Celestial Kiana

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Celestial Kiana
Player: @Zenosis
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: 34
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Kiana
Known Aliases: Angel of Mercy, Angel of Calm, Angel, Celestial, Kiana
Species: Celestial
Ethnicity: n/a
Age: 722 Hell’s Inferno Years, 74 Earth years
Height: 5’5”
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: Nurse, Healer
Place of Birth: White Wings Colony Hell’s Inferno
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: All Deceased
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Uses Celestial powers to heal or to smite.
Katana Sword, White Armour made from an unknown alloy


Kiana was born on the White Wings Colony Hell’s Inferno 722 years ago, but this is considered young for a White Wing, although they are not immortal they can live to be up to 3000 years old, that of course is in Earth years, a single year on Hell’s Inferno last approximately 9.75 Earth years.

Kiana was on the search for allies for her people the Whitewings. She wants to still search for allies against the Dark Wings or the Dark Ones, her Home planet Hells Inferno was one of the last remaining Colonies as the invasion of the Dark Ones continues. This is why she was sent to find aid only 6 Colonies out of a total of 113 remain.


The reason people on earth call her an Angel is because of her white feathery wings and the faint blue glow within her eyes, the way she carries herself with a sort of nobility seen by Angels in the past. Where to start Kiana is about 5 and a half foot tall, her Athletic well-toned body could be considered attractive, her white hair is looked after but regularly looks untidy, her Blue eyes relax other people as the feel safe in her presence, her Wings when she isn’t flying are still clearly visible in a relaxed posed starting at her shoulders and curving elegantly until tapering off to the fine feathers at their tips.


Kiana is Curious and willing to help others that need healing or just general help, even putting herself in harm’s way to protect another. She is Intelligent learning English within hours of being on Earth, she is joyful although recent events have dampened this spirit (I will explain further down).

Powers and Abilities

Kiana has the powers normally associated with Angels although she is in denial about her people’s past, Her Aura calms normal men and women, even Demons are visibly calmer in her presence. She has the ability to return a person’s soul to their body as long as she is not being attacked herself, her Abilities appear the same whether she is attacking or healing, so she must be controlling the effects with her mind. She is also seen using the Katana she regularly has in its sheath on her left hand side.

While here on Earth Kiana has searched for information and Myths about her people's past on Earth, it seems at least five millennia may be more her people were Angels of one of the lower Choirs but left Heaven becoming Mortal and living as far away as the could from Earth. But the needs to explore lead her people finding other ways to travel between planets hence the Solar Breathe being made. Her Shamanistic powers come from the Celestial link in their past.

Recent History

The fateful day 1st August 2011 Kiana got an Automated Communication that her peoples last Colony had fallen to the Dark Ones, leaving her the only surviving member of her Race. This news has put a dampener on her spirit and occasionally it appears her wings are covered in blood, her eyes glowing red instead of the calming blue as the anger and guilt consume her, she feels she failed her people.

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Kiana has done some research, she has now learnt her people have been here in force in the past looking for allies, the Solar Breathe that brought her to Earth was a device made by her people, they knew it would send her to Earth, sadly they also knew there would not be enough time to gather allies, but her Father the High Lord of the Colony just wanted her safe.