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Player: @cabraxusb
Cam's profile.jpg
"Every fool has his folly, and every folly has its price."
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown, Cam-Teth may or may not be an alias
Known Aliases: see above
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Hyperborea (now called Thule by scholars), Arctic Circle
Base of Operations: Magically hidden and warded sanctum
Relatives: None known, though he often mentions having brothers
Age: ~ 82,000 (appears mid-20s)
Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Dull Red
Hair: Blond
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Wears a diadem in the form of a stylized phoenix with a red gemstone
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 30
Citizenship: Considered Resident Alien of the US
Occupation: Superhero, Sorcerer, Adept of the Trismegistus Council
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown, presumed single
Known Powers and Abilities
Elemental Magic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Various spell reagents
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Cam-Teth is a sorcerer who claims to come from ancient Hyperborea, a land spoken of in ancient Greek myth located at the North Pole and is now called Thule by scholars and scientists. According to what scholars have been able to determine, at some point in the far distant past, Hyperborea sank beneath the waves in a great cataclysm and now lies in ruins at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

The Hyperboreans' Charge

Countless millennia ago, immediately following the time when she relinquished her status as a Goddess of Olympus in favor of Dionysus, God of Wine, Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the Cosmic Hearth crossed the dimensional gateways to the Earth plane and made her way to the land of Hyperborea, "the land beyond Boreas, the north wind".

Kneeling down in the fertile soil, she pulled a lump of clay from the flesh of Gaia and fashioned it into a male human. She took this clay figure and, returning to her hearth, fired it as a potter would fire his pots. When she was done, she looked upon her handiwork and smiled. "These shall be my chosen people, these people beyond the north wind."

“The children of Prometheus are young and need guidance,” she mused. “Thus, I shall entrust my most sacred fires to my children, that they may keep my ways and guide these mortals in my footsteps. My flame shall grant them the gifts of the gods, and so long as the flame burns, mankind may know Truth and so find their way in even the darkest nights of the soul.”

And, thus shaped from Gaia’s flesh and holy fire, the first Hyperboreans were born and charged with their sacred duty.

The Early Years

From what Cam-Teth has revealed to both UNTIL and PRIMUS during his registration, it's been determined that he was/is a member of a cabal of sorcerers from his homeland called The Order of the Flux, charged with keeping a sacred flame of some sort burning. Like all the other members of the cabal, Cam-Teth is immortal; he can and will die like you or I, but his body will reconstitute itself and he will return to life after some time spent in the underworld. At some point prior to the cataclysm that destroyed his homeland Cam-Teth, along with others of his order, fled Hyperborea in a great diaspora, spreading out across the globe.

The Hyperborean wandered on his own for a time, interacting with several ancient cultures through the millennia; Ancient China, Mesopotamia, Sumeria... all were visited by him, resulting in a mutually beneficial exchange of culture and learned wisdom. Finally, after many centuries of wandering, Cam-Teth finally came to settle in the lands of Ancient Egypt, where he became the court wizard and chief adviser to Menes, Egypt's first pharaoh.

After helping Menes to unite Upper and Lower Egypt into a united kingdom, Cam-Teth left for the open desert to contemplate the mysteries in isolation. In the vastness of the desert, Cam-Teth felt a mystic pull towards a long lost temple unearthed during a particularly violent sandstorm - so violent as to be no natural occurrence.

Within the temple, he came upon a mystic golden Diadem, wrought in the form of a Phoenix with a giant red gemstone at its center. Feeling a strong compulsion to do so, Cam-Teth donned it upon his brow.

The intense energies of the Diadem flowed into him, and he was transformed. The powerful energies, seeking release, would have destroyed both him and all of Egypt had not Cam-Teth willed himself into a meditative hibernation, not to awaken for millennia.

While his body slept away the ages, dormant under the sands, his soul traversed the timestream giving him an intimate understanding of the workings of the multiverse. By the time he awoke from his slumber, his body--bolstered by his new spiritual understanding--had successfully integrated the awesome energies of the Diadem.

The Darkness Within

Upon emerging from his slumber some forty years ago, Cam-Teth again traveled the world learning what he could of the changes to the world during his meditative hibernation. He found that the world had changed much, and he found himself as something of an anachronistic throwback to a different age.

During this time, he sought to reconnect with the other members of his ancient cabal. While the events of these meetings have not been revealed, it is speculated that they ended badly. What is known for certain, however, is that at some point during this time, power-dampening wards were placed upon the sorcerer to prevent him from accessing the powers of the Diadem. According to the interview conducted with the sorcerer at the time of his UNTIL registration, he himself placed the wards on himself "until he redeemed himself for the wrongs he had committed."

It has been speculated that his whole reason for becoming a hero was, in fact, this very quest for redemption. Nonetheless, he became a Magus of the Trismegistus Council (a position he holds to this day) and, following a rather scathing psychological profile by UNTIL and confirmed by the Council, was directed to apply for membership with the Blackwatch Defenders. Following an interview, he was accepted for a trial membership, and now stands as a full-fledged member in good standing.

It should be noted, however, that the psychological profile shared with the leadership of the Blackwatch Defenders, indicates Cam-Teth as a potential threat and it was for this reason that he was nominated by PRIMUS to the group. What follows is an excerpt of the report:

Excerpted from PRIMUS Internal Memo #10010

Contents: Classified

Subject: Profile of Cam-Teth, Sorcerer

"…scans of the subject in question proved fruitless, as each scan resulted in system crashes with unacceptable downtimes. Additionally, veracity of subject’s claims to origins are doubtful, given the lack of extant historical data.

