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Player: @Sharks
Class Focus:
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms: Martial Arts
Personal Data
Real Name: Nick Ryans
Known Aliases:
Species: Human Mutant (Animal type)
Age: 25
Height: 9' 11"
Weight: Undisclosed, but quite heavy
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Sea rescue
Place of Birth: Ventura, California
Base of Operations: Ventura, California
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Sister
Known Powers
Super Strength, Toughness, Highly resistant flexible body, Kinetic Expulsion, Regeneration, Teleportation, Water Freedom (Swimming, pressure toleration, Breath holding)
Known Abilities
Combat Training: Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Judo. Accurate shot, more agile than appears
Aqua Jet Machine Pistol

Physical Description

Breach stands at 9' 11" and appearance-wise is a humanoid Orca. His body is shiny black and white, in the expected places for the species (black back and limbs, white underbelly.) He has little neck, his Orca-like head extending from his shoulders to a beak-like muzzle. Atop his head at the back is a blowhole which he breathes from like a normal Orca every five or so minutes. His hands bear two wide flat fingers and thumb which contain a half-web to the joints halfway down and his feet are two-toed and half webbed. His tail is long, thick and finned at the end, just like a normal Orca's. He also has a proportionate dorsal fin on his back. He lacks a flexible enough tongue + vocal chords to allow him to speak, and can only speak as a normal Orca can.


Past this point, the page is a reference point for the most part: all information is kept to himself. Like any Superhero, Breach likes to keep his personal life private. Of course, if you're like me, you might like to read about other characters and so.. carry on. Just don't use anything without permission.


Breach is a fairly quiet individual in general. When he mutated at 14 years old, he could no longer speak due to his transformation. The only sounds he can make are those of a killer whale can normally make, clicks, rasps, moans, etc. This left him unable to properly communicate till he was 21 years old and he gained an experimental translator that had been developed for communicating with whales and dolphins. It is not overly accurate (it sounds like Engrish with sentences, as opposed to English, except for single words such as yes or no) however it made him overjoyed to be able to speak again. It is perfectly water tolerant by design and is generally worn around his neck like a talisman. He however, can speak to and understand Whales and Dolphins just fine. He was pleasantly surprised to find them quite intelligent, as suspected by many.

Perhaps by fate, he is a lover of marine life and spends long times in the water as it is more comfortable for him. He is strongly supportive of environmental policies on the water and worked as a lifeguard at first when he was 18 and left school, but has since moved on to sea rescue when he was 19. At 20 years old as his body fully matured, he discovered secondary powers as he developed Kinetic expulsion abilities and teleportation. Combined with his formidable super strength and toughness, he began to ponder becoming a hero, but never gave it serious consideration until his sea rescue vessel responded to an emergency call to save the lives of a cruise yacht that had been capsized by Viper. While there as they were picking up the last survivors the Viper vessel returned to take hostages and he was the only one capable of fighting the off, which he did do. In fact he did so well that one of those he saved approached him after they were on land and revealed they were a member of Primus. They offered him training and registration as a hero, and a job. He refused the job at first, stating that he wished to remain on the sea to save lives. The man told him he could keep his regular job and work with them as a free agent as and when he wished as most heroes did their work while keeping normal lives. Also stating that they did not have many water based or capable heroes, and he could help greatly. He told them he would think about it, and was given a card. He took them up on their offer 2 weeks later with well wishes of his family. He took the name Breach, as it seemed to respect all he was and was capable of.


Father: Alan Ryans: He is a minor mutant who has great strength and durability, to about the 3 tons range. He also has very minor aquatic abilities, such as minorly finned fingers and toes. Other than that, he looks perfectly normal and can blend in just fine. He works as an administrator for a local firm.

Mother: Alice Ryans: She is a caring mother who always puts her family first, caring for them dearly. She works for the Red Cross. Despite this she is strong willed and not one to underestimate: teaching self defense for women.

Sister: Janet Ryans: She is deeply interested in animal life and is training to become a vet. She volunteers at the local wildlife preserve.

Small Background Story

The son of a mutant father and normal mother, Nick Ryans was born as a fairly normal kid and displayed no super powers of great abilities. In fact, he was small for his age. At 13 years old, he was around 5ft tall and was of average muscle and weight. He was known for his parents for his near bottomless appetite, but did not seem to put on any weight. His parents put this down to exercise and his age. He participated in the school Karate club but even there did not stand out. His grades were average, he spent his free time on video games and with his friends. All in all, a completely normal kid. However, things changed when he was 14.

