Bobcat (Harley Locklear)

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Player: @doctordarkspawn
Costume doctordarkspawn Bobcat CC Comic Page Blue 506724803.jpg
"Do not worry, for I am your hero! A cat in galoshes."
Class Focus: MeleeDPS/Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Harley Locklear
Known Aliases: Harley Abooksigun
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Native American
Age: 32
Height: 5'6
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Hair Color: Black/Yellow
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Shapeshifting, mystical ability, Druidic magic
Known Abilities
Complete control over her own body's shape and properties, Extremely limited enchanting
Ballistic Weave Tights, Teargas, Pepperspray, Chains of Ethereal solidity

Early life

The Superhero that would become Bobcat started on a indian reservation in the US of A. The exact reservation is unknown, partially due to Bobcat's ability to cover herself..And her own memory loss. She dosent remember, and this both vexes and confuses those who make the records. In any case, Bobcats early memories were of that reservation. A rebel in her tee years, as is common, she rejected her heritage entirely, finding the traditions of her people and her parrents traditionalism insufferable. Fleeing across the states after droppingout of high school, on a whim, she took a flight to Ireland, where life changed.

The way of the green

The year she spent in Ireland is a secret Bobcat guards viciously. It is the one thing she refused to tell ASPRA, it is the one thing she refuses to divulge on any basis. All she will say, is that there she studied and was initiated into the mysteries of druidism. This does not mean much, seeing as druidism, like any other religion, has so many sects it's impossible to tell which she was initiated into. The result was the same however. She became a user of magic. She allso has let slip that she departed for the states after her mentor passed on. Armed with moderate survival knowledge, cunning, and magic, she departed for Millennium city.

The woman who would be hero

Harley spent around a single year in Millennium City, before donning tights and her moniker. By all rights, where does one lay low but as a 'normal' in a city full of superheroes? Jobs came and went, eventually donning a feline face to participate in the 'Hero for Hire' sort of work, before for reasons no one really know, not even Bobcat herself, she donned tights, registered, and started working closely with UNTIL and PRIMUS. Maybe it was time for a change, maybe it was time for her to make the world better...or maybe she was bored. All three are as likely as the others, and ever since, like it or not, Bobcat has been a regular fixture in Millennium city.

Psychological report

Bobcat is an odd case where genuine stupidity, and acted stupidity, fight for dominance on the planes of durp. At many times, Bobcat will act dumb to either give herself an advantage or make people pay less attention to her, at other times, she will be genuinely stupid and get thrown through a window. Seemingly as random as the roll of dice, but doing much of what she does in the name of 'balance', weather she is just durp or mad as a hatter is anyone's guess.