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Player: @brfabio
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Personal Data
Real Name: Blake Lawson
Known Aliases: Coyote
Gender: Male
Species: Human (mutated)
Ethnicity: American Caucasian
Age: Early 20s
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Former MCPD Detective, Superhero
Place of Birth: Millenium City
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Known Relatives: Firewave (deceased), Kid Genius (deceased)
Known Meta Abilities
Enhanced Senses/Strength/Durability, Healing Factor, Supernatural Sixth Sense.
Known Skills and Training
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Athletic Physique.
Known Weakness
High Frequency Sounds.
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Early Life

Blake Lawson was an ordinary student: Average grades, not many friends, not too popular. It was these characteristics that made him the perfect target. A wave of kidnappings had arrived in Millennium City, and all the victims were teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17. One afternoon on his return from school, Blake ended up being knocked off his bicycle, sedated and thrown into a van. It all happened very fast, but just before he passed out, he realized that he was now part of the terrible statistics that plagued the central region of the city.

When he regained consciousness, Blake realized that he was tied to a table, with several strange machines and devices around him. Along with him were other teenagers, all of whom were in the same situation as himself. The lab's disturbing silence was broken by the creaking of a door, announcing the entrance of what appeared to be a scientist. Ignoring the screams muffled by gags from the teenagers present, the hooded figure went on making adjustments to some devices, one containing a shiny moss-green liquid.

The alleged scientist filled several syringes with the strange liquid and approached the teenagers. Getting close enough, the sullen figure removed his hood, revealing a frightening scene: a kind of hybrid between human and animal. The man introduced himself as Fenris, a self-proclaimed geneticist obsessed with the Werewolf legend. He also revealed that the syringes contained a serum that would transform all fit subjects into man and wolf hybrids like him. Fenris said that a wolf's strength was measured by the size of the pack he commands, and the serum would provide one for him.


Turning Point

Unfortunately for Blake, he was the first guinea pig. As soon as Fenris injected the serum, his veins started to burn. An intense heat began to run through his body, making him writhe in pain. About to pass out, he saw two figures breaking a window and attacking the villain. After that, it all went dark and Blake woke up in some kind of medical ward, with the two figures from before beside him.

He had been saved by the teenage superheroes Firewave and Kid Genius and was recovering in their hiding place. The duo said they had been after Fenris since the kidnappings began, and unfortunately failed to arrive in time to prevent the villain from injecting the serum into Blake. Kid Genius said that he had survived the process by a miracle, and that his physiology had changed dramatically: Blake now had sharp claws, keen senses and a healing factor.

Without knowing for sure how to reverse the process, the pair asked him to try to lead a normal life. To not use his powers - however difficult it may be - until they found a cure. Blake, however, proposed a different solution: Refusing to avoid the unique situation in which he found himself, he felt the responsibility to use his new skills to combat the injustices to which he and the other adolescents were subjected. Blake also wanted to be a superhero.

Heroic Steps

Realizing that it would be difficult to change his mind, Firewave offered to supervise him on some of the duo's missions. The months that followed were marked by hard training and a lot of dedication from Blake, who eventually began to reap the rewards of his hard work. Adopting the alias Coyote, he soon ceased to be a concern for Firewave and Kid Genius, and finally became a valuable asset in their crime fighting. Soon after, the pair became a trio.

An Young Coyote Flexing.

After reaching a certain level of team chemistry, the young heroes began to take higher and higher risks, fighting increasingly dangerous villains and even assisting famous heroes on important missions. After several successes, the media ended up calling them the Teenage Trio, a name that pleased them quite a lot.

During three years of successful missions, the Teenage Trio had already established themselves as a reference for other teenage groups, gaining the public's affection and the trust of many adult teams, who often requested partnerships to deal with cases involving other teenagers, supers or not. The meteoric ascension catapulted the young teenagers to unimaginable fame and responsibilities. Unfortunately, the higher the height, the greater the fall.