After packing away a full meal and more snacks than was healthy, he found he felt tired and weak and went to bed for an early night. Some time after he had fallen asleep and his family had retired for the night, he awoke in great discomfort with his body feeling far too hot. Ripples of pain travelling through his body. He felt himself slowly growing in size.. in mass. He tried to move, to cry out.. but he was paralysed. Gasping for breath.. the creaks of bones growing and body reshaping.. was he growing a tail? It was like a waking nightmare. It had evidently progressed some even as he slept. After a while, he felt his air passages closing up and gasped.. holding his breath.. terrified. He felt he was going to suffocate.. it felt like an eternity that he couldn't breathe, though was likely less than a minute when he exhaled and took a deep breath.. it was not through his mouth, but rather behind his head. The first clue as to what he had become. Not long after, as his transformation completed, he felt a growing discomfort along his back as a dorsal fin grew in, turning him on his side. It was not long after that he found he could move, and long afterwards that he took enough courage to let his parents know, though he had to resort to scrawling notes to communicate. He had grown to 6' 2" during that transformation, and would continue to grow to adulthood.


  • Super Physical Abilities: Super Strength (Currently 100tons), Super Durability (While his body is as tough as reinforced steel, his bodies rubber-like flexibility makes him as hard to hurt as titanium-steel, and his bones are even harder.)
  • Kinetic Absorption: Breach absorbs kinetic energy. As he does so, his capabilities increase. He heals faster and grows stronger and tougher. He can triple his strength and toughness level with sufficient kinetic energy (to be able to lift about 300 tons and be three times as tough as his base). His absorbed kinetic energy bleeds slowly (it takes about an hour to bleed a full charge to 0) but he can use it to project kinetic attacks, which lowers his charge level with each attack.
  • Kinetic Expulsion: Breach developed the ability to fire blasts of kinetic energy from his body. He generally uses this in combat to 'punch enemies at range', but he can charge it to deliver more force. He can also fire a wave of it from his entire body, sending nearby foes flying. It is non-visual for the most part, except as a ripple in the air on strong charges. He has also developed the ability to charge his body with this energy to help deflect enemies attacks should he need to.
  • Water Freedom: he is able to swim at the speed of a natural Orca (30-50mph) and is just as graceful in the water. He is much more agile in the water than he is on land, as his body is built for water. Like a normal orca, he can hold his breath for up to 30 minutes at his full peak, but on average holds it for between 5 and 15 minutes. As an Orca his body is much more tolerant and resistant to the crushing depths of water, so can dive far deeper than a human could without protection.


At school he trained in Karate, and did reasonably well, despite being mostly disinterested. Since his mutation, he underwent a lot of bullying, and due to his great strength, he had to drop out of physical activities with normal kids due to his 'unfair advantage'. His mother soon found him a substitute, and he attended a reasonably local club for 'metas' that included mutants. They were a charity funded organisation that enabled younger meta types to meet with others and participate in activities tailored to their own abilities, with the hope some would find use for their abilities for the betterment of others, and if not to simply have a release and fun. He was able to begin training again, heading down every weekend to take classes in Karate and also took up submission wrestling. He eventually progressed to Judo. The physical training amongst others with the 'brick' set as it was called giving him a good outlet for the frustration of his mutation and the bullying. Since he registered, he received more training from Primus.

Martial Arts:

  • Shotokan Karate (second dan)
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Judo (green belt)

Special techniques:

  • Iron Dragon Technique: This special move solidifies any part of all of users body using chi, usually the arm before a strike. Employed by one who is already steel tough with a level of body durability akin to titanium steel, this technique can be devastating. It is generally used against strong hard targets, like power armor or tanks. It was tought to him by Master Tsai Soon, an elderly master who was visiting family in West Side when he saw Breach in action battling a Maniac attack to safeguard the area. He approached the hero and began to talk, and offered to teach him a technique in thanks.
  • Bunker Breach: This is a special move developed by Breach utilising his kinetic expulsion. He charges his entire body with Kinetic Energy and divebombs his target. It is named after he used it to breach the fortified wall of a Viper military bunker. He has since used it against many hard targets.
  • Wave and Strike: This is a special technique that combines the fluidity of the ocean into a highly effective dodging form that takes many by surprise due to his size and mass.


  • Ceta-Com: The ceta translator/communicator is experimental, and not perfect. This communicator comes in two parts. The first is worn around the neck, and looks almost like a pendant. It translated his natural cetacean speech into English. (Though usually Engrish) The second part is a hand held interface that opens into a small keyboard+display that allows him to type what he wants to say if the ceta-com fails. The keyboard part is also a mini computer that is fully functional like a micro-laptop and has a wireless uplink to Primus and full net access.
  • Champions Response and Protection channel communicator: He has a water resistant version that is built into his shoulder harness with a wire earpiece that extends from it. He also has an inbuilt speech to text translator on his ceta-com keyboard display.
  • General Equipment: Shoulder harness (has a com built in and contains a few tools and a pocket)