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| name = Captain Alden Ainsley
| name = Captain Alden Ainsley
| player = @AnsharKishar
| player = @AnsharKishar
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| realname = Alden Ainsley
| realname = Alden Ainsley

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The following is information regarding Captain Alden Ainsley and his company - The Victorious Star [V*] Company

Captain Alden Ainsley

Captain Alden Ainsley
Player: @AnsharKishar
Personal Data
Real Name: Alden Ainsley
Known Aliases: Captain Ainsley
Species: Human, Meta
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 110
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: See Section: V* Company
Place of Birth: London, Great Britain
Current Residence: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A

Captain Alden Ainsley is an elderly man, commonly seen in an olive jacket, bearing pins resembling both US and UK style Army Captain rank insignia, as well as a rememberance poppy under his lapel.
Upon closer inspection, however, it seems this elderly man is quite older than he appears, and certainly equipped with high end materials and objects.

The Story of Alden Ainsley

Early Life and Childhood

Alden was born in London, like many did after the Great War, to an impoverished family. His father was a former member of the Royal Navy, and due to his injuries could not provide for his family, leaving the work to fall quite heavily on young Alden.

With the Industrial Revolution, however, and before the advent of child labor laws, there was no shortage of work for the young boy, and soon he discovered two affinities - Mechanical work, and getting into a good fight.
The latter of which had a tendency of getting him into trouble, but being the household breadwinner made it so he'd rarely see the consequences of his misdemeanors.

Little else can be said about this time in Alden's life, as it is one poorly documented, and one he spoke very little of.

Enlistment and Service

With the increasing tension across Europe as the Third Reich began its slow rise to power, Alden sought to enlist, joining His Majesty's Army at the young age of 17.
He was soon put into the British Royal Engineers corps, carrying over his experience in the industrial sector, and he had worked his way up to Lieutenant by early 1938.

Across the English Channel, that same year, as Hitler planned the conquest of Europe, his Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels was secretly assembling a team of powerful mystics, the Reichsamt für die Sicherung völkischer Kulturgüter (Reich's Office for the Safety and Security of National Cultural Items, or RSvKg), led by the mysterious Erich Hessler.
Seeking a magical weapon to use against Germany's enemies before her armies commenced their march across Europe, the sorcerers gathered in a mountain redoubt on May 1st and performed several powerful occult rituals. But their spells did not have the outcome they expected. Instead of leading them to artifacts that would satisfy their masters, the arcane energies they released somehow enhanced, or perhaps unleashed, the latent magic underlying all reality - thus making the creation of true superhumans possible.
One of the consequences of this, and the most important of all, was the heightened mystical energies now active in the universe, creating the first True Superhuman - the German soldier Walther Flenners, turning him into Sturmvogel (Stormbird), and days later, the American Don Randall, who took on the mantle of Captain Patriot. And many more followed in the days to come, across Europe and America.

And Alden, by now a Lieutenant, never felt better.

The Special Operations Executive

It wasn't longed before rumors of Alden's exceptional strength and endurance reached the attention of the newly formed Special Operations Executive, who, much like their American and German counterparts, were looking into the application of metahuman soldiers on the battlefield.

And so, Alden found himself conducting sabotage operations deep behind enemy lines, under the codename "Galvanized Gavel", where he would sabotage enemy forces. This task proved exceptionally beneficial seeing as even when Alden came under fire, enemy rifle fire seems to have had no effect in delaying or harming him.

In April of 1944, however, Lieutenant Alden was recalled and shipped out to America, to train with the US metahuman team in preparation to D-Day.
He would remain there until May 1st of that same year, until on a nightly trip outside of the compound at Camp X in Whitby, Ontario, he would disappear without a trace.

From Gavel to Gladiator

Known throughout the galactic community as the most technologically advanced planet in the Milky Way, Malva is home to one of the oldest - and certainly most decadent - civilizations in the Galaxy - The Malvans.

Located roughly 40,000 light-years from Sol, in what the Humans call the Norma Arm, Malva is a world like, perhaps, no other. Certainly like nothing almost any Human has seen before.

Being one of the first Metahumans, five years after the Superhuman Phenomenon on Earth began, the Malvans were eager to snatch one up for their Phazarian Arena - Home to the Malvan Gladiatorial Matches centuries before the inception of the Forum Malvanum.

Alden found himself, at first, reluctant at the idea of slavery, but a Malvan slave lives a life most sentient beings can hardly even dream of. And with the absence of actual harm brought upon the gladiators in combat (with rare exceptions), Alden quickly came to accept his new position, and rather relished in the opportunity to fight without reprecussions.

He became a household name in the Arena, being the first Human in their roster, and quite a potent combatant at that. So much so, that it wasn't until 15 years later, circa Earth's year of 1959, that he began to lose favor with the crowd, no longer being able to keep up with the insatiable demand for ever-shifting trends in Malvan society.

When offered to have his memories erased and have him returned to Earth, Alden already had learned about the fate of his home during the second World War, as access to such information was no effort to the scholars of the great Archive City of Docro.
Instead, he refused the offer, and accepted his freedom on his own terms, to be a freelancer in this wild Galaxy that has become his new home.

From Soldier of the Crown, to a Soldier of Fortune

With his metahuman abilities, and the skills he had learned during his decade and a half tenure at the Arena, Alden took to the stars, offering his services as a mercenary. His abilities proved sufficient enough to keep him alive with his equipment failed, and his equipment had certainly helped protect him from many things that his powers would've not.

It was another fifteen years of hard work, tirelessly working from planet to planet, slowly amassing a crew, until in the Earth Year of 1974, another 15 years later, he had finally formed the Victorious Star Company, after purchasing the carrier vessel which he dubbed HMS Victorious Star, after the wartime carrier HMS Victorious.

Over the next 45 years, the crew would've grown to its current stable size, and would've become known as the Victorious Star Company, or V* Company, with Alden, now taking the mantle of Captain, at the helm, travelling the Galaxy, offering their services for warfare in both space, sky, and land, to any who would pay them.

V* Company

V* Company
Leader(s): Cpt. Alden Ainsley
Base of Operations: HMS Victorious Star, Milky Way Galaxy
Concept: Mercenary, Interplanetary
Founded: c. 1974
Members: 150