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This page contains information that is NOT freely available to your character.

The following in-universe content has been declared by the author to be locked information that is either classified or yet to be revealed to other characters. Do not attempt to use this information in-universe. The author requires you to ask for consent before using any of the content below.

Note: There is little to no information around Xenians on Earth. Members of alien species who have been quizzed on the topic of Xenians either become visibly uncomfortable and deny any knowledge, become irrationally fearful or remain silent on the matter.

Fortunately a small band of Xenians active on Earth have been observed with varying success. Based on their technological advancements (that has been very selectively displayed), it is evident that they are eons ahead of modern day technology both human and that of which has been understood of captured alien technology.

Whilst each Xenian present on Earth seems to be capable of wielding incredible amounts of personal power, either matching or far exceeding that of some of the strongest meta humans documented, it is unclear whether these are exceptional subjects or simply the norm for their species, which is an alarming thought to consider.

More information regarding their species can likely be obtained by speaking to a Xenian. There are multiple self-identifying Xenians on Earth, with a large proportion of them being part of The Summerstone Sisterhood.

It has been revealed that Xenians had at one point, engineered a species of environmentally adaptable psychic warriors known as Prosythians.


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