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Player: @Jhuno
Bloodshadow during downtime.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Project Alpha
Known Aliases: Al, PJ
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Mother and Father(names withheld for protection)
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Complexion: Albino
Physical Build: Slight
Physical Features: Stone of power embedded in forehead
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Camgirl
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Cosmic energy manipulation, flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Power gem embedded in forehead
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Relevant Events


Born to neo-hippie parents in one of the worse parts of LA, Project Alpha, or PJ as she preferred to be called, always had a certain fascination towards death and the occult. Her parents encouraged this exploration of the metaphysical and tried to nurture her growth as a sort of hedge mage, though she never learned anything beyond the most basic of cantrips which hold little relevance in her overall life. What held the most sway over her origins as a superhero was the knowledge of crystals and crystal healing, as on her eleventh birthday, an unknown individual left a fist-sized heliotrope amongst her gift pile, which she decided to keep as a keepsake after nobody came forth to claim it. As fate would have it, this stone saved her life as later in her seventeenth year, she was caught in a crossfire and caught a bullet in the head. She isn't sure why - whether it was impulse combined with the trivia that heliotrope was often used as a coagulant, or some outside force guiding her - but she decided to plug the wound with that gem. It immediately fused with her skull and saved her life, though she was put into a two-year coma by the ordeal. On her nineteenth birthday, she woke up as healthy as if nothing had happened, though she suffered some lingering loss of memory and coordination from her brain injuries and, most notably, was bestowed with the ability to manipulate cosmic energies and the knowledge to use them at the most basic level.


Project Alpha has fully embraced her superheroic name as it's hard to hide a fist-sized gemstone embedded in the center of your forehead. Plus, she hates her given name and it hasn't occurred to her to get it legally changed.

Streaming on the usual sites as Bloodstone Alpha, she has adopted an idealized version of herself as a persona, as a means to work through her own social anxieties - a form of becoming the mask. This has proved to be a lucrative endeavor for her as, combined with her striking albinism and metahuman status, she occupied a niche with very little competition resulting in, as the laypeople refer to it, hordes of simps. Stepping into the superheroic world seemed to be the next logical step for her, as she believes it would allow her to interact with the public more directly, though still in an insulated manner.

As she has immersed herself in the occult and macabre from a young age, Bloodshadow has developed a nihilistic, anarchist outlook on life - she believes that people should be allowed to be free to explore their own lives as they want to, provided they don't bring uninvited harm on others by doing so; A firm believer in the free love ideals of the Hippies of yesteryear. Of course, this is all idle philosophy, as she lacks the willpower to even voice her beliefs on a more influential stage than Twitter.

On an interpersonal level, Bloodshadow is aggressively meek, preferring to avoid confrontation as much as possible, and even leaving conversations if she feels like someone is trying to intimidate her. While she completed basic training competently enough, she did so with no small amount of tears, and further training is highly recommended to toughen her up.


While the true origins of Bloodshadow's power gem are unknown to the world at large, there are certain fringe scholars that claim that what she wields is in fact a Cosmic Gem - one of a handful of artifacts formed near or from the creation of the universe which grant their wielders phenomenal, nigh-incalculable powers. While the sole claimed evidence for this the similarity between her powers and those of known Gem-wielder Galaxia, Bloodshadow likes this idea and doesn't discourage the propagation of this 'fact'.

Cosmic Gem

Her demonstrated powers consist of the following:

  • Support Field: The gem that she wields bestows Bloodshadow with the protection of a force field. While it doesn't stand up to higher-caliber weaponry, it sustains a contained atmosphere that grants her protection from environmental hazards such as environmental pressure, extreme temperatures, exposure to vacuum.
  • Bodily Stasis: Since awakening from her coma, Bloodshadow's body has been in a sort of stasis, which completely negates her need to sleep or eat, and provides her with immunity to diseases or poisons.
  • Flight: The iconic Superhero power. While others of her ilk have demonstrated the ability to bypass lightspeed by an order of magnitudes, Bloodshadow struggles with the sound barrier - with little desire to press that limit, as it is technically illegal to produce sonic booms within city limits, she fears damage caused by pressure waves, and she considers herself a local hero for now.

Known Attacks

Bloodshadow has at her disposal the ability to project cosmic energy in a manner similar to most blaster-type metahumans. However, at the moment, her offensive output is severely limited. As she develops her beams, they will be listed here.

  • Leech Beam: This beam of shadowy cosmic energy forms a sort of siphon between Bloodshadow and her target, which drains away vital essence. While only a mild annoyance to most individuals, the terminally-ill might be endangered if she decided to use this on them over a sustained period.

Known Spells

Owing to her mysticism-steeped childhood, Bloodshadow has learned some minor cantrips, though as she's grown, she's forgotten most of her more potent spells and knowledge. The spells she does know are here.

  • Mantle of Mastery: The quintessential Mage Armor spell. While she is technically capable of casting this spell, she refuses to out of fear of creating some sort of feedback loop between the spell's force field and the one provided by her Cosmic Gem. Also, she never liked the slightly-murky sparkling aura it produced around her.
  • Heffner's Fiery Friend: A cantrip allegedly developed by the creator of a certain gentlemen's magazine. In practice, this is simply a more convenient lighter, and is typically used to gauge a novice's capacity to learn more advanced spells.
  • Bigby's Excruciating Punt: Another cantrip. This sophomoric spell was created on the campus of one of America's party colleges. Technically an illusion spell, this produces the illusory equivalent of a good, swift kick to the crotch.


  • While she only uses the term for the sake of convenience, the gem that Bloodshadow wields is indeed one of the Cosmic Gems - the Champions universe's more generic equivalent to the Infinity Stones. In essence, this makes her a little babby version of Captain Marvel or The Vision.
  • Secretly, Bloodshadow fears that she might actually be immortal, and misses the feeling of being hungry or tired. She considers them a necessary part of being human.
  • While they are indeed scientists, Bloodshadow's parents were merely on a lot of drugs when they named her. Her legal name actually is Project Alpha.