Psychological profiling efforts have been hampered by this same lack of data. However, consultation with the Trismegistus Council (with whom the subject is a member of Magus rank in good standing) has confirmed suspicions of deep-seated psychological trauma. The Council has also stated that the subject’s innate power levels are, at present, held in check by magics that act as “power-dampeners”, put in place by an unknown third party.

Recommendation: Given the lack of data, caution in regards to the subject cannot be overemphasized. Although he has performed several acts of heroism, his potential power levels and current psychological state are causes for concern that should be heeded. While there is nothing in any of the extant data to cause immediate concern, it cannot be overlooked that his psychological profile shows him to be a deeply troubled individual, and desperate men often perform desperate actions. Recommend continued covert monitoring of subject by a super group capable of mentoring him and, more emphatically, neutralizing the potential threat if and when it should ever materialize."

Recently, Cam-Teth has confided in certain members of the Defenders that he has had recurring visitations by a magical energy construct. At times helpful, at other times antagonistic, the construct always appears in the form of Jack Fool. The construct, or rather the sender of the construct, seems to be aware of the psychological trauma the sorcerer had suffered. According to Cam-Teth's own admission, it remains unclear who has been sending the construct and what his intentions are.


Cam-Teth wields magic that centers around the 7 elements, as understood by The Flux Knights, being Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light, Darkness and Shadow. Thus far, his magic has tended to center around the 4 "classical" elements of Aristotelian thought, although he has been known to utilize the remaining 3 elements on at least 2 occasions. It is unclear what the extent of his powers would be should the dampening wards placed upon him should fail.

The Secret of the Phoenix Diadem

According to Cam-Teth, our universe is a reciprocating one; born in a Big Bang, it grows and unfolds as its timeline dictates, only to eventually succumb to its own entropy and eventually collapse in a Big Crunch. This cycle of universal birth, growth, and entropic decay has been repeated over and over again, ad infinitum.

The Diadem is all that remains of the previous incarnation of our physical universe. When that universe fell under its own entropy back into the point singularity physics refer to as the "Cosmic Egg", all of the energy and sentience of that universe coalesced into solid form, only to be reborn as the The Phoenix Diadem that Cam-Teth now wears upon his brow.

With this in mind, it is all too understandable why PRIMUS should be fearful of Cam-Teth's power, should events ever unfold that would release that power in all its unbridled fury.

The Devil's in the Details

The Diadem bears a nasty curse, and a nasty side-effect. Since it is the physical incarnation of all energy and sentient life left over from the previous universe, it has magnified the influence of The Dragon (the ultimate representation of pure evil that resides in each living soul and tempts us to our baser instincts); as a result, the Dragon's subtle influence on Cam-Teth's psyche is also magnified. While the wards Cam-Teth has placed upon him bind the power of the Diadem, and hence keep the Dragon's influence at bay, they are not, by any sense, absolute. Indeed, at times of great emotional stress, Cam-Teth has been known to breach the wards and succumb to the Dragon's malefic influence.

As for the side-effect, the Hyperborean blames himself for some unnamed crime he committed in the past and currently seeks redemption for. His resultant depression, and all the negative emotions that go along with that, are magnified by the power of the Dragon. Any psychic attempting to mind-read him, beyond just a casual scan, runs the risk of entering a suicidal depression due to being caught in the psychic mire; this risk increases the longer they stay, and it takes a great deal of will to not succumb. It should also be noted that this is not an active defense, it is merely a side-effect of the diadem's power and Cam-Teth's state-of-mind; it's purely passive, and beyond the sorcerer's control.


Vendetta: Carmine Luchesi was a former mob boss who had his hand in most of the organized crime of Detroit prior to the attack by Dr. Destroyer. Fitting the stereotype of the classic "godfather" role, Carmine's conservative views and criminal enterprises estranged him from his son, Anthony.

Despite his disapproval of his son's lifestyle and, in turn, his son's disapproval of his father's criminal activities, Carmine always held out the slim hope that he and his son would one day reconcile. However, Fate decreed that that was not to happen.

One night, Anthony died at restaurant during a mob shakedown from one of his father's rivals. Cam-Teth, who was on-scene that evening, used his magic to subdue the perpetrators, but one of them managed to fire off a slug from his revolver as he fell. The stray bullet struck Anthony in the throat, causing him to literally drown in his own blood; despite the Hyperborean's best efforts to save him, Anthony died on scene.

Carmine blamed Cam-Teth for the death of his son, and his unreasoning quest for vengeance caused him to lose control of his crime family. Eventually, broken as a force in the world of organized crime, Carmine traveled the world in an effort to find a way to destroy the sorcerer he blamed for his son's death. (His crime family eventually became absorbed into Kevin Poe's New Purple Gang).

Finally, after many years of failures, Carmine was contacted by an unknown third party, offering him a magically-powered suit of armor with which he could finally claim his revenge in exchange for an undisclosed period of service. Oblivious to his "benefactor's" motives, Carmine accepted the armor without question, and has since surfaced on multiple occasions, each time seeking to destroy or publicly discredit Cam-Teth. He has, thus far, proved incapable of defeating the hero, and is currently incarcerated in Millennium City Prison, awaiting extradition to Stronghold.


Extreme Doormat - Even emotional wounds leave scars

My Greatest Failure - Because he must atone for his wrongdoings

I just want to have friends - Because even when he is in a crowd, he's still alone

Band of Brothers - What he's lost

Declaration of Protection - He may have lost his brothers, but that doesn't mean he doesn't watch over them

Love Hurts - All he's ever cared about has either left him, or is unattainable... do the math.