Tragedy is Just a Step Away

Many successes brought many enemies to the Trio, but the biggest problem was the dangerous overconfidence that became present in recent months. The city had called the Teenage Trio to deal with a possible hostage situation at the docks. Everyone wanted to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, as they had an interview at the WCOC Television Station. Upon arriving at the scene, Firewave quickly flew over the containers searching for hostages, while Coyote dealt with the kidnappers and Kid Genius tried to neutralize a reported bomb threat.

The Docks.

They were just ordinary bandits, the situation would be handled in a few minutes. That thought led the young heroes to not pay much attention to what they were doing. What happened next was a succession of small mistakes that quickly became a deadly snowball: Coyote became distracted and let one of the hijackers reach Kid Genius, which forced Firewave to cover his friend in distress with a fire blast, that ended up hitting the young hacker himself, who ended up cutting the wrong wire of the bomb.

The explosion killed Firewave, Kid Genius, the kidnappers, and some hostages who were near the bomb. Coyote barely left alive, he survived purely on account of his healing factor. The media, already on scene to cover the hostage crisis, dubbed it the Icarus Mission, which prematurely ended the promising career of the young team of superheroes who may had flown too close to the proverbial sun.


Blake recovered, but Coyote did not. Guilt and shock caused him to abandon his superhero career, and he spent the next two years trying to live a normal live. He started delivering pizza at Darren's and lived a decent, but lonely life for the next two years.

For some reason that even he can't explain, Blake kept his Coyote costume. He still visits the graves of his former teammates and exercises regularly, maybe his desire to see justice done haven't extinguished? If there is one thing he has learned over the years, it is that in one way or another, nothing lasts forever. That belief would soon be justified.

The Quantum League

One day delivering pizza, Blake got caught up in the middle of a fight between two shady men and a girl. A bit hesitant at first, he decided to help her, but soon realized she could take care of herself just fine, as both bullies got easily knocked out. The girl decided to protect Blake and take him with her since he was involved now.

As they arrived to an apartment, Blake saw a bunch of superheroes wannabes planning on how to defeat a woman named Paramount. The villain had kidnapped teenagers to experiment on them, something that immediatelly Blake related with. In his mind, it was Fenris happening all over again, no way he would let that continue. Nothing else could be done now, Coyote would howl once again.

From that day, Blake unwillingly got dragged back to a superhero life, but this time he had a family to call his own.

Change of Pace

After spending a year fighting the good fight with the Quantum League, things started to cool off a bit. The team wasn't pursuing that many threats as before and most members were pursuing personal matters.

Detective Lawson.

Blake saw that as an opportunity to chase his own ghosts too, meaning going after Fenris. He paused his superhero life again and joined the MCPD police to secretly access their database and try to get clues on his nemesis whereabouts. After two years of dead ends, Blake failed to find the crazy geneticist. What little did he knew is that when it comes to Fenris, you're not the predator, but always the prey.

Beware the Scars of Old Wounds

After returning from a successful arrest operation in an abandoned building, Blake heard strange noises coming from an empty alley. While investigating the disturbance, he was surprised by Fenris, who went for his hamstrings and caused his legs to go out from under him. In another instant the mad scientist quickly injected another dose of the serum into him. Once again, that odd sensation burned through his veins and, just like seven years ago, he passed out, but not before hearing the villain mention something about the "Survival of the fittest..."

Upon waking up, Blake noticed there was something wrong. He no longer had his claws, and his healing factor for some reason wasn't handling so well the pain and fatigue from the recent serum injection. His keen senses seemed to be intact, but clearly Blake was far from his peak form.

This raised several questions in his mind. What did Fenris still wanted with him after all these years? What did he meant by the survival of the fittest? Was that the reason the villain weakened him? Although he had no answers to any of these questions, Blake was obstinate in getting them answered somehow. Suddenly, Coyote's uniform came to mind.

After pondering for a few moments, he finally realized that, in fact, nothing lasts forever.

Friends In High Places

A few months after getting back into action, Blake accidentally met with the Young Sentinels while both attended to a meta-human occurrence at Millenium City Bank. Right after arresting the villain, he got invited by Wildcat to speak with Aquamarina and talk about him joining the Silver Age Sentinels.

