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The Cryptic
Citizen Erased
A Traveler of Both Time and Space Music-player.png
PLAYER Astrosimilogo.png
Super Group The Clockwork Angels
Rank Leader
Current Affliations The Temporal Integrity Ministry
Former Affiliations

Real Name Unknown
Known Aliases The Dark Man, The Interloper
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location The Outside
Relatives Presumably a mother

Apparent Age Unknown, appears to be in late 20s to early 30s
Height 6'2
Weight 230 lbs
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Complexion Unknown
Build Athletic
Notable Features

Identity Unknowable
Citizenship Unknown, if any
Marital Status Single?
Occupation Timeline Guardian
Education Basic collegiate-level education and tactical training


Citizen Erased has undergone significant mental and physical conditioning to become a timeline guardian. His brain is capable of comprehending the complex nature and time, and this knowledge grants him limited precognition.
His uniform, which is constructed from a leather-like material that is highly resistant to damage; his gauntlet, which contains the computer responsible for complex time-jumps as well as his Chronoaegis; and an identity-locked plasma dagger.

ProtectorsBox Template

Citizen Erased is an enigmatic figure from an uncertain future. His origins and true name are known to none – not even, it is rumored, to himself. However, sharp-eyed historians will spot the obscure legends and extinct folklore that point to a dark-dressed man orchestrating great feats of heroism in times of deadly crisis. While his identity and his methods are shrouded in mystery, his dedication to the preservation of the timeline is immediately obvious to anyone lucky – or unlucky – enough to fall between him and his objective.


At some point in the near future, the Temporal Integrity Ministry is founded, looking to ensure that humanity is able to protect itself from threats to the timeline in an age where the power to change it was becoming much more widely available. Villains such as Invictus, Rift, and Arc-Angel had all nearly succeeded in derailing the course of known events, and with intervention from the usual sources absent, a coalition was formed which provided the Ministry with the resources and technology it needed to create a defense from such interlopers that was invulnerable to timeline manipulation.

During the creation of the Ministry, the coalition forming it realized that as public figures, they were all extremely susceptible to being targeted and erased by time saboteurs. They realized that any person entrusted with the defense of the timeline had to be immune to such meddling, and enacted Operation Newborn. A child, one with no relatives, connection to the world, and from a particularly static point in time, would be 'extracted' from the timeline and raised by the Ministry, with no knowledge of their origins. They would be conditioned, humanely, to prepare them for the possibility of becoming a Timeline Guardian - the Ministry's field agent, trained to intervene in the preservation of history. These parameters, while occasionally stressful for the child, would ensure that no time saboteur could ever possibly erase a Timeline Guardian from history and erase their work.

At 20 years old, they'd be given the choice to become a Timeline Guardian. Should they accept it, they would resume their predecessor's work, protecting the timeline for 20 years at which point they are replaced by the next available Guardian. Progeny who refused and former Guardians are dropped at a point in the timeline of their choosing, though they are made to swear upon their life to not interfere in the proper course of time.


The current Citizen Erased was born in Nepal at an undefined point in the far past. He was the only child of a beggar woman who lived in a remote village, who died giving birth to him. With death a near certainty, the child was selected as a candidate for the position of Timeline Guardian. His condition went very smoothly, and his test scores and mental aptitude were some of the best ever seen by the Ministry. It's unclear how many missions he's undertaken. Even more unclear is which of the few marks left on history by Citizen Erased have been those of his predecessor, or perhaps even those of his successor.

Abilities and Equipment

Personality and Motives