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='''''<div style="color:#ffffff; background-color: #ffffff">Summary[[File:VSum.png|left]]</div>'''''=
| header = #FFFFFF
| font = #000000
| bg1 = #00586A
| bg2 = #00667B
| bg3 = #0082A1
| bg4 = #41627E
| border = #00586A
| cell1 = #FFFFFF
| cell2 = #B7CEEC
| name =  Cypher
| player = @kjames91
| image = screenshot_2017-02-03-18-26-57.jpg
| caption = Don't let the past drive your future. -Grandpa Hamilton
| class_focus = Dps
| level = 40
| research = Science
| realname = James Waen
| alias =
| gender = Male
| species = Human
| ethnicity = Millennium City
| birthplace = Millennium City
| operations = Westside, Millennium City
| relatives = Mother, Elizabeth Waen (deceased), Father, Melvin Waen (deceased), Grandfather, John Hamilton, (deceased)
| age = 27
| height = 6'3"
| weight = 225 lbs.
| eyes = Blue
| hair = Brown
| complexion = Light skin (East European-like)
| build = Fit and Athletic
| features =
| alignment = 8
| reputation = 2
| identity = Secret
| years_active = About a year
| citizenship = United States of America
| occupation = Cyber-security engineer for Harmon Labs
| education = College graduate from MCU
| marital = Single
| powers = None
| paraphernalia = Gadgets, Expert hand-to-hand combatant, Genius-level intellect
| strength = 3
| endurance = 5
| agility = 6
| speed = 4
| fighting = 7
| projectiles = 5
| durability = 4
| resistance = 3
| intelligence = 8
| psyche = 3
| intuition = 4
| charisma = 2
<div style="padding:6px; border: 6px Solid #000000; color:#FFFFFF; border-radius: 30px; border-radius:30px; background-color: #505050">
<div style="padding:6px; border: 4px Solid #CFCFCD; color:#000000; border-radius: 30px; border-radius:30px; background-color: #CFCFCD">
Cypher is a superhero who uses martial arts and computer hacking to solve crime in Millenium City. Cypher's secret identity is James Waen. At a young age, Waen's mother passed away from a disease that doctors could not explain.
== '''''<div style="color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #ffffff">Summary[[File:VSum.png|left]]</div>''''' ==
<div style="padding:6px; border: 6px Solid #000000; color:#FFFFFF; border-radius: 30px; border-radius:30px; background-color: #505050">
<div style="padding:6px; border: 4px Solid #CFCFCD; color:#000000; border-radius: 30px; border-radius:30px; background-color: #CFCFCD">
'''Cypher''' is a skilled hacker who protects Millennium City from those who harm others. As a trained martial artist, he finds a way to infiltrate any situation by using his hacking skills. In his secret identity he is, James Waen, who is a loner who brings a good sense of humor to hide his dark past. He also is a computer engineer for Stone Labs. Although he has no superpowers compared to his teammates in DELTA, his physique and technical qualities make him a dangerous opponent. He serves as a technical support to the once UNTIL team, DELTA. 
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Eienstein
== '''''<div style="color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #ffffff">History[[File:Vlife.png|left]]</div>''''' ==
Growing up in Westside was not easy for James Waen and his grandfather, John Hamilton. Unfortunately, his mother passed away of an illness that doctors cannot explain leaving behind a dysfunctional father who later became an alcoholic. As a teen, many trips were going to the bar to pick up his dad after having to much. Waen was a different kid compared to the others. He was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that made him feel abandoned towards others. Being around large groups was stressful and was hard to handle in his later years. The only escape for him was hacking into computers. Finding everything out through social media or passing through locks with security codes was his specialty. In Westside, crime was a big deal and somehow he felt like the mouse in the small cage who couldn't make a difference.
After graduating from high school, James was accepted at Millennium City University to study computer security and cryptography. A few weeks there, Waen met a few classmates that formed a hacking group called DarkBASIC. This group was for those who had a passion for tech and wanted to make a difference in their college careers. They would also hack into school systems to change grades, cheat on exams or even surf Facebook to blackmail their professors. The group welcomed James with open arms by giving him the code name, Cypher. James began to feel as if he was a part of a family he wanted to be in since his childhood. 
Four years later, Waen finished his degree at MCU and lived off of his savings until he wanted to find a job. One night, Waen received a call from Linux Brooks who was a part of DarkBASIC. His voice was low and discreet and asked if they could meet in the nearest cyber cafe to discuss what Linux discovered. Moments later, Waen met Linux in the back of the cafe where nobody could hear their conversation. At the table, Linux slid a CD case across with duct tape and marker lettering '''Top Secret'''. Waen placed the disc in the computer to find strange encryption of numbers as if it was some sort of code. These codes gave off readings on a location where military weapons were stashed. One particular location was the desert where one weapon was able to destroy a city. After explaining his discovery to Linux, he smiled and was shocked of his findings. With confusion, Waen explained that the police must be informed of missing military weapons and that UNTIL must know.
Leaving the cyber cafe, the helicopter's sound was stronger as it approached. As they both looked up, a beam of light fell on the two, temporarily blinding their vision. Covering their faces from the light, dust from the streets was rotating as the helicopter came to the ground. Out of nowhere, smoke appeared around them and voices began to get louder of angry men attacking them. Trying to resist, Waen felt this striking blow to his head and could feel his body weaken with these men attacking. As he was trying to yell for help, his voice was overheard by the yelling of the men and screams of his colleague, Linux. As he collapsed to the ground, Waen heard a whistling sound of a cape followed up by a sound of a hundred punches. After that, silence took over and the smoke began to clear.
A few hours later waking up in his sleep, Waen found himself in a cave where he could be for hours. This cave was covered in advanced technology and microbiology equipment. Looking over at a large computer sat the black hooded superhero, Nighthawk. Nighthawk informed Waen that ARGENT ambushed and left both for dead. Unfortunately, Linux's body was missing as well as the disc. Waen began to feel guilt over himself with losing of his friend and information that could save the city. Feeling defenseless, Waen requested training from Nighthawk to help defend those who are defenseless. After a few moments of arguing, Nighthawk agrees to train James in stealth and how to fight back in combat.
Using his leather jacket and street clothes to defend Westside, Cypher has many things to learn. He has recently accepted a position as security engineer for Stone Labs and as tech expert in the squadron, DELTA, who defends Earth from international terrorism.
== '''''<div style="color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #ffffff">History[[File:Vlife.png|left]]</div>''''' ==

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