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Blood Virus
VIPER Operative
Known photo of Blood Virus
Player: @FrozenViolet
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Super Group
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Real Name
Lisa, Virus, Lia
Chicago, IL
American (presumed)
Assassin / Interrogator
Legal Status
Known Supervillain
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 6"
130 lbs.
Body Type
Fair Asian
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tribal tattoos
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Blood Manipulation, Regeneration, Blood Contagion, Single Blade
· Equipment ·
Stealth suit, Katana, Nightvision goggles, Throwing knives
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts, VIPER training, Interrogation

Not much is known about Blood Virus ICly. Most of the information here is presented in an OOC manner.


Killshot and Blood Virus on a mission

The villain known as Blood Virus was born possibly under the name Lisa Luan in Chicago's Chinatown. Interviews with the hospital staff relate a story of a Chinese-American baby that was born covered in blood that was born with a slimy crimson flesh. After several days of intense care, the flesh turned a normal hue, but by then, her parents had left her, not wanting a sick creature for a child. She was raised for the first few years in an orphanage and after that, public records about her disappear.

What is known is that particular orphanages around Chicago were raided one evening and at least a dozen children, possibly with mutant or superhuman powers were ferreted away.

VIPER Records

Any other information about Blood Virus falls under VIPER records. A character with secured VIPER access would have information regarding the following, otherwise most of this is just simply fun and OOC info.

Lisa Luan began her training at age four as part of VIPER's VenomGV-04 program. This program studied and trained mutants from an early age, indoctrinating them into VIPER. When they began to manifest abilities, these individuals were taken to a laboratory and injected with a special VenomGV nanoserum which would hopefully enhance their powers. Lisa Luan is listed in files as VenomGV-04:IX, or GV4:Subject 9.

Details reveal that the experiments were subpar upon enhancing mutant abilities in subjects 1-4. The program was then shifted to study the nanoserum effects on the subjects at the onset of puberty. This was apparently done to subjects 5-8, resulting in fatalities of all the post-pubescent subjects except one. The program notes then list that the remaining subjects would be given the nanoserum after proper training and development. The remaining four subjects were trained in disciplinary martial arts and allowed to manifest their mutant abilities more.

At the age of 18, Lisa was taken to a secure clean lab, injected with the nanoserum, and underwent a multi-day surgery which removed her bones, muscles and several internal organs. Her blood was able to congeal and mimic replacement organs and bone architecture. After her recovery, she was able to display interesting effects with her body. In combat training, she was able to regenerate removed limbs, spray blood at opponents and even was able to transfer blood from others to herself.

The files on the VenomGV-04 program list 5 fatalities, 3 failures, 2 successes, and 2 outstanding results:

  • VenomGV-04:I - Failure
  • VenomGV-04:II - Failure
  • VenomGV-04:III - FATALITY (See after action report)
  • VenomGV-04:IV - Failure
  • VenomGV-04:V - FATALITY (See after action report)
  • VenomGV-04:VI - FATALITY (See after action report)
  • VenomGV-04:VII - Success (Psionic augmentation: See file)
  • VenomGV-04:VIII - FATALITY (See after action report)
  • VenomGV-04:IX - Outstanding (Blood manipulation augmentation: See file)
  • VenomGV-04:X - Success (Dexterity/Agility augmentation: See file)
  • VenomGV-04:XI - FATALITY (See after action report)
  • VenomGV-04:XII - Outstanding (Classified)

Current Mission

Blood Virus out with members of the First Regiment of VIPER

Two years after her surgery, Blood Virus was seen in Canada working with VIPER troops on counter-hero operations. Recently, several UNTIL and other agency records have spotted the villain in and around Millennium City. She had been seen working with another villain in the area named Killshot.

After finishing several missions in which she helped harrass, torture, and abduct mutants from the X-pelled Mutant Academy, she has returned to working with VIPER. After reporting a student named Bloodryn, who had similar powers to her, VIPER has found themselves interested in turning Bloodryn to their cause. Blood Virus continues to stalk and work on finding a way to turn her.

Bloodryn Bound

Recently, with the help of Ebony Tarantula's forces and a combined effort from VIPER, Blood Virus was involved in helping capture Lya and get her mind controlled to serve VIPER. This eventually didn't turn out too well as the combined efforts of the Nexus Academy and the Ultimate Guardians teamed up to break into the facility where Bloodryn was being held hostage. The team defeated Blood Virus and the VIPER forces, retrieving Lya back to safety.

After this mission, Blood Virus has been taken for re-education at the VIPER facility for her failures.

Powers and Abilities

Lisa's powers were listed as:

  • Blood Manipulation: The ability to shape, and change the state of matter of blood in herself and individuals. Examples listed include using her blood to regenerate, solidify and congeal wounds and to mimic attributes of internal organs.
  • Blood Contagion: Her blood apparently was virulent to the touch after puberty, mimicking the effects of toxic blood agents. When her blood was tested on several prisoners, the prisoners died within minutes after skin contact.

