Bluebird for Congress (Adventurers)

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Bluebird for Congress is a storyline for the Adventurers supergroup, starting in May 2019 and intended to continue through September 2019.


Who is Bluebird?

Bluebird is the nom de guerre of Olivia Ellison, a 25 year-old resident of Millennium City. Olivia works for her family's global hotel chain, Ellison Hotels; yet far from being a trust fund heiress, Olivia has completed a business degree and earned her seat at the executive table with her sound business acumen.

Secretly, Olivia takes to the streets as Bluebird, emulating her older half-sister, Sarah, the hero Night Star from New York City. Trained by Red Spider, Olivia has no powers, so relies on cunning and stealth more than her fists - though she is a capable fighter when need arises.

Why is Bluebird Running for Congress?

Recently, Millennium City's Congressman, Harland "Hal" Duran (D) passed away at the age of 66. His passing was deemed natural, and it began a process of a special election to replace him next fall. Everything seemed fine! ... and then, while surveilling mafia-connected gangsters on an unrelated matter, Bluebird overheard one boasting that he was part of a plot to poison Duran so that his vacant seat could be filled by someone hand-picked by the mob. Bluebird tracked this gangster down, captured him, and questioned him - but couldn't get him to break. She had to abandon him when his buddies arrived.

In the aftermath, that gangster seemed to disappear.

Bluebird started looking into likely gang-linked candidates, but could find few leads worth pursuing. She realized she needed to get into the system, not as an outsider, but someone working within it: as a candidate.

Upon sharing her plans with her sister and friends, Olivia became convinced that her candidacy was not crazy - she had the education, the experience, and the connections - and maybe, just maybe, she could stand of chance of winning. The better she did, the better her chances of getting close to other candidates, and be able to better understand the flow of money in campaigns.

Despite making a serious bid to contend, though, Olivia hasn't lost sight of her reason for running: someone killed Representative Duran, and she intends to find out why.



Every candidate running has their focus. A campaign tends to benefit from having a strong, tightly-controlled message on a small number of policy areas.


  • Ambition - Driven to achieve a high position (personal challenge)
  • Ideology - Has a vision for how society should be, and wants to make it reality
  • Service - Wishes to serve for altruistic reasons
  • Renown - Revels in fame and/or making history
  • Wealth - Hopes to enhance their personal wealth and/or prestige

Policy Strengths

  • Economy - Industry, commerce, employment, transportation, ports, power grid
  • Environment - Conservation, protection, restoration
  • Justice - Law enforcement, prosecution, penalties, civil rights
  • Reform - taxation, governance, elections, immigration
  • National Defense - procurement, recruitment, deployment, veterans affairs
  • Culture - Arts, heritage
  • Social - Nonprofit services, welfare, community & protective services, education, health
  • Religion - religious values, religious influence
  • Foreign policy - relationships, intelligence, sanctions, trade


Olivia Ellison


Primary: Service

Secondary: Ambition

Policy areas:


  • Justice
  • Economy
  • Social


  • Religion
  • Reform


  • Getting Detroit's ruins cleaned up and redeveloped
  • Increasing victim services funding
    • More temporary, modular housing for victims of disasters to ease the monetary burden
  • Wants new community initiatives to tackle crime at its roots


Carl Michaels


Primary: Ideology

Secondary: Ambition

Policy areas:


  • Justice

Weak (Not yet known)


  • Advocates for a crackdown on meta-human freedoms
  • Increase in non-meta law enforcement, steeper punishments for meta-humans