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Corey Logan
Player: Kizen
Wanted By Until HQ : Priority Sigma
Class Focus: Electricity/Darkness
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Robotics&Nanite Conductors
Personal Data
Real Name: Corey Logan
Known Aliases: Bolt
Species: Meta-Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 24
Height: 6'2
Weight: 230
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown\Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Scientist
Place of Birth: Vibora Bay Hospital
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Electricity, Qliphotic
Known Abilities
Teleportation, Electricity Manipulation, Enhanced Healing, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Sensory Perception, Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility. Mastery of all types of blade weapons.
Nanite Infused Power Enhancement Suit


Corey Logan was just a lab tech working on his doctorate in robotics and all was perfect, until the day he crossed paths with Anton Xemnon. Together the two of them created technology that could fuse raw bio-kinetic electricity using a nanite infused cybernetic suit to harness the power of electricity. The experiment was a success but an attack on the lab left Corey wounded and Anton thought dead. After the original suit was thought destroyed, Corey chose to rebuild a new one activating the suit without the safeguards. He chose to from then on call himself Bolt and hunt down his unknown attackers. Choosing to discard his former life and walk a new path even if he had to do things considered evil sometimes. Unknown to him the attack left Anton terribly injured and before the lab exploded he was left bonded to the original suit. Swearing vengence upon Bolt for living through the attack he taunts and terrorizes the citizens of Millennium City. Corey is currently listed as a priority target in the UNTIL database.


Desperate for money, he began hacking into various banks and withdrawing funds to further his research and get some answers. Hoping for an answer for the attack on his lab, he worked tirelessly for months. Eventually he had a break in latest lead on his attackers. He was attacked by UNTIL agents, the report he recovered revealed that Anton had been planning to sell their research to VIPER. They had him listed as deceased and research files were discovered showing Anton was alive and tortured for information. He'd later escaped with the belief that Corey had sold him out. Unable to find Anton in his current state he began months of power naps while conducting endless research and quality assurance analysis trials. The tests continued as days turned to months, and months turned to years. Forgetting all about his life, he dedicated his life to the mission ahead. Finally five years later he completed his nanite solution by filling in the blanks left when Antons research was destroyed, and chose to inject himself with a dangerous unstable form of xemnites. The began drawing power at an exponential rate, by the time Corey had released his mistake it was too late. The suit began to turn on him, if it couldn't find an outside power source it would begin to drain his bio energy slowly killing him to feed it's hunger. Desperate for help, he set out into the city to find help.

Iron Bound Assistance

Attempting to find someone with experience in nanite technology, Corey arranged to meet a contact in Club Caprice. Unfortunately his contact never arrived, luckily he managed to bump into Ignatius Spellfire who introduced him to Jack(Alias Gearhead). Jack and Corey began to discuss his predicament and reluctantly Corey handed over his research for jack to study. Many weeks passed as Corey began to slink away to power stations and drain power to stay alive. Rolling blackouts became a normality in his neighborhood. As the weeks continued to pass Corey just about lost hope, when suddenly...a call from Jack arrived. Jack had found a way to re-purpose the nanites and reprogram their power needs. Now free from the demands of his suits energy needs, he decided to find and confront Anton and ask him why he's turned to a life of villainy. He began dispatching Antons minions all over the city. Stopping numerous attempts to destroy it and enslave its innocent citizens. Eventually it lead to a showdown during an attack on WCOC, one of the main news networks in Millennium City.

WCOC Showdown

Tracking a lead he arrived at WCOC Station to find the secretary and front door guard handcuffed behind the front desk. A quick survey of the area began to show there was more than meets the eye. He began to work his way down the hallways. Freeing various workers of the station from the clutches of Antons minions. He fought dozens along the way, searching for the network administrator and a reason why this station was being attacked. When he arrived at the closed office, he freed the network administrator from the abuse of a brutish robot minion. The network administrator revealed Antons intentions to control the minds of the entire city. Bolt worked his way to the network booth, breaking into the network and shutting down the devices and confronting Anton in the main news room in the middle of a live broadcast. Bolt was able to defeat Anton and save the network, but not before being infected by Antons xemites.

