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Who We Are
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We are the children of heroes. We carry their courage, their resolve, their sins....

Taking inspiration from The Runaways and The Teen Titans, The Offspring are a light roleplaying supergroup consisting of the children, sidekicks, and protégés of heroes. Not all characters in the group must consider themselves heroes, while others may fully embrace a valiant destiny. The group welcomes children, teen, and young adult characters.

As a roleplaying supergroup, players are expected to stay in character. Wide reaching stories and plots are welcomed if they occur and develop organically. The group strives to create a collaborative space for members to share and develop their characters and stories, allowing for free participation in the works of others.

Our Out-of-Character mission is simple:

To support heroic roleplaying and character development as individuals and as a group, with respect for each other as characters and players. We expect our members to demonstrate:

Respect for each others as players.

  • A willingness to have fun.
  • A willingness to propel and drive the creativity in others; encouraging others in their talents, offering constructive criticism and thoughts.
  • A willingness to communicate stories and characters to the group, proactively including the guild in roleplay, and starting roleplay when the opportunity presents itself.
  • A level of participation in forum, in-game, and chat role play. We will not force or penalize anyone who decides to opt out of a given story, but support all members as they choose participate.

The Roster


Name: Payton Adair
Mentor: Fulminate
Abilities: Plasmification. Enhanced reflexes. Anger.
Rank: Member

One night, Payton blew up. Things never really picked up after that. She moved out of her old hometown to live with her uncle in Millennium City, hoping to get a grip before she turned to energy and got sucked into a lightning rod. After registering with PRIMUS, she began her work as a hero under the tutelage of a retired street sweeper who handled the lightning thing a little differently.



Name: Diego Mendez
Mentor: The Demon Hunter
Abilities: Supernatural Senses, Regeneration, Heightened Reflexes, Latent Psychic Abilities
Rank: Leader

When Diego was murdered by cultists in West Side, his life should have ended right then and there. Instead, he awakened as a demon hunter, a being whose sole purpose is to hunt down the creatures that go bump in the night. He has steadily grown more powerful and more adept with his powers under the tutelage of his enigmatic mentor. What remains to be seen is whether he will be able to avoid the pitfalls that come with dealing with supernatural beings or whether he'll succumb to the darker temptations they offer.


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Name: Laura Spear
Mentor: Jangala
Abilities: Peak Human Physiology, Martial Arts, Survival skills
Rank: Member

Laura was found by the She-Devil of Monster Island, Jangala, in the ruins of Teleios's lab. She is a product of his cloning experiments, for what purpose is unknown. Though it has been assumed as a weapon as Jangala discovered that Laura had extensive knowledge of martial arts and survival skills. Given the code name Canopy, she was taken under Jangala's wing and now helps her defend the dangerous jungles of Monster Island.



Name: Jill Blackthorne
Mentor: None; Occasionally may consult with Professor (Emeritus) Elihu Whipple, PhD, ThD at Arkham University
Abilities: Shadow control, Telepathy, Machine affinity
Rank: Member

Jill has recently come into her rather strange mix of powers. There are a number of hypotheses regarding her origin, but the most interesting such hypothesis (put forth by the enigmatic Dr. Whipple) is that she is the result of some sort of extra-dimensional tampering. The entity responsible for this tampering has not been identified, and its purposes may not even make sense to normal human beings.




Name: Mercedes Thomas-Arasaka
Mentor: The Harrier King
Abilities: Heightened dexterity and strength, regeneration, martial arts knowledge, detective skills, perkiness
Rank: Founder, Leader

As the daughter of The Harrier King and Silent Strike, Kid Harrier continues the family tradition of fighting crime and helping the less fortunate with good humor and a set of ironwood sticks.



Name: Mason Kennedy
Mentor: Professor Kismet
Abilities: Spellcasting, Summoning, Miscellaneous Mysticism
Rank: Leader

Mason Kennedy was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on April 20th, 1997 and is currently unknown to the majority of the populace, unlike his heroic identity. Living with his mentor, Professor Kismet, proves to be a challenge and yet an adventure at the same time. Mason took the name Kismet and will one day take over the mantle of Professor.



Name: Liza Minewski
Mentor: Mariner
Abilities: Amphibious, can periodically emit bioelectric discharge. Possesses small natural claws, and is passably versed in hand-to-hand combat, both on land and underwater. Displays an advanced rate of regeneration.
Rank: Member

Minnow was discovered in 1995 by Tadeusz Minewski, a 30-year-old fishing trawler captain, when he hauled her with the rest of his catch. After being formally adopted as the Minewski's daughter in 1997, Liza ended up growing on the shores of Nova Scotia. During one of these forays into the ocean, she encountered Mariner, an underwater meta hero, who later took her in as an apprentice. After studying for several years under his tutelage, facing enemies and danger, he now sends Minnow to try and experience the world on her own, in preparation for things to come.


Miss Strongarm

Name: Grace Armstrong
Mentor: Well, a variety. Her father taught her the moralistic part of it, while the punching has been taught by a retired friend of his, 'Steel Grappler'
Abilities: Super strength, super aiming of guns, minor and untouched psi capabilities
Rank: Member

Girl born without arms. Parents got robot arms with super strength, as her dad raised her to fill in his shoes. Was hero at home for a while, but not really important, as it's a small town in Vermont. Moved to Millennium City after graduating senior year.



Name: Clair Caitlyn Banning
Mentor: Sun Hawk
Abilities: Mystic Flames
Rank: Member

C.C. is the great grand daughter of Blake Banning the original Sun Hawk. She has taken up the mystical Amulet of Horus that gave her great grand powers and now attempts to follow in his footsteps.




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The Mentors


The Harrier King

Name: Chance Thomas-Arasaka
Mentor of: Kid Harrier
Abilities: Martial Arts, Inductive/Deductive Reasoning, Tightly Localized Weather Control
Affiliations: Protectors of the World

A crime fighter since his teens, Chance Thomas-Arasaka, The Harrier King, works to empower people of Millennium City's 15th Street Barrio with and without a mask.




Name: Dayna Spear
Mentor of: Canopy
Abilities: Martial Arts Training, Stealth and Gadgets
Affiliations: Civilian Protection Network

A former hero of the urban jungle that is Millennium City. Dayna Spear (Under the guise of Moonbird.) came to the decision that there was no challenge in a city filled with heroes like her. Hearing the events that were going on Monster Island and with no stationary hero posted there, she immediately moved. She is now known as Jangala, protector of Monster Island.



Name: Unknown
Mentor of: Kismet (Mason Kennedy)
Abilities: Supernatural Senses, Spellcasting, Summoning, Miscellaneous Mysticism, Telepathic/Telekinetic Manifestation
Affiliations: Independent

The Professor has been a superhero for over twenty years now, and has been somewhat of a staple in the mystic world. A key figure in the threat of Rubikon and the Nebulords, he nearly single-handedly sealed all four cosmic entities within a mirror prison, thus saving the lives of nearly billions of stellar lives.

Now residing in his impressive mansion with his protege, Kismet, he instructs his pupil in the ways of spellcasting, but more importantly, in the ways of humanity. Magic is a powerful tool of creation or destruction, and the Professor makes sure to instruct the mundane world of just that.



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Rogues Gallery


Nemesis of:
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