Now Coyote had a team again, and he was committed to help train the teenagers as best as he could. His harshness towards the Young Sentinels was his way to show concern about the dangers of being a teenage superhero and a bit of projecting his own fears and regrets given his tragic past with his former teammates.

He spent the following months giving training sessions to the Young Sentinels and researching about Fenris, although with no conclusive results. But that didn't stop him to keep trying, he knew it was just a matter of time until something shows up.

Swan Song

After a while, he started to feel strange. Something was clearly off with his powers, even more than before. That led him to schedule an appointment with doctor Solomon, a friend of the Sentinels who specialized in meta-human physiology. The results were not encouraging: the serum he got injected was deteriorating his DNA, to a point it would eventually kill him. Doctor Solomon also identified some inconclusive data during the tests, possibly supernatural related. After all, the serum his nemesis injected was supposed to mimicry werewolf abilities.

That left Blake with one last option: try to find answers about his condition in the mystical spectrum, and the clock was ticking. With no time to waste, he asked Moo'in for some advice on that matter. He mentioned a tribe of shapeshifters in North Canada, maybe they could cleanse the deteriorating part of his DNA and make him whole again.

Blake took the first flight to North Canada and began a trip to find the tribe. Gathering information with local communities, he slowly started to pinpoint it's location. The closer he got, the more the trip took a toll on him, both mentally it physically. For some odd reason, it felt like his path of renovation started before he had noticed.

Two weeks of pilgrimage in the harsh cold made him finally find the tribe. His body collapsed and he passed out before any kind of interaction could be made, but the shapeshifters soon took him to a tent and started to look after him. When he came to his senses, Blake explained his whole situation, but somehow the tribesmen already knew that. A few days later when he regained his strength, the preparations for his cleansing started.

Let Go The Shackles That Restrains You

The moment had finally arrived. Blake was eager to finally fix his faulty body, but according to the tribe Chief, the process would also cleanse his mind and soul. In order for the ritual to work, "one must let go all the shackles that restrains you". In other words, Blake would need to let go all the negative feelings about his life: his regrets regarding his former teammates, his survivor's guilt, the grudge with Fenris. Just like the serum was killing his body, these thoughts were also killing his mind and soul.

As the ritual stared, Blake could hear chants spoken in unison by the tribesmen. Soon after, he went trough an out-of-body experience. A series of flashbacks flooded his mind: getting kidnapped by Fenris, the serum, the accident years ago with Firewave and Kid Genius. All that going on a loop of suffering.

Blake was on the edge, but he knew what needed to be done. It took a while, but he slowly started to forgive himself: the death of his former teammates wasn't his sole fault, they all made mistakes and paid the price. His survival wasn't punishment, was a second chance to do things better this time. The serum wasn't a curse, was a gift that gave him power to protect the innocent and deliver justice when needed.

A New Life

It was impossible for him to know how much time had elapsed, but he finally came back to his senses. He woke up on a bed feeling great. For the first time since the accident, Blake felt whole again. His joy was abruptly interrupted by the Chief, that promptly started talking. He explained that his body, mind and soul were whole again and that he had now received a new purpose in life: evidently, the cleansing had a price.

His healing factor and enhanced attributes were fully restored, but would only be activated when he's in danger. He also gained some sort of sixth sense that would, according to the Chief: "lead him to his assignments". Apparently he was in debt with the mystical forces that restored his life, and would now act as an agent against enemies that would threat tip the scales towards evil.

Blake thanked the tribesmen and started his trip back to civilization. A few days later, at the Millenium City International Airport, a very confident Coyote disembarked from the North Canada connection, the refreshing look in his face was evident. He couldn't wait to start his new life.

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After being injected with the serum, Blake developed enhanced strength, speed, senses, and durability. The wolf DNA also gave him feral claws and a healing factor.

When he got injected with a second dose, Blake lost his claws, a good portion of his enhanced attributes and his healing factor haven't worked properly ever since. His keen senses seems to be intact.

After cleansing the faulty DNA portion of his body Blake fully recovered his powers, but they only seem to activate when he's in danger. He also gained some sort of sixth sense/supernatural detector.

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  • The enhanced hearing makes Blake sensitive to high frequency sounds.
  • His powers only activate when he's in danger.