to fight against Erogar, who at the time believed he was the true enemy for killing Uzuki. Over the years Erogar has been convincing Ragore of the truth that happened that day, but only time will tell if Ragore will turn a new leaf to believe his brother and end his criminal life.


Theme Songs

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  • Erogar is a well known restaurant owner, to which has some connections to the villain, Guy Sweetland. Even though outside the kitchen they are rivals, when it comes to business they do sometimes partner up.
  • Erogar most likely having Father Elk as a contact, he is update on recent events that occur on Monster Island.
  • Being part animal, Erogar can communicate with any animal who can understand bestial tongue.
  • Erogar has access to UNTIL facilities and sometimes is contacted to help in special operations using his skills as a infiltrator and stealth unit.
  • Due to his Japanese heritage, Erogar can be found using Japanese words in place of normal English terms, especially if he tries to hide a swear word.


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