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As far as the Magical Girl genre overlaps with the Superhero genre (while they touch now and then, the former is not a sub-genre of the latter), a magical girl superheroine is defined by the following characteristics:

  • The protagonist is always female, usually ranging in age from pre-teen to late teens. Male heroes sharing characteristics with magical girls are usually part of a Sentai.
  • The protagonist is empowered by a piece of jewelry which must be activated before use every time. On activation, the jewelry creates a costume for the heroine in addition to granting her its power.
  • With very few exceptions, this jewelry is always technological in nature, its origins usually being either alien or super-science from the future. In this respect, the "Magical Girl" name is rather a misnormer as, at least as far as today's manga and anime are concerned, so-called "magical girls" are never magical.

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