Associates & Enemies


  • Patho Jen - Jenna is closest person Blood Virus has to calling a friend. The two got to know each other well and had worked on lots of missions together. The two are both very virulent and Blood Virus admires her on every level. Jenna recently became very ill, and Blood Virus had to take measures to ensure she wouldn't lose her closest companion. Were there ulterior motives? Possibly.
  • Killshot - The two have been on several missions together. She respects her rival and hope to be as good as good of a professional as him. Sadly, this probably isn't possible with her viciousness.
  • Snicker - Another associate of Blood Virus. The two were in a team of villains for a brief time.
  • Mirth - A demon of some sorts who worked closely with Snicker.


  • Bloodryn - Enemy or crazy love interest? Blood Virus was tasked with bringing Bloodryn into the fold of VIPER. She has failed several times to apprehend her, only to be foiled by her teammates. Some might say she is obsessed with Lya, and that might be true.
  • The Ultimate Guardians - Bloodryn's hero team. She despises their efforts to thwart her apprehension of Lya.

Extreme Methods (story by @Heca)

Extreme Methods

Jenna lay on her bed, her body twisted and deformed from the disease ravaging her system. Tubes lead from machines to her as they maintained what life remained in her now broken form.

She was in one of her more lucid moments. Her eyes looked around the room she lay in. Curtains were drawn and there were small pools of light that danced on the floor. one beam of light illuminated one of her favorite pictures on the opposite wall. The picture showed two nymphs frolicking in a small pool next to a waterfall naked, the looks on their faces one of joy and contentment--something she had not felt in a long time.

In her broken state she had been looked after by her partner-in-crime Toybox. The small Gadroon had remained with her even after her health had started to deteriorate. In all the their time together Jenna had never realized that Toybox considered her a friend and this was something she regretted.

"You're doing better today Jenna. The new drugs are helping," the Gadroon croaked, trying to seem positive for her.

Jenna attempted a smile as she had lost the ability to speak two months earlier to this slowing advancing death of hers.

The constant sound of her medical machines and respirator were drowned out by the proximity alarm erupting to life. Toybox dropped his medical pad and reached for his gun. He looked at a display on his arm for the source of the problem.

"It's ok Jenna! I deal with this--keep you safe!" said Toybox as he ran from the room and headed to the balcony door.

Just as his hand went to the handle, the glass shattered from a blaster shot, hitting him in the chest an exiting through his back.

Toybox fell, his gun clattering to the floor as he landed in a heap. Blood pumped from the wound in his chest as one word escaped from his lips before he died. "J..Jenna."

Carefully places charges removed the front door from its hinges. The smoke from the charges filled the hallway of the apartment as black and yellow clad VIPER infiltrators spilled into the room in close quarter file. They checked every room for threats before one raised his hand to his comm and spoke, "Apartment secure."

As the smoke swirled around the shattered remains of the door, a figure stepped through the carnage. Her heels clicked on the marble floor, strewn with debris. A wry smile crept across her face as she toured the destruction and noted the dead Gadroon before heading towards her prize.

She leaned lazily against the door frame, her well toned form highlighted in a beam of light from the window.

"Knock knock." She smirked at the helpless Jenna on the bed.

Jenna's eyes widened in shock at the familiar figure of Blood Virus now leaning against the door frame as if on some social call. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

Blood Virus moved with grace across the room as she surveyed all of the machines attached to Jenna.

"Jenna Jenna Jenna. You don't write, you don't call, you left no forwarding address. Now whatever did I do to deserve such treatment, hmmm?" she purred, watching the helpless Jenna squirm on her bed as Blood Virus advanced.

"Look, we worked well together and VIPER was very impressed by your skillset, but you turned down our generous offer of employment. Well, we really don't want your skills going to waste on anyone else." Blood Virus moved around the bed like a cat with a cornered mouse.

"Hmm, but in your current state, you are not very useful to us or me."

Behind Blood Virus, a figure dressed as a VIPER medtech entered the room. In his hand was a cylindrical device the size of a cigar tube. He moved towards the bed and checked the readouts on the machine. Slowly he turned to Blood Virus and shook his head.

Blood Virus nodded and turned to Jenna. "A pity. Such a pity. It looks like we are going to have to do this the harder and more expensive way."

As she spoke, the medtech stuck the cylinder against Jenna's arm. It clicked and cut a deep sample from her arm, the whole left behind bleeding profusely. Jenna tried to scream, but could only squirm in the bed in pain.

The medtech nodded to Blood Virus before leaving the room. Blood Virus turned to the door and took two steps before spinning on her heels. She drew a a gun and smiled. "Goodbye Jenna. It truly was a pleasure to see you again." She raised the gun and fired, the shot hitting Jenna square between the eyes and ending her suffering.

Blood Virus walked slowly through the apartment, humming to herself. One of the infiltrators handed her a picture. She took one look at the familiar face of Bloodryn on it and smiled. "You're next my dear."

She took a dagger from her belt and pinned the picture to the wall before walking out, flanked by her operatives.

~Story by @Heca

Fan Mail

Care to leave some smack talk here? Blood Virus may get in touch with you ICly!

Virus... She is, now it is safe to say, extreme with her work. I personally find it disturbing how well her torture methods, and how she operates, are carried out. Now I may show no remorse on a job, but I sure as hell ain't as bloody crazy as this sheila. - Unknown Sender

Ah Blood Virus. I enjoyed our brief alliance, although I am not too fond of VIPER abandoning me at the last second. Regardless, she is quite the useful connection between The Arachni and VIPER. The finished Blood Serums are on their way, Virus. Enjoy! - Ebony Tarantula

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