Black Dragon

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Black Dragon
Player: @yinepuhotep
Black Dragon Primus Image.png
Photo taken of Black Dragon by team monitoring ARGENT activities. She requested the team refrain from taking further photos, then gassed the ARGENT team being monitored. Encounter confirmed she has a voice changer in her mask.
Class Focus: Martial Arts
Power Level:
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None Known
Species: Appears Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Approx. 5'
Weight: Approx. 110
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Presumed Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
None Displayed
Known Abilities
Master-level skills displayed in several styles of martial arts. Demonstrated superior investigative skills. Sufficient skill at escape and evasion that not only has she never been captured, her ID has not been compromised during the entire time she has been operating.
A wide variety of small gadgets, ranging from a sonic pistol that mostly acts to stun targets, to pellets that release a knockout gas powerful enough to penetrate VIPER battlesuit gas filters.
If this vigilante were not under indictment by the US Attorney for the Western District of Washington, she would be a useful asset. As it is, the best we can do is keep watch in case she steps out of line.

PRIMUS Summary

Black Dragon first appeared in 1999 in the Seattle area. Her original targets were the leaders of the various organized crime groups operating in the Pacific Northwest, and within five years she had managed to do a good job of thinning them out. The US Attorney's office for Seattle referred her to PRIMUS with a recommendation we observe and question her, but not apprehend. Upon reviewing the files we were provided, we were unsure of why she had been referred to us for action, as none of her devices appeared to be particularly advanced, and she displayed no signs of abilities beyond that of normal humans. In fact, the only thing that set her apart from any other vigilante was her success at concealing her identity. That success continues to now. In fifteen years, despite every effort short of arresting her and forcibly removing her mask, we have been unable to discover her identity.

About five years after she first appeared, federal agents began disappearing, then reappearing as corpses anywhere from two days to two months later, always with a complete package of evidence attached to the body, linking them to corrupt activities in the Seattle office of their particular agency. BATF, FBI, DEA, and Dept. of the Interior have been the primary targets. In every case, the evidence was validated by our own investigations. The US Attorney for the Western District of Washington determined that Black Dragon was to blame, and demanded that we expend unreasonable amounts of effort in hunting her down. The US Attorney's office has not provided any evidence to support the indictments, and so our determination is that we will observe and take action only if we determine that she is operating outside the limits allowed to costumed vigilantes.