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Player: @epelesker
Biographical Data
Real Name: Patrick Billings
Known Aliases: Trick, Comp-O
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: New Westminster, BC, Canada
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
San Francisco, CA
Age: 23
Eyes: n/a
Hair: n/a
Complexion: rocky
Physical Build: Athletic (Power)
Physical Features: Crystalline body
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active:
Citizenship: Dual (Canadian, American)
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Out to prove what he's made of.


Physical Attributes

Appears to be a young adult male with a strong athletic build.

Rather than flesh and blood, Compound's body (including his eyes and hair) is composed of an impossible solid substance containing the combined properties of steel, glass, concrete, rubber, and other trace substances. The material is semi-translucent and gives off a pearlescent sheen when exposed to light. Despite his assumed rigidity, he is still capable of relatively normal motor functions.

Powers and Abilities

  • Inorganic Material Physiology: See Physical Attributes above.
    • Superhuman Strength and Durability: Compound's amalgamated form gives him impressive power and toughness. He is able to lift approximately 10-15 tons and is virtually bulletproof.
    • Semi-Defunct Physiology: Compound seems lo lack most "human" processes and can survive without organic nourishment, breathing, or rest for an indeterminate amount of time. Notably, Patrick's crystalline body does not register a sense of touch or taste. He is also unable to feel pain.
      • Inorganic Metabolism: Despite not receiving any beneficial effects from consuming most conventional food, Patrick still feels the rare compulsion to eat out of previous habit-- the "Compound diet" mostly consists of copious amounts of salt. He is inexplicably able to digest other inorganic substances without ill effects such as poison.
  • Self-Reformation
  • Inorganic Material Mimicry: Patrick's true powers allow him to take on the properties of certain kinds of inorganic substances, provided he makes physical contact with an object made of that material. Due to the circumstances under which his abilities first manifested, his body has taken on an amalgamated state which (as of yet) seems to be irreversible. While he is still able to access some minor forms of this feat, it only serves to alter the composition ratio of what makes up his crystal body.

Further, currently undiscovered powers will include feats such as mass assimilation, conversion and redistribution; and the ability to refract light like a prism into an offensive "ray" attack.

Equipment and Other Paraphernalia

Personality and Attitude


The Upstarts: Coming soon!

Tempest, Wrenchy

Steelskin: A headlining member of the Pacifists, a super-team based in south-western British Columbia.

Other members of the Pacifists include the Luminary, Coldfront, and Molson.

RP Prompts