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When freedom shivers in the cold shadow of true peril, it's always the patriots who first hear the call.
Player: @Kliffoth
Real Name Vincent Farrell
Known Aliases: Counterstrike
Species: Human
DOB: September 22, 1989
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Brown
Citizenship: U.S.
Place of Birth: Idaho
Base of Operations None officially
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: unknown
Powers: Latent sensitivity to paranormal phenomenon, unknown as yet to what degree.
Abilities: Expert marksman, CQB gunfighting, sapping, security and computer systems subterfuge
Equipment: A lot, though narrowed down to a sensible level per mission parameters.


Most often, he's your typical cavalier, young invincible, approaching many challenges with an energetic zeal. If the situation warrants it, however, he'll sharpen up and convey military discipline in behavior and attitude. Anyone who's carried a discussion with the man long enough will find he possesses a strong set of convictions, valuing individual liberty, self reliance, and faith, among other things.


  • Tattoos:
    • Across shoulders - Calligraphy, reading "Sic Semper Tyrannis."
    • Upper left arm - Simple celtic cross design, though well-rendered.
    • Below left breast - photo-realistic rendering of ribs being broken forward and skin splitting open, making way for a just as well-rendered bat.


Born in the more rural, mountain regions of America, Vincent Farrell was raised with principles of self-reliance and rugged individualism from the very start. Skill sets that have been lost through generations of technological development were part of his every day. He had an early introduction to firearms, led by the hand of his father, formerly a Marine in Force Recon who had retired with a medical discharge. As to what got him into the whole hero'ing biz, it's hard to tell. It wasn't his father's death by natural causes, nor his brother going off to "be all that he can be." He would describe it as an unconscious urge to act, rather than stand idly by while his country was under siege by uncounted threats.

  • Rough Timeline (Not all public knowledge)
    • Mid 2010: Responds to first high value target, named Fear Factory. Sustains lasting nerve damage, with infrequent symptoms of post-traumatic stress.
    • Late 2010: Commissions combat suit, perfects "combat cocktail" to counter nerve damage while providing every benefit, and drawback, of a strong stimulant.
    • Early 2010: Joins Aegis of Justice for a short period, gaining some reknown.
    • 2011: Cumulative effects of combat cocktail dosage regularly increasing, an the combat suit requiring it to stabilize nerve communication in order to properly use the suit, are beginning to reach critical mass. He signs up with P.U.R.G.E., only to fall off the grid shortly thereafter.
    • Early 2012 to mid 2013: Resurfaces for a short period, taking the odd assignment, before another disappearance. Fear Factory goes dark, the combat suit has been shelved, and usage of the stimulant has become exceedingly rare.
    • 2013 to 2016: CS leaves the public--and most of the private--eye in pursuit of Fear Factory. Recovered by U.S. NOC operatives in early summer of 2016, thoroughly screened and interrogated, later released.

Powers, Skills, & Abilities

  • Civilian Soldier

The term can mean many things. To Vince, it's the realization of a part of the 2nd Amendment; the "well regulated militia" bit. To that vein, the meaning of "well regulated" should be understood by its old meaning of "well trained, well behaved," so as to realize it isn't calling for a state (or, State) sponsored militia. It's the groundwork for a capable, prepared citizenry to take up arms against threats exceeding national defense and to keep the federal government tyranny-free. With how the nation developed past the beginnings of the 20th century, and more recent maneuvering, any prospective civilian soldier certainly has their work cut out for them.

    • Combat An expert gunfighter, equally at home in CQB environments and long-range marksmanship. He's also well practiced in Jie Dai martial arts, affectionately referred to as "parkour martial arts." It's lost some of its innocence ever since being put into very practical use in the field, and is certainly more personalized, as the art is meant to be.
    • Security Electronic locks and encrypted software? That might take a few minutes, aided by his wrist computer. Physical locks? He started picking them as a hobby. Nowadays he might put it to use, or just plant a shape charge and get it done quicker.
    • Triage While not a dedicated medic, much less field surgeon, the ability to render basic medical aid was made a priority some years back. Due in part to necessity for fast treatment in the field, and further development of "basic shit to know" from his adolescence.
    • Operational Security Usually shortened to "op-sec" in everyday language. One might wonder how he maintains it with what seems to be a public identity. He assuredly has standby's in place, specific protocols in what he divulges and how, and so forth. To find out more would only be possible by testing it.

