Bluebird (@Paint)

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Player: @Paint
Class Focus: Celestial
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Magic
Personal Data
Real Name: Classified
Known Aliases: None
Species: Nephilim
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 20
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Cross Industries Board of Directors
Place of Birth: America
Base of Operations: Detroit
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Natural healing abilities, empathy
Known Abilities
Intermediate magic abilities
Voice-activated com and gps-units and sattelite-tracking, that help compensate for her lack of sight.


Shortly before the destruction of Detroit, a small sect of mystics hid deep under the city, expecting its destruction by Destroyer's forces and unwilling to take part in the conflict, wishing to continue their studies unburdened. The "Brotherhood of the Blackstone Forge" was small and of little note, their secretive nature left almost no impact on the city, and few of their texts ever left their inner circle due to their introverted nature. They were utterly fascinated with planer travel and divine entities, however, and a member of the sect was impregnated through uncertain means by such a spirit of mercy. She gave birth to a young girl with short, stubby little growths out of her back, which eventually grew into a set of blue-feathered wings. They called her the "Star-Maiden of the Heavens," roughly translated from greek, considering her a miracle and a boon, she was studied for years as Millenium City was built so far above her head, hidden away underground. As the construction ultimately came to an end, the group was forced to move on from their bunker. Refusing to make their presence known to the city, and unable to contain the young girl, she escaped alone into the new Millenium City in 2006.

Prior to Cross Industries

Her work as a hero began at the start of these four years. Though she knew little of people and despised crowds, the nature of her being instilled a sense of responsibility for their well-being. Preferring to remain unseen by the populace, and knowing full well the limits of her power, she spoke to a trusted few within the Trismegistus Council and often slept on rooftops. The reputation of the blue-winged woman, appearing to the sick and dying and miraculously healing their injuries slowly grew, however, and, as with all heroes, publicity became rather difficult to hide from. Recalling her treatment earlier by the mystic sect, and unnerved by the religious fascination the people had for such beings, she named herself "Bluebird" in an attempt to distance herself from these things, refusing at the time to acknowledge any celestial heritage. She was still very shy, and somewhat self-conscious, but slowly came out of her shell and began establishing herself in the city.

Acceptance into the Company

After showing herself to the public and taking on a hero name, she was approached by the angel Akroma and offered a place in Cross Industries. Though intially apprehensive of her and the offer, she willingly joined the company, tired of working alone and feeling a need for more human (or human-ish) contact in her day-to-day life. Her loyalty had steadily grown over the time of her employment, and she slowly rose through the ranks, currently a member of the Board of Directors.


She is tall and thin, her skin radiant and unblemished, due in no small part to her divine heritage. Her hair comes to slight curls, that are combed out meticulously, and her current costume is modeled after the symbol of Lady Justice. Her spells and abilities take on a bright, silvery-blue appearance. She studies offensive magic, as her natural abilities are incapable of doing any real harm on any significant level. Her body has a natural radiance, and she often attributes her maturity and appearance to her celestial nature, taking little pride in it. Though her aura is extremely transitory and will often take different shape dependent on any number of variables, it is always visible and retains the same basic coloring.

The Maiden

Bluebird's body was at one time host to an alien being, a spirit referred to as the Maiden. Formerly belonging to the late Melissa Brandt, otherwise known as Luminous Maiden, who gave her life to save the wife and then-fiance of Alex Cross, Atma. Though the entity is known to restrict her vision to the point of legal blindness, she was also known to have a number of empathic abilities. She was capable of seeing the pain and life force of others, healing others, as well as projecting pain onto them, among other things. Since, however, the being was lost to her, the shock of its removal in addition to prior injuries causing her to lapse into a near-comatose state for two weeks.