The Ironbound Double Cross


A new evil cast darkness over the city, Dei a demon of reasonable means casts her gaze upon the innocent of Millennium City. Gearhead, worried about her plans contacts Bolt in the hopes that with him being relatively new to the champions lifestyle will be able to infiltrate 'The Edict' the group of Dei's most useful followers in a massive coalition of both villains and champions working together to control the tides of chaos within the city. Bolt succeeds and is welcomed into the group, where he begins to steal data and information relating to Dei's plans and pass them back to Gearhead secretly. All is well for the next several months. Until disaster strikes, Dei's second in command Skasha manages to get Gearhead drunk enough to the point where be openly boasts about his plans success. Inadvertently outing Bolt as a spy deeply seated within the group.

Rezkaah, A Thousand Blades of Rage


Dei becomes incredibly angry after finding out one of the most trusted members within 'The Edict' has betrayed her. So she begins a plan to turn Gearheads plan against him. She lures Bolt into the Qliphothic nether. Promising to give him access to tomes of incredible knowledge, unfortunately it was all a lie and when he turns his back to her she banishes him to the deepest recesses of the Qliphoth realm. He was left alone, knowing that his ability to draw in energy sources for power would leave him vulnerable to possession. Rezkaah quickly consumed every fiber of what was left of Corey, turning him into a mindless murderer with an insatiable bloodlust. Using the very memories that made Corey who he was, he rapidly learned his mannerisms and began to pose as Corey. Acting as if nothing was wrong, he pretended to continue to work with the Ironbound crew. He'd submit false intel to Jack and plan traps in the hopes that one of them would die on a mission. Rezkaah made a deal with Ignatius Spellfire, promising that no end would come to him as long as he had control of Corey.

When at least Ironbound had caught a break, luring Ignatius into a trap and finally killing him. Rezkaah decided to make his intentions known, kidnapping one of Jack's daughters and taking a vial of Ignatius's blood. He tortured her for days, until she finally broke down and gave him the blood ritual to bring Ignatius back to life. Using the ritual he was able to use Jack's daughters blood to bring the demon back to this realm. Ironbound arrived too late to stop Rezkaah, as jack tried to dispatch of Corey. He found it a lot more difficult than usual with Rezkaah's power flowing through his veins. He seemed almost unkillable in that state, Jack decided to retreat in fear of losing his daughter and more members of his group.

Defeating Rezkaah


Turning much of the city against Corey, in the short time he had been under Rezkaah's control things began to seem hopeless. Deep down inside, Corey wanted out...he felt what he was doing was wrong he was just too exhausted to fight. Every once in a while if he focused enough he could break freak of Rezkaah but only for a short time. He planned and conserved his energy for months, until he was able to break free long enough to seek assistance from Elania Vikaernes. She enlisted the help of an exorcist and after twelve hours he was finally able to rip Rezkaah from Corey's body. Now free from the thrall of the demon, Corey began working for Elania feeling a debt owed for his life being returned for him. So he became a member of The Hawthorn Consortium.For many months after his freedom from control, Corey has been blackballed by the champion community for deeds he himself never commited. Alone and with very little friends, he eventually crosses paths with spiritbound. She always hated Corey, but with persistence they eventually became friends. Even though most of his coworkers hated her, and most of her coworkers hated him. They still somehow worked as friends, and she continued to assist him with the nightmares he suffered. But then, like all things in life...sometimes things just have to end and spirit finally got to go where she'd always her family in the afterlife. Her passing hit Corey hard, as he began to lose faith in his freedom he could feel the cold scrapping claws of Rezkaah hoping to break down the barrier of flesh keeping him from regaining control of Corey. As mounting stress continued to pile up on his shoulders, eventually one night a small dispute broke out and Elania tried to intervene by knocking Corey out. In a fit of anger he jolted her upon regaining consciousness to see her talking about handling him. Unknown to him, his powers had a serious effect on her nanite system and almost killed her. She marked him as an enemy of hawthorn and his few friends became his new enemies. For weeks they tried to kill him, finally he decided he'd had enough of Rezkaah's influence and against recommendations he entered the qliphoth to face Rezkaah on even ground. He decided to engage the Alpha suit, an experimental nanite injection system that would allow him to aborb other energy forms. It was untested in the field and it had no fail-safe. Entering the portal he used his suit to drain Rezkaah of all of his energy, in his weakened state Corey leaped for Rezkaah's blades and struck him down. Stealing his powers and his blades and sealing him in another dimension for all eternity. Now truly free, he has began to explore his new dark powers and begin to pick of the pieces of his life. Hoping to make things right with his friends someday soon.