(more soon)


  • Weapons
    • Sidearms - Utilitarian .40, pretty flexible in acceptance of varied ammunition. Often carried on the ankle or concealed inside the waistband when not wearing his duty gear. Full kit generally consists of a machine pistol variant.
    • Mid-length AR - Perhaps based on the SCAR design, a unique piston system and bolt group allows some variation in loads and cartridges. Easily at home in close-quarters battle with an 18 inch barrel, and the 1-in-8 twist rate accommodates a range of high-accuracy ammunition if he needs to reach out and touch a target. Upgraded: accepting of rifle caliber caseless and a host of conventional rounds; the barrel is fluted with magnetic coils that follow the rifling externally, used primarily to ensure round stability and accuracy.
    • Sniper Rifle(s) - Chosen as the situation dictates. Whether it's a Designated Marksman Rifle set for semi-auto, a bolt-operated long gun, the choice depends on the mission briefing. Options also determine the cartridge of choice. Ex: DMR chambered in .308 or similar for urban environments, or a .50 BMG in open country against hard targets.
    • Shotgun - seldom, if ever, used in operations. Relegated to point defense, or home protection. The most flexible firearm in terms of ammunition, bar none.
    • Pink Knife - A villain by the name of Trigger Happy "rescued" him in New Orleans when an investigation went south. He'd left behind a kendrium knife with a pink handle, inscribed with "Happy-Happy Joy-Joy," for Counterstrike to free himself while making a getaway.
  • Load-Bearing Equipment

Ballistic vest, adorned with pouches as well as the combat belt. Often carries a few grenades (concussion, flashbang, frag, smoke) along with the bulk of ammunition. Miscellaneous gear such as a fixed knife, flashlight, lock picks, etc. As with most things, the kit is often determined by the mission.

  • Obfuscation and Misdirection/Countermeasures
    • Grenades, sniper blinds, an array of gillie suits. Whatever it takes to keep his hide in tact. There are a few specifics.
    • Smoke grenades Also release a haze of slow-burning magnesium chaff, adds opacity to the smoke to confound natural vision, but also blinds thermal imaging and other visual modes--especially those relying on the enhancement of ambient light.
    • Gillie suits Varied in pattern per environment, the fabric also masks his heat signature.
    • Micro Charges For best weight to blast yield ratio, small charges the size of playing cards--and almost as thin--comprised of Fordite can easily be carried without taking up too much of his LBE space. Great for making an entrance when no point of ingress is available, or setting up inconspicuous traps. Particularly when paired with a sheet of ball bearings.
  • Tech
    • Salvaged Suit Helmet and Wrist Computer Provide a suite of programming to the tune of Identify Friend or Foe (IFF), ballistics calculations and targeting solutions, communications, visual enhancements and sensory arrays; the usual jazz. Commands are entered manually or by voice recognition.
    • Adrenaline Junkie The wrist computer introduces bolluses of adrenaline and related neurotransmitters, either to increase or relax response. This is obviously a dual-edged sword, as it pushes the limits of an entirely human body and forces unnatural physical responses. (Now all but defunct, but still present in his kit.)
    • Drones Semi-autonomous support drones, providing anything from recon, ballistics trajectory support, and repairs to The Suit. Cost cuts limit field use. (May as well be defunct.)
    • Gauntlet Fires at least two kinds of darts: explosive, and those packing capsules of a sort of expanding foam. The latter, once impacting, tends to stick, cling, and bog down if not completely secure whatever it spills over. Somewhat larger ordnance options are available, though at the cost of what variety of dart ammunition may be stored alongside it. Other add-ons such as a plasma cutter module have recently exited development. (Rarely included in his current kit.)
  • Vehicles:

Roleplay Hooks

  • Offers firearms training and familiarization courses.
  • Consultation service for preserving (multiple) identities, operational security, and more.