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The East Briar Institute for Higher Learning

A Word From Our Dean

Dear Newly Enrolled Student:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our institute. East Briar is the leading school in Millennium City for those who wish to master their exemplary talents and abilities. I am confident that you will find our facilities to be more than adequate for your day-to-day needs.


Dean Warwick Nigel Thornberry the 3rd,
East Briar Institute for Higher Learning


Student Life

Dorm Assignments

1st Floor:
103 Fud
2nd Floor:
202 Seelie
4th Floor:
444 Nightbringer
445 Rough Sally
6th Floor:
608 Kaleidoscope
615 Trinket
665 Riev
666 Kagewoe, Erinaziel, Zurine
667 Atlus
13th Floor
1313 Kristoph Zelitah
1327 Alexia
17th Floor
1742 Craig
1753 Zelkear
1764 Acyth
1765 Oxyliquit
18th Floor
All of the Snookums.



Name Position
AtlusBot Flight Simulator Mechanic
Caliga, A.K.A. Baron Groper Director, Substitute
Chevalier Cooking, Fencing
Crimson Shrike Receptionist
Deconstruct Ranged Combat Assist
Haveman, Dr. (NPC) Anger Management
Krioss Swim Instructor
Leon (Future) Guidance Counselor
Lucas Wright Public Relations
Morrigan, Captain Dance
Oz, Professor Physics
Nina Sparrow Ranged Combat, Gym
Requiem Physical Combat
Sterga Science Department Head
Viathan, Ambassador History
Yevdokiya Social Studies

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