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Played by @Fransens

Captain Obvious hardly needs any introduction nowadays. He has his own brand of merchandise, a series of (quite short) soap operas called "Obvious Unsolved Crimes", and is also a known "Cape" of Millenium City. Hit by a Ray Of Obvious Cosmic Energy(TM) at a very early age of 8 he was forever changed. His age number keeled over in shock and awe and was from that moment on the sideways 8... unlimited. One could simply state he stopped ageing but that wouldn't be as cool, now would it? Obviously NOT!

Moving on. He developed a set of obviously strong muscles and since they are so obviously strong it gives him Obvious Strength(TM)... not to be confused with the more common Super Strength(copyright pending).

Since a hero needs to withstand alot of punishment (well, DUH!) the quite smart Ray Of Obvious Cosmic Energy(TM) saw it fit to also make his form immune to most kinds of damage.

Sadly the R.O.O.C.E. didn't saw it fit to impart some sense of fashion on him, so the grey-green-yellow and red outfit is probably final. ...and no, he is not gay. Stop spreading those rumors Obligatory Sidekick Boy(TM)...

...where is that little guy anyway...?